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File:a7310cbfebdfb3977b06bbe65c….jpg (193.24 KB,1200x1725)

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This is the next iteration of Kissu's feedback discussion AKA devblog. Though there's not much in the way of dev there are still bugs to fix. This iteration will hopefully focus on admin-blogging or tool development.

Important Note: If you want a new software feature (or a really any sort of change) provide me with a detailed proposal. It must be at least 3 sentences long and tell me why it's needed.

Kissu's features are in a good place. There's no reason to rewrite anything, only improve and fix. On the outside, this is a unique site with an appearance you won't find anywhere else yet still your typical imageboard interface. This puts software at the software state we were sitting in 1 1/4 years ago before I started drafting a new UI except with more features that were more optimally integrated into the package.
[det]Nerd Things
People may not fully realize it, but Vichan is a dead end and their HTML and JavaScript implementations leave developers at a dead end. Not that I really endorse alternatives such as JSChan or Lynxchan which think NodeJS doesn't have similar problems as PHP... at least the UI is more moddern
Positives: No major raids or attacks on the site yet I've still been promoting Kissu. FAQ and Rules have been clarified to make it more clear to newcomers about what Kissu is about or how to use the new UI.
Negatives: Previously noted that we'd have an IRC channel, that exists(rizon#kissu) for when it needs to be used, but there are other ways to communicate that are better. Finances are what they are.
Future Tasks:
The tl;dr is that I just want to fix bugs at the moment. There are some software that I would like to write, but I can't justify spending the time on it since the gains will be so minimal that it's not effecting anyone except my pride/ego. Chances are the main software that I'll write are tools that support me doing specific tasks.

[det]Though it's in my head that I want to (1) Rewrite/Merge the entire backend in Rust with some other things, (2) Write an IRC server in Rust with some other things, (3) Do major refactors to the UI to make it look pretty and be easy to modify ; Chances are I won't because (1) is a waste of time since the PHP+Golang+NodeJS backend can do everything I want anyways. My spam testing show it can maintain a theoretical PPH of 300 which is faster than any other Japanese themed spinoff. (2) I don't have the means or want or appeal to cater to spammy people and give them a software, Sageru works perfectly fine for everyone and can easily have a bot written in it to do auto-moderation if need be. (3) is more likely to happen hand in hand with optimizations, but refactoring the code to an extent where everything is rewritting would create more bugs and waste time. It's not really worth it.

Further promote the site. Try to expand reach.
Certain organizational issues are present with topics not meshing together. I think this is causing a slight loss in activity. It's a much more blurry question


epic, code blocks bugging out.


File:1436761589723.jpg (48.69 KB,412x350)

I think I noticed an area that could be improved, code blocks.


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)


I fucked up in designing the markup. It's such a pain in the ass.



Those tab things in your post keep closing on their own. That aside it's a really neat thing to have.


Oh, completely broken on vichan. That's kind of odd. I guess I never added that to the old UI

it must be happening on new post I guess. I'll see if that's the case after I post


It was.

Also, matching tags on vichan is basically impossible. I'm still learning a bit of things about how vichan chose to do it's markup(poorly that is).


Would probably be better if SJIS tagged stuff were under an image instead of how it behaves now >>>/jp/21930


Text being put onto newlines is a general issue as well. For instance, >>>/jp/21683 >>>/jp/21681 are both 3 lines, but because the UI squishes smaller posts, the lines get broken and text pushed onto a line below.


File:Screenshot 2021-08-10 2320….png (189.81 KB,667x481)

Post hover shows them correctly it would seem.


it's an annoying bug that I wish people told me bothered them like 5 months ago.


File:PuCWCVR.png (43.77 KB,1351x121)

4chan and others have this issue as well. It's an annoying one. Worse on kissu because I opted for larger text size.


k, i think i found the fix... assuming it doesn't break everything


never mind, it's fucked as well.


thank me, I fixed this trash bug that 4chan hasn't even done. The implementation is ugly and the biggest hack in the software currently, so curse me.

<span aria-hidden="true" class="obscured silly-float-width-hack">


File:1625459708813.jpg (203.33 KB,939x1600)

Thank you verm, here have this cute vermin I found while looking for a bow image to make a different post


cute, you're welcome


Doing some other stuff at the moment so my explanation is limited, but it's been my perception for the past week+ that there are some threads scattered around that are out of place. Related to my thread >>>/poll/1554 3 weeks ago.


They'd probably do better to be focused more and placed into the season rotational boards. However, I can't really call them problematic as much as they are distorting the primary function of /b/ and /qa/. Removing them at a time when they're being used might be more disruptive than productive.

The /b/ one though, I'm pretty sure that one has to be moved. /b/ isn't a blogging board.


what the heck the blog thread is a /qa/ tradition

also i dont see any issue with any of the other ones except maybe the /b/ one


/b/ one was started to kinda accommodate meta thoughts that didn't deserve a thread


Has anyone shown any distaste towards the threads being where they are? This doesn't seem like a problem and doesn't need a solution, which the poll results are pretty strongly agreeing with.


There's a bug preventing me from moving the /b/ one at this time. The /b/ one doesn't need to exist.

The /qa/ ones as I said are a bit stranger. Functionally having them on /qa/ is illogical, but moving threads that are being used in order to help organization requires a good motivation. And I'm not too certain that moving the /qa/ ones would change anything.

Don't try to distort reality
>I kind of know what you mean
implies there's an issue and I feel it. It's my job to increase the creative output of the site through organizational changes boosting efficiency.


File:3548c67d97e12d11ff1c0bfbf9….png (943.08 KB,1714x1080)

I dont remember what I answered for that poll but I think it was "I kind of know what you mean."

What I meant by that answer was not that I think those types of threads need to be moved off of /qa/ or that they confuse me as to why they are are there, but that I often feel like /jp/ and /qa/ content overlap. Not that this means I think something needs to change. /qa/ is "generally" more serious discussion while /jp/ is "generally" more lighthearted funposting. But those aren't firm enforced rules. I think it's okay to allow leeway on what's posted on each because some people are more comfortable posting on one over the other. And preventing someone from making a potentially good post just because it's "too /jp" or "too /qa" isn't good in my opinion.

Basically what I'm trying to say is I don't like more rules because I think it stifles people's creativity or willing to post something that could be a good post just because it's on the "wrong board."

I used a lot of quotes in this post.


Blogs are not creative endevors. They're one liners that take away from creativity.
Blog threads create friction because some always complain when someone says a word they don't like or is abbrassive and some don't care about words or tone.
A blog is the opposite of what /qa/'s objective is, which is generally more serious and it doesn't fit into /jp/'s generally more random. It's literally just posting about what you ate for dinner.

Rules give clarity about what's allowed and give people a more clear idea of what they can talk about steering conversations in an direction where everyone is onboard.


And for the creativity question, the majority of threads get created by a select group of people. More accurately like 3 or 4, so saying idealistic stuff like "it takes away from creativity" doesn't make sense because I know they're not effected by moving blogs away. In fact, maybe people will be more inclined to make threads about their day if they're just outright deleted... but that's too extreme even for me.


I'm not just talking about the blog thread. I'm talking in general. I don't know who makes what posts and who makes threads, everyone's just Anonymous to me. It's all just Kissu. I just don't like more rules added. Maybe it's just bad past experiences from suffering through awful moderation on 4chan for a decade, but it really turns me off. I have faith in Kissu's community to know what to post where to post. I'm also quite a laid back person who doesn't really care where a post is made and I have no problem just ignoring something I'm not interested in. But I know there's some people not like that (I don't mean this in a derogatory way), who would prefer a more clear divide between boards.

Either way, when something like this gets announced, it usually happens. I just wanted to give my opinion on it. I'll probably get over it. even if I disagree with the direction. Going back to the blog thread though, I hate to see a thread that's existed since 4/qa/ get kicked off of it because it's not serious enough.


File:Screenshot 2021-08-11 1912….png (25.65 KB,1104x628)

Too wide now


The wideness isn't what's concerning me. It's character alignment.

That font isn't SJIS though so hmm. I wonder if there's a font that's better for this.


File:Screenshot 2021-08-11 1925….png (84.93 KB,1351x890)

Why not just leave letter-spacing at 0px? It looks fine that way.


because it looks poor on linux



looks better on light theme with letter spacing


k, i looked on my laptop and there's a font missing on the linux library. 'MS PGothic' obviously isn't allowed to be on linux by default.

Maybe some system specific stylesheet options need to be setup.


actually, looking at my screenshots it's not even using any of the japanese font fallbacks. Is there a Linux japanese font...


Mona Font seems to be the best font available for cross-platform usage.



File:K3UQkRs.png (16.34 KB,812x36)

is not.

Have no fear, I'm going to go through all ~190 Ubuntu fonts and find which one works best. If I can't then I'll try and make it so the word-spacing only occurs on Linux


File:Screenshot_2021-08-11_21-2….png (389.33 KB,1920x985)

Looks fine to me.


Not on Ubuntu


File:Screenshot from 2021-08-11….png (336.49 KB,1024x768)

I don't think you installed the right font, then?... Just go to the link and install the TTF file.


I'm not having people come to my site and explaining to them that they should have installed the font before coming


File:firefox_E87QEkWEe9.png (3.52 KB,460x44)

Yeah, who would do such a thing.


Which garbage site is that?


Why not have SJIS tagged text be mona font and then if the font isn't installed have a notification on-screen notifying people to either install it to view the art properly or display SJIS art with the default font?


Because I am not a lazy admin and I will find a font that works so my users are not forced to do extra work to view the site. Now quiet down let me find that font and resolve a bizare bug in CSS font-family fallbacks


'MS PGothic', 'MS Pゴシック', 'Mona', 'MS PGothic AA', 'IPAMonaPGothic', 'IPA モナー Pゴシック', 'Latin Modern Sans Quotation' , 'aakar' , sans-serif

like I don't get it. 'MS PGothic' and 'MS Pゴシック' and denying the fallback to 'Latin Modern Sans Quotation'


Actually I can probably just upload MS-PGothic.ttf to the server if it doesn't violate the copyright of that font and set it up in the CSS


That's literally what I was trying to tell you about Mona...... especially considering it's public domain...


You were not. You pointed out examples of sites begging their users to install fonts to use the features on it.


I have no frucking idea what you're talking about.


downloadable font: OS/2: Bad version number, setting it to 1: 2 (font-family: "MonaT" style:normal weight:400 stretch:100 src index:0) source: [u https://kissu.moe/webfonts/monaT.ttf]https://kissu.moe/webfonts/monaT.ttf[/u]
downloadable font: hmtx: Failed to read side bearing 7225 (font-family: "MonaT" style:normal weight:400 stretch:100 src index:0) source: [u https://kissu.moe/webfonts/monaT.ttf]https://kissu.moe/webfonts/monaT.ttf[/u]
downloadable font: hmtx: Failed to parse table (font-family: "MonaT" style:normal weight:400 stretch:100 src index:0) source: [u https://kissu.moe/webfonts/monaT.ttf]https://kissu.moe/webfonts/monaT.ttf[/u]
downloadable font: rejected by sanitizer (font-family: "MonaT" style:normal weight:400 stretch:100 src index:0) source: https://kissu.moe/webfonts/monaT.ttf

I love fonts
I love fonts
I love fonts


Mona added to the site's files, it better not be a copyrighted font.

Which site is this. I want to call the admin a piece of shit.


File:ePpBWci.png (84.97 KB,706x295)


That was someone else.


File:Mona Font.png (106.83 KB,1069x1075)

>it better not be a copyrighted font.
The sourceforge project page says it's licensed under public domain, as does the Wikipedia page on CJK fonts. Moreover, the site itself lists acknowledgements for fixes, and credits the font it is based on, Shinonome Font, which is also licensed under public domain. Furthermore, the last update for the project was 7 years ago, uploading old files, and the last update to the font itself was released nearly 17 years ago.

If it's copyrighted, I'll gladly eat a sock, because all signs point to it being public domain.


it's fine, Japan doesn't even protect their anime from piracy


Going with the previous posts about blogs and things that vaguely resemble generals I've put into place a rule on /jp/
  • The board will have no threads designed to contain thoughts and ideas
This is to say that a thread that contains thoughts and ideas is not a problem, but one with an OP that is crafted as containment of things that could be threads has to be dealt with.


This rule is not one that will effect existing threads, but an assurance that /jp/ won't contain general like threads


Just to recap, these are the existing guidelines for the three main discussion boards.
/qa/ - Questions & Answers
  • A metaboard with an anime twist
  • Posters should try to be mature when discussing content
  • Longer winded discussions about anime or imageboard meta are preferred
/jp/ - 2D/Random
  • Content must relate to japan through either text or images
  • Explicitly sexual content is not allowed, but better tolerated if spoilered
  • The board will have no threads designed to contain thoughts and ideas
/sum/, /spg/, /aut/, /win/ - Season Boards
  • All topics are permitted.
  • Boards will cycle every season.
  • Even though it's random, try to be polite.


>The board will have no threads designed to contain thoughts and ideas
This is rather vague, I must point out. A better, but maybe not yet perfect way of putting it might be, "The board will have no threads expressly designed for discussion on specific topics"

I don't particularly like this change, but regardless...


