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File:1366421333160.gif (104.91 KB,150x150)



I can not vote for this...


no pros yet...


I try to change IP at least once a week, at least when things are working the way they should
I will never be a pro


I did it!




Looked it up and I have 600 posts to my IP on /b/


File:[MiG_MuX] PriPara - 137 [B….jpg (847.38 KB,1920x1080)

Me too! I'm so happy that I can finally call myself a true kissu pro.


File:1515375745501.png (151.43 KB,550x563)

Don't think I'm ever gonna make it. Ah well.


File:[Shark-Raws] Mewkledreamy ….jpg (64.42 KB,1280x720)

*Me looking at my VPN and realizing I will never be a kissu pro.


I thought I'd made a lot of posts, but I'm still not able to vote. I really underestimated the pros.


File:b3e2d4a2ac.png (949 B,246x111)

Two posters have 90% of posts


90% of all posts that have been made?


2 people with static ips that have many posts across the boards. With hundreds of posts in meta threads thst will never die hogging all the posts on site to themselves. We are the 99% and we demand that we get a share of these post totals!


no, they have to be on the site all at once.. I think they're mostly in the dev thread


I see, I was very shocked for a minute there.


Yeah, if you look at the really slow boards you'll come across big meta threads with hundreds of posts. Now just imagine there are two highly active posters that have had static ips since around the beginning of the year in those threads and the secret to the high post totals isn't that astounding anymore.


Also /megu/ helps.



feelio when ill never become a kissu pro ;_;


if you post on the "dead boards" then you too can become a kissu pro


kissu pros are just lewd dumping pros


i could probably fill up /ec/ if i wanted to but i dont think people would appreciate that


also that sounds like a lot of work


Still not a kissu pro....


never gonna be a pro either...


My new IP has reached pro status, why hasn't yours?




Use this thread >>>/b/8551 to request a count to the number of posts you have on the site


I'm a hacker pro, never use the same IP twice heh


wowzers. I might make it one day. One day...


noooo, my IP reset


File:1586033614828.png (440.54 KB,854x482)

I've done it. I am now a Kissu Pro.

I'd just like to take this time to say:
You die if you work, and NEETs will inherit the Earth. Also, remember to funpost in fun threads, and post sincerely in sincere threads.


another one bits the dust


File:1446561620150.png (616.44 KB,896x720)

I'm ascending to a high plane~




I did it again. I'm a double Kissu pro. A pro pro.


sigh... still not a kissu pro...


kissu prostie


What's the cut-off at which you become a pro?


1000 posts, I think.


'Aight, in that case I'm surely not even close, especially with it not counting deleted posts.

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