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File:IMG_20210424_064859.jpg (353.58 KB,1080x1153)


jesus christ.
Do I honestly have to use find.4chan to find bugs/issues?


File:yande.re 765760 animal_ear….jpg (792.33 KB,2860x4091)

It's his choice to post about it there, so I guess?


From the way they type, I would guess they're one of the people who compile and follow those big imageboard lists, going everywhere that's listed. Not necessarily that they're an active user, perhaps?


well, it would save me the effort of having to consider apps kissu. But I can't actually test it because he hasn't made a release which supports the site. Probably because the subdomains are proxied through cloudflare to different servers


Maybe redirecting the expected image URL for vichan e.g.
to the actual URL e.g.
would help.


I posted on his github to get back to me so we'll see what's going on. It likely is an issue that could be fixed with what you're suggesting(on 404 redirect image requests to luna server).


Just stopping by to say that screencaps suck.


I think it would suck more if I posted an unrelated image


turns out that wasn't the kuroba dev


So idk who that was,

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