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File:1538598879005.jpg (36.85 KB,500x574)


please look at this and tell me what you think about it


File:carlos.jpg (34.54 KB,600x600)





looks nice and soft and I want to touch it and tickle it and annoy the cat with it until it gets annoyed and runs away


the hi five cat


looks like an animal


qt toe beans i wanna touch em


smelly cat feets




shouldn't it be high four?


File:cat-paw-anatomy.jpg (34.89 KB,600x400)

They do have something that's kind of analogous to a thumb: the dewclaw. It seems mostly if not entirely useless on house cats, but I think it gives a better grip on varied surfaces like, uhh.. trees or uneven ground I guess.
When my cat unintentionally scratches me while jumping on me it's 90% of the time the dewclaw. Kind of annoyed by it...


the body is round


File:1630636489577.jpg (77.19 KB,500x574)


its wario


the eternal kissu cat toes



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