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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:test.png (264.98 KB,653x576)


Kissu is turning three years old in a few weeks!
For some fresh air, let's have a contest to change the thumbnail images for various files or spoilers. A contest with no prize other than your peers' acknowledgement! Wow!
I figure that around December we'll do some voting to see what people prefer, but it may end up being obvious and not needed.

Thumbnail candidates:
-Audio File
-Archive File
-Flash File
-Spoiler (Story)
-Spoiler (NSFW)
-File Deleted


File:Untitled-1.png (80.57 KB,255x255)

Image Requirements
-255x255 pixel dimensions
-static (not animated)
-readable text indicating its filetype or spoiler nature
-culturally appropriate to kissu

It does not need to be related to Moon Phase, but keep in mind it's something people will be looking at for a while so it should have staying power.

Let's make some stuff!


File:1466520768472.gif (257.84 KB,640x360)

3 years.... feels like just barely a one year fever dream almost.
So glad we've got to enjoy so many great days together.


will you detail the submission process closer to the voting date?


File:[mottoj] Tsukuyomi Moon Ph….jpg (126.25 KB,1024x576)

Oh, there's nothing that fancy. Just upload them in the thread. You can post in-progress stuff and ask for suggestions or ideas, too.


>three years
can't believe I've been in kissu for more than half its life-time!


File:spoiler(story).jpg (87.38 KB,255x255)

Dug through my anime characters facial reaction folder and picked some images. No text (yet) because not very good at putting text on images.


File:spoiler(nsfw).jpg (42.31 KB,255x255)

What does "culturally appropriate to kissu" mean? Is this culturally appropriate to kissu?


Well, I didn't want to just say "2D Japanese stuff" because it's possible there's other things that will fit, but that's probably the most likely outcome. Yes, that would work.

With Mewkledreamy some simple editing might need to be done to increase the contrast, or maybe it's just me.


File:Untitled-1.png (278.33 KB,609x759)

These are the current images and man, we've been overdue for this.
The NSFW is good because obviously you know it's NSFW, and the other spoiler one may not be very descriptive but you can easily associate it with story spoilers since a moon and question mark is easy to immediately recognize in your memory. It's hard to mistake the zip image for anything other than an archive file, too.
The others are a bit more nebulous (or boring in case of file deleted) and that's something we can fix.


>With Mewkledreamy some simple editing might need to be done to increase the contrast, or maybe it's just me.
Yeah, I see what you mean.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (317.34 KB,1920x1080)

If you're looking for Mewkledreamy screenshots with question marks boy do I have good news for you! >>>/ec/255
I haven't uploaded Mix stuff yet, however. I should do that sometime.


File:[kemono friends][common ra….jpg (110.15 KB,800x734)

I'm thinking KF needs representation somewhere so I'll be looking at images tomorrow and thinking of things


File:Flash File.png (85.47 KB,225x225)

Too subtle?


Not at all, that's great.


File:Flash File-2.png (86.05 KB,255x255)

Whoops. Had a brainfart and made it 225 x 255 instead of 255 x 255 for some reason.


File:spoiler(story).jpg (38.27 KB,255x255)

Took this from the BD, how's this? Or are they the same?


hmm, they look the same, don't they.


File:1636008298293.png (99.88 KB,255x255)

Yeah, seems imperceptible to me. This is an example of what I mean by contrast. I just did it in 3 seconds so I didn't actually look at anything, but you can get the general idea.


File:__madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg (319.52 KB,1000x800)

Huh? 3 years already? The march of time is unstoppable...


File:ate all the files.png (106.58 KB,255x255)


this is great


sigh... I don't know any image editing nor do I trust myself to know what's good edited image...


Don't be so defeatist! You should at least try your hand at it before casting yourself as a lost cause. Pros don't become pros overnight.


File:spoiler(story).png (316.7 KB,255x255)

Tried my hand at it, and by that I mean played around with the "Colors" menu in Gimp. I think it looks pretty nice but it could just be my shit monitor. Also transparented the image because the background didn't look nice.


webp thumbnail really doing it dirty


File:megumin_spoiler_1.png (6.5 KB,255x255)

for NSFW spoiler i think something megumin themed would be appropriate
not entirely satisfied with this attempt, i think it needs to be more clearly megumin but i didn't want to spend time outlining the slime in this picture and i think maybe a better picture would do


Can you post/link the actual pic please?



