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File:licky_873629_full.png.jpeg (189.84 KB,2500x1233)


Cute Discord alternative ;)


LWhat's alternative about it?


Cute because of the avatars you used.


I tried to use your site but I just got a form asking for my email address.


File:Screenshot_20200529.png (83.56 KB,543x641)

oh my


It's an email and password harvester. Use fake details, they don't check.


well, I found the guy who made the buggy as hell Imageboard DB...


Still don't see how it's an alternative if it appears to be exactly the same, although I'm not willing to try it either because I hate discord

Pretty sure this is the exact discord log-in screen.
I use Ripcord once in a while because for some reason people love to put information only on temporary discord servers instead of websites. Ripcord is third party software that avoids some of discord's horrendous privacy violations while allowing access to the servers, so it's pretty nice for grab-and-leave purposes.
But this? This seems like it's trying to either phish emails, or if legit is trying to be discord while discord already exists


Well the email is just there to be able to log back in and have access to your servers/groups. There is no email verification and for now you can use anything that looks like an email that hasn't been used yet. If it bugs people that much I'll remove it tomorrow and make it optional.

Yeah the goal is to copy as many features as possible. I hate Discord too due to their garbage TOS and moderator censorship. This exists the same reason some alternatives to Twitter and YouTube exist, "free-speech". But I don't mention this much as it occurred to me that some people don't mind getting account banned every now and then.



not a fan of "free speech" websites
they tend to be infested with pol9k types who cannot resist the temptation to derail every thread with culture/race war rhetoric


tend to think "free speech" crowd is a combination of too lazy to moderate and maliciousness.


say no to freedumbs


>Well the email is just there to be able to log back in and have access to your servers/groups. There is no email verification and for now you can use anything that looks like an email that hasn't been used yet.

That's called a username, just change the field to say "username" and remove the requirement that it looks like an email. It's especially silly to use an email as a username if you're not verifying it, because anyone can just sign up with anyone else's email.


Wonder if it was made in Laravel
Using email is default behaviour for this framework and it requires more than two brain-cells to change it to use something else like username.


yeah, that's a laravel thing.

Laravel makes it easy to use email for everything for some tard reason.


Putting any registration process at all between new users and the tool you want to show off will turn some fraction of people away. Ideally a new visitor should open the website and immediately see the tool at work. Let people sign up for an account after they've seen the goods. If necessary, you can auto-generate temporary accounts for new users that can be converted to real accounts upon registration. I think even Discord has something like this.


In theory it's great for reporters, whistleblowers and other people speaking truth to power, but in reality it's teenbros eager to attack those groups to impress their e-friends and smarter people using said teenbros as their personal army.
Mastodon's "community" is fucking atrocious, but the Japanese used it for a while to post the loli content booted off twitter which was nice, and of course Westerners weren't a fan of that.
My primary problem with discord is its gigantic underage, idiotic, ignorant and incompetent userbase and I don't think this thing would fix anything. Maybe there will be more frog and feelman avatars but that's about it


no its not

whistle blowers can go to news outlets and wikileaks and no one has done that in a long time

"free speech" forums are nothing but breeding grounds for incel
retard nazis and they should all be shut down


File:91DF454F-DF87-4A9D-9F02-7….jpeg (153.13 KB,1242x240)

plus who would believe these quote unquote "whistleblowers"

every post is a lie meant to deceive and radicalize incels into nazis


Yeah, advertising a site for "free speech" tends to encourage users to push the limits of what the mods will tolerate, e.g. with flooding, child models, and other crap. It's best to practice free speech, at least to the extent it doesn't degrade your site, but not to advertise it.


The email field is optional now. I had it in the first place as I was assuming it would be difficult to type some unicode characters that you can use in the username, but now login allows either.

It's not. It's compiled into a binary as it has to store structures in memory to handle websockets and make this 100% real-time. PHP probably wouldn't make this easy.


probably ultra bad, https://laravel.com/docs/7.x/broadcasting
9chan does the socket io section of that document and I think symfony found a way that probably does it just as averagely


stop bullying the cels

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