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File:0ed8aad5-8bb2-41f5-ba2a-ca….jpg (985.81 KB,1920x1080)


In order to increase the amount of SSD space we have available for Kissu I'm doing reinstall for our two servers. First will be the side server and then the main server.

Shortly before scheduled downtime posting will be frozen and there will be some redirects set up so that the community is directed into my other imageboards (4taba and kissu).

On Jan 10 at 12:00 EST the following services will be down for 24 hours MAXIMUM(list may be edited):
- 4taba.net -> DNS will be redirected into kissu.moe temporarily
- taba archiver
- theatre.kissu
- luna.kissu -> Most of our images, new images will be redirected into haiji.kissu during downtime
- Sageru IRC Bot
- umami
- Captchouli captcha
- kissu-cards

On Jan 12 at 12:00 EST the main kissu server will be down for 24 hours MAXIMUM:
- kissu.moe -> DNS will redirect to 4taba temporarily
- hazuki API
- kissu UI
- Vichan UI
- Banners
- Automatic thumbnail backup system

This list is both for your information and me keeping track of what I need to pull off of my full backup of /etc, /root and /var.


good chance that the luna servers will still be usable because of cloudflare's CDN, so I'm curious if there will be any service distruption on kissu aside from captcha not working.


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)

If you can see this image you are currently able to view kissu


I can see the increase in space


I forgot about the squid server.


File:a39989bad9.png (18.02 KB,534x359)

Services should be back now. 4taba has a bit more configuration to get to and the db was an earlier version than I had intended to save, but other than that seems to be smooth.

Learned a few things for Wednesday's clear.
Disk space issues seem to be resolved.

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