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File:1494098264084.jpg (298.45 KB,1028x575)


What are your thoughts on spam? I know that people wouldn't appreciate the boards here being spammed of course, and there'd be no good reason to do so. However, I can't say that I didn't somewhat enjoy the spam waves back on 4/qa/ from time to time which always carried a unique theme.


As is the case with shitposts, what spam is can't be determined by whether it generates fun or not. It's possible to have fun with anything that exists so that's not useful. I think spam, putting aside the traditional meaning of unsolicited adverts, phishing, malware, etc, is about disruption. Not disruption through derailment like a shitpost, but something that lessens the interactivity available to the user, by for example filling up a platform with meaningless messages.
I also enjoyed riding the waves, it was nice. But here it'd be a shot in the foot, and that's part of why it was unique.


File:35104050_p0.png (31.3 KB,600x600)

It was great in the 4chan days, but I don't know about seeing it here. Theoretically everything here should be temporarily and no loss if it disappears suddenly, but I don't think I'd react in a rational way.
I miss seeing Asuka. ;_;


File:colorful-paper-mache-numbe….jpg (41.12 KB,450x381)

Hey memers, hows about you check out my chan? Real-time, Free speech, user board creation enabled, anime allowed, no mods, all threads are ads for other sites, will be dead next week

Link: 67chan.net.ch.ga.jpg.gif


it's only spam if I don't like it


File:f2b669c91b058bb8eba9957ea8….jpg (24.23 KB,327x175)

>will be dead next week
I thought this was real until I got to this part. Don't do that to me.


File:1496596416895.jpg (502.91 KB,800x720)

Were you really excited for it up to that point?


File:Screenshot_20200712-110655….jpg (525.9 KB,2069x1018)

Your wish is a spammer's command, it seems:
>>>/qa/45445 >>>/qa/45444 >>>/qa/45443 >>>/qa/45442 >>>/qa/45441 >>>/qa/45440 >>>/qa/45439 >>>/qa/45438 >>>/qa/45437 >>>/qa/45436 >>>/qa/45435 >>>/qa/45434


Hmm. Interesting bug. The cross-board links got turned to plaintext every other one.


sometimes everyone on /qa/ having the same sleep cycle is problematic...

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