File:72398284_p0_Megumin_frog_t….jpg (294.03 KB,1280x1800)



File:megumin_spoiler_wip.png (1.53 MB,1280x1800)

and here's the backround cut out


Thanks, Anonymous!


it's hard to recognize her with her hat cropped. you should pick a picture in which her hat, her stick, and maybe her sleeve are well visible otherwise it will be too hard to make out who it is


this artist knows how to imagine


File:nsfw1.png (119.81 KB,255x255)

Do you like Kraftwerk? I like Kraftwerk.


File:nsfw2.png (118.67 KB,255x255)


File:nsfw3.png (118.27 KB,255x255)


File:nsfw4.png (119.96 KB,255x255)


I think I like these colors the most. Very nice!


best, but #4 has potential


this reminds me of nazi


I love Kraftwerk and Elfriede. Good stuff.


File:nsfw5.png (120.41 KB,255x255)

It does look a bit nazi now that you mention it.


File:1636225344132 copy.png (118.5 KB,255x255)

I thought so too, I guess her clothing could potentially be mistaken for formal army wear. Truly Hugo Boss was a genius at colors and style.
I wonder if maybe we should give every thumbnail a shared frame so it's obvious it's a thumbnail


File:arai-san archive thumbnail.png (103.13 KB,255x255)

I'm thinking something like this for archive files. Not sure where to put the text and the font is to be determined etc


File:audio.png (84.44 KB,255x255)

This took way longer than it should have


really like this one


yeah this is very nice


easier to do this with software, could overlap a custom one over it or use a solid color.


File:1636024107217 copy.png (279.11 KB,255x255)

Hmm, I think the colors are a bit too strong there personally. I'm struggling to find a good setting myself, too. Do you have a version of the image before you did color adjustments?


File:spoiler(story)_transparent….png (361.2 KB,255x255)

I did not have it, but I re-did it.


File:archive.png (58.33 KB,255x255)

Only archive left huh...
But I think I did find a pretty fitting image.


The plan was that a bunch of people can make different kinds and we can vote on them in a month. I'm working towards an archive image myself too >>8745


File:(clipboard)1636442102038.png (1.22 MB,1808x2090)


File:archive.png (66.08 KB,255x255)

>readable text indicating its filetype or spoiler nature
Is it absolutely necessary?


Well, is there any indication that that image there is connected to an archive file? People can maybe infer it and I'm pretty sure I've seen an imageboard use a similar image, but it's not obvious.
Text also adds a personal touch so it isn't just lifted straight from an artist.


Yeah... guess I'll have to find a way to add fitting text to it.


Well, someone else can do it too. I'll look at it later and try to think of something..


File:old spoiler.png (101.12 KB,255x255)

This is an older file I found in my Kissu folder.


That's a nice font. What is it called?


Going to add text to a 1000x1000 image, which would be better:
1. writing the text in 1000x1000 then resizing to 255x255
2. resizing to 255x255 then writing the text on that
3. others


whichever comes out less blurry. I wouldn't know which because I'm not a graphic designer


Depends on the font. If it's a thin font, the blurring that occurs with downscaling might make it hard to read. If it's a bold, thick one, it might be fine to downscale the text. That said, my intuition says that putting the text on when it's 255x255 would look best.


I put a lot of effort into that, so I'm glad you guys like it!

It's called Good Times.


File:foruda.png (1.39 KB,255x255)

low effort archive


simplicity is a good thing


File:(clipboard)1637029543328.png (64.52 KB,255x255)

I am very bad at this, what can I improve on this?


The text, specifically.


File:60uc9b.png (56.03 KB,255x255)

It's just a perspective thing. Did you draw that text or is it a font? If you have it in the base non-angled form as a separate layer I could do the perspective thing for you


Hand drawn text so no base non-angled form.


File:(clipboard)1637033459130.png (65 KB,255x255)

Fixed the bad perspective, I think.


Oh no, where's the personality of the text???


File:archive.png (63.81 KB,255x255)

The extent of what I can do.
Its literally the same text as >>8814 but a little blurred.


File:e12897c5e50cb7c59ee1a3f0b3….jpg (7.69 MB,2232x4061)

The plan is that we'll have a soft cutoff for submissions on December 3rd.

Over the month we'll work out some ways to decide what people like best. The plan is to have community approved replacements for what exists. An idea is multiple expiring /poll/s that will have every submission for each category.


These 3 win without contest due to being good quality and having no competition


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.54 MB,2067x1447)

>win without contest due to being good quality and having no competition


What's going on with the poll results? how long until the decision?


have to update to add the spoiler one.

Other ones after going to be after christmas, probably new years.


after new years the polls will be closed and things added

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