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A timeline for Kissu's software. Most of this information has been blogged, though the earlier stuff was lost by setting the config options on /b/ to 1 page.

December 2018 - Kissu is started out of a need to keep /qa/ going with mod autismo moderation. It picks vichan because that's what all the other spinoffs are using. Verniy gets the site running and picks the cheapest VPS available.

January 2019 - Kissu is released and Verniy works on removing bugs from the software. Begins doing simple changes such as audio hover expansion and so on. On release Captchouli was added to the software in a semi-functional state. Took features from NPFChan for deleting posts to restore bumps. To replace Cytube, theatre.kissu.moe was added to this site.

February 2019 - Kissu has every page checking if posters have been banned. Feature is later removed.

March 2019 - Bug fixes and improvements to the UI. Vichan's catalog post box was probably created at this time.

April 2019 - Kissu releases /agg/. Worked into an April fools joke it was a board that scraped all the /jp/ imageboards with JSON APIs. Stayed around for a few months until it started being difficult.
Around this point in time Kissu took the index updater concept from GNFOS.

May - August 2019 - Not a lot is recorded during this time. Ideas were played with like bans.kissu.moe which was a bullitin board thing. Some concepts of a potential imageboard overboard using /agg/. Had summer courses and a part time job taking up most of my time.

September 2019 - Site development is starting to be a bit more serious in nature. Board archive feature is added. Bug fixing spree happens resolving more issues. MOTD concept added. Some CSS concepts worked with.

October 2019 - /poll/ is created. IRC bot is made. Ban pages are improved and the /trans/ concept is implemented.

November 2019 - School, graduating year takes up my time.

December 2019 - Beginning to tire of vichan's user interface and begin thinking about replacements to vichan. Festive CSS themes begin being a thing. 4taba begins closing and I ask tabamin if I could run it. Some thoughts about replacing kissu's software with what he uses, but didn't pan out. Ended up being a good source of knowledge for potential imageboard styling. In the meantime I upgrade the site to PHP7.4

January 2020 - banners.kissu.moe is created using Laravel and React. I use it as the first steps to considering vichan replacements.

February 2020 - Looking for a job but not very enthusiastic. Don't do much on the site except fix occasional bugs.

March 2020 - Decide that the vichan UI is going to be augmented using a ReactJS front-end and begin trialing how to use the two together. Is planned to behave like 4chanX where it dynamically renders threads leaving the skeleton in tact.

April 2020 - I release a prototype version on April 1st to see how it is received. I begin to experience that people don't run Javascript on Kissu and that there might be some issues to changing the UI. Majority of remaining effort spent on correcting issues and getting to understand ReactJS better. Developement efforts have begun to shift away from vichan almost entirely with bugfixes being the primary focus.

May - June 2020 - Replacement of the Vichan UI becomes the main priority in my life. It's a slow process of creating an imageboard display from the ground up removing all traces of vichan. The Kissu UI(Kissu-Fr) is originally planned to be a combination server and user generated UI using three servers to reach the end goal. NodeJS server, Golang API server and vichan post server. This lets me learn a bunch of server side languages for a potential Vichan remake.

July 2020 - Begin using 4taba to experiment with golang. Hazuki API engine is created to serve JSON files. Much of Hazuki eventually replaces a few vichan functions. The Kissu UI is developed with some experimental features in mind such as rich text, but the overall complexity of the system and a need to make it seem more appealing lead to many features being cut and simplified. Eventually decide that the Vichan UI will have to stay around for a few people. It begins to be at a state where I put it on beta.kissu.moe and tell people about it.

August 2020 - Beta.kissu.moe is pushed to the public to get feedback. Some ideas I had that seemed good didn't pan out well. Removed what was unliked over the course of the next few months while finishing off missing features.

September - December 2020 - Long process of refining the UI and making it more appealing. The History of the UI is less documented but through the comments and usage of the UI it began to resemble less of a mess of features and a coherent package.

2021 & 2022 - For the mostpart it's all about the UI with a lot of work done on automatic systems with the Hazuki API engine. My documentation this year has been rather poor and it's hard to pinpoint exactly when I added things and why I did it.

January 2021 - Release version 2.0 of the UI which resolved a ton of issues and made it look more clean.

April 2021 - Paged posting begins to become a concept I work with blending forum design with imageboards.

Much of the remaining history is here >>8005 . Soon there will be a new dev thread as I begin the next major project on the site. Getting rid of vichan, keeping it's HTML pages and removing PHP from the site entirely.

That's all for my blog. This month I hope to put my efforts on the User interface to a close and put more efforts towards other ways to benefit Kissu such as the Vichan replacement or some other side services to make the site more appealing to others. My work on the UI is never ending, but it might be time to put it onto low priority.


Much of 2021 and 2022 have been about Kissu's organization and how to give it something distinct to it.

The UI is a part of the branding to make the site into something never seen before, but it was only a part of it. I still think that there could be some effort put into the Kissu-UI by CSS and stuff. But idk. Vichan replacements might have to take priority before something goes wrong with the site

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