I'll think about the reword. Otherwise if you were planning on making a pseudo general in /jp/ then why would you even post there? I think you're mistaken about what /jp/ is about and your blind hatred of rules is preventing you from seeing this as a good thing.


Also ˜ got converted into "&#732;" on a few of the posts with SJIS for some reason.


because tilde were set wrong and didn't think a change would effect it all. give the site 10min to fix itself


>A metaboard with an anime twist
>The board will have no threads designed to contain thoughts and ideas

These guidelines don't make sense, you should clarify what is meant by "metaboard", and the second guideline is poorly worded, as already pointed out.


>blind hatred of rules
I said, "this change", might I point out. I don't have much to say, nor do I want to, so I'll point to my original thought on this matter (>>>/poll/225), with some addendums of course.

>so long as the only rule is "don't be obnoxious," there's going to be an ongoing tension between what is and what isn't allowed.
To this point, I think it's fairly obvious this was the case, otherwise there wouldn't have been any rules or guidelines added. Simply, it is my concern that the inverse could also be undesirable. That the literal understanding of this rule, would impede creative threads, such as >>>/jp/21680, and if taken particularly literally would result in threads that evolve into more general discussion such as >>>/jp/20137 being moved to another board. If the intent is to prevent threads such as >>>/jp/21511, then it should be worded as such. Frankly, I am just unconvinced that a rule is necessary, and to what extent it will be enforced. I am tired and in varying amounts of pain, so I will say nothing more on the topic, especially since, I think, posts such as this are better reserved for dedicated meta threads.


The rules written are what I think works, and as I see more things I have a better idea of what is true. If it's unclear that's because putting my thoughts into words is a pain.

If people make container threads everywhere that will be a problem.


The threads you linked, 1 was moderated and the other was crosslinked from /qa/(I would rather it was there). The other irrelevant(actually I probably would be incline to move depending on how long it lasts. it fits with qa threads better). Though they're blurry cases sometimes this is the how rules are and why courts exist. Unless stated as a delete rule(typically all global rules), they aim to clarify purpose to get everyone unified and if written well justify things not being deleted but moved. I think you believe a rule to be a justification for the death penalty and fear (would impede creative threads,) and would rather I go back to a singular "don't be obnoxious" rule. This is why I say you don't like rules


frankly I could cop out and use the meaningless word general thread to describe it and ride on the oldfag ideals that X is bad and Y is good, but these meaningless bandwagons aren't healthy and I'd rather describe what I think a general is.


There is a very clear reason why a lot of people dislike "general threads", and you seem to be misunderstanding it on a fundamental level. Condensing threads to avoid spreading discussion across multiple threads that talk about more or less the same thing is not and has never been a bad thing. The problem with general threads is that they tend to attract people from outside the board who only go there for one specific thread, creating a new community separate from the board's community. None of the threads you are trying to "fix" present this problem - the only thread on the entire site that does is the happenings thread, which ironically will never be dealt with.


This rant is why I don't want to bring it up.


>There is a very clear reason why a lot of people dislike "general threads", and you seem to be misunderstanding it on a fundamental level.
I'm not trying to appeal to emotions and populism. Irrelevant.
>Condensing threads to avoid spreading discussion across multiple threads that talk about more or less the same thing is not and has never been a bad thing.
>The problem with general threads is that they tend to attract people from outside the board who only go there for one specific thread, creating a new community separate from the board's community.
Having more users is good. You have a criminal misunderstanding of how things work and why a blog thread is not exactly this.
>None of the threads you are trying to "fix" present this problem - the only thread on the entire site that does is the happenings thread, which ironically will never be dealt with.
The rule prevents things from being posted on jp. Read my posts before you latch onto the single word you understand.


I don't have the will or the energy to argue with you. I already made my point, and if you're not interested in understanding what people mean when they talk about "general threads", well, that's too bad.


I don't have the patience to understand people who base their arguments around new people being bad because they use a thread more than others.

The idea is a differentiation between qa and jp. You don't understand this and want me to talk about your irrelevant feel good crap.


File:[Sae-nce]_Hidamari_Sketch_….jpg (165.79 KB,1280x723)


unfortunately the best place to argue with vermin isn't on-site in his thread about development since he brings a billion different prejudices and presuppositions to the discussion. if you really want the most headache free experience I'd recommend #kissu on rizon


If you want fairness then yes a named IRC is better.
Even if you use any platform to discuss meta with me, know that I know you are a cretin who is trying to use my resources to control others rather than create a more productive environment.


Anyways, the rules are just something which gives people the right to arbitrarily delete and report things that are low quality.

I'm not going to remove a thread about pizza because it's not 2d/random


Made a change so SJIS will render better on mobile and smaller resolutions.
made some simple bug/css fixes


File:IMG_20210814_205550.jpg (184.12 KB,1080x1567)


Issued a token via direct message.


File:__kanna_kamui_and_tanya_de….jpg (700.19 KB,1280x960)

I'm gonna blog about rule changes and meta things that I don't want to reconsider. Things that I've already spent a good amount of time weighing ; Things about the direction for the site that i feel strongly about.

I may not reply to things that question an idea's validity or are trying to get me to justify myself, but you can rest assured that I'm reading them to see if it's something I haven't considered or potentially more important than I gave it credit for. In which case I would probably respond in a calm way.


https://kissu.moe/rules clarified some points


link shortener dictionary expanded to contain 1296 blocks with possibility of false positives.

This expands the existing filter list by ~200%


considering options for an OCR that activates under certain conditions


File:kita.png (105.47 KB,429x437)

Is the kita supposed to be this short?


not very descriptive error message


i think the hypens are funny


File:W3p0Z2v.png (64.96 KB,494x382)

problem must be something with your browser's font library. I can't replicate


Aaa, I see it now... It's a windows thing


huh it's actually even stranger... it only occurs on windows+FF


That's so hecking weird. Windows Firefox is the only browser I know that this, but ━ is not consistent in the same enviornment

if ━━━ is done with an ASCII character in front of it then it behaves like a small dash,
but if you prefix it with a UTF-8 character it becomes a heavy dash タ━━━


I altered the Kita to use light dashes instead of heavy, but the process of fixing it for existing posts isn't automatic and too much of a pain.

New posts should work fine


Why do we not have (You)?




Uhh I meant the "Anonymous (You)" in the name.


I have no idea what that feature is,
here I implemented a feature that sounded like what you wanted anyways. v4.5.2


File:(clipboard)1629349769765.png (1.86 KB,132x22)

Have you never seen something like this?


4chanX put a red border around owned posts, but not that.


File:c0f7b0af8c.png (13.28 KB,536x214)

something like this I guess


Don't use 4chanx. Maybe I should...


it doesn't work in this UI




Put (You) citelinks as an option
Added ownership signifiers to owned posts
Kissu-Fr 4.5.4


Nice, thanks.


How do I disable (You)?


unless there's good reason, custom CSS


Custom CSS
I don't feel like adding that feature as yet because it will involve making more options tabs.


File:kxhF4m8.png (39.97 KB,656x345)

Thinking I might remove the Anonymous (You) and make it Anonymous *
The appearance of a 5 character word is distracting from the rest of it


yes i agree with that


k, it's adjusted.
If people want a different font-size or character they have to present examples. I'm kind of meh about owned-post tracking features, but they're in there anyways because some like it.


yeah, I'm not adding any more features because I have zero motivation to perfect owned posts tracking and it's introducing messy things into the software/beginning to show off the flaws of my code and backend customizations.

Noticed that owned-post tracking doesn't work with noko active which is a problem that is a pain to solve because confirmations of successful post occur after the post has been sent into the system and this will require some messy or ingenious idea that consumes brain cycles that can be spent elsewhere(Trying to boost site activity/creativity/spam resiliance).


Alright, I fixed the feature, but please stop recommending new stuff.

If you want something then please give me a detailed proposal.


The OP has been updated with the following:

Important Note: If you want a new software feature (or a really any sort of change) provide me with a detailed proposal. It must be at least 3 sentences long and tell me why it's needed.


File:1606597390129.jpg (37.71 KB,500x500)

Thanks. It works. And I'm sorry for making you fix something that was really just a problem on my end.


Bug fixes are different from features. bugs have to get fixed.


File:bowsete.jpg (142.33 KB,550x550)

>possibility of false positives
one of these possibilities seems to be that you can't do something like "word/ words" without the space


I forgot to escape a . character in a regexp




The only tough thing that's getting held up now is the image-text reader to automatically mitigate some of that spam when there's no mod activity.

Otherwise another batch of fixes done.


For ~48 hours I've added https://www.w3counter.com to the site to gauge some statistics about bots vs live clients and some other details. I want to see if having this information leads to constructive decisions for the site, but don't want to commit to anything yet.
It autoblocks if you have ublock which I assume most people have. AWIOS has no negative press.

I'm looking into some other self hosted options or most extreme case writing something myself for the kissu's specific use case if I like the idea. possibly something like this https://umami.is/


Removed 3rd party analtyics. Proved useful in visualizing traffic, but it seems like 100% of people here use ad block so it was showing only referrals and search engine crawlers.

Trying to get Umami to work(it's a bit of a pain in the ass with systemd) but it's pretty nice visualizations. It allows for public statistics pages so I'll put those URLs possibly in the thread OP for statistics nerds.


Kissu now has public statistics


Not sure where I'll put them as yet


I'm thinking these pages might make the site break GDPR Compliance or put it into a grey area... I'll give it some thought but these pages will probably go down unless I have a second thought.


I get a notification even when I myself reply to my own post.


Worked out some details.

Kissu's going to use .webp on both UIs with fallbacks to low quality(25%) .jpg
New apple devices have webp and webm support, but the old ones don't. There's one user on this site who uses an old iPhone so I have to account for that.

This will mean that while the server has duplicate thumbnails(~5kb more per file), the .webp change will mean that users load less speeding up content loading.

In order: png(existing), jpg(iOS fallback), webp(new)


File:Question_Maira.jpg (418.55 KB,1280x720)

dont understand what that means but test?


Doesn't mean anything as yet because I'm just saying that it's something in the works.

Simply I'm trying to make images load faster.




Just doing a quick look at some of these files it looks as if WEBP offers same quality thumbnails than PNG with a 50%-25% better filesize.


Kissu must be one of the first (if not the first) imageboard to use .webp thumbnails


That's a 71% reduction and there are no compression artifacts nor does the alpha channel get discarded.

Using the saving on the harddrive I added a fallback .jpg fileformat at very low quality for Apple's slowness to adopt new standards



I wish it were easier to use citation chains.


the only problem I have with it is that not everyone cites when they reply to people


if you can clarify I'd be glad to help, but I don't just know what your problems are as soon as you press down keys on your board.

Found a mistake in how I wanted to serve JSON files, might have been causing some obscure and hard to replicate issues. Think the node.js server might be a bit malconfigured as well, but screw nodejs


Not sure if anyone else has been having the same problem, but every now and then the quick reply box fails to show up for some reason.


where do you typically place the QR box?


It's notable that if it's in the corner of the screen, then you resize the window it won't correct, but after refresh it will.

This can be fixed.


File:Screenshot_2021-08-27 Home.png (208.67 KB,1903x976)

Normally just in the center of the screen, off to the right a bit.


A similar experience I've had is >>8167 so I guess it's related.
But I haven't experienced or had anyone report anything that suggests a crash/error in displaying the QR.

Are you leaving out an important bit of info, namely that I think you're using a non mainstream browser...


>crash/error in displaying the QR
I'm not really sure what's happening. What typically happens is that the quick reply box simply doesn't show up when clicking on a post to reply to it, although I think the reply window at the bottom of the page does update. It typically happens on the index, and then carries over when going into a thread. But, once in a thread, the quick reply box can be reset by clicking the "Reply" button off to the side, whereupon it'll just show up and fix itself.

It's just waterfox. I'm not sure I'd consider it non-mainstream insofar as it still being a fork of a major browser.


It's an important detail. Browsers that are not chrome/firefox are not designed to work on modern websites.


OK, I think I actually understand what might be it. Not browser related.

You probably have the footer-form focused which by design prevents the QR from being opened.


but then again, if you say it happens on index that doesn't really make sense.


potentially the activeElement field doesn't behave the way I expect it to in that browser. In any case, I'll disable that and adjust the QR reposition to see if it fixes it


Alright, I put in some adjustments to how the QR behaves.

Also realized that select quoting wasn't working on footer-form


>You probably have the footer-form focused
This reminded me, very rarely I'll refresh a page -- typically after opening up my browser -- only for the page to seemingly fail to load, all but the footer. This fixes itself by refreshing the page again, but I figure I might as well mention it happening, at least on my end.

I might be misremembering, but I'm pretty sure I've had this happen on both my PC and phone - waterfox and Firefox mobile.


Are you saying that you also didn't get a notice mentioning the other UI?


Uh. Well, I've only ever noticed that happen when on threads or the index and then refreshing, so I'd already have gone past the homepage to see that notification. So... "Technically", I wouldn't see the notice, but I wouldn't see it anyway...


I see, you don't know what I mean so that helps a bit


File:3ad85b17e8.png (13.65 KB,789x592)

you should never just see the footer
there should always be some sort of message.

