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Bring up issues for both Kissu UI.

The old HTML pages will be undergoing an update to a new templating language so I will be more receptive to resolving issues with it.
UI Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/UI_Feedback/12


File:links.jpg (4.84 KB,169x126)

Since you're asking.
On the old UI, the reply links and backlinks after the post number has no spacing on OP or replies, it looks a bit off compared to the rest. Pic related. Happens with 4chanX disabled too. Would be 10/10 if whatever margin you apply to these links was also applied to 4chanX's post menu button.
On the new UI, if you right click the post menu and then click outside it will automatically close as expected, but if you open the left click menu it will remain open even when clicked outside. It would feel more polished and natural if this one also closed automatically.


File:qr.jpg (13.02 KB,394x269)

Vichan quick reply has a long standing issue of bleeding into the replies due to having the same background color and no border.
I've been using this snippet (with .sw-tinyboard though) on all my devices to make it look normal.

#additional_clicker button {
margin: 2px 1px;
#quick-reply .handle {
background: none;
border: none;
#quick-reply table {
border: 1px solid black;
#wl-button {
margin: 0px 1px !important;

Changing the handle may not be in everyone's taste, but the border itself makes sense when the QR box is frequently going to be overlapping with replies.


File:true.png (4.62 KB,636x67)

Whenever I try to delete a post, it fails and gives this notification. No idea what's going on.


For whatever reason, when I unhide the sidebar after hiding it, it also opens up the recent posts feed. This happens in every browser I've tried on both mobile, tablet and desktop.


Not the admin, but if you report your own post with the same IP I can delete it for you until that's fixed


it's because bans on other boards effect the ability to delete on others.


That's weird, I'm not banned.


yeah. you forgot Kuon

I'll have to fix this, though the kuon rule is off now.


thank you for introducing me to this artist i really like their stuff


Google reverse imagesearch has been broken for how long?

Anyways. I'll put in the fix shortly for those of you(nobody) who cares


possbily resolved now. Haven't verified




Yeah, it's been working on my end since yesterday.


File:example.jpg (33.57 KB,800x432)

It seems to not be possible to include two hyperlinks in the same post (on both the old and new UI) for some reason. It gives me a "URLs can not be placed into the text of a URL tag." error, even though that isn't what I'm doing, and it works fine when testing either link on its own.


hm, i'll look at what's causing it


Regex is such a demon.

I think this resolves it, but I really hate how vichan and most imageboards handle markup and text validation for tags.


>where most would just use JavaScript and 700 libraries instead of clever HTML and CSS hacks.
I found this clever CSS hack for making a tree view in pure CSS maybe it could come in handy.


Doesn't really make me weigh more on implementing tree view. Current project is vichan replacement and after it's released I'll be building new features onto it.

There are some major remakes of certain major functionality of the UI which could be done, nothing I've formally decided to log. Tree view could be placed into that. Adding new features is a bit cumbersome.
I feel like implementing a 3D MMO style way of viewing kissu's content... I've discussed it a bit but it's just that. Discussion.


When making a thread on /qa/ in the new UI, I tried to use another thread number to link to in an anchor link. The preview led me to believe that I needed to type "thread/<number>" when it actually needed "number".

The thread is >>>/qa/101727, would someone be able to fix the link please?


didn't notice this post until now.

The proper way is /qa/thread/12345
what you did was thread/12345

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