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File:1395300091406.gif (2.55 MB,300x338)


when is pissmin going to add gif autoplay


democracy spoke and democracy said no


File:1604835656486.gif (84.63 KB,432x567)

fuck democracy

i don't think i saw any polls about this though


I remember gifs were autoplaying some time ago. What happened?


GIF autoplay sucks. It completely robs an element of creativity from them if they just instantly start playing. Furthermore, if they're intended to be watched in a particular order rather than just simple looping GIFs, you've completely ruined the experience of the GIF too.

They weren't. Those were APNG's.



File:1522838283116.gif (243.01 KB,420x544)

it's just a moving image dude.

he considered it making like twitter where the gif only starts playing once you have it in your view. i fail to see how would that 'ruin' them.


File:1445912360748.gif (2.88 MB,533x300)

Because it prevents creativity. Take this GIF for example. If you hadn't seen it before and only glimpsed it at the very end of its play, the whole point of the person posting it is nullified. Autoplay also means you then can't do thumbnail fakes either.

Sure, your stupid reaction images wouldn't see any change, but for people who actually want to be creative, you're robbing them of being able to do interesting things.


Then make autoplay an optional feature. Everyone wins


i like the idea


Would probably need to be lazy-loaded then. Could make pages hard to load for people with slow connections.


lazy loading is garbo


Better than forcing people with slow connections to wait for each every single GIF which are now autoplaying.


lazy loading breaks css unless adjustments are made for it. I can experiment, but i believe the big sites use JavaScript



made a better poll about it


seeing gifs and moving objects being played automatically triggers me in a way, although the banners autoplay anyways, but i manage to ignore them
please do not add gif autoplay or at least make it opt-in in settings


Gif autoplay is a worthless feature that makes layouts unnecessarily distracting and was only ever a thing in alt chans that couldn't set themselves apart from 4chan through community or content and thus had to rely on surface-level features to have uniqueness. It's the quintessential crutch of the admin who hates but at the same time wishes they were 4chan staff. "Look at me, I can do things you can't".


If people want it it's going to be lower priority.

For example audio thumbails is something that was requested but never got there.

I will go over some more technical issues in the poll


It's just a picture on an imageboard. Calm down.


We take these things very seriously around here. Very, very seriously.


You merely adopted the meta. I was born in it, molded by it.

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