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File:Plastic Heart.webm (20.74 MB,1920x1080)

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Dev-blog iteration - 2022:
- Bugfixes
- Remove Vichan (The imageboard engine)
- Write a defacto Vichan successor able to support both UI(private)
- Consolidating appropriate services into a single main one
Other things:
- Maintaining original UI
- Improving Kissu UI
- Minor Kissu work and rework
- Improve the quality of Kissu content


With all the site architecture modernization happening, will kissu be usable without javascript when you've gotten rid of vichan? asking for a friend


Is the UI lacking anything? I think if I add in recursive post hiding(replies to hidden posts are hidden) and regex-filters the UI becomes the most advanced amoung all imageboards with more to it than even 4chanx, just lagging in optimization and user experience..

Vichan's UI will be supported indefinitely.
Vichan the engine will be destroyed.

Vichan the UI is still important because Google doesn't understand what to do with the main UI and how to index it properly... so it makes the site do less well on search engines.

Maybe a confusing concept unless layed out like that.


I'll look at other imageboard engines and userscipts to see if there's any useful features Kissu doesn't have and then I'll get back to you.


probably not that much. I think there's only three things


4chan X has some useful features that Kissu (to my knowledge) lacks:
¥ Gallery view
¥ The ability to hide all images
¥ The ability to hide all posts without images
¥ Custom Keybindings
¥ "Copy text" menu item
And probably more that I'm forgetting.

There's also some missing stuff from the legacy UI, like announcements (which you can hide in 4chan X) and tree view.


The gallery view sounds like an interesting idea for a side application/website which just shows images.
Considered various hiding features, but they don't seem like they'd provide any benefits.
Custom keybinds could be useful. Maybe a list like that would be more helpful in getting people to know the current ones.

What I get from it is mostly that there are some alternative views (gallery or tree) which some people like


File:bug-2022-06-28_23.36.13.webm (293.46 KB,402x314)

¥Ctrl + backspace the words
¥Ctrl + Z then back
Something wrong with Ctrl + Z/the cursor position when Ctrl + Z.


my custom ctrl+z function's not putting characters in the right place. Will be fixed after my current task


The images of banners that've come after Lucky Sigh no longer have a filename extension, making it so you can no longer open them in a new tab and requiring you to add it yourself ocne downloaded. Is that intended behavior, or did something break?


because adding the filename takes like another line of code so I didn't bother with it... I guess I can add it to the list of things to do


>Vichan the UI is still important because Google doesn't understand what to do with the main UI and how to index it properly... so it makes the site do less well on search engines.
Also because it's a perfectly good UI in its own right.


if you're over the age of 30


File:[A-FanRips]_Roujin_Z_[BD.1….jpg (408.19 KB,1916x1076)

Wait but then...


I am not over the age of 30, I am 30.


You don't need to add extra qualifications to my statement to make it right, I was already right.


well now you’re over the age of 30


it is also true if you're under the age of 30
we can see there is only one year where the proposition does not hold


nah, you're just an old man who will soon be completely enveloped in hatred towards the younger generation until it becomes the entirety of your being.




I don't like hateful old men that don't like younger generations


I don't like men


File:5238c3fa26.jpg (420.63 KB,1680x1050)

The Lala theme will become a Kissu-UI stylesheet after the event ends.



What about the video?


File:86597775_p18.jpg (609.06 KB,768x768)

Well, you could download it if you want to right now: https://litter.catbox.moe/wz38nv.mp4
I'm not sure it's going to be that useful to keep it on kissu's server, though. That, and it's less special if it's available at any time. I'm trying to do CSS stuff more often (but not on this level) and they're designed to temporary (and sometimes recurring)


designed to be temporary*


Hasn't vermin claimed to be 30 as well? Is this his way of dealing with a third-life crisis?


File:vermin.jpg (220.21 KB,1600x900)

Unlike you bitter old men who are the same age as me, I have mindlessly embraced the "old = bad, new = good" mindset. This means I'm still young at heart and different from the rest of you.




enjoy your prune juice and whisky


Starting on my issue list. About 24+ items to get to

I'll cover this one first.


Damn teenyboppers, with their stupid hair and their bad at computers.


