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File:Kissu Server Architecture.png (121.69 KB,1600x1200)


How the site roughly looks behind the scenes. I'm beginning the planning stage of replacing Vichan and rewriting the some of the other software I used to support it.

The entire bottom row is going to be turned into one thing, maintaining all the existing functionality that we use for Kissu. I might do it piecemeal with the medium term retaining the mod.php, Kissu-React and cannibalizing the Hazuki parts. Late term all will be integrated except things like banners or Captchouli.

New software will be called Tsukuyomi.
I will probably use the same server library that I used to rewrite banners.kissu.moe and ignore my grandiose plans to use Rust at the core of the server. So we're looking at a golang server.

Exploring the other language options:
¥ NodeJS is poor with concurrency and is not a compiled language. I'm highly familiar with Typescript though since the Kissu-UI uses it. I also know it's glaring flaws.
¥ Python is slow and doesn't encourage readable code much like PHP
¥ PHP8 it's performance is improved, but most bots on the internet are searching for PHP exploits. Who knows how the language will change in the next few years.
¥ C Sharp as a server language is something I have no experience in and is therefor not suitable as a replacement.
¥ C(++) I don't know it well enough to write servers in it.
¥ Rust is very slow to program in and I will have to do everything from scratch. There are ways to have Rust and Golang pair together though.
¥ Scheme/LISP is a similar problem and advantage of the above except I'm allergic to the syntax
¥ Ruby is slow and I don't know it
So this basically leaves just GoLang as the suitable language for a replacement. Since we already have 3 other services using it I guess it's only natural. Also I can move parts of Hazuki into it.


¥ Java has made problems on sageru and 4chan archives due to the poor GC and JVM performance


If you somehow wrote any parts for this site in LISP going forward with this then kissu really would claim the rightful mantle as the lord of the /jp/sphere


I really can't stand the syntax and it's not as evolved as modern languages..


>it's not as evolved as modern languages
Uhh, what exactly does it lack? There hasn't been a significant step forward in design of programming languages for probably half a century now.


libraries, compilers, IDEs


Libraries for what? I never had a problem with finding libraries for my needs, from html generation and web servers to graphics and data structures. What exactly are you missing?
??? most mature implementations compile all the code by default, and Common Lisp compilers were as efficient as C compilers in 1987. You don't even know how much work went into that stuff, it's very efficient.
SLIME + Emacs works great. I heard of a bunch of commercial and free development environments for Lisp (mostly based on Emacs), but personally I never used them, since the combo I mentioned does the job very well.

It doesn't sound like you've given Lisp an honest try, so you should probably be honest and just stick with the syntax being a deterrent for you, instead of coming up with shallow reasons that simply do not stand.


I'm not really in the mood to try and sell you on Lisp, but that's pretty much the only sort of complaint I could come up with, and even then it's not as bad as it seems.
Assuming Common Lisp to be the dialect we're speaking of, for IDEs you have SLIME with Emacs as pretty much the perfect choice, everything works great with it. Other editors lack support of that scale but the more popular ones have the basics down at least, like VSCode and Vim.
For compilers, I'm not sure what the problem is, at least with Common Lisp. SBCL is the most popular choice, and it can compile down to an executable, though it's a large one because it puts the entire REPL image into it. If you want small, more efficient executables there's ECL which compiles down to C and then to machine code, as well as some more options similar to it.
Also there's a lot of libraries for CL, and arguably you wouldn't even need anything too huge like a web framework because of how intuitive of a language it is.


lol some other anon pretty much said the same things as me seconds away...


I actually wrote a lengthier post, but my tab crashed...


guess you were in the mood to sell him on lisp


I'm not writting anything in LISP. My experience with 4taba taught me how much it's syntax sucks.

Other things are just my controversial opinion


Also you reak of an old man who spends all day in IRC.


I wasn't trying to make you write anything in Lisp. In fact you can go inflict significant brain damage on yourself by programming in C++ or Java for all I care. I just disagree with what you said. Matter of syntax is personal taste though, you are welcome to not like it.


vs GoLang

- Lots of options for servers and very nice documentation. Experience with Guile shows that it's all GNU pages with poor examples.

