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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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Because people need to get it out of their system


File:a15081f2d6286d84b092b711fa….jpg (173.9 KB,1032x1457)

I genuinely hate 4/tg/ and everything related to it.


dunna what that is
dun cur if u hate it


I hate everyone on /tg/.
I hate everyone on /a/.
I hate everyone on /jp/.
I hate them all and I hope every poster dies.


Wow I hate people on the internet. I really really do. I hate powertripping faggots who are impotent trying lash out their bullshit power.
Fuck them and fuck you.


I hope everything turns out ok.


Incredible, I hate faggot staff members who power trip and try to act like king shit. Fucking hate them.


god I hate the internet



No. I'm not okay.


Hi to the moderator that keeps fucking with my threads, please out yourself on irc please.


Better to keep all your rants in one thread so you don't have to dwell on all you hate whenever you see a post by yourself. Will just contribute to continuing your anger.


All I have is hate to dwell on. I hate everywhere I go and I have no escape. Everyone hates me. Everyone. I think about killing myself alot to escape this world. I think about using a cord, or some rope, tie off one end to a door-knob and throw the rope over the door and then make a short-drop noose and choke myself to death.


Sounds like a depressive episode, you should really try talking with someone or something. Getting hung up on it probably does you no good


>Getting hung up
So you're saying that I should kill myself.


I said it does you no good, both in the metaphorical and literal sense of the meaning...


I keep suffering and I feel like the world hates me. I want to escape this pain.


Have you tried escaping into media from people? Maybe a bit of ignoring the rest of the world and focusing on entertainment is what you need.


File:735122cc3480b70bd5d612f083….jpg (378.65 KB,819x1200)

Consuming entertainment doesn't do anything for me and in fact pisses me off because by the time it's over I'm back to dwelling on it.
I want to end this suffering


I dunno read the bible or something, maybe it'll give you inspiration or ideas to write something since it's done the same to many others.


What the fuck did I just say?


I thought you were catholic and regarded the bible as more than entertainment


That doesn't change the
>pisses me off because by the time it's over I'm back to dwelling on it.
Part that I'm referring to. I want to be the one escaping, not watching faggots or reading faggots doing the stuff I want to do.


Isn't the point of good media and literature for you to dwell on it? It can't be all that bad if that's what it's made for.


File:329-3294501_artworkdaily-d….png (187.03 KB,840x723)

I bet you haven't tried jogging


What are you going to scream at me too.
I'm talking about my anger. It doesn't subside.


If you tried lifting you wouldn't be nearly as angry


Cool let me spend all my non-existent money on stuff that I won't end up using.


File:main-qimg-600ebb20b5b7db48….jpg (58.72 KB,602x339)

Bet your scrawny ass would find it challenging to curl your piss bottles


Oh so you're saying I should kill myself. Cool.
Do you want me to try to set it up as a stream or will "just google me" work?


I'm literally telling you to lift, but I guess it's open to interpretation


I'm literally telling you that I have no money to buy weights.


And he suggested you use custom weights, just something lying around that could fill the purpose of a weight.


I don't piss in bottles because I'm not a fucking degenerate so now what?


or calisthenics


There isn't going to be a tabletop game.
I'm not running shit.
I hate tabletop games.
I hate /tg/ in all of its forms.


I want to kill myself.


I thought I dreamed these posts now I'm disappointed to find they're real


actually this whole thread


Go away normalfag


There are too many rude people on the internet looking to taunt people and I feel like I could break down at any moment. I wasn't made for this world, I'm too mentally fragile.


I feel like I'm at my breaking point.


Explain what happened.


stfu schizoid noko fag


Fuck off.


Please cheer up.


I just woke up from a 5 hour sleep. I'm not a schizoid.


stop freaking out on image boards like an old crazy man in a library


Get on irc so you can tell that to me in private you cunt.


Im on IRC right now, come and fight me right now
ill fist fight you on IRC bitch!


Anyone that tells you to "lol just play video games to calm down" should have their teeth kicked in and nuts removed.
Fuck you.


Hate twitter and anyone that uses it fuck you

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