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File:Kissu Server Architecture.png (121.69 KB,1600x1200)


How the site roughly looks behind the scenes. I'm beginning the planning stage of replacing Vichan and rewriting the some of the other software I used to support it.

The entire bottom row is going to be turned into one thing, maintaining all the existing functionality that we use for Kissu. I might do it piecemeal with the medium term retaining the mod.php, Kissu-React and cannibalizing the Hazuki parts. Late term all will be integrated except things like banners or Captchouli.

New software will be called Tsukuyomi.
I will probably use the same server library that I used to rewrite banners.kissu.moe and ignore my grandiose plans to use Rust at the core of the server. So we're looking at a golang server.

Exploring the other language options:
¥ NodeJS is poor with concurrency and is not a compiled language. I'm highly familiar with Typescript though since the Kissu-UI uses it. I also know it's glaring flaws.
¥ Python is slow and doesn't encourage readable code much like PHP
¥ PHP8 it's performance is improved, but most bots on the internet are searching for PHP exploits. Who knows how the language will change in the next few years.
¥ C Sharp as a server language is something I have no experience in and is therefor not suitable as a replacement.
¥ C(++) I don't know it well enough to write servers in it.
¥ Rust is very slow to program in and I will have to do everything from scratch. There are ways to have Rust and Golang pair together though.
¥ Scheme/LISP is a similar problem and advantage of the above except I'm allergic to the syntax
¥ Ruby is slow and I don't know it
So this basically leaves just GoLang as the suitable language for a replacement. Since we already have 3 other services using it I guess it's only natural. Also I can move parts of Hazuki into it.


¥ Java has made problems on sageru and 4chan archives due to the poor GC and JVM performance

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