I assume you're pointing out something that has happened this month? So if you didn't see any message above the footer it broke in a weird place and I can probably deduce where.


File:c853eb2cc7.png (127.28 KB,952x582)

Thinking it's time to give the site some icons.

The startup page could use a bit of work so I'm thinking about redesigning it to be something like this.
Work in progress logo in center surrounded by some the news and motd items


I restartedd the site for a thing


File:35e6bafeee.png (46.41 KB,761x477)

death to art


I added a colored draft to the startup window(+News) and new-draft favicon. Old ui uses what's existed in the past because I figure those of you on it don't want new things


hoping that these changes give a better first impression when someone starts the site


New icon looks pretty decent after edits. I wasn't happy with how it looked on my laptop, but desktop seems pretty nice.
Site has a dark theme on mobile for applicable browsers to make it fit better with the default theme.

Just waiting for more bugs. I think the QR form needs to be a bit less tall on mobile because the keyboard comes up far too high when the post-queue is stacked on top of it.


I may have to make a ven-diagram to explain the boards because I still think it is a valid issue that the organization isn't very clear from the outside looking in.

/qa/, /jp/, /sum/, /cry/, /b/, and /ec/ (all of them) have overlapping content and while I don't think that a diagram will help too many people(maybe make things worse) it will help me to visualize an issue that a new poster might feel.


So ridiculous that iphones auto zoom into input fields
that's contrary to any other web design paradigm and bad UX. Taking control of the page away from the users who should be in control and developers if they don't account for it..


File:a3eb4ef27a.png (25.9 KB,844x290)

Going to make an actual /jp/ review using dry and boring science


File:85lGJVA.png (648.1 KB,1434x866)

I'm looking at CSS and behaviour improvements for the catalog. Things such as making the R: and B: sections more compact, placing more threads into a catalogue line, and fixing some interactivity bugs or potentially revising how expanding a catalog thread works.
The end goal is to bring it in line with how 4chanX's large setting looks ( https://imgur.com/tJQ72CO.png )

Does anyone have any opinions on how it works right now? You click on the container of a catalog post to expand it and when you mouse out it will deselect it.


File:Screenshot_2021-09-07 qa ….png (520.35 KB,1903x976)

>Submission Issue
>Maximum number of threads for the hour (5): Buy passu to bypassu!

I'm pretty sure this is a thing I suggested a while ago for spam mitigation, but I don't think it's working properly. I've made 2 replies in the last hour, but not threads. I tried checking every board to see if it's global, but every thread seems to be at least older than about 7 hours or so. I was able to make a thread on /sum/, so I'm guessing this is just something specific to /ec/ for some reason, perhaps?


ok, that's rather strange. I went to bed around that time so I would have seen anything before hand...( thread limits go down to 5 amoung other thing when theres no mod activity in the hour )


I see that senran poster made a bunch of replies. That shouldn't be triggering the thread filters though, but I imagine it caused it. There's nothing in my logs that suggests much else.

These filters are board specific.


This is proving hard to replicate...


Alright. I found the problem. Shouldn't happen now


Catalog updated.


File:003466489b.png (20.43 KB,475x533)

Been wanting a hotkey to open up the recent post feed so I think I'll bind R to it and update the FAQ


Also added in a bold font to the sidebar to try and encourage /all/ to the main board new posters use


If anyone thinks the bold /all/ - Overboard is too distracting or obnoxious I have a solution to make it better, but if no one comments then I won't do it.


Having it be bold slightly confuses my brain. Normally when there's a list of things and one goes bold it's to indicate that that's the currently selected option.


Think I agree with this, kinda defies common logic.


hm, that's actually a good point. It might be better to even have bold be the board that you're on, but it messes with my idea of how to resolve the issue.


I think anyone that uses the site long enough should generally figure out /all/ is the main board. Maybe having some indication on the homepage would work?


Why do you expect that people would use my shitty site for longer than 10 seconds if I don't hand hold them?


I changed it up.


the bold text on the sidebar for current board might actually be more ugly than I anticipated


File:yEISiC0.png (664.83 KB,1279x801)

Mission accomplished


Will kissmin ever add iqdb support? And no, I'm not using browser add-ons because I'm not a nerd.


iqdb was dead at the time.
you can add it with custom.
but i probably will configure it today.


thinking about solar shielding backups for kissu... sounds expensive as heck though


It seems like insuring data would cost 100 dollars on I think... But solar activity induces electricity in electronics while an emp does something else... pain


Actually... could back kissu and source code on Optical Disks(bluray) for much less... magnetic activity doesn't effect these since the data is burned onto it and the amount of magnetic energy required to damage these would kill a person.

Write the site's data onto 9 discs a year.
Probably buy new ones every 5 years and then the site would be fully archived.
Optical disks currently go up to 50GB in size so if the site's storage were 12x larger it would still be possible.

Flash drives are another option apparently.



k, bought myself a bunch of DVD+R
Taiwan manufactured, Anywhere from 20-50 year of lifespan according to the conservation-institute of Canada


In addition to the automatic backups of SQL and thumbnails that get sent to the luna server, my sporadic backups onto local HDD storage devices, I'll do a yearly backup onto read only DVDs.


IQDB added. IQDB doesn't support .webp though and the .jpg fallback on this site doesn't exist on every image.

So IQDB works on anything posted after Aug 27th


>20-50 year of lifespan
isn't that for pressed discs only? i've heard that recordable discs have much less lifespan


Burnable media uses triggerable dyes inside of holes. Overtime the dyes react with materials and lose their readability. Silver and gold layers over the holes prevent the rate that this happens.

Pressed is stamped so it should last much longer. I dunno if it uses dyes or not. I think not because it's hard to find information on when pressed CDs go bad. Maybe they never deteriorate in ideal storage.

The max lifespan of a DVD+-R probably assumes that the dye never loses it's readability. In best storage conditions some people say DVDs can last 200 years...


of course this is very much a matter of calculation, estimates, projections and averages. The CD-R format has been around for 33 years. My source says that these should last 20-50 Years so it seems like this number is probably accurate and verified from actual examples.


wow, a 24 hour delivery for standard price. love newegg


File:IMG_20210910_153901.jpg (2.14 MB,3968x2976)

Discs manufacture code: PAP 632 Y I300756 96 4
Which corresponds to a manufacturing date of Sept 30th, 2020 07:56

So at minimum a backup of either today or tomorrow (and all the software running on the site) should last until 2040


May have replicated the issue with the QR not appearing
Seems to be an error I got which did this


More specifically relating to selections and parent nodes.

In other news,
September 11, 2021 has been recorded to 9 DVDs


I had a false positive show up (don't know exactly why but it is an page with a bit of an ugly looking URL so I imagine that has something to do with it) although I was able to get around it by posting an archived copy. Can't post the link here for obvious reasons but it was the original URL of this page: https://archive.is/RONf.



forgot i have bipasses to spam filters... time to start up private tab


Err... what did you just do? The site changed back to the default theme by itself and I can't find the button to switch it, the toggle-new button doesn't work and the banners page is dead.


Back to normal now


does uploading files to the server cause this sort of thing to happen...


Anyways, i resolved this false+


oh I think you might be omitting some information... was this on the happenings thread? Happenings thread has a unique way that the UI works.


yeah, so you switched to the old UI from /qa/thread/4165 which changed your URL to /qa/res/4165, but 4165 has a unique rule that it ignores your UI cookie(for archiving) so it stuck to the old UI and then when you changed page it started working again


I've resolved what I assume to be your issue


Similar threads, found at the bottom of thread pages, rotate on every refresh now.
Previously it was showing the same threads with lots of replies, now it will show less responded ones as well due to a random shuffle function. The algorithm will still prioritize larger threads however.


Nah, the layout on the whole site looked to have reverted to default software settings with all custom elements (themes, options menu, new UI, banners page, etc.) completely missing. Changing or refreshing the page didn't do anything. I didn't alter any settings and it revert to normal by itself after five minutes or so.


uh, not sure why it wasn't thought of sooner, but if youtube videos are basically just a thumbnail instead of an embed before being clicked, why can't you spoiler them? like, i'm sure you could spoiler them through the mod interface or whatever, but if you click the spoiler button icon thing by the submit button, it doesn't actually spoiler youtube videos.


problem is brenan or czack decided that it would be a better idea to put embedded data into it's own seperate SQL column.

In layman terms the systems that control files are not the same as the systems that control embeds. This meaning that adding this feature requires reworking the database design.


Beginning the draft process for a Rustlang core designed for Kissu. Will be an API that can have bindings with Python/Lua/etc scripts for a speedy performance and ease of application design. Personally built Twig template, MySQL parsing engine(I don't trust any existing Rust packages/libraries).
Will use preexisting security tools for logins and MySQL server because the people who design these are better at this than I am.

This core going to be the main component of all server projects going forward (some statistics features, removal of vichan) so it will be able to handle all the activities of imageboards in an abstract way that allows for scripting freedom.

Core will be called Amaterasu, Kissu applications Tsukiyomi and statistics program Susanoo.
I intend to paywall statistics and improve payment processing.
This hypothetical idea acts as a combination for hazuki-Golang(API server, proxy banner and AI), Kissu-NodeJS(New UI starter), Vichan/NPFChan/Tinyboard(Post server), Vichan-UI-generation(Old-UI page generation).

This is the start of a probably 2+ year long(on and off development) idea to create an immortal server designed for Kissu that allows the site to handle any level of traffic and allow admins to operate all the functionality without shell access.
No UI changes will occur as a result of this, on the mod side or user side. The old Vichan templates will continue to work on it.


File:13317186_p0.jpg (340.87 KB,800x566)

Sounds really cool, just remember to take it easy.


Fucking sweet dude


File:(clipboard)1633626601233.png (49.18 KB,526x316)

I don't know if this can be fixed or not but just pointing this out:
1. I get a notification even when I reply to my own post.
2. I get the same notifications twice.
Is there anyone else who is having this problem?


I thought I fixed 2


2 is probably the result of having incognito tabs open and such, since I can't replicate it.

I suppose I can put in a condition to check for your own post replies, but I don't consider it a major issue.


K, I put in a fix for #1.


I don't have any incognito tabs open though. One thing I forgot to mention is that the two notificaions don't come at the same time, there's a gap of half a minute or so between one and the other.


>One thing I forgot to mention is
This sounds more familiar, but I haven't noticed it. Still think I fixed it a while back and there's some privacy setting that's preventing local storage being shared between tabs, but I'll have a look at it when motivation returns.


File:Screenshot_2021-10-15 Home.png (1.23 MB,1903x976)

Clicking the small banners to make them rotate is borked.


fixed thanks


File:83771829_p0.jpg (3.01 MB,1500x2121)

Maybe I'm just blind, but I keep trying to upload pic related to >>>/ec/3586 only to get the message "File already exists!" preventing me from posting. I've looked over the thread a few times and don't see it, and searching the filename finds no results so I'm not sure what's up.


File:6e954f31ecda745599ac1e78b7….png (242.43 KB,600x600)

it's vichan idiocy, you can't post the image if there is an identical one anywhere on the same board.
the warning should link you to where it is.


huh hmmm. let me try


Oh, yeah. I see what you mean. How annoying... I know 4chan does that, but isn't it for stuff in the same thread?...


It's a setting that I decided might be a good idea. It makes people look around the board for threads they may have missed. But in some cases it does seem like an inconvinience. I'm open to opinions on it.


i've enabled it in thread only. try now and see if it works


I can understand preventing the same image being posted in the same thread, but preventing posting of the same image across an entire board seems a little overboard.

Also, I think I should mention that I was pretty confused what was going on since the notification had disappeared a few times in a row of me trying to post before I even noticed that there was a notification saying what was happening, and a few more times of trying so that the notification would appear so that I could read the whole thing. In my opinion errors such as this where posting is being prevented, the error message should be non-disappearing so that the user can actually read what's happening.

It works, but upon further investigation I decided the image wasn't a good fit for the thread after all. Whoops.


Makes sense. I'll add it to my list of changes


File:(clipboard)1635135639973.png (13.01 KB,403x292)

When creating a new thread from /all/, if you Ctrl+Enter it tries to post, instead of going to board selection.


that gives me 10 thus reported bugs, so I guess I'll fix them now


Fixed 10 bugs I found and were reported after this point.

theatre.kissu.moe update for a not-notable potential bug. Also updated from the fork.


.txt is an "unknown filetype".


File:Screenshot_20211101-234448….jpg (64.94 KB,1080x264)

Not a super important issue, but what causes the recent posts thing to say 60 minutes instead of 1 hour?



    var min = Math.floor(sec / 60);
    if(min <= 60){
time_string = min+" m" + (long_names ? "inute" + (
         min > 1 ? "s" : ""
) : "");

I noticed this issue with on 7days vs 1week, but didn't apply it to the rest


On Vichan imageboards(probably lynx too), the report feature exists not for reporting illegal content, but things the community doesn't like.
This is a bit of a fault in the system. There needs to be an illegal report option, so I'm going to see about adding this in the next 24 hours.

Reporting will in the future have an illegal option that makes mods get notified of illegal content faster.


