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File:1504997238151.jpg (365.15 KB,1000x860)


Some people realized that you can just look up Congress members stock trades because they "coincidentally" happen to always make good picks. Has anyone here tried that or followed that sort of news?


No, but I think now that I have heard it I'll try some trading...


I remember reading that, but they're not any better than other people unless they have insider trader knowledge which can be obvious since lots of people are justifiably watching them closely these days.
I think this story was posted here recently, but not 100% sure


I think the person people have been watching most closely is Nancy Pelosi because her husband is a stock trader.

Surely this is the golden path towards financially secure NEETdom.


I think they make most of their big bucks by passing favorable policy for private groups and then getting offered a cushy no-work position later on with them.


File:a1bc48b8d2784d88551412b867….jpg (71.24 KB,809x894)

Doesn't matter, they have registered trading companies and have servers connected directly to NYSE, meanwhile your market info and trade decision are delayed by milliseconds. By the time they jumped ship seconds ahead of you it's too late.


Invest in United Spermers
we have nowhere to go but up


The point is gains, not astronomical gains. I can live with making 50% of what they make or whatever. Also, it's not like their trades are realtime. SEC info is delayed.

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