File:Screenshot.png (285.45 KB,614x474)

Can you make the brown text lighter please


File:waterfox_G8YFE3kikp copy.png (284.5 KB,726x408)

Hmm, it really should be overriding that I thought...
Well, a temporary solution is to set your theme down here to Luna. Hmm, maybe I should use a bunch of !important tags for this temporary stuff.




!important spam is bad practice and will make it a pain when put into a UI theme


4.20.3 Fixing moslty bugs.
Only thing of note is >>10198

New stylesheet will be added with the next set of bugfixes to the markup and some preview issues.


File:C-1657339722052.png (110.37 KB,329x300)

Mascot not found.


File:8531b454f7.png (580.68 KB,703x702)

I wasn't going to formally anounce it until I finished fixing something things, but...

I know, Cool said he didn't like it. I'm going to upload it so you can add it as a mascot.



nice, thanks


File:explorer_59UJObY3jo.png (1.24 MB,1170x718)

There's a few reasons.
1. I wasn't 100% happy with the choice, but it was an easy-to-clean image while I was running out of time.
2. There's tons of Lala images and just one is not enough.
3. I don't really like just grabbing and using someone's art like that without permission
4. I'd like mascots to be something people use on their own and maybe we can have a thread for editing and sharing them. This is related to #2


lala stylesheet added to kissu-ui


Wait, if you're doing away with Vichan, what does that mean?
Would you be still basing your software off any form of legacy imageboard code, or do you mean like you will be working from scratch?


Yes, from scratch. I have my own ideas on how to make an imageboard engine.

30-40% of the site is already not vichan, rather my own thing that supports vichan. Probably will end up putting some of that code into a new engine, but the Twig stuff and it's disgusting functions.php and post.php are getting thrown in the trash.

What will remain of vichan is the original.kissu.moe pages and supporting it in such a way that it doesn't break with server software changes.


Keep thinking there's a bug with notifications displaying multiple times, but it's just my computer's clock falling out of sync


How does banner rotation work? I used to think they changed every time you opened or reloaded a page, but now it seems there are pairs set per board for a certain period of time.


same way they've worked on this UI for the past year. Boards have certain banners and they change after posts


Huh, after posts? Let's see...


Huh, alright.


why did we get a new banner only a few minutes after I fixed the no-extention issue...


File:flying_jaschin.gif (594.78 KB,425x201)

because i like to see Yurine flying on Jaschin-chan


very coincidental timing. always think that I somehow broke the feature for a few minutes reminding someone about it or if someone has loggers setup to detect whenever a page changes.


double nice


lot of various bugfixes going to be uploaded Ver. 4.20.7

Things that I've caught, but others haven't


Good work.


Things to do by roughly the 17th:
- Thumbnailer updates
- Catalog threads should behave like the homepage (r.click pin and preview hover)


Why is there a broken jpeg in the bottom-right corner of mg screen?




fixed in patch i'll be uploading... sooon....


Why keep the engine private? Vichan needs a successor, but there aren't many good options...


Name one imageboard I should care about other than kissu


amazing, it didn't fix that


hmmm now all quotelinks have an [/s] after them
and that > above has [s quote|]


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (282.78 KB,1920x1080)

I have zero experience with code or anything, but it can provide a boost in word of mouth exposure and improve its (already good?) reputation if it becomes a source for something like that. The best and most recent example is probably meguca, a relatively insular community (outside of its repeated mistakes with politics) that became known to a wider audience for its software. I wasn't a fan of meguca's giant general thread format, but I find myself bringing it up once in a while because of the software.
Of course, the downside is that you can't control what it's used for. Again, meguca is the best example is recent memory. Well, it was the same site so actually could have been controlled, but we could pretend it was a separate instance. Anyway, the unfortunate reality, needless to say, is that imageboard communities are not rainbows and sunshine and it could be disturbing to see one's creation used by unsavory types.
I guess it's matter of whether you can accept the bad with the good. It seems like everyone that has done it, from 4chon to 8chan to meguca has regretted it to some degree, although those guys all had angsty political motivations that mellowed when they left puberty.
Huh. I guess now that I think about it, imageboard software is quite tainted the past decade.