Updated site to 4.10.0
Major change is how reports are handled, both on client and backend, to give faster responses from mods.


File:Screenshot_2021-11-08 sec….png (338.26 KB,1594x610)

Would be nice if the floating embeds didn't push text over as if the embed was an expanded image.


File:07885ae7c7.png (2.01 KB,216x45)

Options > posts > Original Video Expansion


why isn't that on by default?...


The dragable feature is too foreign to people using conventional imageboards
Dragability is more of a unique usage which can make the general usage, watching content, more complicated.
It covers posts below the expanded making it harder to read newer replies.
Don't think it looks as nice as pushing text over


Something rather minor but after clicking the "Reply" button on a thread (new UI), the popped up quick reply box is not automatically in focus.


I think that's a pretty big usability issue that I've gotten used to.


I've just never used the "Reply" button so I noticed when I used it for the first time. I always click on a post number to get the quick reply box. But I just realized that I had gotten so used to it that I didn't even notice I still have to manually focus the quick reply box.


To be fair, on imageboards, the "reply" on threads more accurately means "view whole thread" than it does "reply to thread".


He specified reply button, different from the reply link or even just reply.
Though if someone wanted to be technical they could say the QR button, but it's not a technical discussion, but a simple suggestion.


oh. I'm not sure what they mean then because clicking the Reply button pretty clearly does bring up the QR box. I think I'm missing something here....


Not sure I understand what I'm trying to correct.



I'm not saying it didn't bring up the QR box but that the QR box that appears after clicking on the "Reply" button on the side panel is not automatically in focus. "Automatically in focus" meaning user has to manually click on the QR box that appeared to start typing anything.


fixed the focus issue

Fixed a few other issues, but mostly changed how the flash player works.


File:Screenshot_20211119-034511….jpg (587.72 KB,1080x2070)

Having a search bar on mobile would be nice.


File:Screenshot_20211119-154128….jpg (672.32 KB,1080x2070)

Also did something change with regards to thread URLs? I've noticed links to threads updating and pointing to a 404'd page. Mainly just on my phone. I don't think it's happened to me on my desktop PC.


Is there an image size limit? I can't post 6400x6400 image because of error: "Failed to resize image!C Details: Killed"


Means system ran out of memory, so yes. I might need to impose one.

probably not. What I imagine happened is you couldn't download a certain json file in time so it gave you a 404 page. This might be a bit intuitive. Also debugging phone problems is a major pain.


File:94354151_p0.jpg (994.6 KB,1000x1000)

Sachiko Birthday 2021 CSS Art Attributions:
Cursor: Official Signature
Background "Mascot": https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/174742
Disembodied Reply Head: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/1657510
Falling Sachiko: https://twitter.com/frenchmaid_


File:sachi.PNG (109.65 KB,549x728)

damn that's some powerful sachikos


/b/'s catalog hasn't been updated since 01/19/21, is it normal?


What do you mean exactly? You're not seeing newer threads since then in catalog?
I had that happen to me, but clearing my cache for kissu.moe cleared it up. Hmm...


Newer threads simply didn't display in the catalog, and it only happens on /b/ not any other boards.
I tried opening on another computer and initially all threads appeared, but after I changed the "Sort by" option, the exact same thing happened, and the "Sort by" option doesn't actually take any effect.
When I refreshed the catalog page, I saw the new threads flashed for an instant but then immediately disappeared. So I think they are actually there but somehow something made them hidden.


ok... that's strange
Also I assume you mean the older UI


Right, new UI doesn't have the problem here.


well, admin #2 got the issue yesterday so I have some ideas on why, he uses Waterfox and assume your browser is more standard


Tried on Chrome, Firefox, Pale Moon, all have the same problem.


The error is a bit misleading. I think I replicated it by changing the sort order.

You have a sorting order selected and something about sorting is causing it to crash. If you go into the dev console you should see: Uncaught DOMException: Node.removeChild: The node to be removed is not a child of this node implying something in Vichan's catalog.


Got it,
Due to various changes in how markup is handled, some pages have broken HTML from mod edits which causes catalog sort to crash.

Also am going to add debug errors to mobile mode so I can better figure out some issues on that.


File:94354747_p0.jpg (1.28 MB,1700x2000)

Sachiko's birthday is over in all timezones ;_;
If you wish to keep it active longer (or forever?) here is the css code thingie for old UI/vichan: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-Files/blob/master/sachiko.custom.css
But, you will need to save the images from the /test/ sticky and upload and link them yourself in the future since they won't be there forever.


File:(clipboard)1638073737377.png (604 B,19x24)

What's up with this icon? Spent a good minute or two looking for the preview option that I was sure existed. Even started wondering if it was a dream or something.


pencil and ruler, it means you're trying to sketch up your post and measure it before posting.


ohhh, makes sense I guess


looks as if making threads didn't work while I was sleeping


Birthday CSS is added. It's quite well developed that it will end up being part of both Kissu and Vichan stylesheets when I get around to adding it.


So you're going to make it a permanent addition? Nice. I think this theme rocks, and I'll probably have it as my 'default' from now on.


yeah. I'll just have to get around to making some small modifications.

as usual all the special themes are placed on this repository for your own addition:


I should add in the attribution that this was made by cool and I just did alterations to make it work on the site.


File:hazuki manga transparent.png (3.62 MB,3401x3401)

I'll probably give it a few days before turning in into a loadable CSS because using it is how people notice issues, as I just noticed that the thread subject text needs to be defined.
Also if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, please give them!


File:333034.jpg (430.79 KB,1787x1140)

The overriding Kissu Birthday CSS has been removed. The "Nekomimi" CSS is added to theme options. Please report any issues you have with it, nyaa.


Oops didn't mean to sage


kissumass.css theme needs to be adopted to the kissu-ui. Also some javascripting to make it default when someone is on /xmas/ yet allow them to toggle it off if they request.


Also an issue where the non .webp fallbacks aren't being used when someone closes a thumbnail


Now that "Nekomimi" CSS is the default (for me at least), will there be a new CSS the next anniversary? Or will nekomimi CSS just be mandated for that specific time frame?


File:346432468.png (404.22 KB,1512x721)

On pale moon there's a weird line on the background


I think it would be better for us to add more things to the day(birthday hats for example) until it's got too much stuff, but one year is too far away for us to start planning.

If /xmas/ is any example we kept the same theme and are expanding it's functionality(enable and disable, adopt it for the kissu-ui)


/xmas/ theme added to the kissu-ui page. Designed to only appear on /xmas/ and be disabled if you don't like it.

kissumas.css won't be added to the kissu-ui rotation


Well, I do CSS stuff because it's fun to mess with so there will probably be a new one. But yeah, planning a year ahead is definitely not something I ever do. It's kind of unfortunate that the big stuff is all at the end of the year, barring any one-time events. Halloween (was too lazy to do it this year), Sachiko, Kissu Birthday, Christmas, New Year's. I thought about doing something for that one German holiday that's mentioned in Madoka, the uhh.. Whataburger Eve or something that's in July or something.


>or something that's in July or something.
I think I have a new year's resolution. I need to stop doing this


Stop what? "something something"?


Yeah, I just say "something" too much. Four times in that little post for example.


Now that you mention it... Though the first two "something"s can't be replaced with anything else I think. The third "something" too. The last one could be replaced with "I think" or something of similar nuance. I'm curious though, how would you rephrase that post following your new year's resolution?


Not sure, but I don't want to derail the thread any more. I guess I could answer in a seemingly related /qa/ thread soon


Why was this thread moved?
The discussion is civil, it is a theoretical discussion on human behavior and has nothing to do with news or politics. >>>/qa/81421 also discusses human behavior and social media but that is apparently treated differently.


was political in nature or in a direction that could focus on political theory. One of /qa/'s topics is internet culture. Discussion about social/political organizations doesn't fall into that category.


>was political in nature or in a direction that could focus on political theory.
Ponder this: your view that the thread could become X, can implicitly bias it into becoming as much. Pre-emptive moderation as such may in practice then lead to what you are trying to avoid.


I'm not here to ponder, I'm here to act.


Then act when it is necessary to do so. Discussing history and anthropology never used to be treated this way.


Ah yes, I remember the good old days when kissu had political commentary that I didn't shit on.


If your view of what falls under the purview of politics is so broad it includes, "I read some stories about mafias and gangs around the world", then everything is politics, and you might as well move anything and everything to /aut/.



>in a direction that could focus on political theory
Do you have any clear guideline of this? Cause any discussion of history or any act of person, even in a pure theoretical context, could "lead to that direction", even though no one apart from you think so.
Might as well just plainly say "Discussing any real or hypothetical person other then yourself is banned".


If you are so interested in reading what I've written about the site rules, then you should first off have read the section on the rules page that says that board guidelines and organization doesn't result in bans.

Although I haven't put much effort into the rules page recently since it's obvious that the people who complain about rules don't even read the page in the first place.


Then the contention at hand is that, for /qa/:
>A board for imageboard meta, anime discussion and generic blogging
Is too strict, particularly considering that, frankly speaking, the vast majority of topics discussed on /qa/ already do not fit these criteria.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (410.59 KB,1920x1080)

Probably a bit overzealous in the move, although the seasonal boards also give you more freedom to bring real life stuff into the discussion. In the past people did express distaste for real life stuff on /qa/, notably covid, and that wasn't political (yet).
My main concern is that /aut/ is scheduled to be frozen in a couple days.
Well, I don't know.


I need to think for a bit about how exactly to convey my thoughts.

That thread discussed autocracy and Mafia which is an explicitly political topic and the unwritten rule is that politics goes to seasons


Tapping the watch icon causes something or other to crash:
TypeError: this.props.summaryPosts is undefined -- {"componentStack":"\[email protected]ttps://kissu.moe/js-ui/ui-bundle(4.11.8-debug).js:1:417149\ndiv\[email protected]s://kissu.moe/js-ui/ui-bundle(4.11.8-debug).js:1:387759\ndiv\naside\nsection\ndiv\[email protected]https://kissu.moe/js-ui/ui-bundle(4.11.8-debug).js:1:464454\nPostSSRRouteDecid[email protected]://kissu.moe/js-ui/ui-bundle(4.11.8-debug).js:1:361807\[email protected]://kissu.moe/js-ui/ui-bundle(4.11.8-debug).js:1:209199\[email protected]://kissu.moe/js-ui/ui-bundle(4.11.8-debug).js:1:205355\[email protected]://kissu.moe/js-ui/ui-bundle(4.11.8-debug).js:1:444165\[email protected]s://kissu.moe/js-ui/ui-bundle(4.11.8-debug).js:1:309946"}
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Android 11; Mobile; rv:93.0) Gecko/93.0 Firefox/93.0
Time: Sat Dec 18 2021 00:50:48 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)


Also, there's no "Hide/Show" thread option on mobile.


I can't replicate, but I can figure it out from that.

how exactly would you unhide a thread on mobile.
There's no room.


Uploading audio file with embedded album art is broken with error "Undefined index: height"


File:60t3mf.mp3 (2.37 MB)

must be specific to your given MP3. Could you upload it somewhere, assuming I don't get it working by the time you read this.


nvm, it probably tried to OCR the image for spam links in the thumb.


Previously I tried several with different album arts and none worked
It's working now anyway, thanks


there's some systems that automatically trigger different antispam measures and I think one of them activated.


I'd rather you discuss this in the feature centered thread not to distract from this one. But I'll give the heads up and say it's likely not going to happen because inserting latex into the pages looks like a pain.

Perhaps on commision. Though, I have a growing list of bugs, mostly relating to /poll/, that I have to get around to.


Bug: Yentext is the wrong color when you preview your post in any of the themes except "Kissu."


File:030fc729e3.png (285.22 KB,1920x994)

not sure what you mean. Do you have a some styles set in the options? Something like in this image. Either way, that should be fixed.


Disregard my bug report, turns out the problem was that I was still running the old userscript.


Wait, I turned off the userscript and it kept happening. I did have the "color:purple" thing in >>8943 set, though. Was that a default at some point? I don't recall setting it. I removed it and it fixed the problem.


It was in the initial release and removed after a week


hey V, how does the suggested threads section work, exactly? is it purely random or does it follow some algorithm?


it picks 20 threads based on the first few who post on it(after passing some thresholds). Then inside of threads the order is random


File:0001-1555.webm (24.69 MB,853x480)

Possibly due to an image being opened behind the quick reply box, I get this problem. When I try to click and drag the QR box it looks like the image behind it gets selected similar to how one would click and drag images to upload. Once the image is dropped, while the mouse button is un-clicked, the QR box jumps right below the cursor and follows the mouse's movement until I click it again, which then drops the QR box. Pardon the bad video quality and possible bad explanation.


which browser is this? I don't get it on firefox?


/secret/ is completely borked on pale moon. Might be the browser's problem though.


Brave, so chromium.


Hide the post with the lines of 死ね until I fix the issue.

I guess I'll try installing brave, but since I don't see it in chrome then it's probably a more situational thing


I can get it by flinging my mouse as fast as possible while trying to move a window, but only on chromium browsers, so I've replicated it. I'll see about a fix.

