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R:1 / I:0

Favorite 2D girl shape?

R:24 / I:3

Which Body Parts are Gay to be Licked or Kissed by a Cute Girl?

(From the male perspective)

Results color code:
Red - Very pleasurable
Yellow - Feels good
Green - Feels okay
Blue - Neither good nor bad
Black - Painful

The Astolfo Erogenous Zones images roughly lines up with these questions.
R:7 / I:5

Kissu watches TTGL

You homosexuals wanna watch Gurren Lagann again?
Maybe chunk it out over the course of a couple of days?
I'm thinking watching the anime, then the two movies.
R:41 / I:19
Do you think the recent Precure pattern will hold and 2024 will be a bit disappointing?

2019 - Star Twinkle - AMAZING
2020 - Healin' Good - Ehhh.
2021 - Tropical - WOW!
2022 - Delicious - Meh.
2023 - Sky - Fantastic!
2024 - Wonderful - ???

All I know from the title logo is that it's going to involve dogs somehow. There's usually spoiler stuff out there by now, but I don't really like knowing that stuff.
Honestly, I'm a bit worried not just because of the pattern, but because the subject could easily be very mundane and that seems to influence the general quality of the show or at least my enjoyment of it. Star Twinkle had the entire galaxy and aliens, Tropical had the underwater mermaid world and Sky has medieval bird people from another dimension.
This could be a kemono-like thing, but it could also just be that the girl(s) work at a pet shop or something else simple.

I hope the pattern is broken...
R:15 / I:5
R:9 / I:4
R:50 / I:25

Winter Seasonal Stream Final Vote

Voting for the winter seasonal stream! Vote for shows to KEEP
You need to have at least one post to vote!
R:16 / I:7

Best Hentai Superpower?

R:36 / I:8

Official Delete /jp/ Poll

This is the official poll for deciding whether /jp/ gets deleted or not. The poll's results will respected.
R:20 / I:6

Fuck Marry Kill MARs

R:4 / I:1
R:21 / I:6
Zundamon is a...
R:18 / I:5
R:12 / I:2
R:31 / I:8

8th of December Stream?

Anyone wanna watch movies on the 8th of December.
Thinking of showing the Dollars Trilogy (Fistful of Dollars, Few Dollars More, and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Could take breaks and pick another movie this is what I'm feeling for streaming.
R:2 / I:1
R:6 / I:1

Which Alice are you going to?

R:18 / I:8
R:11 / I:2
Do you like abubu?
R:0 / I:0

Keep Kusuriya in the stream?

R:22 / I:4

2tone: The Great Debate

just want to see how many people have the wrong opinion
R:13 / I:1
What's the best way to say it?
R:13 / I:4

Mint Chocolate Chip

R:16 / I:7

Autumn 2023 Seasonal Stream Voting

Vote for shows to keep! We'll keep the holdovers without voting (Helck, Dark Gathering, Rurouni Kenshin)
Also something that won't be voted on is that we'll watch 4 episodes of the toilet ghost boy since they're shorts and there's only 4 episodes (we'll watch those later)
R:4 / I:2
Did you see the deleted poll?
R:14 / I:5

Favorite Sky Precure?

Who is your favorite Hirogaru Sky Precure? It's a hard choice for me as it's a very strong cast this time
R:1 / I:1

Gob Slay 2nd Stream Day

Since we won't be able to get through it all, how do you think we should split up the content?
R:8 / I:1


R:8 / I:2
Stream s1+movie of Goblin slayer?
R:16 / I:5
Do you use the Mac or Windows version of Photoshop?
R:26 / I:3

Hypnosis scenario

R:23 / I:9
Choose carefully.
R:25 / I:6

I am:

Time for some Kissu analytics. Feel free to offer any suggestions and I'll add them in.
R:57 / I:10
Has ME!ME!ME! changed your outlook on otaku culture?
R:16 / I:1
You will get $100 million, but you have to choose one of the above.
R:34 / I:5

What IQ range does 'midwit' mean to you?

Picture unrelated
R:25 / I:8

Are you a lolicon?

R:42 / I:10

Which Pretty Cure have you watched?

