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File:49b6c4a6d178b85c731274ab10….jpg (153.17 KB,2000x1800)


You know, I think I've been unfair to the new UI.
Back in the day it was raw as hell, I only reluctantly started using because /cry/ didn't appear in the original one's RSS, and combined with the repeated shitstorms that went down it's had a bad aftertaste that never really went away. But after revisiting threads like >>5941, >>7640, and all the autism from the older feedback threads, I can see that things have changed for the better, and can now appreciate that it's actually really good.

Not just the RSS on the sidebar but its links as well, the preview button, the formatting shortcuts, I use them all the time. Very handy stuff. The top of the site looks great, much less empty space compared to the old one, and having horizontal instead of vertical fields is pretty neat. I'm a bit torn on the catalog since it's divided into all these pages the original doesn't have, which is a bother, but at the same time bigger images are nice. I always open new tabs using middle-click so most of the time I forget the right-click hijack even exists.

So yeah, good job, V, good stuff.


Imageboard catalogs are an eternal work in progress. No one has mastered them and everyone has differing ideas.
I don't even use it all that much myself.

It tries to do what 4chanX does while addressing a problem with some imageboards where opening up a large board will freeze your browser session as it tries to generate a couple thousand threads. Without pages /all/ would be like this. There's also some other technical limitations why I emphasize pages more than others


File:[SubsPlease] Rougo ni Sona….jpg (229.08 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, a lot of progress was made and it's looking great. Needs more themes, though, which means I need to get off my butt and make more of them... eventually


i cant believe theres no utawarerumono theme


I thought about it, but I'm making a theme for kissu and not myself and I don't even know what an Utawarerumono one would look like. I guess I could try to think of inspiration for it, but it's a lot less concrete than a Lala one with the space theme. For example, what color makes you think of Utawarermono? None of them, really.
But, I guess I could try to make it look like Tuskuru with its ainu themes maybe... we'll see.......... one day

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