I'll be fixing things after new years. Except the /secret issue that I'll have to get to sooner than later


File:Flash.png (457.46 KB,918x671)

The pop-up window on /f/ should be resizeable. For music loops it was a common practice to hide the name of the song as well as other credits outside of the default window size. Pic related is an example from >>>/f/274


Captcha hasn't been working for me. The box shows up, but none of the images or buttons to do the captcha.


yeah, the ssl cert changed and I forgot to move it over to the other server.

I'll to that now


I stand corrected, it's because i used the url 4taba2 to reverse proxy


File:fomatting.png (750.07 KB,1412x680)

The 'Posting mode: Reply' box seems to be in the wrong place at the moment on the old UI (I think just since the New Years background was added).


I thought the background image was headless but apparently it was just me not using my browser in full-screen.


palemoon issue resolved


In regards to the audio/video controller, there are various issues with the design choices by the Mozilla team and (especially) the chrome team made. While it might be possible to use CSS to fix the firefox controller, the chrome controller is quite bad.
>>>/qa/78818 looks horrific on chrome and on firefox you have a limited control over the audio volume and no trackbar when it could fit in our containers.

I'm going to create a custom controller. This is an expansion on the techniques I learned during my audio experiments as done with the Christmas cards
- on mouse over of the volume icon it will pop out a vertical bar to set volume
- if the player is smaller than 175px it will show pause|progress|volume
- if player is >= 175px will show pause|progress|trackbar|volume
- if player is > 255px will show pause|progress:max-length|trackbar|volume
And I suppose if there's something extra cool that you want I can consider it such as adding an equalizer, but idk.


>And I suppose if there's something extra cool that you want I can consider it
For audio files, assuming their metadata isn't nuked, it might be nice to have a small rotating ticker of the artist, album, and song title.


reminds me that I should account for a place to put features should I ever have the motivation. Chromes ' : ' button on the side of players could hold a variety of extra information and is easy to fit into a 175px bar. >>8997 could be put into an "About" dropdown


File:Screenshot 2022-01-05 0252….png (42.54 KB,286x652)

Some posts in the recent posts thing have extraneous spaces thrown in despite the post they're linking to not having any.


hm.. yeah a recent change would do that yeah. Guess I'll undo it.


new posts will be fixed, old ones will have the issue. Since it's the summary system it will be quickly flushed and repaired.

Anyways, here's the prototype for the audio player to replace the existing one for audio.
Aside from making the Audio-UI more usable for Kissu's audio frames, it also makes the sound fade out smoother so you don't get a clicking sound when you press stop.

It doesn't give buffering messages, but tracks the bufferable audio. Not sure about how it handles on mobile yet.


Added time tags, so you hover over the time bar and it returns a second.
For now this is only for audio and I'm concluding the prototype.

My laptop should be repaired soon so I can get back to the scheduled bug fixes and then implement it into the software.



worked pretty well only issue was that i needed to click it a second time maybe because for some reason it didn't work the first


There are many things that are clickable. which one are you talking about?


well it runs in private tabs of Edge, Chrome, PaleMoon and Firefox so it was probably nothing.


The first time I tried it I needed to click the generate audio button twice, but now it just works.


actually did find a bug in palemoon, what a surprise that outdated browsers are holding me back from progressing onto other things.

ok, nothing major


File:(clipboard)1641412672416.png (399.98 KB,1600x900)

Guess it's time I fix this quirk


There was actually a little quick fix i left in which resulted in people being able to make not polls to /poll/. Decided I'll leave it in for now.


Issues with poll creation should be resolved as of Kissu-Fr 4.11.14b-debug


File:Screenshot_20220106-172937….jpg (364.32 KB,1080x1041)

Been noticing this happening fairly often recently


yes, i noticed it in the morning,,, but as soon as I posted it vanished. I made a change to accomodate for PaleMoon being a shitter and it's introduced a hard to track bug




Well, I hope it happens again so I can see it and do a proper test because it looks like it shouldn't happen


Speaking of dumb PM glitches, the animated banners will occasionally freeze up for some reason.


can't do anything about your browser not being able to play .gif consistently...


That's fair.


Imageframes now (4.11.20) resize their container when adjusted, so no longer will there be a giant empty box when it's resized.


Does this frequently happen to you? I really have to force it for it to happen.
Fixing it means I'm going to have to dive into this guy's code since I didn't implement the dragability myself https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-draggable


Yeah, I checked and it happens every time. Looks like the click registers on the background of the QR box before the QR box itself? Even without an image behind it, there's a half a second lag between me clicking the box and moving my cursor and the box following the movements.
If its not a wide spread problem then I don't really care if you don't fix it. In fact, >>8951 was the first time I ever noticed that happening. I don't move the QR box usually.


Brave: Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit) ?
Next question, what OS is that? My cursor doesn't look like this.

I'm trying to reproduce it, but no luck.


actually, i am getting it now.


Insert this into your customCSS

img, a {
  -webkit-user-drag: none;
  -khtml-user-drag: none;
  -moz-user-drag: none;
  -o-user-drag: none;
  user-drag: none;

I'll have to find a nicer solution than completely disabling dragging on certain elements or specifically target brave browsers somehow. Until then this works for me.


your stupid feedback thing appears on archive.is nice


Don't think I've had many positive experience coming from archive.is.



Happened again >>>/jp/27838


File:Screenshot_2022-01-07 ec ….png (335.14 KB,1903x976)



alright, just have to theory craft on why it vanishes on post then I can solve it. I know why it makes a funny post though.

what the fuck. this is truly bizzare.


The only theory I can think of is that I'm downloading files to do a server restart and in that moment you couldn't access the server files that make posts..


>this is truly bizzare.
I should add: for whatever reason, after trying to reupload the file I was trying to upload, I got an error saying something to the effect of "file not selected." despite having one attached. I tried 2 or 3 more times before changing browser where I was actually able to upload the image, although if it was something server side maybe it was just that minute or so of changing browsers was enough for the post to go through and the browser made no difference?


where is the image?



server probably had no ram. can't be for certain. all I know is that I have been downloading all the files for the past hour or three


think I found the problem, missing escape character in the regex which golang didn't throw any errors for


Yeah, it doesn't happen with image in the back anymore. Thank you for the quick fix!


Next update is going to add in a fix that adds the CSS whenever someone drags the QR box. So you can remove that from customCSS if you want to drag other things and not concern yourself if you clear cache.

Update also going to add in the custom audio player. Feel free to suggest/report on it.

Kissu-Fr 4.12.1-debug

I have two bug items left for flash resizing and a site navigation issue.
Also we're going to be doing a server rebuild meaning I'm backing up everything and reinstalling the servers. This should buy us the last stretch of storage space before the server upgrades.


AAAAAAAAAAAAA That's not the fix


I'm doing some aggressive testing for at least 10 minutes that will make browsing the site on the kissu-ui uncomfortable.


K, I put in another fix for that issue. Hopefully this one does it, but it's starting to look like a rare golang issue, though I shouldn't speak too soon because often times it's user error...

But still, the function gets called once and if it's processing other tags(it is) then it certainly should be reading the regex to detect cites


mother FUCKER


>>9047 put in another fix


I've redone my palemoon fix, which caused this issue in the first place, to use a way that doesn't heavily alter the golang regex tag parsing. HOPING that this issue doesn't trigger again.

Going to be doing a full rebuild of everything on the site so posts might be slightly slower


bleh, I wonder if I should just investigate this and give up on the idea of a complete vichan rewrite


site's down huh... guess the github page is enough for them


If it were me, I'd rewrite it bit by bit rather than all at once, swapping out individual components written in PHP with Rust/Go equivalents, until eventually there's no PHP left. In my mind, replacing post.php now and then maybe something else later is way easier than uprooting the entire site.


The thing about kissu is that it's already written in Golang and PHP, but I do the communication through curl calls which is slow and has overhead. Not like there's a better option since the PHP code is used by php-fpm processes handled by NGINX. Connecting the two together somehow might be beneficial.


If I think about it more logically the two points that consume the most CPU and RAM are constructing the vichan templates and retrieving from the database. There are other infastructure related issues, but I'll put those aside since they're improved by better hardware. Although, the quick fix for database speed is more ram.... Communication between PHP and Golang is problably not a big deal... though it could be better...

If I switch the template writting over to golang then things will be a bit faster. Vichan's DB is set up better than I could probably do. Not sure I can make the structure any faster for data access. Probably need to rewrite queries to be better for mysql.
Best I can do on a limited economy/budget.


Doing some research it's apparent I know next to nothing about database optimization.
A single google search yields me some ways to make it faster.


Posting looses a 1-2 seconds on these queries

 Posting looses a 1-2 seconds on these queries

[code] Us[email protected]: ommitted[ommitted] @ localhost []  Id:     3
# Query_time: 0.303444  Lock_time: 0.000526 Rows_sent: 300  Rows_examined: 2694
use vichan;
SET timestamp=1642089894;
SELECT id,thread,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,filehash,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug,zombie,'qa' AS `board` FROM posts_qa WHERE thread IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,thread,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,filehash,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug,zombie,'jp' AS `board` FROM posts_jp WHERE thread IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,thread,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,filehash,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug,zombie,'win' AS `board` FROM posts_win WHERE thread IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,thread,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,filehash,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug,zombie,'cry' AS `board` FROM posts_cry WHERE thread IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,thread,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,filehash,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug,zombie,'poll' AS `board` FROM posts_poll WHERE thread IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,thread,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,filehash,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug,zombie,'b' AS `board` FROM posts_b WHERE thread IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,thread,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,filehash,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug,zombie,'f' AS `board` FROM posts_f WHERE thread IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,thread,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,filehash,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug,zombie,'ec' AS `board` FROM posts_ec WHERE thread IS NULL ORDER BY bump DESC LIMIT 300;
# Time: 2022-01-13T16:04:55.488676Z
[email protected]: ommitted[ommitted] @ localhost []  Id:     2
# Query_time: 1.576677  Lock_time: 0.001532 Rows_sent: 30  Rows_examined: 60246
SET timestamp=1642089895;
SELECT *, 'aut' AS `board` FROM `posts_aut` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'b' AS `board` FROM `posts_b` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'cry' AS `board` FROM `posts_cry` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'ec' AS `board` FROM `posts_ec` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'f' AS `board` FROM `posts_f` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'jp' AS `board` FROM `posts_jp` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'poll' AS `board` FROM `posts_poll` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'qa' AS `board` FROM `posts_qa` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'secret' AS `board` FROM `posts_secret` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'spg' AS `board` FROM `posts_spg` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'sum' AS `board` FROM `posts_sum` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'test' AS `board` FROM `posts_test` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'trans' AS `board` FROM `posts_trans` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'win' AS `board` FROM `posts_win` UNION ALL SELECT *, 'xmas' AS `board` FROM `posts_xmas` ORDER BY `time` DESC LIMIT 30;
# Time: 2022-01-13T16:04:55.790531Z
[email protected]: ommitted[ommitted] @ localhost []  Id:     2
# Query_time: 0.272866  Lock_time: 0.003257 Rows_sent: 1635  Rows_examined: 4905
SET timestamp=1642089895;
SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'aut' AS `board` FROM `posts_aut` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'b' AS `board` FROM `posts_b` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'cry' AS `board` FROM `posts_cry` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'ec' AS `board` FROM `posts_ec` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'f' AS `board` FROM `posts_f` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'jp' AS `board` FROM `posts_jp` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'poll' AS `board` FROM `posts_poll` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'qa' AS `board` FROM `posts_qa` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'spg' AS `board` FROM `posts_spg` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'sum' AS `board` FROM `posts_sum` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'win' AS `board` FROM `posts_win` WHERE `thread` IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT id,subject,email,name,trip,capcode,body,body_nomarkup,time,bump,files,num_files,password,sticky,locked,cycle,sage,embed,slug, 'xmas' AS `board` FROM `posts_xmas` WHERE `thread` IS NULL ORDER BY `bump` DESC;
# Time: 2022-01-13T16:04:56.746230Z
[email protected]: ommitted[ommitted] @ localhost []  Id:     2
# Query_time: 0.514141  Lock_time: 0.000455 Rows_sent: 20  Rows_examined: 29469
SET timestamp=1642089896;
SELECT *, 'aut' AS `board` FROM `posts_aut` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' UNION ALL SELECT *, 'b' AS `board` FROM `posts_b` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' UNION ALL SELECT *, 'f' AS `board` FROM `posts_f` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' UNION ALL SELECT *, 'jp' AS `board` FROM `posts_jp` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' UNION ALL SELECT *, 'poll' AS `board` FROM `posts_poll` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' UNION ALL SELECT *, 'qa' AS `board` FROM `posts_qa` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' UNION ALL SELECT *, 'spg' AS `board` FROM `posts_spg` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' UNION ALL SELECT *, 'sum' AS `board` FROM `posts_sum` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' UNION ALL SELECT *, 'win' AS `board` FROM `posts_win` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' UNION ALL SELECT *, 'xmas' AS `board` FROM `posts_xmas` WHERE `files` IS NOT NULL AND `BODY` != '' ORDER BY `time` DESC LIMIT 20;



As far as I know the queries can't be optimized..

keys of
| id | select_type  | table                             | partitions | type | possible_keys          | key       | key_len | ref   | rows | filtered | Extra                           |
|  1 | PRIMARY      | posts_aut                         | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |  105 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
|  2 | UNION        | posts_b                           | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |  215 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
|  3 | UNION        | posts_cry                         | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |  150 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
|  4 | UNION        | posts_ec                          | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |  150 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
|  5 | UNION        | posts_f                           | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |   30 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
|  6 | UNION        | posts_jp                          | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |  150 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
|  7 | UNION        | posts_poll                        | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |  142 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
|  8 | UNION        | posts_qa                          | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |  301 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
|  9 | UNION        | posts_spg                         | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |  126 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
| 10 | UNION        | posts_sum                         | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |  139 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
| 11 | UNION        | posts_win                         | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |   59 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
| 12 | UNION        | posts_xmas                        | NULL       | ref  | thread_id,list_threads | thread_id | 5       | const |   68 |   100.00 | Using index condition           |
| NULL | UNION RESULT | <union1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12> | NULL       | ALL  | NULL                   | NULL      | NULL    | NULL  | NULL |     NULL | Using temporary; Using filesort |


upgrade to mysql 8 with full innodb expanded cache size not much improvement. Possibly worse


Oh, maybe I spoke too soon.
posts_qa now only takes 0.06S and my perception of speed posting is better enough that I don't think I'm imagining it


made two small changes.

