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File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….png (1.86 MB,1920x1080)


How do you feel about the ocean/large bodies of water? Have you seen them or spent time swimming in them? Personally I've only ever seen an ocean from an airplane so I don't count it.
It's something I'd like to experience one day, but at the same time it kind of freaks me out to not have land beneath me. Nature shows and even video games really make underwater areas seem so cool to explore, like an alien world. It's a shame we need a bunch of equipment to do it since it's not our natural environment.


File:1537364234914.gif (757.42 KB,289x242)

Used to live on an island in the Baltic sea.
Love water, wish I had joined the navy.


Too much water in the oceans. Too little water in the deserts.


File:STOP exploring the ocean !.jpg (34.71 KB,637x637)

the thought of swimming in the ocean (or, naturally occurring bodies of water in general) freaks me out because of microorganisms, and to a lesser extent, hostile/dangerous sea creatures like jellyfish, so i'd rather not.
this might be only tangentially related, but people who say we should be exploring the deep ocean instead of space get on my nerves. i don't care about the abominations living 100,000 miles under the sea, nor do i think funneling money into making equipment that can withstand all the pressure so that we can take dark, blurry pictures of these freaks of nature is a good use of time or resources.
>Nature shows and even video games really make underwater areas seem so cool to explore, like an alien world.
paradoxically, considering what i just said about the deep ocean, i agree, i love underwater areas in games (though funnily enough i hate beach areas in games (and anime) because i think they're uninteresting)


File:4cbe0aabc32ef0cb150115ec4b….jpg (1.38 MB,1775x2500)

Most places are pretty boring, and my body gets slimy after swimming in them.
The only time I got to see tons of corals and fish like what you see in those pretty pictures was when I traveled to Malaysia and had a boat taking me offshore. The water was so clear that I can get a very good view even when looking from the sea surface without diving.


File:Mako_Tsunami.png (216.78 KB,468x360)

I love the ocean and she loves me. We are going to get married someday.


it's unlikely that sea creatures are intelligent


I used to vacation on the Great Lakes and swim there. They're basically in-land seas. I liked swimming around a lot, and for the most part the lakes were fairly calm near the shore. Rivers freak me out though. There's too many stories both historical and recent of people swimming in rivers and drowning due to the river currents for me to feel safe in anything stronger than a shallow creek.


File:110198305_p0.png (5.91 MB,1945x3366)

I live on the coast, the ocean's just there looking murky most of the time. I can't swim but going boat fishing can be fun if the weather is nice (it usually isn't).


Ever see any Michigan Fresh Water penguins?


I'm going to bury all the ocean-hating kissuers neck deep in the sand


File:buried.jpg (499.39 KB,2100x1500)


did i say kani so much that i became one


Only the ones at the Detroit Zoo.

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