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File:f23c9bf08f534a3a5040d2a3a9….jpg (464.59 KB,2048x1477)


Welcome to Autumn,

"The Autumn Sky and a Maiden's Heart"
"Falling Leaves of Maddness"
"Promise of the Wheat God"

This season, Autumn ends on Tuesday December 21
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File:93150364_p0.jpg (4.66 MB,2245x3508)

A Fall Megu


she looks like she could use a hat


File:FA2xh4UVkAI9CdA.jpeg (400.65 KB,1788x2141)

File:__kisaragi_chihaya_idolmas….png (3.13 MB,2480x3507)


Everything seems so messed up. The world keeps getting worse and worse. People are forced into more and more debt in order to get by. Giant companies cut costs, pass them off to consumers, and price gouge all to appease shareholders. People are forced to rent everything they have because it's not financially feasible to own anything anymore. Governments which are supposed to protect its citizens ignore it as they only seek to gain more power for themselves. The only way I see this getting fixed is an economic collapse to restart the system. But that will hurt a lot of people and take generations to recover. I like to think it's not as bad as it seems and my perception is just warped from secluding myself to imageboards most of my life, but every time I look at the real world, it just doesn't seem okay. I hope I'm wrong and everything isn't actually as messed up as I see it, but I'm not too confident in that....

I'm drunk and depressed right now and I don't know why I wrote this but I did. Thanks for reading my blog. Sorry.
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this is an unpopular view but i don't really care about climate change because i do not identify with the people who will inhabit this earth in the future. they will not be "me" in any meaningful sense, so i don't really care about what happens to them. the world falling apart is their problem, good luck with that i guess
this is obviously a pathological outlook but whose fault is that? atomization of society has been in progress for a long time now, this is just an obvious consequence of it. the thought of the material world dying does makes me sad in a sense but then i hate everyone who lives in it so much that it balances out


I dont think thw world is getting worse, I think you're just become more aware of things that happen.


Just break up the monopolies, liquidate the assets of the ultra wealthy, force resignations of nepotism appoints, and lock up their fortunes by setting withdraw limits.

Worked pretty well for Nippon. During the Post-war Economic Miracle a lot of economists projected that Japan would overtake the United States, much in the same way economists now think of China. The only reason they didn't was because their demographics caught up to them and the asset bubble was so far-reaching that it essentially put the country in a decades long period of economic stagnation, that combined with a currency re-evaluation that made Japanese products much more expensive than they had previously been.


File:49611421._SX0_SY0_.jpg (43.17 KB,331x475)

Not this guy but to further follow up on this watch Princes of the Yen.
Despite me spending so much time learning about Japan I was totally oblivious to what molded them.


I will give it fair criticism however in that it's more or less just one man's work.


Speaking of one man's work, after watching that documentary it strikes me a lot of Adam Curtis's documentaries, this one is particularly related to the molding of the West.

File:r544xd copy.png (734.05 KB,849x809)


If you think a video doesn't deserve its own thread, you can post it here
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I wonder what Kissu thinks of this video.


File:ZZC 1196 E.png (2.22 MB,2200x2000)

It's flawed in multiple ways.

He says that while Japan does spend a reasonably large amount on defence much of that is on maintenance and then goes on a tangent about earthquakes(which actually isn't related to the budget of the military as much as one would assume or certainly as much as he does). Most nations are in a similar situation, modern military equipment costs a lot to maintain and constantly requires it, I remember reading a few years ago about how at any given time less than half the German sub force and less than half the German heavy air transport were actually operational as they either were in the process of being repaired or needed to be repaired. All advanced militaries suffer this and in Japans case it is probably likely to be a bit worse simply because they place a much larger emphasis on their navy comparative to their army than many other nations do and ships are expensive and need constant maintenance, it's long been held that in order to have one aircraft carrier you actually need three, because only a third will actually be operational at a given time.

Likewise, the industry just fine too. He mentions that the companies make less as a percentage than others do from military contracts and yes of course a lack of foreign buyers contribute but so does the simple fact that that is the way Japan is, it's made up of huge corporations that don't specialise on defence but still have a hand in it. However, Japan still actually has a defence industry which is more than can be said for a great many other nations and due to the size of their economy and manufacturing base it can easily and rapidly expand in the event of a war.