- Clicking on the cat in the capcode does something
- You can expand the QR text box from either the right side or the bottom in addition to the existing bottom-right icon.

Next changes are some updates of our software such as captchouli. Except PHP8 because it doesn't look like it has payoff given my increasing interest in ditching PHP. Related is analyzing how long it takes for HTML templates of pages to build.
Also I am hoping that I stumble across a bug where navigation does not work. The URL changes but pages stay the same. That's why the version numbers still have -debug at the end.


I don't even notice the slow posting you're talking about. I make a post and it gets posted, after that it's done, it's out of my hands and the server will process it automatically. Who cares if you have to wait a bit before you can refresh the page and see your own post...


Well... In theory, it matters at scale. An unoptimized solution may be fine for a smaller community, but if/as things grow that slowness will only compound. Besides, it's just preferable to have things perform quicker anyways.


yeah, doesn't really matter, but there is a way to use communication platrforms that requires instant(under one second) feedback such as IRC. If Kissu were to get that sort of performance then there would be no need to use discord/irc/liveboards over the system here.

There are things about efficiency and scaling up that are worthwhile, but this is more abstract.


Template building is inconsiquential

Build post_thread.html: 0.004040374 seconds
Build thread.html: 0.001412901 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.001575339 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000622027 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.002187153 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.00071731 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000746706 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000609239 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000566081 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000623017 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000710531 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000775186 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.00059533 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000661931 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000685007 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000613555 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000367887 seconds
Build index.html: 0.000712868 seconds
Build mod/archive_list.html: 0.000432297 seconds
Build page.html: 0.000259245 seconds
Build themes/rss/rss.xml: 0.000340275 seconds
Build themes/catalog/catalog.html: 0.003558448 seconds
Build themes/catalog/index.rss: 0.002807624 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000921932 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000934841 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000722056 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000926266 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000568823 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000393111 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000704053 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000710426 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000831989 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000541476 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000262487 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000887318 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000667229 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.000755937 seconds
Build post_thread.html: 0.001272209 seconds
Build themes/ukko/index.html: 0.000866665 seconds
Build themes/index/index.html: 0.000389548 seconds

Vichan has built in optimization to make this smooth. Thinking a bit harder the API engine doesn't have any optimization like this. Probably suffers from speed issues due to this.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know of a major optimization I can make to the golang API server.

Nice that I've basically finished designing the site so I can actually go back and look at what I did sloppy.


think this upgrade is going to make posting go to under one second for non-image posts, but I have to set up a dummy database and test server on the main site so it will take me a bit of time.


The image in >>>/qa/83396 is rotated sideways on pale moon. If it's a browser-side issue, you don't need to (and indeed probably shouldn't) fix it, but I still think it's worth looking in to.


File:294d3c996f.png (19.99 KB,629x625)

Either it's reading this tag and other browsers don't, or it's not reading this tag and other browser do.

Not a priority issue


PaleMoon doesn't read exif orientation and while it could be sensible to rewrite the image in the correct orientation it doesn't appear to be an issue effecting anything other than people's photography, which isn't a major site component.



I'm going to be uploading some experimental code during the stream and running some tests on the kissu-UI API. I'll point out the two threads I'm using so you can hide them, but thread creation and (unlikely) posting could be a little wonky as in threads not showing up or multiple duplicates appearing at the same time. Possibly crashes. Don't bother reporting any to me in that time frame.

Reason I'm doing it on the site is because I don't have a full development environment set up and I've done enough testing on my limited one that it's unlikely that pages will explode with errors.


Storing optimized time values for operations

Trial 1

['{"Page":"build","Number":"5558","Board":"b","Category":"thread"}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"catalog","Number":"5558","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Number":"9149","Board":"b","Category":"properties"}']
build 495.127594ms (unaltered)
build 324.229499ms  (altered)
build 343.400976ms  (unaltered)
['{"Page":"build","Category":"overboard","Number":"5558","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"summary","Number":"9149","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"home","Number":"5558","Board":"b","Options":""}']
build 1.048950064s (altered)
build 679.720795ms (altered)
build 569.857718ms (altered)

Trial 2

['{"Page":"build","Number":"5882","Board":"b","Category":"thread"}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"catalog","Number":"5882","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Number":"9150","Board":"b","Category":"properties"}']
build 408.760266ms
build 318.564994ms
build 372.223012ms
['{"Page":"build","Category":"overboard","Number":"5882","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"summary","Number":"9150","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"home","Number":"5882","Board":"b","Options":""}']
build 1.459589376s
build 1.006235501s
build 709.6905ms

Trial 3

['{"Page":"build","Number":"6426","Board":"b","Category":"thread"}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"catalog","Number":"6426","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Number":"9151","Board":"b","Category":"properties"}']
build 578.914277ms
build 362.66053ms
build 380.621354ms
['{"Page":"build","Category":"overboard","Number":"6426","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"summary","Number":"9151","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"home","Number":"6426","Board":"b","Options":""}']
build 1.649670211s
build 601.593662ms
build 601.996869ms



Trial 1

['{"Page":"build","Number":"6193","Board":"b","Category":"thread"}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"catalog","Number":"6193","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Number":"9136","Board":"b","Category":"properties"}']
build 445.856118ms (unaltered)
build 1.511872274s (altered)
build 521.85504ms (unaltered)
['{"Page":"build","Category":"overboard","Number":"6193","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"summary","Number":"9136","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"home","Number":"6193","Board":"b","Options":""}']
build 4.299701033s (altered)
build 533.114344ms (altered)
build 555.392242ms (altered)

Trial 2

['{"Page":"build","Number":"6186","Board":"b","Category":"thread"}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"catalog","Number":"6186","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Number":"9139","Board":"b","Category":"properties"}']
build 336.30166ms
build 1.526173125s
build 358.760967ms
['{"Page":"build","Category":"overboard","Number":"6186","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"summary","Number":"9139","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"home","Number":"6186","Board":"b","Options":""}']
build 3.374175136s
build 662.375161ms
build 603.671679ms

Trial 3

['{"Page":"build","Number":"1528","Board":"b","Category":"thread"}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"catalog","Number":"1528","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Number":"9144","Board":"b","Category":"properties"}']
build 605.778204ms
build 1.722577337s
build 369.152895ms
['{"Page":"build","Category":"overboard","Number":"1528","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"summary","Number":"9144","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"home","Number":"1528","Board":"b","Options":""}']
build 3.981038488s
build 562.800892ms
build 471.384885ms


File:Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 2….png (26.4 KB,630x53)

what does it meeeeeaaaaaaaan



You should be voting after the stream is done anyways since it doesn't store your past answers each time
edit: oops


This method uses JSON modification on the assumption that certain actions will happen. Instead of querying the database and doing rebuilds every time.

Does not yield good results on small queries. Somewhat expected I guess since it needs to do two file IO functions and one small database read as apposed to one file IO and one smallish read. Guess I'll see if it ever beats the three trials on >>9137 while I have the tab open


ah crap, i discovered a typo that was slowing the entire thing down


K, the combination of optimization and discovery of a fairly major bug has given us these stats

['{"Page":"build","Number":"6288","Board":"b","Category":"thread"}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"catalog","Number":"6288","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Number":"9161","Board":"b","Category":"properties"}']
build 149.206856ms
build 36.421313ms
build 346.792749ms
['{"Page":"build","Category":"overboard","Number":"6288","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"summary","Number":"9161","Board":"b","Options":""}' '{"Page":"build","Category":"home","Number":"6288","Board":"b","Options":""}']
build 167.621666ms
build 1.381298ms
build 128.121682ms


would be great to have sorting by last post in old ui if it's something easy to implement


It's unlikely that I'll ever be touching vichan again. For free anyways


The vichan UI that is. I modify the backend a lot.


Keep getting this error after submitting a captcha on /ec/

Mobile Debug: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 4 column 1 of the JSON data -- Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function do_filters() in /var/www/html/post.php:1209 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /var/www/html/post.php on line 1209 {"error":"Caught fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function do_filters() in \/var\/www\/html\/post.php:1209\nStack trace:\n#0 {main}\n thrown in \/var\/www\/html\/post.php<\/strong> on line 1209"}


strange, i'll make a captch


I can't replicate it but someone reported this once before and I assumed it was because I was uploading files at the time. But since it happened again there must be something a bit more tricky going on.


yeah, ok. I looked at line 1209 and I can see that something is off.


OK it should be resolved. When a mod hasn't posted or done any activity it triggers a set of stronger antispam features. I made a mistake in not including a PHP function file.


Wow, it really got a lot quicker.


yes. right now the only thing slowing down the site is image processing speed and the image transfer speed between servers.

Our tentative upgrade is going to be double the Ram and CPU with 250GB of storage. So images will be way faster and file size limits will likely be raised.


File:Screenshot_2022-01-17 jp ….png (21.01 KB,630x87)

Tried uploading a WEBP and got this error.


Here's the file in question if you need it:


Yeah. I know what caused that. I'll get it back up


File:mmhv6h.webp (164.54 KB,1600x840)


In response to this chain
If there's a feature I don't think is a good use of my time, then I'll create an anonymously addressed invoice that anyone can pay. The payment will guarantee that I start working on it as soon as I see it's requested with a dollar sign in front of it.

This is feature requests on commission. If there's other software unrelated to Kissu that people want from me then we can work out other deals. My email is in the footer of the site.


If you want me to attach your name to the feature(For example Berun-Last-Reply.js) then you can also request that. This doesn't actually give you any ownership of the file, it's just a way you can buy virtual land on kissu.moe through the software... Hey maybe I should make every html file have an NFT...........


Seems as if I've caught every bug under my radar. Hopefully stays that way but it never does. Puts me into a situation where all the software design is stable again.

So I'm going back to RnD
Banner program ought to be moved off of laravel.
I mentioned a simple user statistics page for funders a few months back.
Also want to eventually do the rustgo transition.

So going to draft the Rust server concept for the 3 services but until I actually make the statistics program not much point in making it.


Listing feature specs and update plans for various issues raised in the above post.
Bullet point overview of below- Creation of an imageboard engine is unlikely to happen unless I can live off of the site. Still Drafting will help cut down on development time if it ever happens.
- More likely to happen is I look into the possibilities of PHP-Go to remove the CURL communication done between API and post server(I've yet to measure the impact it has, but it can't be great).
- Laravel should be discarded as it will be impossible to update and Laravel is one of those frameworks that I could see people finding major exploits on.
- Statistics program is something I've wanted to add for funders as a tie in to >>8551 and to potentially discard umami.js which requires a few gigabytes to run and is now blocked by ublock origin making it practically pointless.
- Mostly pointless is that the Kissu-UI pages are served out of a NodeJS server. My language plan for Kissu is for it to be Rust, Golang and Python only. Python has good data processing, Golang is a fast language that is far simpler than Rust, Rust is fast secure and safe. The server does barely anything as apposed to the past where it was prerendering the UI. It can be redone whenever I have a few hours.

Summarization of features in a potential in house imageboard engine.Implementation of server would require advanced level knowledge in multiple fields and require multiple precursor projects. To acquire enough knowledge to create a more optimized versions of existing projects may be a futile process. Still it's a fun concept.
- Multithreaded connection pooling
- Image Processing(Thumbnailing, exif stripping, perceptual hashing, OCR)
- Controlled caching of information from MySQL
- Be bindable/usable with Python, Golang and PHP. This should be a scripting language to quickly implement ideas on top of the engine.
- Templating in Twigg
- Account creation and security
- JWT Authentication(for banners.kissu and potential mod UI redesigns if ever)

More reasonable solution than server rewritesCould be seen as a gateway project for a server rewrite, merge Go and PHP so that our two servers are no longer communicating with CURL.
- Likely will be fairly simple job
- Need to rewrite the PHP file that handles communicating with the Golang server
- Go server would only handle the PHP requests such as post.php, score.php, poll.php and so on. HTML files would continue to be served by NGINX.
- Most complicated part is what will break in the process such as the libraries that PHP uses.

