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I want to try emulating android for some games, but people say bluestacks is full of ads and malware and nox has a bitcoin miner and chinese spying or something. Naturally, I can't actually google anything about this because there's 20 pages of search engine optimized crap because it's something related to smartphones.
Can kissu recommend me an android emulator? Or are there cracked versions of the previous ones out there maybe? Thanks.


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File:waterfox_W73jvI1GXw.png (140.29 KB,623x822)

The android emulator? Is this the one by google? The one people talked about with that one is google's usual data harvesting stuff.
I've done some more reading and it looks like bluestacks has cheating potential, which could be good for the freemium games... (if it's not all blocked by now)


Been using LD player, good emulator; an excerpt from #qa on the same topic:
May 25 21:22:08 <Anonymous> I just went with the new bluestacks because all the other emulators are kinda shit
May 25 21:22:29 <Anonymous> it's probably spyware but I don't really care for gachage
May 25 21:22:43 <Anonymou_> use lDplayer
May 25 21:22:47 <Anonymou_> its better than Bluestacks
May 25 21:22:55 <Anonymou_> *LDPlayer
May 25 21:23:39 <Anonymous> is it open source
May 25 21:24:20 <Anonymou_> dont think so
May 25 21:26:00 <Anonymous> what's the difference
May 25 21:27:31 <Anonymou_> I don't remember my bluestacks experience but LDPlayer has not once infinitely stuck on loading for me
May 25 21:27:50 <Anonymou_> was never able to use my gamepad on Bluestacks
May 25 21:28:03 <Anonymou_> oh yeah forgot the important thing that made me switch
May 25 21:28:09 <Anonymou_> LDPlayer has configurable storage
May 25 21:28:19 <Anonymou_> unlike bluestacks
May 25 21:28:54 <Anonymou_> it also has better keymapping than Bluestacks. Don't think bluestacks had tapping mechanics?
May 25 21:30:40 <Anonymou_> LDPlayer is a lot more feature rich than Bluestacks, I feel
May 25 21:49:50 <Anonymous> you're probably right but I guess I don't feel the need to switch because I wouldn't see myself using those features
May 25 21:50:07 <Anonymous> I only do the clicky thing so I wouldn't need a controller
May 25 21:50:14 <Anonymous> all the gachas I play have auto battle too
May 25 21:50:39 <Anonymous> except for the card games but those are terrible with gamepads anyways
Have tried android studio, for some reason I couldn't find Azur Lane in the play store, same story on genymotion. Dropped it. Don't know what the cause was, it shows up just fine on LDPlayer and my mobile.


File:NemuPlayer_O3A4rZSH7u.png (840.48 KB,1358x853)

I ended up using this Mumu App Player thing. Various /vg/ generals and /g/ (not that I trust /g/) recommend it and had guides for it. It's Chinese, but it's also been out for years and people have had time to check for miners and spying and stuff and it's clean.


After comparing things, LDPlayer definitely wins. Thanks for the suggestion >>7540
It runs faster and has more features than the Mumu one.

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