- GoLang's builder has built in poor-coding errors and nice descript error messages that allow you to quickly find what's wrong and maintain good coding practices.

- I don't really use IDEs to typo check. Maybe I should, I'm sure Golang has the bigger community than lisp


good luck googling your LISP problem on how to use your GPL3 server framework that no one maintains anymore


And another major slap in the face to old men who still use Haskel. It's newer so it's got more people looking at it, and it has corporate backing. Naturally that means it's got better security standards.

Why would security be important on the internet? Well, your 60 year old dick probably still thinks we live in the era of personal homepages and MSN dial up.


Just look at Rustlang over C and how much it destroys that shity old man's language. It actually attempts to prevent security exploits while writting fast machine code.
I don't even need to touch LISP to know that it's a language as bad as PHP

But you're probably bitching about how it doesn't support windows 2000ME


I've heard Golang has set out to make concurrent programming easier, it sounds promising. Personally I've never used it. I'm not sure how mature it is, either.
Uhh, do you really need to go on stack overflow to comprehend how to use a library? That is concerning.
Maybe you should go ``google'' better arguments against Lisp.


There's an imageboard software written in Go: https://github.com/gochan-org/gochan


>Rustlang over C
Heh, reminded me of this.


ah yes, the master who spends a day reading through the documentation.

Successor software have to be able to port the existing features kissu uses on vichan.

By the time I've learned everything about how gochan works I'll have probably already written the server anyways.

Is it not better to understand the foundation of the imageboard engine by writting it yourself rather than copying someone else's work


What are you even trying to say? Haskell is a great research project into functional languages, and I have no doubt that some valuable insights from it will find their way into software design eventually. I also don't understand your babble about security exploits. What security exploits are there in Lisp? It's garbage collected language, there's no way to corrupt memory like in C (which is what Rust set out to ``fix'' about C from what I know). It sounds like you got personally offended and felt your intelligence slighted by being corrected, and went on a rant to protect your ego. I recommend you save your posts and read them again in 2-3 years, if you are still doing computer stuff. I guarantee you will turn as red as a tomato.
>ah yes, the master who spends a day reading through the documentation.
Well, libraries usually come with a nifty thing called README, and sometimes even entire web pages dedicated to explaining how to use them. So yes, the concept of having to ask other people to read and explain it for you is very difficult for me to comprehend. It truly sounds like your ego vastly outweighs your knowledge or skill in programming.


Goes to show your complete lack of understanding about the value of security in modern programming languages. I'm sure you'll come back in 3 years and still be ranting about how LISP is the greatest programming language despite being a complete meme.


Bless your stupidity for me teaching you about how software design has evolved in the past 30 years.


all of this started WITH a meme


Working on enterprise software you won't get a choice anyways, and if a choice did come up it would be made through multiple meetings worth of requirements gathering by senior/principal devs.


Well, you're welcome to explain it to me. What is the value of security in ``modern programming languages? What facilities do they have that something like Common Lisp doesn't have, and should have? Enlighten me, dude.
And also, what's your take on the fact that even with your mythical ``modern programming language
in the backend, all it takes is one unfortunate NPM package to hax ur anus? How do you feel about the web being a poorly thought mess of a spaghetti that has holes that need to be plugged constantly? And how do you feel about the fact that there is no stopping this train, and we will keep putting bandaids on bleeding arteries while accelerating blood loss until the whole thing crashes down?

Let me tell you one thing about security - it doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Take the recent log4j exploit for example. Out of perhaps about 60 thousand servers we manage at work, I haven't heard of a single one that was exploited using log4j. Personally I have not been affected by the Spectre or Meltdown exploits, even with the mitigations turned off. It is important to write secure software, but the world doesn't explode if there's a vulnerability. It's just a fact of life with increasingly complex systems using the concept of a pointer, and just like with bugs there is no way to avoid them entirely.
Oh well, it looks like all you can do is throw insults at people, because you actually don't have enough knowledge to back up the shit you spout. Expected, but still sad.