Proposed banners changesI'm a bit uncomfortable with Laravel. It's a fine tool, but it's impossible to update now. If a CVE becomes known it may be very hard to fix it resulting in the service being offline indefinitely. We're removing laravel.
- In line with the 3 main scripting languages I want new Kissu to be using for server infastructure it will be rewritten in Golang, Python or Rust.
- The program uses some ease-of-use features such as database creation and routing that will have to be taken into my own hands.
- JWT authentication will need to be learned about since it uses this to keep accounts logged in.
- Adding in board specific banners

New Statistics ProgramOffered to people providing for the site, it will give them statistics about kissu and their current token/IP address.
- In Python, Django or Flash. I know flask, but Django is more production oriented Lets just do golang
- will replace umami.kissu as it takes up 1GB storage for node modules, is rather heavy and is blocked by ublock.
- Combination of React elements for interactability with static fallbacks for people who like simplicity.
- Timelines of the site's performance.
- Information about your post counts.
- Host the variety of interesting and harmless information found on umami https://puu.sh/IDZb0/e08c305be9.png
- Mods may have greater levels of information from this page.
- Private and not shared.


Should the text be moved to before the poll? I've noticed myself not noticing the text a lot.


you can revote whenever though


File:nyaa~.ogg (45.29 KB)

Better nyaa~ SFX if you care.


I don't think it's something on my end, but backlinks don't seem to be showing up in this thread >>>/win/667


the thread was moved so it probably made a mistake. I'll look into it in a bit

(noting that former thread ID was 28491)


resolved the issue(as can be seen from the move) >>>/trans/1862 but I'll have to manually go through each post in the /win/ thread to restore cites.


I just had an idea, instead of using the unix timestamp as the default name for saving files why not use a kissu timestamp that starts when kissu went online or when /qa/ got good.


Ehhhh but then people would think we're tryharding with old timestamps and that wouldn't be fun.


everyone else can suck it or switch to kissu time


Everyone can tell us to suck it in turn. If we're gonna use a different time, it should at least have some prefix that makes it different from the standard. Something like "fgh-13426..."


just use the timestamp backwards or append a "k" to the end


K at the start and we're good.


File:ad0b7fe4-7139-402c-b523-4….jpeg (61.56 KB,1500x1500)

my community...


File:m2LLgq4.png (102.09 KB,848x308)

Think (You) backlinks should be default enabled ?


I think it makes sense.


Yeah, it does help. Yet it changes how people use the site, so while it's a convenience I'm concerned about that aspect.


That's very true. Now that I think about it, it might be a good idea to keep it how it is now.


Afraid that people might start fishing for (You)s by making low effort troll posts? Yeah I don't want that either.


Sort of. not exactly that but kind of a similar thing. It's like balancing a game, certain aspects get buffed it has an effect on the balance and certain moves/techniques/builds become more prevalent. In the end it might make the site meta too much like 4chan or any of the nchan's rather than kissu.


"File too big" error should probably be changed to "Image dimensions too large" or something like that.


File:1627435939554.jpg (267.26 KB,661x633)

>"File too big"


I got caught up on that issue before when I was running some tests. What you say is a good error response

- Error message changed, I don't have a test file though so you can verify it's good if you want


Is it total dimensions (H + W) or per axis? The image I tried uploading (https://files.catbox.moe/3r5msl.jpg) is 6250 x 4103, which in total dimensions is greater than 10,000px, but less than if it's supposed to be per axis.


I'll check.
I also removed the annoyingness with ) getting caught into the URL


No, the dimensions were getting detected correctly, but the error message was using the wrong value. There are config files scattered all over the server so creating descriptive error messages is a bit of a pain.

6000px is what I set it as. Any more than this is begins to drain the server RAM too much


Speaking of image dimensions, it would be nice to have a "fit to view" option for image expansion


something like that shouldn't even be optional. it should just be the default


Not really any bug or issue in particular - I'm not familiar with how things work exactly on the backend with the gradual move away from Vichan - but I remember from my experience with Vichan that wordfilters can be set up to give multiple results instead of just one to one wordfilters. Maybe it's not such a big priority, but it could be practical for obfuscation to have multiple permutations, or otherwise for more fun wordfilters (assuming we ever get any). Something to think about I suppose.


I know how to do that even without vichan. But I'm unsure how that would make wordfilters more effective


The way I imagined it, maybe you might think otherwise, is that if one or word or phrase can end up being filtered into any number of other words/phrases, then it becomes more difficult to interpret what the person was actually talking about, whereas if there's just one word filtered into one other word it becomes obvious what the person was talking about that got filtered. Perhaps it's not going to absolutely prevent people from figuring out what the word/phrase was that got filtered, but -- from the reader's perspective -- it's going to be a lot more abstract unless and until someone manages to evade the filter.

That's my thinking at least. I don't really have any strong feelings about it, it was just something that occurred to me at random.


Does /ec/ have autonoko now?


for a long while >>6594

I can believe this, but I wouldn't change any of the existing filters. I'll consider it if we add filters later.


I wish hidden posts/threads were more hidden.

In my mind, hiding something should make it as easy to forget about as possible, and the way it is now makes that kind of hard. With threads, hiding them actually makes them harder to ignore.


File:c490aee928.png (41.9 KB,585x531)

What do you want? For there to be no way to unhide things?


I have no idea what you're talking about with threads being harder to ignore


Threads are hidden from /all/, the recent feed, the homepage, the similar thread list and you have the gall to say (without giving me any sort of constructive ideas) that it's not good enough?


File:92540671_p0.jpg (3.17 MB,5004x3117)

The only thing I could think of is you see the [# threads hidden] thing, but that's kind of necessary if people want to reverse it, or for there to be a visual cue that an action was done and is currently active. Anything more would be reducing the effectiveness


File:1641948822438.png (320.46 KB,742x1115)

If it were up to me, I'd move the hidden threads button off the navbar and put it somewhere on the page proper, maybe on the top-right with the board-list. This way, it'd be a bit more out of the way but still easily reachable. I'd also change it from 'x Threads/Posts Hidden' to 'Hidden Threads/Posts' and make it show up even if you haven't hidden anything, making it easier to forget if you've even hidden something to begin with.

I'd like to see these changes, but I'm also afraid they might be a bit extreme, which is why I didn't open with them.


ok. that is a fair consideration. Then I could move thread search into the sidebar possibly or other items that are currently at the top of the page which could be used while scrolling


posts which are "[text in here]" get turned into "[-]" on the recent posts ticker.


Hmm. the "[text in here]" part got removed on the recent posts ticker. So, I guess they get removed and the "[-]" means there's nothing there.


information inside of [-] is discarded on the feed.


Why is only yandex linked and not saucenao as well?


File:59529baf9a.png (36.47 KB,883x298)


File:b2e3a92d4a.png (265.56 KB,1128x849)

your proposal would look something like this, would this really make you stop thinking about filtered threads? I don't think so. It seems harder to ignore there. I don't think there is a good place to put it.


I think the part about making it it a generic toggle and not showing the counts is a good idea though. I'm not sure about having it be a permanent fixture.


My logic was that you'd see it less because it doesn't scroll with you. The sidebar's always there unless you close it, meaning the hidden threads button is also always there. When it's moved to the page proper you only see it when you're at the top of the page. But I can definitely see where you're coming from.

I'd personally make it a thing you can toggle in options. It feels pretty inline with some of the other things you already have in there, like (You) backlinks and relative time.


I'm going to do the bare minimum at the moment and see if it continues being an issue. It will stay up all the time and show 0 threads hidden. I think this will also act as a way to remind people that they can in fact hide threads instead of wanting to derail them.


File:cbc7f05c2c.png (65.04 KB,441x265)

This feature has previously been unusable/bugged
But now if you want to you can add your own colors to yen or quote text.


A recent post just reminded me, does the new UI have the ability to filter posts? Never tried it


regex filters don't exist. Actually adding them is probably easy. Biggest concern is how to fit them on the options box. Possibly a new tab and a textbox like 4chanX


i feel like the options field shouldn't be saved by default. i've accidentally saged a few times now. i feel like it should be intentional every time on a site that gets as few posts as this!


File:1639533025851.jpg (159.25 KB,1920x1080)

>on a site that gets as few posts as this!
Did you really have to add that part...


only because i feel like the posts are generally worth more than the posts i see on other sites


that's part of why i keep coming back!


If I make a change to sage it will flip the other way very hard. That kissu appears slow is actually to it's benefit.

I have thought about something like 30% of the time a sage won't go through, this would be very annoying and piss everyone off, but produce the kind of results you're looking for.

Won't add regex filters someone says they're wanted.


I've noticed that the worst posts coincidentally are bumping the thread.




when I open https://original.kissu.moe/ I get this web server error message. The URL worked an hour ago. The message says:

Warning: require(/var/www/html/wp-blog-header.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/index.php on line 48

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/var/www/html/wp-blog-header.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/html/index.php on line 48


it just fixed itself...




yea, it probably went to index.php which I haven't used in years.
Deleted that file so shouldn't happen again


I'm gonna run a cleanup utility soon and stuff. If it goes wrong the files might vanish temporarily(they're being backed up though)


File:90404158_p0.jpg (1 MB,1872x2522)

I've used middle mouse for this for a long time. After testing, ctrl click does work on old UI when you click on the "No" part preceding the numbers. Well, I'll move this into the /b/ thread


Best to test for the absence of all modifiers (control, shift, alt, meta) in addition to whether it's a left click. You never know what useful feature someone's browser might implement. I think shift+click is usually new window, and alt+click is a download in some browsers.


I have to delete the other posts here because the images weren't moved correctly or something

Yeah, thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to add it onto the hundreds of other things to look at that could wind up crashing the site or lead to exploits.


File:7b1fa95a80ba5e3152806020d7….jpg (317.86 KB,1600x676)

How come ctrl clicking threads on the catalog doesn't open them in a new tab?
Plx fix kissu dev.


works on my machine


File:42b2050534ac8399f689830f23….jpg (1.16 MB,2292x3300)

Why not just middle mouse click?


ctrl clicking doesn't work for me either btw


File:90404158_p0.jpg (1 MB,1872x2522)

I've used middle mouse for this for a long time. After testing, ctrl click does work on old UI when you click on the "No" part preceding the numbers. Well, I'll move this into the /b/ thread


This isn't a bug, it's a lack of a feature


I know for a fact it won't be ported over, but I miss the tree view from the old UI. I know citation chains kind of do the same thing, but IMO the tree view does it better.


I don't really use my chain feature because I think it stands apart from the alternative system of modifying the inline view,

I think my chain idea has potential if people who like condensed views can articulate the point better. Maybe it's intrinsically flawed though. I don't really want to add more features to the UI unless it seems like the site's losing out to a competitor.


Thinking about it, the chain and tree ideas are very different functions even though I'm trying to make the chain concept replace the need for trees/inline


Did /trans/ get wiped?


In the past few months? Not to my knowledge. It's not like it has more than 5 pages though


After further investigation it seems like just the index is broken. Catalog seems to work fine. Maybe it's just an old UI thing because it seems to work fine in a private window with the new UI.


I see, you should have specified vichan-ui, because I don't touch that "thing" anymore. Well I guess I can have a glance at why it's not working


I dunno if it will keep working, but I regenerated the pages


File:cd68a2c755792893eb6901ef67….jpg (122.79 KB,1280x720)

You fixed it. ありがとう。


It wasn't really a fix, I just slapped some duct tape on it. I'm barely even maintaining the UI of vichan.


I'll be adding some documentation to the site for the Vichan JSON API, Kissu JSON API and the Kissu-UI API after I finish it. Will place a link to it in the FAQ and here. I have to modify that page as well so might as well do that in the process. Documentation will specify between work in progress API and stable API.

Kissu UI will be receiving these signals.
    document.body.addEventListener("qr-menu-off", this.handleQRMenuOffEvent)
    document.body.addEventListener("qr-comment-off", this.handleQRCommentOffEvent)
    document.body.addEventListener("qr-new-comment", this.handleQRCommentNewTextEvent)
    document.body.addEventListener("options-new-tab", this.handleQRCommentNewTextEvent)

Giving off these

    let navigation_event = new CustomEvent<LocationDetail>('kissu-location-change', { detail:  location_detail });
    let open_event = new CustomEvent<boolean>('option-menu-state',{ detail: state });
    let open_event = new CustomEvent<boolean>('qr-menu-state',{ detail: state });
    let markup_event = new CustomEvent<MarkupDetail>('qr-markup-clicked',{ detail: markup_detail });
    let change_event = new CustomEvent<BudDetail>('qr-bud-changed',{ detail: bud_detail });

Will be documented and will provide the API.ts file that acts as a controller.


Not a huge priority, but it would be greatly appreciated if the QR box didn't disappear until after a captcha has been submitted. It's pretty disorienting if you try to post something, end up needing to do a captcha and then seeing the QR box vanish. I'd also submit that it's the case -- at least for myself -- that I often think about my post a bit more when I have to do a captcha, so the QR box vanishing is rather problematic if I think of a change I want to make to my post.


