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I went on my yearly 6hr autumn walk through the park trials for these walks I start on the bike paths before going off to the unmarked areas. I normally bring a weapon but I foolishly forgot this time luckily there was no danger.
I couldn't say the same for this caterpillar I found on the bike path before going to the unmarked areas. It was a monarch and knowing there are indangered I picked it off the path so it wouldn't go squish from bikes and carried it away to an unmarked area deep in the woods to be safe. I then altered my route because I don't like backtracking.

Hours pass and I head back to the bike path only to see a squished caterpillar on my trek I start to think "I hope that's just one I didn't carry" only to find just up ahead 13 more dead monarch caterpillars. Now I'm thinking that I did it for nothing I saved one only to see a bunch more dead...maybe even the one I "saved" maybe if I didn't see the one caterpillar I could have saved others..maybe I'm only fooling myself.


Caterpillars are fairly slow, so most likely your efforts to save the one weren't in vain. Though it's a shame the others weren't able to have such luck


File:77910053_p0.png (2.15 MB,1800x2400)

I wonder how things like that can happen. I don't think anyone would squish caterpillars on purpose like that. Squishing a bug is never a pleasant experience I think. They always make this noise like you're stepping on glass and their juices get everywhere and it's disgusting. A person on their own would maybe see those caterpillars and avoid stepping on them. I can only assume it was a big group of people who were all too distracted walking and talking together to notice.


File:__eternity_larva_touhou_dr….jpg (70.82 KB,850x638)



That's good at least, I remembered that when I came back to check the tree I left it on a I saw a leaf was inplace of where I put the caterpillar. That was very odd since the leaf was from another kind of tree altogether.
I wondered that as well, to see that many dead on such a small stretch of path and there being not a single person to notice and stop so more are not killed is midly disturbing.


fuck bugs. they all should be exterminated.


File:1369178329043.png (502.65 KB,600x854)




what kind of weapon?


Their weapon of choice


I just use a standard well lubed Swiss army knife no need for anything fancy I feel. Recently found more trails one said "use at own risk" and "area prone to flooding" only went a few kilometres in because I had smelt stagnate water so I will need to go when it's dry.
Weird I'm going through my music from the 00's folder and realized I haven't gone to that album yet.

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