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Although I haven't done much development on 4chan X lately, bugs still crop up, and eventually I want to get around to making it work with the new Kissu UI. This is a thread where you can discuss problems with or suggestions for 4chan X. I'm thinking about linking this from the bug reporting page if Verniy's okay with it.


the names vermin and sure.
I think it's better to bring over more features into the vichan UI. The threadwatcher is something I would want to see used on any imageboard software, but it's not high enough on my priorities that I'm going to worry about it.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (217.64 KB,1920x1080)

I've said this a few times, but I think the links on 4/qa/ should be removed along with the 2D/Random part.
You could change the subtitle to Rest in Piss or something, maybe we could have a contest?


For the title thing, I'd rather just remove it than leave anything negative. I'm hesitant about removing links in case someone hasn't seen it yet, but maybe it's been long enough that anyone who was interested would have seen it by now. Do we have any idea who the most recent old users to find Kissu through the link are?


I'm not sure if they found it through the link or not but I remember someone I think I remember from IRC posting here recently who was stuck in work hell. If I knew if they were on #qa or not (or if they're here right now) we could probably confirm if the last of /qa/ has found here through the links.


Honestly they should keep the link on 4/qa/ but change it to RIP in Piss


File:qa.png (49.85 KB,528x286)


Please update 4chanX to show the actual board title for /qa/

That is all thanks


Hm, yeah that's understandable that you wouldn't want to leave anything negative. You could maybe wait until it's been two solid years since the innocent rangebans which is... September?
It seems like a delicate thing to balance since we definitely don't want to leave anyone behind, but it's since turned into the last community you would ever want to announce your existence to which is saying a lot for 4chan.


what do you mean? that is the actual board title for /qa/.


Did something change recently for the thread watcher on the beta? For a long while it was bugging out on me and wouldn't really register when I was replied to on other sites, but now it seems to work perfectly fine and there hasn't been a single disappeared thread. Could be that I alone was having issues and they recently fixed themself though.


Yeah because pepe and soyjak spam is really conductive to asking questions and getting answers.


You probably already noticed, but the new captcha system 4chan is testing is incompatible with 4chan-X.


Yeah, just about to push a new version. There will probably be bugs, so report them if you see them.


What a dumb argument. Why not change the title of every board to [Board]/Random because nobody stays on topic anymore?


Why do you want to change shit you have no reason to change, is it autism?


Nice passive aggressive sage faggot. Give me one good reason why a this board and none of the others should have a custom title


It's a relic from the past when we (people then on the /qa/ board of 4chan) were in a bit of a struggle for it to be an enjoyable board and the staff that took increasingly harsh measures to trash it. It has nothing to do with the board today that is obviously rebuilt in team 4chan's image.
Maybe ccd0 left it there to serve as a monument to the hubris of team 4chan? Personally I'd use the space to insult the mods for killing another board, but maybe that's why I'm not in charge. (plus the whole 'not a programmer' thing)


You're not from around here, are you? On kissu, people sage constantly.


You're barking up the wrong tree, look at the thread you're posting in.


How about you fucking realize this, it shouldn't fucking change because it's a goddamn reminder, a memorial to our past, how about that?
Oh and cool-guy or whoever the fuck is moderating, why didn't you remove >>7692 post for being rude.


I haven't posted on 4/qa/, or 4chan in general, in like 3 years. I have zero reason to care what the board is titled.


I don't think it's any more rude than insinuating I have autism. Anyways passive-aggressiveness is much more annoying than a direct insult
>it's a goddamn reminder, a memorial to our past, how about that
That's fine but that's not relevant to the vast majority of extension's users. Arbitrarily giving the "Question & Answer" board a random title and advertising other chans is harmful to the user experience, regardless of if the mods enforce the meta topic or not. Calling it trivial is not a justification either.


It should go without saying, but requests about cultural matters from folks like >>7393 who obviously don't understand what's going on will be ignored. Please stop arguing with them; it makes the thread less useful for alerting me to real issues or suggestions. To >>7393, if you control-click the title, you can edit it to say whatever you want.


Genuine question what are the cultural matters behind "/qa/ friends"? I understand that Kissu users used to populate /qa/ several years ago but the board's userbase is completely different now

Here's an example of an OP mistaking the board for an SFW /b/ rather than the Meta board because of the title


Someone else asked a related question on /qa/ so I'll link that >>>/qa/75774.
I think ccd0 prefers this thread to be about the extension itself so I'll leave it at that.


File:firefox_2Jpy7fYGjp.png (184.85 KB,628x630)

The 4chan-x bar for kissu seems to be too far to the right now with how the sidebar has gotten shorter.