I'm currently starving myself and trying to fix this damn issue at the same time. I'll think about how teens can hijack my software and ruin kissu's identity (for a few upvotes) later


Inform me of any bugs... the usual


Do you ever try and random security testing on the frontend, I think you listed react which is pretty strong (blocks xss) but that could be fun.


if they can't do XSS then what can they do... I've done a bit of checking for prototype pollution and couldn't find anything dangerous. Bots get pretty well deterred by some changes and the React UI, but other than those I don't see how anyone would cause damage to users


The banners program prior to me rewritting if from PHP(laravel yay) had an exploit done by a bot, but I've yet to learn of something that would end up... for example... transmitting the user's delete key to someone and letting them delete threads


The main thing of note is that there are no sections in the UI which allow for users to execute code based on their own inputs. They could change their state from Mobile to Desktop, but that would just effect how things are displayed.

There is a possibility that someone could find a way to DDoS the UI by creating excessive markup flood. I've put in some counter measures for that, but thinking about it maybe there's more to look into there. The markup on Kissu is kind of insanely powerful but also quite broken and takes a lot of maintenance.. More testing may be required for that.

The main aspect of security for Kissu comes from my dismissive nature towards people and reluctance to let anybody in. If bad people don't like Kissu and Kissu doesn't try to get in their way elsewhere, then they won't care about it.


Yeah I agree with the not caring part, individuals aren't going to put in the dedicated time and bots try random attacks on every site on the internet daily; if it's not easy they're not going to follow up.


Something's still up with crosslinks:
I was able to repro it on /test/, but not here.


Issue found and resolved




How about Heyuri? If for no other reason than that it has its own closed-source imageboard engine called kokonotsuba and you could compare notes.


Mentioning heyuri is exactly why I'd never want to open source the UI nor the backend.

If I think about it the backend could be open source if I'm comfortable with it not being a implementation/security nightmare and trust that other people are fine with my less than profesional git standards. Still, probably no one will ever use it since, just like in anything else, advertising matters more than the quality of the product.


>Mentioning heyuri is exactly why I'd never want to open source the UI nor the backend.
Why does the existence of Heyuri impact your choice about whether to open source parts of kissu? I don't see what one has to do with the other.


I am not trying to further the imageboard ecosphere, I am trying to increase the value of kissu.moe through the software on it.


Thumbnailer bumped to 1.0.0
UI ver 4.20.14 fixes relating to thumnailer, some poll things and small fixes.


¥ next update a bunch of fixes and additions to polls
¥ one after that is changing the catalog to function closer to the homepage.
¥ final is to list and allow hotkeys for markup to be changed, thus exposing the radioactive glow or the yen hotkey¥ and potentially any other markup that doesn't have room in the markup helper bar

Then the UI will likely be put aside for small fixes and update while I begin major server renovations.


Vers 4.21.0

Upgrade to the polling UI
Noticed a pretty significant issue in multiple choice polls


File:C-1658297743727.png (1.05 MB,1920x967)

I've modified how the catalog behaves in my test domain. Hovering over posts brings up a thread preview instead of an image preview. Curious about opinions. I'll leave it up for an hour.


really should have bumped the version to 4.22
Next task, hotkey customization


>¥ Custom Keybindings
Is currently being addressed.

- Still not sure what a copy text menu item is.
- Won't deal with hiding at this time.

- I Might need to do a test program in golang to prep programming styles for server rewrites. If I do I'll consider a gallery.kissu.moe to fulfill the function. Or maybe I won't and feel like I can jump into writing the server right away.


File:a03d4721e8.png (295.96 KB,1336x792)

Kissu-Fr 4.23.0

Adds setting hotkeys for markup, quotes and a more visable listing for the feature hotkeys


File:happanang peeji.png (2.29 KB,252x52)

I feel like thread pages should be better explained/displayed. No one expects an imageboard to have them.




File:mockup.png (9.12 KB,440x384)

To do more than just complain, I thought up a proposal:

I believe [R] should be placed next to the other pages and instead have a number like the others, hopefully this could be done easily without changing how URLs work right now. It'd be simpler to grasp visually.

