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remember to always use gyro controls when gaming


Nah. Gyro sucks ass for anything that isn't an FPS or a game that specifically makes use of the gyro as a gimmick the same way Tearaway made use of the rear Vita touchpad, for instance.

KB/M is still the best multi-use input.


File:91qahZOIs6L._SX425_.jpg (14.02 KB,425x447)

Nice controller, let me one-up you


File:61pDrXHe1yL._AC_SL1000_.jpg (61.65 KB,960x1000)

I loved the N64 controller, yellow buttons aside. Conversely, the Gamecube one that came after it is horrendous. I thought the Gamecube Smash game (Melee?) was better than the N64 original, but because of the controller I preferred playing the original. Nintendo doesn't seem to do that crazy controller stuff any more as the Switch controller looks pretty similar to the others, which the OP thumbnail shows.
There's still no good solution for D-Pads and analog being on the same controller, though.


File:Nintendo-Switch-Joy-Con-Co….jpg (64.01 KB,800x800)

Well that's just the switch controller made in the style of other console controllers. The normal switch joy-cons are still a unique design.

Also while I do agree the gamecube controller is a bit more of a pain in the ass, at least it wasn't as horrendous for certain (shooting) games.


Why do gamers keep coming up with all this reductive reasoning? Is it because games is the one medium where real problem solving is done by the developer and the customer is babied with artificial obstacle courses where the solution is baked-in with the puzzle?

>There's still no good solution for D-Pads and analog being on the same controller, though.
I mean, your thumb is where it is, either move your palm or thumble at an angle, neither is difficult and there's probably no physical space possible for improvements. But frankly, I prefer digital buttons to D-pad and like to enter angles with double press of the exact buttons i move my finger on, over rocking and tilting a middleman. Analogue stick is the input method most overused and misused for what it actually does, despite being really good for what it does.

As for mouse, it's a fucking motion controller, and most KB/M games are designed from ground up to be finger pointing simulators with no other purpose than to accommodate the exact action that is the only thing a mouse is good for. Seeing what manbabies come out of gaming it's clear it's not a rewarding choice of a hobby to master, and then just be starving for a constant supply of conceptually new games that let you repeat from muscle memory all the same twitch reflexes over and over again.


File:frens_play_game.jpg (173.62 KB,900x900)

keyboard and mouse for strategy and FPS games.
arcade sticks for fighting games.
some kind of dedicated 2D controller (snes/genesis/whatever) for 2D platformers.
controllers with analog sticks for racing games, 3D platfomers, and 3D action games like DMC.
flight sticks and racing wheels for hardcore simulators.
the PC's greatest asset is user freedom, go nuts if you can afford it.


File:20210727_021259.jpg (181.57 KB,2246x1263)

check out this hitbox I put together the other day. I hated playing with a stick so was using a pad but I'm liking the hitbox layout a lot more.


>put together
You made it yourself?!
Also, how do the movement controls work on those, looks like your hand goes on the gray and left 3, but which is jump/crouch


I just ordered all the parts, actually putting it together is really easy. the left most 3 buttons are left down and right while that bigger button on the bottom middle is the jump. once you get use to the odd jump placement or just think if it like a spacebar it becomes really nice to play on. doing motion inputs on it are super easy and charge moves are a breeze. the placement of the jump button beans you can also use your right hands thumb to use it which makes it nice for down up charge moves since you can hit both buttons at the same time on one hand.


sugoku epic cool

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