R:4 / I:1

Summer Seasonal Stream Poll

Alright, it's time to vote for shows to KEEP. Your IP needs at least one kissu post in order to vote.
Show order for the season will be determined by votes with Precure staying at the beginning and low scorers being dropped from the stream entirely. Shorts, as usual, are not up for voting since they're so short and if you hate it you can just do something else for 3 minutes.
Streams are never set it stone, we could decide to drop something by vote if it turns out to be mediocre, or if a show is found to be great it can be added later on.
(lots of boys this season, huh)
R:4 / I:2

An IRC (and eventual kissu) bot

R:3 / I:3

Headpat the 'toko?

R:27 / I:10
Presented for your consideration.
(multiple choice)
R:9 / I:6

/qa/nime Spring 2023

I really don't have any strong inclinations towards any one anime in particular this season. So I'll be relying on you, kissu, to make the choice for me.
R:10 / I:3

Summer Elimnation Poll

It's time for the summer seasonal stream. Hopefully we can eliminate some shows this week.
Vote for shows that you DO NOT want to see again.
Again, voting for a show means you do DISLIKE it or otherwise do not want to see it in the stream. I don't know the show order yet, so these are in a random order. Huh, lots of boys this time.
I hope I didn't forget any.
R:18 / I:4

/qa/nime Winter 2023

This season kinda sucked was pretty underwhelming, but at least for me that makes it pretty easy to make my choice.

Also had to trim a few of the "potential choices" because the max poll size is 34
R:12 / I:4
R:24 / I:7
wich Kessoku wud u fug?
R:4 / I:2

Would you curse your children with this hair color?

R:8 / I:4
The most important decision in /qa/ history is upon us! Choose wisely.
R:1 / I:0
R:6 / I:5
R:20 / I:9
Do you want the glasses on or off?
R:6 / I:2
What's your opinion on related characters in a series having similar names (whether thematically or just sounding similar)?
On the one hand, it can be a 'clever' way to link them, but on the other, it results in me constantly getting their names mixed up.
R:50 / I:25

Kissu's users alignment

Just for fun
R:21 / I:9

Spring Seasonals 2023 Poll

Well, here we go. What a mess.
I hope I didn't forget anything
R:7 / I:3

lewd or no?

maybe she's just set it on blow mode and she's enjoying how it flaps her tail around
R:3 / I:0
R:71 / I:21

Seasonal Stream Spring ELIMINATION Poll

To try and make the full stream next week more bearable, this is a poll for people to vote on shows today that they DO NOT WANT TO SEE AGAIN!
Remember, vote for shows you want to ELIMINATE. Next week we'll have a few more shows like Ousama Ranking and Gundam. The more shows get eliminated now, the more reasonable the runtime will be next week.
Try to think things through like "is this still going to be entertaining after 5 episodes?" or "will I vote to keep this next week?"
Voting will be open for 3 days.
R:12 / I:4
How do you want your OJ?
R:8 / I:2
Is gayness correlated with an inclination towards flat chests?
R:13 / I:2

Eat the Brown Rice?

R:19 / I:3

Most Valued Science Alignment

Though I would love to do an option ranked poll where you give each a ranking, for this data-mining operation, which do you see as most valuable in your own philosophical understanding of life?
R:22 / I:7
I really wonder, how many people are there on kissu that are not into loli at all?
While we're at it, might as well make a general survey on attraction to lolis.
R:12 / I:7

wud u eat her?

R:6 / I:4
Who's fhe better 2hu family
R:17 / I:2

Eroge Thread Move

What are your thoughts on moving >>>/qa/72689 to >>>/ec/ ?
Felt like doing it for a while and occasionally it's come up about wanting to post NSFW without spoilers.
But some people think it's visibility and interest will be lost on /ec/
R:12 / I:3

Winter Seasonal Voting

Vote for the shows you wish to keep in the stream. This stuff is never set in concrete, so if enough people hate a show it can be dropped later on or a show voted off can return if it turns out to be amazing.

