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File:eb4b8cb6d56c2d2fcf8eb43c6b….jpg (714.33 KB,1215x1700)


Extended downtime in 30 minutes. Site will be redirected while down.
Schedule of downtime:
- 12:00est > DNS redirects and I do a 2nd backup of frozen site.
- 18:00est or less > site is wiped.
- 19:00est > begin restoring stuff
- 00:00est > site back up and I begin fixing any issues
- 12:00est > site should be fully operational

Timetable is just a rough approximation to give you the idea of what's happening. This is based on the 4taba backup which was much harder to do. Should be much smoother on kissu since this server only has the Kissu.moe rendering/posting handlers and the banners.

When the site is restored you can use this for general reporting until I move it back into >>>/b/


File:8d11acd4ec.png (20.52 KB,563x431)

wanted to install php8.0 to give the site a speed boost but it would require the site being down until noon tommorow. They added so many changes to PHP that this decade old vichan hunk of junk flops around like a fish out of water. Maybe another time.

In other news this 10 hour detour in site activity has given us 2-3GB which will last us a bit. If the site fills up too quickly I'll look more seriously into server changes and not penny pinch to the last month of our server lease.


Posting should be fully operational at this point. If anything isn't then place it into this thread.

banners.kissu.moe is still a bit broken. I'll be tending to that for the next few hours.


Looks like everything is back and running. I'll move this thread to /b/ when the timeline has passed.




done with things for now

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