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R:34 / I:7
Install Linux on your personal computers.
R:28 / I:15
It's happened again,
we stand in Autumn.
Keep an eye on the trees... they're suspicious...

This season, Fall ends on Wednesday, December 21
R:40 / I:37
It's not a place with heavy industry, from what I'm reading the river is mostly used for transport of raw materials, the products of agriculture, livestock, and logging.
Tigre specifically was a place for commerce and contraband, and at one point rich people set it up as a resort of sorts with heavy English influence (like that of the Rowing Club, that's its name in Spanish). Here's a pic of the Club de Regatas, for racing.
R:258 / I:38

News Thread

Have you read any interesting articles lately? Anything news worthy you think kissu would want to know about?
R:15 / I:5
My 'tuber essayist is better then yours
R:6 / I:0
Fire safety before affordability
R:7 / I:0

get rained on

R:209 / I:9

random youtube/nico/etc videos

If you think a video doesn't deserve its own thread, you can post it here
R:60 / I:16
YouTube is once again trying to implement a policy against ad-blockers. Do you think they will really follow through with it, or will the backlash be too great and they back off quietly?
R:16 / I:4
Valve made a documentary about HL1 for the 25th anniversary.
R:38 / I:17
It weirds me the hell out seeing people my age or older involved in chantard culture. I stopped finding that kind of thing funny by my early 20s, and I always think of it as teen humor. When non-teens use it it just seems so... immature? to me. Like, you're in your 30s dude. Talking in a combination of edgy memes and racial slurs isn't cute anymore; it's just fucking sad.
R:0 / I:0
You lathe you lose
R:10 / I:2
Can't believe I'm drinking water wrong. My water doesn't have minerals, so what?
R:237 / I:30 (sticky)

/aut/ blog

Zettai Ryouiki + Shorts blog for the Autumn months

This blog will end Thursday, Dec 21st.
R:10 / I:1
potardto frogger
R:13 / I:6
How do you feel about the ocean/large bodies of water? Have you seen them or spent time swimming in them? Personally I've only ever seen an ocean from an airplane so I don't count it.
It's something I'd like to experience one day, but at the same time it kind of freaks me out to not have land beneath me. Nature shows and even video games really make underwater areas seem so cool to explore, like an alien world. It's a shame we need a bunch of equipment to do it since it's not our natural environment.
R:32 / I:12
I live in the Western Hemisphere. So keep that in mind, I put aside US$1.5K for a vacation and Myanmar was one of my favorite budget destinations. This is off the table, for obvious reasons. Do you have any recommendations for vacays around that price point? Im thinking Devon, England next summer.
R:159 / I:79

writing blog

Right now I'm in the middle of workshoping an idea for a GATE knock off, but it's with a Warsaw pact country.
I also have a seven chapter WN being written up. It's about a couple of tabletop characters slice of life adventuring.
Hope everyone does okay.
R:18 / I:4
I got a job fundraising for autism
R:5 / I:3

aninal bread

R:25 / I:11
The Night of Frights approaches!
R:7 / I:5
Trick or treat
R:7 / I:5

Mario Survey

A youtuber I like is doing a survey on how people categorize the Mario games, in preparation for a followup to another video he already made on the subject, https://youtu.be/XejJ6PzPtEw?si=CIkpaXzp9Htcvphs

He wanted people to reach out to others so he could get answers from outside his audience, and I figured this would be the sort of thing Kissu would be interested in. Here's the link if you want to take it. Be warned that it's very long, because basically everything that's remotely related to Mario and technically counts as a game is on it.
R:1 / I:1
get dabbed on, /aut/
R:1 / I:1
It's near-freezing outside and I brought out my heated mattress pad. I opened the window to make the room nice and cold and turned on the mattress pad. Once I get so cold that I start to lose dexterity in my fingers I'm going to almost (but not entirely) close the window and then hop in bed and play some video games.
It really is the simple things in life that are the best
R:23 / I:6
Do you ever daydream about being in Japan?
R:8 / I:3
Please look at this image.
R:8 / I:1
(This thread is partially in response to some of the posts in https://kissu.moe/qa/thread/115066)
The way people look at civilization collapse, especially internet people, is a gross simplification of the way things actually work. Honestly, the term "collapse" itself bothers me, because it encourages that sort of thinking.

