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File:67b10b5a50844ebbee2c2b3fdb….jpg (422.5 KB,4093x2894)


Kissu's monthly stats are more spread out and lower in part by the April slump
/qa/ 3884
/jp/ 623
/b/ 438
/megu/ 185
/poll/ 70
= 5200
About 1k loss, however viewership of kissu has been at a level highly above average the past few days so this is good news to me, albeit our unique IPs are harder to raise. I've yet to plot this out, might do this.

May the fourth be with you


my benchmark site , mlpol, lost 1.5k this segment so we're in good shape. We were already ahead of them by ~100 so now we're in the range of looking ahead to even bigger sites


/jp/ smells


Pretty impressive for /qa/ which I thought was going much slower. If this is activity over the past month then it's even beating ota

For reference:
ota 3708


Spam and low quality posts decrease post numbers. Contrary to what some believe deregulation is a system of weakening your userbase for a select few snowflakes who don't believe in compromise.


decided to check and see how kissu and ota compared in activity in the first hour of the day, and the results were as follows.

ota: 7

/qa/: 12
/jp/: 9
/b/: 1

kissu really does well around this time


File:Screenshot_2020-05-07 Kiss….png (1.14 KB,349x40)

00:00 EST


Just checking some other sites from since >>3354 it really does seem like activity is down across the board. ota is only at 22 posts today, though it'll probably pick up later, and gnfos is at 36. /qa/ is near 50 so it's still relatively the fastest. Even checking your benchmark site mlpol it's only had ~34 posts made in total since 00:00 EST




It's a completely different target demographic but I figure they're good to see if otaku or political is winning, or if it's just imageboards in general being slow/fast due to the collective unconscious


File:IMG_20200507_135213.jpg (443.52 KB,1080x1713)

though even the bigger supposedly /a/ spinoffs are partially based in srs buisness normboard behavior


File:Screenshot_2020-05-07 4sta….png (114.96 KB,1321x858)

Interestingly enough 4chan seems to have mostly gained throughout April-May, here's some interesting changes for the larger boards.


File:Screenshot_2020-05-07 4sta….png (83.29 KB,1321x581)


Nothing left for a political board when the cults you follow turn out to be death cults


Why's /jp/ so much more active? That seems completely out of character.


first thing I see opening jp

Virtual Youtubers
05/06/20(Wed)20:20:27 No.23709276


It is the official eceleb board for vtubers now


Hentai Games General /hgg/
05/02/20(Sat)05:21:41 No.23645720

They probably said "fuck it" to the webring or were moved from vg


File:b8bb796aac.png (255.76 KB,1619x371)

insane numbers


assuming all hololive threads are around that active then that's around 6000 posts a day from them, and that means they comprise over 1/3rd of /jp/'s total activity. I'm not sure how much the vtuber thread takes up, but if it's similar then /jp/ is 2/3rds vtubers


rip in piss 4jp wwwwwwwwwwwwwww


The real kicker is that Vtubers are not even at its greatest level of popularity yet, Hololive has put out auditions for English chuubas. If that goes through successfully it's gonna blow up like ten tons of dynamite.


Please, I don't need to get more depressed.


It's happening.


File:Screenshot_2020-05-08 Kiss….png (3.63 KB,672x106)

A bit late, but here's today's total.


Weekly averages or weekly totals have more realistic weight and are less prone to be disappointing to people when some days only have 50 and overly exiting when others have 300. Daily evaluations have too much noise to produce any reasonable outcome.

Some posts I value as worth 50 posts and other posts are worth negative posts.

Gamifying statistics means they lose their reliability


True, I need to find something else to do than look at post numbers...


Just do weekly and it's fine. I think that looking at posts per day or hour is something that you do later.
Really I would just rather you made posts people like rather than chase after a number.

Being brash because I think it's a misguided way to make energy. Welcome to prove me wrong.


File:2a37ba039a8519bf7827d83eba….png (99.57 KB,225x371)

Well that's not an issue as I don't chase after numbers, but counting the posts is just something I do on the side.


I'm worried of people misreading the intentions behind it and creating a culture based around speed rather than posts. Kissu can't handle the same level of people as some others without needing to spend more on server costs or optimize software. It's better to think in terms of quality because it cuts costs.


Hm guess you've got a point there. Wouldn't want to encourage that behavior

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