Or wait, I guess the banner would be covered if it got shorter, hmm


I'm someone who does know what's going on, and linking new 4/qa/ users here is a terrible idea. They have nothing to do with the /qa/ that kissu came from, and kissu itself has gradually drifted further and further from its 4chan origins.


File:9slhcpD.png (324.7 KB,1214x719)

this is actually an override I did because pic related.

It's fixable on thread pages, but not that simple on the home page https://imgur.com/JlHJNSL.png


I've been wondering, could it be possible to make the threadwatch work with the new UI if it were to do what it normally does for vichan by incorporating original.kissu.moe into the usual actions for kissu?


I don't see how that would make a difference. I think the API works the same on both UIs, the work is getting things like the watch thread button and unread posts tracking working.


File:waterfox_UDE1Kr2oBS.png (10.36 KB,689x123)

I was surfing the information superhighway and came across this post on anon.cafe. From what I can understand it's a different board software, right? The answer is "it can never work"?


yes 4chanx only works with vichan and 4chan. I think anoncafe runs lynxchan or something else


4chanX's vichan support is mainly from kissu and it doesn't seem like he has much of an interest in expanding to other software.


the only legitimate way to use original.kissu.moe or toggle'd UI is with 4chanX. Otherwise Vichan's such a terrible UI


It can work if someone adds support. I've never been very interested in Lynxchan boards because the software is designed around the 8gag concept of letting random people moderate their own subreddit, which usually doesn't turn out well. But I wouldn't turn down a pull request.


I've noticed when a site's playing music 4chanX with double or even triple play it and it's a bit annoying.




Not sure if you've already begun working on it, but every board that defaults to nyafuu for its archive needs to have it replaced with https://archive.alice.al/vt/ as nyafuu is no longer archiving any of the boards.


Ask for archive list updates here:


Thanks for the work you've done on 4chan X. I shill it often, because people shouldn't be browsing 4chan without it. Stock 4chan is too painful, but 4chan X makes it fun.


I want to bring to little pull requests to your attention. They should both merge cleanly. Thanks.

>Add omegachan.top

>Remove /g/ and /tg/ from warosu


Out of curiosity, what software uses imageboards.json?


I'm not ccd0 and I don't know programming, but did you check the readme page? https://github.com/ccd0/imageboards.json/blob/gh-pages/README.md
It also lists two websites that use it and maybe that will hint at how it works?


warosu sill has them you dong


File:baka theme.png (307.26 KB,1920x1080)

Something about the Cirno theme has utterly fucked my page layout when using the old UI + 4chan X (hence why I'm commenting here), making it look like I'm using a mobile browser. Yeah, I know it's probably not worth complaining about something that will only last one day, but that's just how I roll.


Oops. Yeah, that's my fault and something I (the cirno css person) should fix and not ccd0. I'm not a programming guy so I have no idea what's causing it.
You can, uhh... hmm... well.. I guess you can hide this thread >>>/jp/42292 so the CSS isn't activated, or blacklist kissu.moe from it for the day.
It's something I'm going to look into and avoid in the future, but I don't think I'll do much since it'll be removed in 15 or so hours.


I've got this new issue where the thread watcher will sometimes revert to a previous state. It will add back threads I've removed, bring back unread reply notices that I've already cleared, and revert the unread post count. It started happening a week or two ago.

Closing and reopening my Kissu tabs usually fixes it but it ends up coming back eventually.

Violentmonkey 2.13.3
Firefox 106.0.1


Actually it just happened again and I looked into it a bit more and maybe it's not just the thread watcher but something with the thread history function as a whole, as it also forgets what posts I've made and unchecks the "you" option in the post dropdown. And it always seems to revert to the same date.


I think I've actually found the issue. It seems like browsing /secret/ through the index and hitting the page 1 link at the bottom is what causes it. Doesn't seem to happen on other boards from my brief troubleshooting.


I can't help, but old UI or new UI?


Old UI.


Haven't been able to reproduce it on my end yet. Might also help to know what browser and userscript manager.



Sorry, not sure why I skipped over that.


No worries, I posted a lot in a row so it was probably easy to miss.


I'm on the same version of Firefox now, and I still haven't seen the issue. It could be something wrong with your Firefox profile, or it could be a bug that only triggers under rare circumstances. It might be hard to diagnose.


I wouldn't be surprised if there was something wrong with my profile. When I'm feeling less lazy I'll make a new one and see if it still happens. Thanks for looking into it.


The catalog button in the top bar is broken on the new UI, with it just leading to a 404 page.


There's now an element called "danbo-slot" on top/bottom page that is completely empty with 4chanX, only taking space. Can you remove it?


I got around to trying out a new firefox profile and it seems to have fixed the issue. Ugh, now I have to try and migrate all my settings over...

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