In this site we also have the crucial difference that clicking on a thread doesn't open its first page, but its last. To better match this, the ordering of the buttons could perhaps be inverted.

And, even though this isn't a thing in forums, a label could be added to make it clear that the current thread does have pages, because an imageboard user isn't going to expect the functionality to be there.


I guess since it's two people and you gave an example I'll give it a try(add it to my todo list) and see if it works.


The reason why it's called page R is because it functions differently than a numerical page. If it were a forum, then page 4 would have only 15 - n replies in it. Instead it's page R which contains n <= 150 replies... Makes me hesitant to change it because it seems like people don't understand the idea and want to morph it into something that it's not.

While we could have it so that it works like the imageboard index, this creates a scenario where people who favorite certain pages will find themselves not able to bookmark pages... the inability to bookmark pages and allow searchengines to store pages as unchangeable datapoints is in my opinion a flaw of imageboard design which is something we run with, but shouldn't be further adopted.
So, there are certain design principles that I don't want to bend on. But I think I might be able to work with the example here to be something more easy to understand, however giving it a number violates the principle given above, that people should be able to bookmark pages. Page R is not a de facto page, it's an imitation of it. However, it may just be a soft violation that I can work with


Hmm, let me see if I'm getting this right:
¥thread A can have up to 150 posts in one page
¥up to 149 replies, it'll only have one page: [R]
¥once more than 150 replies are posted, the oldest replies will begin to be moved to page [1]
And then the same goes for page [2] when reaching 150 replies in [1] or 300 replies total, is this how it works?


yeah, page 1 can have one post one it while page R has 150


Then, aren't these traditional pages in inverse order, with the most recent replies starting from the bottom of the first page instead of the oldest ones starting from its top?


No, page R is a plate that can hold 150 ml of water. When it overflows there's a bucket called Page 1 that holds the spill. When the bucket known and Page 1 is full, it's switched out with the bucket known as page 2


Okay, let me try again, is the order like this:
1 < 2 < 3 < n < R


your false reality might be what I have to go with if you still don't understand


Could perfectly be me being dumb, could you explain it in a different way?


The happening thread is a cyclical, but what if the posts that get deleted after a new one was made got stored somewhere? Where would those posts go and how would you store them? Of course, the first post deleted would go on page 1, the 151st would go on page 2, the 301st would go on page 3, but whenever you go back to thread 4165 you will always be on the most [R]ecent page


Hm, how'd you come up with this system?


I consumed food which put calories into my brain, then I used those calories to think.


without my sarcasm. It was because I wanted to create a page system to reduce page loads while making it easier for search engines to store information. The cyclical behavior on 4165 became the best way to implement with these conditions already imposed.


File:C-1658636519092.png (360.79 KB,571x511)

Why is it overlapping?


File:__laura_la_mer_and_elda_pr….jpg (499.87 KB,1000x800)

It's uhh, a secret vampire power

bleh... we were talking about this and I guess I can try to force mascot changes for it


you found the bug!


Yay! What do I get?


File:[Commie] Call of the Night….png (3.6 MB,1920x1080)

A free copy of the unedited frame


I changed it so that the mascot will override what Cool put in. He might look into how to put it in the top right

Invite to become part of the kissu dev team! You get to start tomorow, get ready to work 12 hour days looking for bugs for me to fix.


File:Chigaimasu_Kotoko.png (448.31 KB,654x720)


>I changed it so that the mascot will override what Cool put in.


No no, it's easy to move stuff around, but it rarely makes sense visually. It generally implies that the character is floating up there in the air and that's rarely the desired appearance.
Her bed is firmly on the ground, and it can't really go on the left or center or it gets blocked by posts, so it really has to be lower right


I could make it so that things you add have highest priority over mascots


Maybe, but I already copied what you did into a text file so it shouldn't be an issue in the future. I guess whatever you think is least likely to cause any issues in the future


probably best to override people's mascots to show your funny temporary mascots


File:C-1658913209102.png (1.83 MB,2560x1250)

fixed some things in thumbnailer.
As other thread suggests I revamped the custom attributes and placed various limitations on it.

Updated some mod things... mod.php will be the site's account and moderation system until I feel like I can integrate that well into an imageboard engine.