(I hope I didn't forget a show, this was a pain to make)
R:15 / I:5
Would kissu have any interest in streaming live action stuff?
R:7 / I:2
Nice image I found by looking up the tag razor_blade_hair_ornament
R:8 / I:1

Move Seasonal Stream Time Ahead

Someone requested that the seasonal stream have an earlier start time. However, as Frodo famously said in Star Wars would say we must put the needs of the many above the needs of the one.
Do YOU want the stream to move ahead by an hour or are you prefer how it is right now?
This will require overwhelming support to go into effect. You've got 5 days to vote.
R:1 / I:0

Seasonal Stream 2023 Winter Poll ONE

This is an ELIMINATION poll. Vote for shows you want REMOVE from the winter stream.
If you want to give it another episode, then don't vote for it!
R:11 / I:4

/qa/nime Fall 2022

It's finally on time! The best time to contest the image of a season is easily during the season itself. So with that being the case, we should decide over the season what the /qa/nime is. The poll will expire a few weeks after the season ends, so take your time deliberating and arguing it out with each other!
R:0 / I:0
R:4 / I:2

Pattern Detection

I have to know the pros and cons between these two.
What is good about regex?
Are there CFG libraries
R:26 / I:13

/qa/nime Summer 2022

Here's another really tough season for you guys. Probably the actual hardest poll yet... Holy crap. I don't know what should win...

Because of the difficulty of this poll, you guys get 3 weeks to decide on the outcome instead of 1 like the rest. Also you're probably banned on /secret/...
R:8 / I:0

Sunday Stream

Uhhhhh, if there's a quick answer it will be this Sunday otherwise next

The above are shows that I like from 2006 and 2007. Use the form to give others to add or post them here.
R:29 / I:7

OFFICIAL Bring back /megu/ poll

So, the last thread was a bit confusing for people and the idea wasn't fleshed out well enough. This time I propose an actual poll that will decide if /megu/ is brought back or not.

Historical Reference: /megu/ was kissu's first "imagedump board", and a nice place for kissu users to share lewds with each other, at some point vern decided that for reasons to remove it and open /ec/ in its stead.
This is how things have been up to now. Where I have noticed that there still seems to be a desire for sharing lewds with each other across /qa/ (and myself), but no proper outlet for doing so. Which is why I'm proposing a revival of /megu/ with conditions to ensure that it lasts this time. Which would be that it's unarchived and a limited amount of pages so that it's more in line with the spirit of getting in the mood and sharing lewds you've found with Anonymous.

Now, there are two ways in which the revival for /megu/ could go about. One way is that /ec/'s rebranding or re-ruled so that it's the new /megu/. The other way is that /megu/ is split from /ec/ to preserve the unique niche that /ec/ has found itself in while not being redundant in its use.
The way in which this split would work is that /ec/ is reorganized to contain more of the imagedumps across kissu, and according to degrees of lewdity threads would be split from /ec/ into /megu/.

Ones that should be moved with /megu/:
Ones that are fine to stay (Although for future replies the more erotic ones may not be allowed):
And finally, ones that require debate and deliberation on. Maybe a more specific ruleset that accounts for them, or just move them to /megu/ as well:

Also, I'd like to stress that I believe /ec/ can retain its current image and still be split off into /megu/ without compromising the identity of the board. Please try to keep discussion productive.
R:13 / I:2

Synth Poll

R:38 / I:9

How much does kissu love /megu/?

R:41 / I:6

are you a kissu pro?

R:10 / I:6

/qa/nime Spring 2022

So many anime to filter through... I think I can safely ignore a whole bunch of these, but post if you think I missed something that deserves to be on here.
R:15 / I:3

/qa/nime Fall 2021

Need to get back into updating this... So here's polling for Fall 2021! On lookback I'm kinda surprised by the memorability some of these series had compared to what I initially thought when the season concluded. Anyways, cast your votes for Roxy or Eris.
R:16 / I:7
Which quadrant(s) does Kissu fall into?
R:5 / I:1


R:6 / I:2

/qa/nime Winter 2022

Got a better idea of what to leave out of this one. Although the decision seems like it may be a bit tough since I know my pick is definitely at odds with another person's....
R:7 / I:1
Can you truly call yourself ningen?
R:14 / I:3


Gonna make a stream for kage right now with ep2&3 and have a vote for if it deserves another shot in the seasonal stream you better flippin watch it

R:4 / I:4

Autumn Seasonal Stream Ultimate Poll

It all comes down to this! Vote for shows you like the most!
7 hour streams are just too much, so we've got to vote for the shows that we love and some, if not many, of the losing shows will be moved to Sunday. We won't be voting on the shorts since they're, well, short, and it's unlikely people will vote against hamster cars and Dejiko.
R:1 / I:1

Favorite thing about Lala?