The demographic crisis is not well gone into either. He mentions that Japan started ageing before China but fails to mention that China is actually ahead of them now and ageing faster than they are, and that is by Chinese statistics which have a great many problems, the real situation is very likely to be far worse for them. He says the Japanese army is small and too old with an average age of 35, too many chiefs and not enough Indians he says, that is exactly how you want a pre war army, it's how Prussia bounced back after their defeat by the French and how Germany did so after WW1. If you have a limit on the size of your army, whether that be due to budget or the demands of a victorious nation, it isPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


They are not actually a pacifist nation. The fiction that they are is only skin deep and the world knows this, China knows this. You don't build up such a large ocean going navy or an indigenous defence industry in the first place if you are pacifists, you don't build up force projection assets like aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships if you are pacifists. Remember there are 4 foreign military bases in Djibouti and one of them is Japanese, you do not do this if you are pacifists. The Japanese navy is also quite active in external waters, the Japanese know what they are doing and know who their neighbours are and how they should prepare and they have plans and assets based on that.


Thank you for your reply, Anonymous. I knew a lot of the facts you mentioned piece by piece, but I hadn't put them all together as well as you did here. The video struck me as a very surface-level analysis without much backing in real understanding of geopolitics, particularly that of Japanese force-projection and maritime experience. Not to mention the complete and utter omission that the United States 7th Naval Fleet is based out of Yokosuka... Much worse is that they didn't mention the fact that the United States and Japan are in a long-standing mutual defense treaty where the US has committed to defending Japan from invasion, which in and of itself takes a massive financial burden in defense spending off of the Japanese...


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chromium is bad.


I know it is. That's why this thread stinks: I don't need to be reminded of it.


maybe you don't, but others do.


Okay, they can go somewhere else then.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (235.69 KB,1920x1080)

>Embrace, Extend, Extinguish
Wasn't that Microsoft's motto?
I had to use a Chrome-based browser for VPNs on 4/qa/. It seems to be the only common browser that will reload from a VPN on data send instead of a page refresh, or like firefox, a full restart.
I used Pale Moon and I was basically "meh" on satisfaction, but now I'm using Waterfox and I'm just slightly above "meh". I don't feel satisfied with any modern browser. You're always sacrificing something, so you need multiple ones installed and that's really annoying on its own.

File:photo-1523712999610-f77fbc….jpg (274.38 KB,1000x667)


What is the meaning of life? What purpose is there? Is there any? What does it mean?
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Yes, in regards to climate change which is why I am not worried about that(in regards to life) but not in terms of human foot print. A tree can't adapt to grow in the middle of a road and stay there without being removed anymore than a large cat could evolve to live in the city without being shot.


We’re talking about a different “life”. I assumed we were talking in the context of what is the meaning of “life” an “individual” has not what is the meaning of “life” as a system.
Though taking you’re idea of zooming out to the next level, life is just one of the many processes that decrease the overall entropy of the universe and its purpose is to do just that.


It's connected which is my point, even within a species. Many animals, most in many species do not reproduce yet they still fill vital roles and contribute to not just the ecosystem but to their species and even family. Partly this is simply because most animals do not live to adulthood but even so many animals operate in groups with an alpha male who is the only one who breeds such as with horses or with a family unit with a breeding mother and father such as with wolves. And of course famously we have the case of the ants.


There's more to life, than life.


life is made up of the questions that define life

File:make-rabbit-shaped-apple-s….jpg (94.69 KB,1280x600)



File:1479657298221.jpg (185.82 KB,823x646)


Please use this thread at your leisure to discuss random thoughts you might have that may not necessarily warrant their own threads.
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Good, IRC posters should stay on IRC.


I've been doing simple things irl alone that feel productive and growing more tired of the social aspect of the internet. Imageboards are leisure websites like social media. People there care about celebrities or whatever and we discuss other trivial things like IRC vs IBs, you might say is different because there is no like/voting system but the social aspect remains in the form of the consensus, like how anons hate vtubers here. Now I'm more aversive about opening some websites because I don't enjoy them as much as I used to and find the discussions of no consequence to my life. I don't mean to be condescending, this is just how I feel, very distanced from it. And no, I don't watch vtubers, I find them trivial as well but the negativity around it is a bore.


