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File:[danganronpa][enoshima jun….jpg (228.75 KB,480x480)


Since this is the only board that allows people to talk about other imageboards without it being a happening I guess, has anyone heard about:
https://lolcow.farm/ ?
Apparently it's a /cgl/ spin-off that is on par with Wizchan if that makes any sense?
Also general imageboard discussion thread. What imageboards do you people explore and find?


That sounds about as fun as getting scurvy. Also we already have a general imageboard discussion thread: >>>/qa/4165


I'd say happenings and general imageboard discussion is a bit different. Since happenings are a specific thing.


C'mon anon, where's your sense of adventure?
Also I said general imageboard discussion, this post wouldn't be considered a happening by any standards to be honest.


probably /qa/ but I'd rather not be stocking shelves on an imageboard


Second to this place, nanochan is probably the place I spend the most time on lately. They occasionally have some good tech discussion.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (257.48 KB,1920x1080)

Without sounding too judgmental, that place is the most vile of cesspits occupied by malignant parasites


Oh, and I guess kissu is 99% of where I spend my time. I'll go visiting other boards but I can't say I'm a regular of them. Exploring is fun!


These communities often get hijacked by puritans who want to police people into behaving a certain way that's acceptable to them. Most of the time they end up targeting otaku and other sexual degenerates because they seem icky to them.

If it were just about making fun of people's hobbies then whatever, but the thing that's worst about sites like that is they make it an attack on the people posting and act, in a sense, exactly like a terrorist.


They barely are on the side of the law and get by from exploiting freedom of speech in the US or the lawlessness of other country's to push the boundaries of what's considered legal.


>and get by from exploiting freedom of speech in the US
Ironically, many of them see that very freedom as a way to fight to remove the freedoms of others


The paradox of tolerance.


Best way to deal with a cow site is markov chain spam.


Keep it hypothetical please. When you raid a site you bring something back.


only one making it not hypothetical is you


i hate women


i hate you


Josh is a pretty ugly woman


cow reminds me a bit as a spiritual successor to /i/
I have a strong curiousity with such dens since they link back to my own edgy chuuni anonymous legion days, but these at this point in life I don't have the time to track and observe people who track and observe some 3DPD girls obsessively.



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