Civilizations don't fall apart over night. The most famous example of civilization collapse, the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, was a slow, incremental process, much longer than a single life time, and by the time it had fully died it might as well have already been dead. It's paramount to an old man in bad health dying of a heart attack; it's sad, but everyone knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and so they were prepared for it.

And to be clear, I get that a modern collapse would probably be a bigger deal than the collapses of yesteryear. We're more dependent on our infrastructure now than we've ever been, and our infrastructure is more dependant on technology now than its ever been. Things are definitely going to be different without them. But the process itself is still a gradual one; gradual enough to give people time to adjust to the new normal as it developes. We're not going to turn into Mad Max where we're all scrounging for resources and killing each other any time soon, and it's most certainly not going to happen over night unless there's a nuclear holocaust or something.
R:17 / I:6
Eclipse season starting again! Next one is a partial lunar eclipse on November 19.
R:5 / I:4
its friday the 13th
happy halloween
R:12 / I:0
can't seem to figure this one out, could anyone lend me a hand?
R:3 / I:0

Cool ambience videos

R:6 / I:2
I'm going to get a bass guitar for the first time. Because I've never played bass before, I want to get something as inexpensive as I reasonably can so I can take lessons and practice. But I'd like something that sounds decent, and I can't decide. The cheapest things seem to be Chinese brands, like Glarry which has bass guitars for around $100. Glarry in particular has a jazz bass that looks enticing to me, the GJazz. There's also one with double humbuckers called the GIB, which I am interested in as opposed to the single coil pickups. Above the Chinese junks are the lowest-priced offerings from name brands like Ibanez. In particular I was looking at an Ibanez GIO GSR100EX, which is around $200.

I'm really particular about getting a sound I like, and so far I prefer the sound of jazz basses over precision basses. I'm not sure how much of that has to do with things like pickups, amps, pedals, or just playing technique. Watching videos of people demoing the basses I'm interested in, I'm unsure how much of what I'm hearing is being carried by equipment and and how much is skill. This video of the Ibanez SR 1200 Premium has a sound that I like, but would a bottom-of-the-barrel bass like the ones I'm looking at be able to even sound close? Like, is that sound I like a result of pedal or amp effects?

Also, there is the question of whether to get a 4-sting or 5-string. 4-string is the "standard" but I think I'd like the lower range from a 5-string. That's also why I'm apprehensive about a more expensive bass, in case I'd end up wanting to go for the 5-string later on. And there's also the factor of flatround vs. roundwound strings, which seem to have differences in sound and playability.

Because I am looking to spend as little as possible I am probably going to get a Chinesium amplifer. So, whatever I get, there's a good chance it will sound like trash regardless of what guitar I get.

tl;dr For spending the least possible for a bassy bass guitar, is something like the Chinese Glarry good enough, or is going up to the low-cost model from Ibanez more worth it, or maybe even a Squier? Are things like pickups, string type, number of strings even worth worrying about for my quest for a good sound from something in this price range? Amazon has a pretty lenient return policy so I can probably get away with getting it refunded if I don't like it.
R:11 / I:7
wa ha ha
R:16 / I:2
You ever find yourself wondering how specialty stores survive? It was strange before internet commerce and it's especially confusing now. 20 years ago a store opened up near me that specializes in house lighting, like chandeliers and light bulbs and other related things. How does it make enough money to stay open? It has to pay rent and pay workers and other related expenses, yet it's still there.
What a mystery...
R:12 / I:7
Kissu /aut/umn meetup.
R:4 / I:0
Nice bird
R:1 / I:0
>At night the air is fresher, less or no noise from people,cars,dogs
This is why I want to move to the ruralish outskirts of the city I live in
R:8 / I:2
Are you ready to get spooked?
R:4 / I:0
Just recently by pure accident I found out that it's possible to see the shadow of the veins on your retina.