R:5 / I:0
If you were reincarnated as a baby boy in another world to live out a second life, would you:
R:6 / I:3

Who topped?

R:10 / I:1


Which of these classic horse-type animals do you like the best?
R:6 / I:0

Best boober

R:1 / I:0
R:12 / I:6


R:10 / I:3
Essays aren't in vogue
R:11 / I:3


R:16 / I:3

What's kissu's ideal living situation?

R:6 / I:2
R:7 / I:3

Milk comes from:

R:10 / I:6

Summer Seasonal Stream Poll

Vote for the shows you want to keep in the stream. Keep in mind the total runtime for the stream, as it is currently a little less than seven hours long if every show is available every week.
Utawarerumono isn't listed because there's no episode this week and also I'm abusing my authority to keep it in the stream
R:2 / I:1


R:8 / I:1

Do people know they can unhide /ec/ from /all/?

Asking for educational purposes
R:16 / I:6

Should we allow referencing subhumans if they're relevant to a happening?

R:9 / I:2
Which would you pick?
Think carefully...
R:5 / I:2
R:15 / I:6

Megane boobers vs. Dandere boobers: The ultimate boob-off!

R:14 / I:3

Would you enjoy an Oekaki board?

R:8 / I:3

What is the best way to translate "itadakimasu"?

R:6 / I:2

Sunday Stream?

This stream would contain shows that weren't tried in the Saturday stream or were but didn't get enough reception. Purpose of making it easier for cool to reduce the stream runtime and dismiss without disappointing people. Entirely run by the Vermin so Cool & Co. don't have to do more.

Based on some poll votes >>2108 what could end up coming here are Lycoris and Vermeil.
Picked up from >>2071 would be Luminous Witches and Prima Doll.
Added in but never streamed: Biscuit Hammer.

Truly, this is a vermeil stream of 5 shows from 7EST lasting 120 minutes.
R:6 / I:0


For those that have read it, did you skip most of the first act to jump into the second as quickly as possible or did you read it all?
R:8 / I:0

I am a:

R:20 / I:5

Seasonal Stream Elimination Round 1

We're going to try something different this season because there's something like 17 shows and that's too much for even two weeks in a row.
Therefore, for today's stream we're going to have two rounds and this one will be to eliminate shows that you are sure you won't like at all. We will still vote on the "survivors" next week to get the final lineup.
For it to go through it will need quite a few votes for a clear consensus to be reached, so don't worry if you see a show you like get 4 votes or something. (unless it's 4 versus 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0)

So, the shows (in no particular order, since I don't know the stream order yet).

Again, you are voting for a show that is so mediocre to you that you don't think it deserves to see another week. This is not voting for shows to keep!

Note: there are still some shows that aren't out yet, so keep that in mind.
R:5 / I:2
R:9 / I:2

Which to wear today...

Subject field above text field
R:26 / I:13

Which OVA do you want me to stream next?

So I'm the same person that streamed Genocyber and MD Geist before (and also Bubblegum Crisis more than a year ago if anyone remembers). I think standalone OVAs are the best thing to stream since they are not too short and not too long in length, so I want to stream more of them. Please vote on which one you want to see next. I'll be doing it after the Utawarerumono (2015) stream ends. I don't have a specific date and time for it yet though. I'll post it on /jp/ once the poll is done.
R:16 / I:1

Would you be intrested in playing a tabletop RPG

The tabletop game would be played with GURPS rules, the pdfs can be found here: https://tiny.cc/5sb5tz
I'll hash out what books you'll need and what rules we'll be playing.
R:8 / I:4

Moe vs GAR

R:26 / I:8

UI Poll

Time for another poll of which user interface you're using.
R:11 / I:3

Summer is about:

R:15 / I:4

Which player do you use for watching stuff?

R:0 / I:0

Summertime Render?

Do we keep Summertime Render in the seasonal stream?
R:24 / I:11

Voting for the Spring Seasonal Stream!