You are the one trying to prove things to me to defend your holy grail language. I don't care for your opinion because, as I said, I do not like LISP and I will not write in it.


In the end you are somewhat correct. I am baiting you because I never had an intention to listen to your opinion in the first place and get you to entertain me for a few minutes while I go onto the next issue in my list


I already said I don't care if you write in it or not. All I did was correct what you said, and somehow you felt justified in going on a deranged rant, throwing insults left and right, and bringing up a bunch of shite you seem to have only a very vague idea of, to seem like you know what you are talking about.
Bingo, we have the classic ``I was just pretending to be retarded''. Protect the fragile ego at all costs! If you go a little further up your own ass, you might just find yourself escaping through the other end. That's a start.


I'm not the one trying to be a knight in shining armor for a programming language
Don't project your own insecurities onto me.

If I were to say anything about myself having an ego, it's that I don't want anyone like you to ever touch anything I write because you would probably end up getting it corrupted by teens by accident due to your flimsy mental fortitude.
I don't care if I'm a good or bad programmer. It's a useless skill that deserves zero respect. As respectable as being able to read and write. Anyone can do it, it doesn't matter if you can read or write faster than others.


>I'm not the one trying to be a knight in shining armor for a programming language Don't project your own insecurities onto me.
No you! No you! Nananananana. Barrier!
>If I were to say anything about myself having an ego, it's that I don't want anyone like you to ever touch anything I write because you would probably end up getting it corrupted by teens by accident due to your flimsy mental fortitude.
Very ironic of you to talk of teens. You are severely overestimating yourself if you think I'd be interested in reading code of some noob who from the sound of it hacked some garbage in PHP and thinks himself an expert.
>I don't care if I'm a good or bad programmer. It's a useless skill that deserves zero respect. As respectable as being able to read and write. Anyone can do it, it doesn't matter if you can read or write faster than others.
How many more layers of ego defense are you going to emerge before admitting you went on a rant about shite you have no clue about? Take a deep breath, order some humble pie, and stop pretending to be the smartest guy around. Then maybe one day you can become a Satori programmer and enjoy talking with the big boys.


Web dev versus web dev. Come on, you two.


deadlang enthusiasts are too amusing to bait


¥made one small joke post
¥thread explodes in my leave
heh, my necromancy powers have grown potent!


Are you a cute anime necromancer


File:puzzled necromancer.jpg (53.09 KB,375x413)

hmm am I?


Dumb teen....


I've never understood the appeal of 4chan-style arguments about who's better at arguing. They're never constructive and just serve to make everyone involved mad.


reminds me of the old bear videos that I also didn't understand


>Your async program is like something from a 19th century gothic horror story
whoa... he's not wrong


love that he managed to loop this back all the way to Eratosthenes


Kind of interesting
the board formerly known as meguca swapped out their equivalent to post.php with Rustlang and left the rest of it with Golang and NGINX


File:imageLikeEmbed.png (34.9 KB,1028x638)

Golang's standard regex library really sucks and is quite inexcusably bad.
Have to rely on calling C code to do anything resembling efficiency


How's php in comparison?


php is fine because PHP is just C


Is that image signifying something really bad then? Or have you already found workarounds to it.


That image is a comparison of several REGEX options that can be used and shows that the stock.. or default.. regex that comes with the language is very inefficient


So is golang a bad language to use for the server or something or are you saying something else?


Wait isn't the server being written in rust... Am I just confused and need to delete these posts...


go get -install github.com/flier/gohs/hyperscan
now the problem is gone


why do I even try to explain things


How annoying, the golang re2 binding documentation is all in Japanese


This will probably go over your head so I shouldn't bother,

But Golang's regex is slow by design in order to prevent certain possible DoS exploits when people are allowed to submit infinite numbers of characters. I don't know the details of how it works, but Kissu does verifications on the number of characters submitted before doing checks on filters. So this saftey limiter can be freely removed

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