If you want to try this yourself you can follow the instructions here:

Alternatively, you can try the same way I did it:
Stare at your blank TV
With your arm fully extended, move your arm about a foot from center and hold a light source (I used my phone) and point it in the same direction as your eye is looking (towards your eye)
You can move your arm around in a circular fashion to see different regions within your eye

As mentioned in the article above, you can even use this method to identify blind spots such as the optic disk which is where the veins come into the eye from. I suppose if you have any retinal degeneration you could also identify that.
R:0 / I:0
feel old yet?
R:29 / I:3
Guy who sees depopulation as a good thing, how do you get countries like Niger and Afghanistan to have less kids? Religious cleansing? Forced sterilization through aid?
R:39 / I:9
i watched love live school idol project 6 years ago but i never finished it and i don't remember too much about it, so i will watch it today
R:49 / I:17

Nice map

Nice map
R:15 / I:3
please look at this and tell me what you think about it
R:5 / I:0
How do I rank the healthyness of my vegetables and roots?
R:6 / I:3
R:16 / I:9
Want a shpwite cwanbewwy?
R:7 / I:2
Bune, Bune, Bune!

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
R:10 / I:5
Gonna go all in on NTR
R:20 / I:7
Mistaken for a girl. Ambivalent feelings.
Probably only because I was wearing a mask. Ambivalent feelings.
R:2 / I:2
Any noodle otaku here?
R:4 / I:0
Let's nuke asteroid some people. https://neal.fun/asteroid-launcher/
This is actually more fun than the nuke version because of the variables and it shows you cool animations and information on how stuff is damaged or how people die.
I just ended the World Cup early
R:47 / I:10
Has kissu laid eyes upon media from the forbidden third dimension recently?
R:14 / I:4
What's your favorite country in springland?
(Southern Hemisphere)
R:9 / I:0
sense of time is completely busted... my body has no idea if it's 6AM or 4PM
this always happens in the early periods of winter late fall...
R:3 / I:0
Is it just me or does anyone else hate these upscales and recolorizations of old film? They're just so disgusting.
R:3 / I:1
i can hear it
R:8 / I:0
It's starting to get awfully cold out. Is Kissu staying warming? It feels like Winter is just around the corner.
R:5 / I:0
Seasons are dumb and stupid
R:316 / I:49

Bored/Free thoughts thread

Please use this thread at your leisure to discuss random thoughts you might have that may not necessarily warrant their own threads.
R:6 / I:0
yep, nothing like grilling in the autumn season
R:17 / I:5
Do you consider yourself a water drinker?
R:4 / I:2
Something I've always wondered... why is it that autumn air smells "crisp" and clean? The first cold day of the season is here so I have my window open and it smells so nice, but is it even related to smell? It doesn't smell like this in winter
R:15 / I:3
I've come to realize there's a void left in my head when YouTube doesn't provide me with good results for entertainment.

I seem to have forgotten how to find things that interest me by myself without an AI feeding me results. You think this is a problem?
R:15 / I:5
What are some /aut/istic hobbies?
R:16 / I:4
Halloween has come! Did you carve any pumpkins? Have any plans to hand out candy? Or are you a hopeless NEET who plans on sitting things out?
R:2 / I:1
¥ You think skirts are girly, huh?
Maybe it's time we force you into one for a day?
R:10 / I:1
Does /aut/ have any favorite advertisements?