Ideally it could be, but it's come out of a discussion on something anime related and mutated into discussions about gender stereotypes which is really a pain to deal with for everyone on this site who isn't interested

I'll consider it. I'm multiple days behind on my API update so it will happen later on, likely next month.


File:Screenshot_20220222-130151….jpg (101.13 KB,1080x200)

Been noticing that if there's a file attached and a captcha needs to be submitted, seemingly at random the post will fail with this message. I'm guessing it has to do with anti-spam.


The captcha writes tmp files. Said tmp file probably was erroneously deleted.


The images on /cry/ are all giving 404 links if nobody noticed yet.


They are slower than normal, but there's no 404s to my knowledge


nothing suggesting excessive usages so probably provider related. Either mine or the server's


/cry/'s images seem fine on new UI, but not there on old UI


for lack of a better explanation something "odd" has happened with vichan's page builder that has caused each image to try and open a /b/ url. It seems like it was perhaps associated with a full rebuild I did from the command line?

It's back working to my knowledge, there's probably some other boards so I'll adress that


It's appalling to me that berun has never banned you and all these messages went over my head


Maybe because he's not as obsessed with user post histories as you are?


Be a troll, get maximum penalties.


This would probably bother me if I wasn't using a VPN.
But really? Yeah I made some low effort posts in kuso threads.
Still a dickmove to post someone's post history.


File:1611525634039.jpg (98.81 KB,1119x1200)

He has a problem with knowing how to identify jokes, prease undastand.


Happened again, huh. yeah, starting to think I really don't want to browse Kissu anymore.


alright, I'm fine, sorry.
But I don't understand why I'm not allowed to humiliate people who are unfunny trolls.


File:1370759743229.jpg (31.88 KB,225x350)

Moved some posts, and maybe I'll have a follow-up post made in the near future.


Wait, what happeed?


Don't worry about it.


The thread search doesn't seem to include titles on /ec/. For instance, searching "alice" returns no results.




Weird, it works on other boards


Yeah, sorry.


It seems as if there's a bug with the search feature bleh... I'm glad I started using git forks instead of doing everything on the same branch because I stalled on my API work and the bugs have reached a point where I have to fix them.


Can't upload banner. Getting "Server error with request".


Resolved it, thanks for report



File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (237.19 KB,1920x1080)

I just "edited" them and resubmitted them without any changes and I guess it was like updating them. If anyone else sees posts like that let us know. I'm pretty good at computers.
I'm leaving the OP here as-is so vern can look at it >>>/qa/77320


Thanks. After a more thorough look I found a few more in that thread:


some others:


i'll just fix it on the server


Hiding a post should also hide all replies to said post.




alright, i'll add it to me "do when you have motivation" list


Newly uploaded banners on the banner submission page lack a file extension. This doesn't seem to pose any problem in terms of displaying the banners since the MIME type isn't being stripped, but clicking on the image causes these now extensionless files to be downloaded rather than opened in a new tab unlike previous banners which still have a file extension.


Hidden threads are stratified by catalog halves. This means that not all hidden threads are actually shown at once.

For example, if you hide a thread on Pages 1-6, and another on pages 7-10 (Also, why is it 1-6 and not 1-5?) When you click the "[ + ]" to show hidden threads, you will only see one thread instead of two depending on which side of the catalog you're on. Likewise, based on which half you're on, you will only see X Threads Hidden based on which side you're on. So, for example, you might see "3 Threads Hidden" on one side, and "5 Threads Hidden" on the other. Similarly, because the board is split into halves, posts are removed from each half resulting in less pages per half. Suppose you hid 15 or more threads, this will resulting in you losing the last page of a given half. So, if you had 15 or more threads hidden on pages 1-6, you would lose page 6. Page 6 would cease to appear in the Index to click on, and manually going to /board/6 shows a page with no threads at all.


it downloads catalog page 1 /api/threads/b/catalog/1.json, but knows the total number of threads in /api/properties/b.json
This makes it not have to download the full catalog /b/catalog/full.json but as a result I can't know what you've hidden on catalog page 2.

So yes, I know this exists because I don't have a solution other than to use full.json for everything.

Why 6 instead of 5? Idk, wasn't important.


The obvious solution to me is that people who hide should just use the catalog, but I wish I had a way to make it work better with the index


Please check 4taba, urgently.


Didn't mean to sage. To users, don't go to 4taba, there's very illegal spam.


another day another dolar


On the topic of making hidden posts more hidden, again, it would be nice if posts in hidden threads didn't still count as new posts in the title when indicating "(X)" new posts.


I guess I overlooked this. This is probably the last thing of this nature.


there was nothing to post. Just the captchouli pop-up, but instead of captchouli filling in, it was just the outline where it would normally be. no images, no text, no "some error has happened" message. nothing. just a box inside the window.




I often wonder if there's a non-insignificant cost to having the default be for all pages, even on the old ui, to auto-update.


File:Screenshot_2022-04-17 pol….png (251.59 KB,587x789)

The video window is on the wrong layer and appears beneath the navigation sidebar.


the mood to work on the site is improving. bug list is at ~30 items now and I'm having ideas for new features


also need to follow through with my server upgrade ideas and pick between my three server host options (continue hostinger, a2 or another one that I'll keep unnamed


expired polls probably should probably have their options be greyed out and unselectable. Would also probably make sense to have the "poll expiration" thing be visible by default rather than having it behind the results.


good usability idea


File:(clipboard)1650846019898.png (138.94 KB,1188x530)

Can the formatting on posts like this be made better? The gap looks like it's because of a single text format on a long line, a spoiler in case of the post in the image.


maybe. I can look at it.
There's a bug that I noted down where markup creates it's own separate block. If it's unrelated, there are some things with text blocks that just exist and we(4chan, vichan, myself) just hope will only happen once every ten thousand posts.


>and I'm having ideas for new features


Site's loading pretty slow for me right now


never had this problem


Well, you're in a similar geolocation as another guy who comments on the site being slow sometimes. Perhaps it's cloudflare or your service provider


It's loading a tad slow for me as well.


same geolocation


I think it's probably a cloudflare issue, maybe? Somehow, by changing my DNS from cloudflare to my ISPs default my speed on speedtest.net went from 100mb/s to 500mb/s.


I haven't experienced the issue even though Mod has brought it up a handful or two of times so I'm guessing that it's something to do cloudflare in "your region"



also since I can't find an error that required some console.log statements, the site version will end up having -debug removed soon


It's even slower than before now...


I can't help you fix your comcast issues



adding it, lets see how it looks


What is this SFX for?


Can't remember. There was some nyaa sound effect somewhere on the site, but I can't remember where.


k, polls changed for better UX
debugging calls removed(possibly better application performance idk)


Uhh, there was an option for playing a sound on post on new UI. I'm not sure if nyaa was used for that or if was the "yay". Let's see...


It's "Yaaaay~".


It's the Show by Rock "yay"


Oh, you already changed it. It was the sound effect on clicking the admin icon.


File:SHUBI SHOCKER.mp4 (677.25 KB,1280x720)

Ah, yeah it's the 'yay'. Huh... not sure where 'nyaa' was then. Sounds seem cool at first, but sadly get old pretty fast


The polling implementation isn't handled very well for this feature. There will be a bug, but I won't fix it unless it becomes a problem because fixing it could either be a pain or not be a pain, and i don't feel like doing hard thigns



File:(clipboard)1651291577540.png (3.64 KB,112x65)


feel like I found an easter egg


Speaking of polls, it might also be valuable to have a "hidden poll" option where the results are only known once the poll ends.


too much effort


Yeah, I figured. It probably wouldn't be used much anyways. Thought it would mainly be useful for the seasonal stream polls.


Something I might do that takes effort is adding in the 4chanX reply chaining...

The reply chain window kissu has doesn't fulfil the same role that I envisioned it doing


Seems like this can't be done without reworking the counter system.

Didn't account for this issue when adding the feature.
I'll keep it around on my issues list as something on the complicated side


done with other CSS fixes


I made an update to fix this problem.
I can't cause such a thing to happen, but I'm half expecting someone doing something dumb with markup will cause pages to break someday.




File:(clipboard)1651636193906.png (214.86 KB,1920x978)

K, I have to make it so that posts with no body in them don't get placed into the summary feed.

Maybe there's a better answer, but I can't have the feature become completely unusable because someone is dumping images


Didn't even know that existed.


I have an idea! How about a sequence of no body posts get ignored except the first post until a non no-body post shows up?


yeah, that might work better. Show the first and last posts in a series of empty posts and omit the in betweens.




File:(clipboard)1651636913099.png (126.97 KB,1233x362)

I don't know... so many kissu features I've yet to explore it seems. I only ever pay attention to the posts area; the area in the image and everything below it.


yeah, i guess there is a bit of a feature overload...
I basically only browse the site through that feed nowadays so I assumed everyone was on some levels similar to me. Don't even use /all/ half the time.


So I made it that if two posts that count as either [-File-] or [-Video-] are posted next to one after another in the same thread then it will get condensed into becoming a [-Image-Set-] item.


File:(clipboard)1651673490236.png (2.49 KB,152x24)

lol thought Anonymous posted 8000 images


ye, needed some sort of identifier to show when new posts are made, but the visual language is kind of contradictory here for reasons you just said.
Some alternatives could be:
[-Image-Set-] :8000:
[-Image-Set-] {8000}
[-Image-Set-] [8000]
[-Image-Set-] "8000"


What about the usual >>8000 or something similar?


asymmetry doesn't look nice in that menu


how the hell do I resolve this...


Would be easier if I had websockets, but I think I've thought up a solution...
Will be the last bugfix on the kissu-ui agenda


fixed some unintuitive markup issues and information display bugs. Still have another rare bug to fix with the hover previews on posts with [read more].


File:Screenshot_2022-05-11 Home….png (55.05 KB,806x391)

Yenposting does not show up in the preview window.


Looks like there's spam links getting posted as replies on /trans/. I only see them on >>>/trans/2148 so far.


that was just verm testing


Oh. False alarm then.


File:simplescreenrecorder-2022-….mp4 (703.37 KB,854x480)

Possible bug in the hidden threads page: every time I scroll down, it takes me back to the top of the page. Also,
>89 Threads Hidden
when I have none.


noticed, but decided it's not noteworthy enough to fix. Although, maybe hidden could untoggle when nothing is hidden


and the hidden count is correct, as as I intended, however I think it should change


What do you mean by working as intended? Is it supposed to show the number of all threads hidden site-wide regardless of who hid it?



I put in a partial fix to this issue

and resolved this one


the properties.json file is going to be added to in order to fulfil this request >>9509

https://kissu.moe/api/properties/all.json and etc will have a post_feed field that will keep track of the last 10 actions on a board

Will have fields:

type PropertyFeed struct{
  No int `json:"no"`
  Resto int `json:"resto"`
  Board string `json:"board"`
  Sage int `json:"sage"`
  Deleted int `json:"deleted"`

This way deleted and new posts inside of hidden threads/Boards will not have an effect on the new post counter placed on top of threads


I'm not fully testing your feature request. Tell me any bugs


Caught up on all the UI issues that were brought up. Dismissed/shelved some feature ideas.


all reported issues have been resolved. So then, back to the assignments I had previously started... UI-API, userscript, stats pages


Current list of things in the log in no particular order:

- API to modify UI behavior and allow modification of the QR
- Modify URL downloads to be client side(store as option that's default off, will be needed if kissu goes to single server config)
- Kissu Stats page
- Donor user-statistics page+login
- Donation reward of a User-Script with various complicated to implement behaviors

That's basically all my medium term goals.
Most notable thing to take in is that I view the current site as stable enough to release a User-Script API and am looking at services surrounding kissu rather than modifying it directly.


Long terms:
Kissu Vichan replacement(includes many adjustments to existing features)

> Delete-post/thread API Optimizations
> Mod action API Optimizations
> Remove thread items(or disable) in a locked or 404 thread
> Doing major rework on vichan's markup to help make Fr easier (https://imgur.com/GMm33B6 ,
https://imgur.com/qSimILr , urls in preview )
> OCR scanning color profiles


Backlog - Likely never to be touched:

> Catalog revision
> mobile notifications
> full Rust rewrite of backend
> Rust IRC server and integration into site
> More SEO optimizations
> Infinite scrolling opt-in
> FA Brands
> IndexedDB where appropriate instead of localStorage(with localstorage fallback)
> Reply hidinging chains
> Hiding/unhiding a post should also hide all replies to said post.
> Advanced menu. Replaces the preview into something allowing advanced features such as thumbnail selection on webm


File:C-1653257328017.png (4.13 MB,2142x2686)

UI dev API looks to be in a good starter state. Will be released as Kissu-Fr 4.16.0. Not sure if I'll make use of it now or later since I intend it for vip features. Stats page goal has some an all purpose nature to it.
Before uploading making a thread about it(and an update to the FAQ)Have to tend to:
- Modify URL downloads to be client side(store as option that's default off, will be needed if kissu goes to single server config)
and - Improve the navigation error messages(timeout, 404, 403, 500 etc.)


perhaps I should document the JSON API as well in another repo

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