Chain view:
Planning to double down on it's nature since it's not accomplishing the goal of being a unique take on trees or 4chanx's cite link chains.
My original idea behind it was something closer to Reddit where clicking on a post enters the user into a different window, but I felt it was too obstructive to imageboard use. Now I'm just going to make the window take up the entire screen minus some top segments... maybe this way it will be more useful.


File:64fa4c95ed.png (431.36 KB,1806x1262)

made changes to how chain view works. Fixed issue with catalog on lala-theme


File:C-1659073990239.png (325.22 KB,1920x997)

honestly can't believe I managed to make preview-chains into something I find useful....


Widening worked, thanks


File:C-1659173709266.png (10.93 KB,219x149)

Pagelist changed to something more easy to understand, but instead of doing in the picture related, decided to do what you see currently, because there's a distinction between traditional forum pages and what exists currently... and also because this pagelist code is a bit of a mess and I don't want to touch it unless it looks really awkward.


on second thoughts... I'll just make it be as in the image because it does look a little odd


File:R-1659227112438.gif (338.58 KB,655x508)

Image expansion's acting funky...


never mind the deleted comment. I see


File:aaaa.png (179.65 KB,295x546)

There's this weird thing that occurs with previews making hidden code visible, it happens to both the homepage and the RSS. Pic is the same thread at two different times in the homepage.


Well yes, I am modifying it so it would differently be different at different times.

Or did you mean that the code shouldn't be visible?


>shouldn't be visible


He's messing with and trying to fix things right now, might not be a good time to judge how things are


well, I'll consider it


No one's noticed yet, but someone probably will today or tomorrow, that I forgot to remove a line of code that was disabling ctrl+z, ctrl+shift+z and ctrl+y.

I'm currently changing how my undo-redo works and during update forgot to remove a part. Plan to have it back by the time I finish my programming session, like 4-5 hours from now or less.


Ver 4.23.11
Resolved undo-redo issues. Added bonus from fixing:
The TAB key will insert 4 spaces instead of jumping when a textbox(textarea) is focused.

As of this version instead of adding new things, I'll be looking to getting the software to the point where all I'm noticing is bugs and things largely undesirable. This is to make it so that I can pivot to other tasks such as server changes.


Removing tab key might be a bit of a usability problem. I've already noticed that it gets in the way of shift+tab so I've patched that, but I don't think tab is used as much... well someone better complain about it if it's annoying




File:tab.webm (2.79 MB,1436x304)

Tab doesn't change lines.



File:tab2.webm (1.18 MB,398x300)

I think you misunderstood what I was pointing at.



>The TAB key will insert 4 spaces instead of jumping when a textbox(textarea) is focused.
>Removing tab key might be a bit of a usability problem. I've already noticed that it gets in the way of shift+tab so I've patched that, but I don't think tab is used as much... well someone better complain about it if it's annoying


I don't see how that addresses the bug I pointed out.


Ok. I see what you're saying:

"when I hold down tab it doesn't create a new line in the text area. I don't want to confuse this with going down a new line because this is what tab normally does and I don't want you to be confused that this is what I mean"


>when I hold down tab it doesn't create a new line in the text area.
>I don't want to confuse this with going down a new line because this is what tab normally does
What? Tabs normally change lines?


go into the name field and press TAB

This is normal behavior within firefox, and perhaps chrome. Beats me why they do it, it's purely visual, the actual input still has that many spaces


>go into the name field and press TAB
Ah, you were referring to the focus changing from one input field to another.
>This is normal behavior within firefox, and perhaps chrome.


From what it seems I would have to basically create my own textarea, which I tried to do half a year ago and it didn't work out


actually, it looks like it can be fixed through CSS. I assumed it was normal because other imageboards have the same issue


kind of absurd, to be honest, that what I have to do is not the default behaviour in textareas


Could we have a purple glow for text?
VERY important when talking about a trio of magical girls consisting of the pink one who's the heart of the group, the yellow one who's her more reserved best friend, and the spunky blue one who they meet at the beginning of the series, that halfway through the series gets joined by the purple girl who's kind of a foil to the pink one.