Here is one. Evertale is a generic gacha RPG, but their advertisements have a lore ripped off of indie JRPGs giving a recurrent horror theme that suggests the users will be able to eventually experience a real story in their gacha game. It uses free assets and plagerism to get people to click and think it's something interesting.
It's a nice scam.
R:3 / I:3
Interesting gimmick
R:30 / I:9
The newest nvidia GPUs are almost as large as a PS5 and they cost as much as what I'd otherwise spend on an entire new computer.
I feel like I'd be more upset about this if there were new games that made use of this, and if they weren't just FPS and flight simulators when they do. This is out of control!
R:17 / I:8
This "youtube video game essay generator" is pretty hilarious. I continue to be amazed at how these random generators that are basically madlibs continue to entertain me so much.
R:16 / I:6
Following up on our previous lesson of doing nothing:
Give up.
R:33 / I:11
Sometimes it feels like I'm the only person that enjoys thanksgiving. I can't be the only one, right?
R:7 / I:1
Does kissu like turrets on houses?
R:6 / I:2
NASA is about to try smashing a craft into an asteroid
Minutes away
R:24 / I:4
Have you ever dealt with addictions? How did you get over it? Are you currently addicted to something?
R:4 / I:2
Did you drink your pumpkin juice today?
R:3 / I:2
R:12 / I:1
I read some stories about mafias and gangs around the world and I think that the formation of them can point to the formation of human society.
They are usually born into poverty where the only way to survive is to by acting together to be powerful enough to make ends meet, relying on strength and violence. Those who are the strongest and cruelest are the key to this, so the weak rely on the strong to survive and are willing to obey the orders of them.
This results in a pyramid social structure with different levels of leaders and a culture of obeying the order of those who are higher up. The strongest aggregates the most wealth and become the king.
Maybe autocracy is part of the human nature.
R:8 / I:6
Welcome to Autumn,

"The Autumn Sky and a Maiden's Heart"
"Falling Leaves of Maddness"
"Promise of the Wheat God"

This season, Autumn ends on Tuesday December 21
R:2 / I:0
R:0 / I:0
The new Elden Scrolls is looking nice
R:16 / I:6
Here's why you don't use Java
R:4 / I:0
Hmmm, very interesting. There was some Youtube Channel(Common Sense Skeptic I think), that was debunking Starship and Starlink, pointing out how ludicrous Starship is and how it's mission to Mars would never work for many reasons and in another video talking about how Starlink is a debacle that is actually losing Space X money and doens't offer a better service than what is already available. This email kind of confirms both, Starship was never meant to go to Mars, he just said that to hype up idiots, it's meant to send these satilites to space in a manner that is actually viable and cost effective because as it is they are going to go bust.
R:5 / I:2
R:15 / I:3

99% of STEM graduates can't solve this primary school problem in an hour! Can you?

There is a well, open at the top, with a diameter of three meters. We throw two sticks with lengths of four and five meters, respectively, into the well. Let's assume that these sticks are positioned as shown in figure 0.2, i.e., they stay in the same plane and they "cross each other" as shown. The problem is really two-dimensional, as the well can be replaced by a rectangle that is open at the top.

Now, the challenge is to determine the distance h from the bottom of the well to the point where the two sticks intersect.
R:2 / I:1
R:5 / I:1
Love spooktober
R:0 / I:0
Humanity being an early species among the cosmos is a pretty terrifying possibility. I hope our descendants will be more reasonable and forgiving than in our past.
R:3 / I:0
The comments on this video are interesting, because they exist in some sort of manufactured reality. For the last year, maybe two, Martin has been continually self-sabotaging himself by redesigning parts that do not need redesigning, creating parts that were not given enough forethought for the ways in which they will fail, and then worst of all, going beyond the scope of the project and introducing corrosive feature creep with elements of the previous two issues intermixed.

Despite this realization finally striking Martin, the response from the comments is flooded with messages saying, "Don't give up! We support you!" and "Your issues make the project unique! Without them, you're destroying it's character."

