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File:1492275621377.png (1.42 MB,900x1200)




cute test














File:4f0cbdc5c049e123976d9e7078….jpg (479.01 KB,680x852)

testan image #1


sagiri's big tests




File:1362482179411.jpg (240.75 KB,608x475)




why only winamp?


It isn't just Winamp, but some players will see the MP3 after the image and some won't.


for mpv:
mpv --demuxer-lavf-format=mp3 https://kissu.moe/b/src/1571371124058.jpg


test example.com test
test http://example.com/test













how do I red text


This text color requires a kissu gold account™






test test




Should /test/ appear alongside the other boards?


no, i needed to make a test on a different board.








File:1604449262496.png (1.49 MB,1000x1265)



#'(pD}[email protected]


How'd you crack it? I'm impressed


i spent $500 on a gpu and used ccd0's script >>>/b/4542 to look for trips with merkin's explorer




should hold the megumin council


that's an idea


the leader will be whoever wields he legendary megumin-megumin






3000 series?


yeah was able to snag a 3070 off of newegg
















I think one of the CSS changes should be moving the submit button to the bottom right where it belongs, also I can't press enter in one of the fields that's not the text field to submit anymore.


And having no progress bar is a bit of a downgrade too.


Wait, I think it just noko'd me when I didn't type it in


Submit is in the bottom right?
Submitting from any field is default on forms. Needs to be programmed in for something like this.
Progress bar could be added


It is, but I mean, it should be the most bottom right of any of the options on the bottom. Like maybe move the preview to the left of it.


Oh yeah, how do you hide posts now? Can't seem to figure that out.


File:19f5efb5ee.png (659 B,51x40)

And why this for sticky? Seems like an odd choice compared to the usual thumb-tack


Just figured this out, I think that needs a major change. Hid posts on accident and after learning out to hide them I can't figure out how to stop hiding them on click. It's very annoying. A simple minus next to posts would probably fair better.


Also managed to somehow hide every thread on the board when hiding and unhiding one of them.


File:e90c535f4a.png (4.33 KB,584x69)

And what happened to the x up here? Also now I can't seem to unhide posts anymore.


File:014583f408.png (379.93 KB,1920x1010)

Still not too keen on the idea that all the board information being on the sidebar. It makes the page feel quite barren if you disable it. Also managed to break the board list/news thingy by switching from the boards tab to the news tab at the top of the page.


Take this /jp/ thread for instance. There's a lot on the page and it looks nice even though it only has 2 replies.


File:Screenshot_2020-11-23 why ….png (353.42 KB,1586x1243)


File:Screenshot_2020-11-23 b -….png (276.13 KB,1600x838)

While if I were to do the same on the new layout. Also I can't find a way to update the page without the sidebar.


File:8f1805209c.png (27.7 KB,1053x525)

Functionally doesn't make sense. A preview is in a different category than images so needs to be separated by a division.

Because the mod is approving the post as something worth stickying. He's giving it the thumbs up. Until there's an actual .png icon it can be whatever.

A bug isn't a reason to chuck a feature. The minus button is ugly and distracts from post content.

I don't know what bugs you're triggering anyways. You just shift click to hide a post, and you toggle the hidden threads to open it up. It's like 4chanX except instead of cluttering the screen with icons they're hidden away in hotkeys or context menus.

I think it's server misconfig. That means an icon couldn't be retrieved from the CSS.

This is the way it's supposed to be. If you hide the sidebar you get just posts without any navigation tools and information. The bug is the expected result of putting it to the top and changing tabs. Potentially when if it remebers possition this would be a bigger issue, but you can just refresh.

None of what's on that page should be there except the posts and a bit of decoration.

Use the sidebar. Threads don't have an updater at the moment but this was something I removed and never added back rather than a decision.


I seem to have toggled the hidding mode to stay on though. It must be remembering the shift key and not clearing it on key up


I know you really want people to use the sidebar, but if it's possible to hide then the page should look fine and probably be functional without it. At present there's no real way to describe pages without the sidebar aside from "ugly".

Also there shouldn't be a "Read more" button while in threads.


Maybe from a technical perspective the idea to remove all frivolous content on a page makes sense, but I think from an aesthetic perspective it just doesn't really work out.


If you want a giant post form covering the screen then the original UI will be for you. I would consider making it not hideable, but removing a feature isn't worthwhile time.


You don't need to take one part of the design and then discard my opinion like that. The post form doesn't matter, hide that if you want, but the other content is nice to have, and looks good too.


I don't know how to appease your criticism other than removing features that are put into compartments and sticking them onto the page.


Is there no room for redundancy if it looks nice? My idea is that the page should feel complete even if you were to hide the sidebar. If that means maybe duplicating some things from the sidebar then so be it. Also as >>5125 mentioned the only thing that really warrants the size of the sidebar as of current is the RSS feed, which probably could be made half its size and still maintain its functionality as hovering over links returns a preview that serves to inform you of a post better than a small segment could. Also the board name and site-banner. But those could probably be moved onto the main page. I thought that I liked the idea at first, but the more I think of the page without the sidebar the less appealing it becomes. There's also no real reason to compartmentalize everything either from a design standpoint. It just makes the page feel a bit more barren.


>This is the way it's supposed to be.

It just looks unsightly to me. There's something wrong with such wasteful empty space.


File:[kemono friends][northern ….jpg (146.87 KB,800x1054)

Here's my input, and I'm using Waterfox.

-Reply window isn't remembering its old position. Is this on purpose? For dumb phoneposters this might be the best way to do it, but on computer I like my reply box to stay to the place I last dragged it. This might have been a 4chan X thing that relies on certain scripts?
-Top right icon/symbol in this quick reply box is missing for me
-I agree with the other guy that said Submit should be the bottom-right most button, out of tradition. I'm not sure this is something worth challenging.
-I also agree that [Read More] shouldn't be inside of threads- it's even appearing in the post preview. Ideally this would be a toggle.
-I think "thumbs up" for a sticky is a bit too different and social media-like. It's true that it means a mod think it's important, but giving it a "like" doesn't seem fitting. Meanwhile the pin icon describes its exact nature- it's pinned to the top and offers no superfluous opinion.
-Threads do look a bit barren without the sidebar. I don't know how I'd fix this. This might just be a "use the old UI if you want the old style back" thing.


going to test uninterrupted text


File:waterfox_cjNWioV6fS.png (104.78 KB,657x584)

I forgot that I had an image to go with the "Top right icon/symbol in this quick reply box is missing for me" comment.


It's some sort of server error. It shows up for me sometimes, but at other times it's gone. It wasn't doing that before so I assume it's something in the nginx rules that I forgot to set




File:1567550669432.png (1.42 MB,900x1200)

im copycat


File:smoll.gif (Spoiler Image,809 B,2x2)

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