You need at least one post on kissu with your IP to vote. Multiple choice of course and your votes can be changed later. Keep in mind that every approved show adds 23 minutes and we're at like 18 shows.
Shorts are excluded from voting because they're 2 minutes. What are you going to do with 2 minutes?
R:7 / I:2


Can you swim?
R:6 / I:2


R:1 / I:0

Why aren't you attaching Mewkledreamy captures to your posts?

Why aren't you attaching Mewkledreamy captures to your posts?
R:15 / I:4


How many monitors do you actively use with your computer?
R:8 / I:2

No context

No context
R:20 / I:3

Does 0.999... = 1?

R:14 / I:2

Have you ever?

Be honest, this is a judgement free zone and there is certainly a lot of content out there
R:7 / I:1
Are you a man of the left or a man of the right?
R:11 / I:5

Have you been to Japan before?

R:1 / I:0

Seasonal Stream Winter 2022

You can vote as you watch, but you do need to select each option you've chosen, so either keep it in your head or write it down or something?
You need to have made at least one post on your IP to vote.
Vote shows that you want to keep, but remember that more shows mean a longer runtime each week.

We're keeping Mewkledreamy Mix, but it's getting fansubbed at a rate of once a month. We're not voting on the short since it's 2 minutes long, so unless it's REALLY bad it's staying. Ousama Ranking is also amazing and I'm abusing executive privilege to keep it no matter what!
Future shows may be added and voted on if they turn out to be stream material. You can also nominate them yourself on kissu or in irc or perhaps through psychic means
R:6 / I:3
R:26 / I:7


Remade because of a poll issue

Decider Poll for the new archive thumbnail.
This is used on archive files such as .zip, .rar, .7z
R:12 / I:7

Part 2: kissu-nsfw.png

Decider Poll for the new NSFW thumbnail.
This is used on images which could be not safe for work.
Part 2 excludes less popular variants on the same idea.
This is the final submission set. People may make quality improvements on the contents herein, but no design changes.

If people who voted on >>1662 do not revote in this poll their votes will be moved into this thread when the poll has expired.

#4 and #5's line quality is too jagged so some sort of work will likely have to be put into cleaning them. #1 needs more work to be considered complete, but as an idea it could still be considered.
R:14 / I:5

Part 2: kissu-spoiler.png

Decider Poll for the new spoiler thumbnail.
This is used on images which can spoiler stories.

Takes ideas from the previous thread.
R:5 / I:0

/qa/nime Fall 2021

Pretty much everything is over by now, so it's time to decide on what the most /qa/ anime of this season was!
R:5 / I:1

/qa/nime Winter 2021

This poll is for deciding the most /qa/ anime of the season for the season of Winter 2021. Anyone that wants to vote needs at least 3 posts on kissu, you can vote for multiple titles if you're unsure. If a title isn't on the list it doesn't exist because I'm not attempting to remake this poll for the 100th time.

Aside from all that, this poll shouldn't be hard at all for anyone, clearly.
R:6 / I:3

/qa/nime Spring 2021

The poll for Spring 2021. I don't really know what I want to win this time since there's at least 3 really good anime that were also all over /qa/ so it's probably the hardest poll yet. But I know that kissu will be able to break that tie for me, or else.
R:0 / I:0

/qa/nime Summer 2021

This one may take a lot of deliberation, it may take no deliberation. I don't really know.
R:26 / I:13


Decider Poll for the new spoiler thumbnail.
This is used on images which can spoiler stories.

Due to limited competition this thread can also act as a place where people can put in competitor designs
R:32 / I:11


Decider Poll for the new NSFW thumbnail.
This is used on images which could be not safe for work.

Most of this is variants on the same image.
R:0 / I:0

An Important Question

>[Expand] 1292 Replies Omitted [Reply]
Does the cycle continue or does the blog get reborn anew?
R:1 / I:1

How do you feel about Sachiko?

How do you feel about Sachiko?
R:2 / I:0

Can we have an imagedump board?

R:2 / I:1
R:0 / I:0

Keep Komi-san in the seasonal stream?

R:4 / I:1

What to keep in the Autumn seasonal stream?

Thread for the seasonal stream voting. You need to post at least once before you can vote
R:4 / I:0

What's your favorite board on Kissu?

The question just popped into my head just now and I was curious.

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