I can't help but wonder who these people are, and what their rationale might be. Was redesigning the marble gates 3-4 times in a row really productive? Was adding the additional constraint that the machine must be silent constructive? Was redesigning the rhythm machine necessary? Did the focus -- for far too long -- on trying to make the mechanism for dropping marbles look like spindly fingers actually achieve anything?
R:2 / I:0
You ever wonder how some stuff manages to be profitable? Like peas, for instance. It takes something like 30 of the plants to fill up one frozen bag and the bag sells for a dollar. Is it just government subsidies?
And then there's specialty stores. Maybe physical specialty stores are on their way out because of online shopping, but previously a guy could have a store where he just sells paint or pool supplies and somehow it would stay in business throughout his life.
It's just so strange to me to think somehow civilization supports this kind of thing.
R:4 / I:1
eating is a seasonal activity
R:2 / I:1
R:12 / I:0
It's that time of year again when high school students are taught algorithms for calculating matrix operations without any hint of the meaning behind the calculations or what they might realistically use it for.
R:16 / I:6
kissu friends, please remember to take vitamin supplements if you stay indoors. low vitamin is really bad!! and most people are deficient because we stay indoors all the time!! it can lead to worsened anxiety, and depression, and worsened immune system and health outcomes in general.
R:12 / I:7
Finally reaching that time of the year where I can make warm milk before bed and not feel like I'm burning up
R:1 / I:0
Love me some orangutans. look at these guys having fun. People say chimps are closest to humans, but I wanna hang out with these guys, not chimps that freak out and are violent.
R:12 / I:4
So what's gonna happen on December 21?
R:7 / I:1
Some people realized that you can just look up Congress members stock trades because they "coincidentally" happen to always make good picks. Has anyone here tried that or followed that sort of news?
R:45 / I:14
Everything seems so messed up. The world keeps getting worse and worse. People are forced into more and more debt in order to get by. Giant companies cut costs, pass them off to consumers, and price gouge all to appease shareholders. People are forced to rent everything they have because it's not financially feasible to own anything anymore. Governments which are supposed to protect its citizens ignore it as they only seek to gain more power for themselves. The only way I see this getting fixed is an economic collapse to restart the system. But that will hurt a lot of people and take generations to recover. I like to think it's not as bad as it seems and my perception is just warped from secluding myself to imageboards most of my life, but every time I look at the real world, it just doesn't seem okay. I hope I'm wrong and everything isn't actually as messed up as I see it, but I'm not too confident in that....

I'm drunk and depressed right now and I don't know why I wrote this but I did. Thanks for reading my blog. Sorry.
R:6 / I:1
R:23 / I:6
What is the meaning of life? What purpose is there? Is there any? What does it mean?
R:1 / I:0
R:0 / I:0
Summer's over, but girls are still here
R:2 / I:1
Can't wait until it's cold enough that I can lay in bed with blankets playing a handheld again. I don't know if I ever feel more content.
Ahh... why is being warm while surrounded by cold so comforting?
R:0 / I:0
Good advice for cold times and space heaters
R:9 / I:3
I went on my yearly 6hr autumn walk through the park trials for these walks I start on the bike paths before going off to the unmarked areas. I normally bring a weapon but I foolishly forgot this time luckily there was no danger.
I couldn't say the same for this caterpillar I found on the bike path before going to the unmarked areas. It was a monarch and knowing there are indangered I picked it off the path so it wouldn't go squish from bikes and carried it away to an unmarked area deep in the woods to be safe. I then altered my route because I don't like backtracking.