The final should probably just be all web colors with a picker menu or something like that.


I think we've got a good RGB and gold silver thing at the moment, but if it comes up I'll consider some others


File:[SubsPlease] Tokyo Mew Mew….jpg (153.46 KB,1280x720)

Hmm... purple. It's kind of hard to justify since it's so close to pink that it would be hard to distinguish. As someone that messes with CSS glow while doing themes and stuff it's really hard to notice a difference unless you were to increase the glow intensity and size so much that it becomes a distraction.


I've started the beginning stages of writing a server, which is basically me drafting out the plans to write a ton of design papers/diagrams and establish use cases and predict the future.
Essentially theoretically create the conditions for the server to exist and plan for where things could change years down the line. I probably won't start writing until a month from now, perhaps starting with some test applications I'll make for little funny side applications on kissu like a gallery page or a text only/low-res archive or something... things that I can get a bit of information about where my design ideas are going right or wrong.


odd, php got killed by the OOM killer


the OOMer


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (281.45 KB,1920x1080)


>Warning: - [05/Aug/2022:22:34:57 +0000] "POST /post.php HTTP/1.1" 502 163 "https://kissu.moe/ec/thread/7648" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0"
>Your post at that that time corresponded with PHP crashing, please tell me what it was in the /b/ thread
I was trying to post a picture of Hikaru from Star Twinkle Precure's cute toes.


Can you give me a link to the image because obviously something about it consumes a ton of memory without triggering any of the warnings


This was the picture.


Sigh I wish it was me choking to death on Hikaru's toes instead of the PHP server...






File:CRASH 99120817_p0.png (5.72 MB,4961x7016)

it seems as if imagemagick sets it's max memory usage at 2GiB, this image is a 32 bit PNG which is so heavy that photoshop doesn't even export in it.

Setting it down to 256MiB seemingly resolves the issue and allows for every program to run along side it


What's imagemagick for?


it's a downloadable (command line) tool which modifies images. Vichan and most imageboards use it for creating thumbnails.

There are some alternatives such as Cloudflare or Amazon can generate them for you to save memory, or write your own like meguca, but for the most part it's not needed to use anything other than Imagemagick.


File:Screenshot_2022-08-10 Home.png (699.19 KB,1903x976)



Looks like I've created a solution to the issue


File:what.png (358.3 KB,922x450)

Maybe a bug? Could post after removing the custom thumbnail timestamp.


The max length that's allowed is not a true length and a limitation in the function I'm using to generate it causes an error. Probably fixable, but not certain.

It's a thing with ffmpeg when the video length is past the max it can be set at. Might be a better rule I can use on the server and the application
Also you should have gotten an error message somewhere, guess I didn't set that.
Also I think it should allow you to set the slider from without the thumbnailer open.


File:57057e6404.jpg (973.22 KB,4096x2080)

This is why having the thumbnailer open is currently the best way to set thumbnail times. Because browsers don't respect video metadata leading to false situations.

but I think ffmpeg shouldn't break when you set the time past the limit


But, the thumbnailer is slow because the process of acquiring thumbnails from videos is not exactly fast.


last-reply sorting seems bugged on /all/ index. Currently >>>/sum/1292 is shown on top, meanwhile >>>/sum/1416 had 2 saged posts in the meanwhile, and it's not shown anywhere. Also page 6 on /all/ is missing.


1416 is shown on /all/ somewhere but it's not being put on top of /all/ with last-reply sorting as you say.
Page 6 is missing from the bottom pagelist(when 15+ threads are hidden), this is not intentional, probably the leftovers of something I once fixed but didn't properly test.


Actually I see what you mean, there's a dead spot after the catalog page ends(only 14 of 15 threads are displayed) and there is a situation where page 6 is dead so I guess I only fixed that issue in my dreams.


meh.. the disappearance of page 6 will just have to be an idiosyncrasy with the UI software. Assuming this was due to thread hiding, fixing it isn't worth it.


Oh, I see how it is now. You have some boards hidden so it's causing the total threads on the given catalog page to remove index pages..
Well, that's kind of how the system works at the moment. I don't really want to change it either before a feature rework&refactor or earlier without more requests

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