The average grown person shouldn't eat more than six to eight teaspoons of sugar per day. Which means that if I put four teaspoons in the entire amount of coffeepots of a day, I already have used up half the allowed amount. But the real danger knows hiding itself well, by which I mean the sweeteners in various processed foods. I conclude, it's a luxury to drink a big(400ml) cup of tea with one or two teaspoons of sugar in it, it's always better to have a big bottle of water within reach.


too old and ambitious for imageboards


just realized that you can drag the sidebar open on youtube.


Love spooktober


then why don't you marry it??


So close to spooky trips...


Halloween season?


File:kissu aut ai.PNG.png (193.1 KB,273x289)





File:1633822859618.jpg (355.7 KB,2048x1365)


Summer's over, but girls are still here

File:[Asenshi] Yuru Camp - 00 (….png (1.36 MB,1280x720)


Can't wait until it's cold enough that I can lay in bed with blankets playing a handheld again. I don't know if I ever feel more content.
Ahh... why is being warm while surrounded by cold so comforting?


I'm not so much a mobile gamer, but man do I love bundling up in the winter. It's so nice to just get all comfy by my lonesome and watch some anime.


File:nichijou-study.gif (1.67 MB,498x398)

The time has come!

File:1488653364570.jpg (926.92 KB,1920x1806)


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Your parents are Gen-z...?


was talking to a relative in high school recently. He have a PC and wanted to talk to me about stuff.
He didn't know what a forum was, which quite shocked me.


I don't think most people now days use forums unless they are techies or computer geeks. Forums are dying out...


It may surprise you, but some people have no idea how those work regardless of generation. I know my mother and grandmother are the same way and wouldn't know how to unzip a file if their life depended on it.


Their brains are young enough though that if you can just work on keeping them focused they can learn how to use it in a short amount of time.

People getting too used to tablet/touch interfaces is a larger issue I think though. My newphew is on them all the time and he has autism; rather than fine tuning his motor skills and muscle memory he's just passively getting blasted with nonsense little kid videos, and getting way to rigid comfortable with a format that may change by the time he's reaching adulthood.


Good advice for cold times and space heaters

File:1483769847681.png (492.09 KB,614x578)



Alas, he doesn't have the connections and insider trading knowledge to really make the big bucks. He'll always be stuck in the hamster race of life


fuck those stupid websites forcing account creation and then making the page static and un-filterable. not reading.


just use noscript


File:2021-09-28 23-05-46.mp4 (389.45 KB,1920x1080)

still can't read the page


File:75408806c345ae626db156e499….jpg (819.13 KB,1400x1600)

load any cancerous websites through archive.is

File:image.png (102.81 KB,500x281)


I went on my yearly 6hr autumn walk through the park trials for these walks I start on the bike paths before going off to the unmarked areas. I normally bring a weapon but I foolishly forgot this time luckily there was no danger.
I couldn't say the same for this caterpillar I found on the bike path before going to the unmarked areas. It was a monarch and knowing there are indangered I picked it off the path so it wouldn't go squish from bikes and carried it away to an unmarked area deep in the woods to be safe. I then altered my route because I don't like backtracking.

Hours pass and I head back to the bike path only to see a squished caterpillar on my trek I start to think "I hope that's just one I didn't carry" only to find just up ahead 13 more dead monarch caterpillars. Now I'm thinking that I did it for nothing I saved one only to see a bunch more dead...maybe even the one I "saved" maybe if I didn't see the one caterpillar I could have saved others..maybe I'm only fooling myself.
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fuck bugs. they all should be exterminated.


File:1369178329043.png (502.65 KB,600x854)




what kind of weapon?


Their weapon of choice


I just use a standard well lubed Swiss army knife no need for anything fancy I feel. Recently found more trails one said "use at own risk" and "area prone to flooding" only went a few kilometres in because I had smelt stagnate water so I will need to go when it's dry.
Weird I'm going through my music from the 00's folder and realized I haven't gone to that album yet.

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