Hours pass and I head back to the bike path only to see a squished caterpillar on my trek I start to think "I hope that's just one I didn't carry" only to find just up ahead 13 more dead monarch caterpillars. Now I'm thinking that I did it for nothing I saved one only to see a bunch more dead...maybe even the one I "saved" maybe if I didn't see the one caterpillar I could have saved others..maybe I'm only fooling myself.
R:6 / I:2
R:2 / I:0
R:3 / I:2
Is there anything better than this crap, but for a similar price?
R:4 / I:1
sugar is evil
R:4 / I:2
Sunset is at 4:13...
when will this end...
R:9 / I:0
I game
R:8 / I:6
Fall is always the best anime season, do you agree? I've noticed this in the 4 years I've been watching seasonal anime
R:4 / I:0
Here's to learning English
R:17 / I:0
Favorite streamer dropped out of University I graduated from to play AoE full time
R:2 / I:1
Winter is just around the corner.
R:14 / I:1

a console of rom hacks sounds more interesting to me than the real deal. some of them are really entertaining
R:14 / I:12
Welcome to Autumn,
The season of red, gold and brown.
The days get shorter and the night grows longer.
The seasonal cycle is nearing it's close.

This year, Autumn ends on December 21st
R:3 / I:0
hella love eggs and coffee
R:9 / I:1
Aliens are real apparently, and there's a "Galactic Federation".

R:9 / I:3
Wasn't there a cute girl thread here
R:19 / I:2


i want more excitement and drama in my life and im just accumulating money without anything to spend it on so im thinking about developing an addiction to opiates
it would be kind of cool to wake up in a dumpster or under a highway overpass looking like a ghoul from fallout. also I'd meet tons of interesting characters like drug dealers, other addicts that we could talk about how our life took this direction and stuff
and there's even the possibility of getting into running dope and getting in gun battles and chased around by unmarked police cars and feds on some dark street

Ive seen enough movies on the subject, and being a heroin addict just seems pretty freaking COOL! Also the main character from trainspotting is super hot in those mega skinny jeans. it's freaking cool..

And all of this is before we even get into the simplest benefit of becoming a opiate abuser. It's literally the best feeling in the world. Life is like a big video game trying to get the most feelgood points with your resources. Well most people are retarded because we already invented the cheapest and way to get these points and its just to inject them directly into our brain. People who will tell you otherwise are just like weird autists who refuse to use glitches, or even the most effective items in an RPG. Yeah bro okay, spend hours and hours grinding level 1 zombies or whatever. I'm just going to skip directly to the endgame. You're never going to get as many points as me raising some shitty family with a wife that comes to hate you, or working a corporate job.

does /qa/ have any tips and tricks about becoming addicted to opiates?
R:6 / I:0
funny, had this channel recommended for a while and thought this was interesting.
R:8 / I:2
Bad news for this telescope, but this looks amazing. I think I've fought in this area in a few JRPGs and seen it in a few anime
R:4 / I:2
Apparently a bust of Hermes' head was unearthed in Greece during sewage construction. Neat stuff. A shame there's not nearly as many historical sites of archeological significance in the New World, outside of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca.
R:14 / I:5
I wish every person over 55 would die.
I wish boomers would all die already.
R:8 / I:1
R:5 / I:3
The fruit tarts are real! Real!!!
R:2 / I:2
R:1 / I:1
say no to big breasts
R:7 / I:2
I just recently noticed that youtube has movies that are free with ads, and those ads are easily blockable with adblock. How's youtube able to do this? And it's not like it's only unknown movies either.
R:1 / I:0
Candy science sure is interesting.
R:11 / I:2
it snowed...
R:6 / I:1
It's almost over
R:0 / I:0
The future is here and it's in our butts
R:11 / I:1
Is anyone still interested in playing minecraft? Noticed that my computer restarted today and I forgot to turn the server back on.

In any case, it's back up again on
R:4 / I:0
I'm starting to think some of these Guinness world records might be a little silly
R:4 / I:2
Soon it will be All Hollow Weensperm's Eve. Are you ready?
R:3 / I:1
R:2 / I:0
im dyin
R:0 / I:0
Primes are very important
R:7 / I:1
Imagine, if you will, laser weapons
R:1 / I:0
Take note of the clock, then read these phrases to yourself aloud. If you experience missing time, you may be a Manchurian sleeper agent.
R:0 / I:0
R:1 / I:1
Time to get spooky.

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