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There used to be a time in which I'd use kissu, yet still check 4/qa/ wondering if everyone really had left. I'd see some threads that indicated there was a soul on there I may be able to still connect with who still hadn't made the move away. That time is long gone now and I can't remember the last time I even had the urge to look at the board until today. I've got to say it was a completely foreign sight, akin to how I'd view /bant/ back in the days when 4/qa/ was thriving (/bant/ was better but that matters not). A board that seemed to be "alive" in some technical sense of the word while completely unappealing or devoid of what made it good to begin with. I went into the singular familiar thread, The Happenings Thread, only to see that it was not even a shadow of its former self. Rather it seemed to have transformed into some frankenstein's monster that now resembles more a typical general on that accursed site. I'm not too sure what to conclude this with, as these ramblings are a mere result of my curiosity getting the better of me to check on the place I used to call home. If there was any takeaway I'd say this, that it sure made me glad for this place's existence.


I'm sure it's terrible now, but I haven't posted on 4chan in nearly two years and the reason has nothing to do with the fact that the site is garbage; it's just that the captcha is absolutely unbearable. At some point after clicking through the 10th or 15th disappearing car image (and somehow failing to get verified) I just had to ask myself what the fuck I was even doing there. I still check specific threads on /jp/ every once in a blue moon, but I find 4chan to be unusable on a technical level now.


Oh, I was able to stand that for some time since I just used noscript captcha, but now even that's gone.


File:1591070285356.jpg (Spoiler Image,577.87 KB,1250x1469)

Yes, it's trash. It's been practically the same thing since we were kicked out, and they like it that way. I got too bored to even shitpost. What bothers me most, honestly, is the discussions. It's as if no one stayed around and nobody learnt anything. But there are people who call 4/qa/ their home, they just keep repeating the same things. Why, seriously.
Gore in the spoiler, reveal at your own discretion.


I remember telling people that the natural state of /qa/ was barneyfag bait, politics and meaningless /q/ whining.
It's just back to "normal" now with an ever-vigilante staff to ensure it stays that way


> akin to how I'd view /bant/ back in the days when 4/qa/ was thriving (/bant/ was better but that matters not
What made you view /bant/ as better than /qa/? I felt far too much of a generation and culture gap and couldn't relate to anyone there


No that's what I meant, I was just clarifying that I found /bant/ when I looked at it back then to be better than current 4/qa/. Probably wasn't necessary though.


Oh. Yeah. That's a reeeeeaaaaaally low bar


Went to visit 4/qa/ just to see what it's like now and I'm still rangebanned. Wonder if that will ever go away.


My global rangeban was lifted, but I get speedy ban evasion bans if I ever post on 4/qa/. It's kinda hilarious to see which horrific threads are actively moderated- it makes me think many of them have staff participation


/bant/ was basically just a bigger version of /qa/ fights.


It was, and that was all it was. That's why I never liked /bant/


4chan's issue is that everyone who cares ends up leaving. As soon as a spinoff shows up that offers the same content but with more focused moderation and administration, everyone fucks off there, leaving the original board a shell of its former self.

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