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Zettai Ryouiki + Shorts blog for the Autumn months

This blog will end Thursday, Dec 21st.
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got more sleep the past couple days and feel better physically and emotionally, but wish I knew why caused me to really struggle to sleep the past 10 or so days
hope it's over with


Too many lavender flowers to earl grey leaves in my tea, tastes soapy.


buying a makeup brush was a great idea
not only can I apply ointment without getting my hands dirty, sometimes I can scratch the itch without putting the cream on the brush

File:2023-12-11-101409_862x1021….png (192.2 KB,862x1021)


Install Linux on your personal computers.
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How is this for gaming? I don't know if I'd use it for gaming. It seems like it's more designed towards realtime applications like video/audio production which might not play well with typical games. I'd love to hear if you're using this kernel config for gaming and how it fares compared to more typical configs.

I've personally found the default Gentoo kernel config and Debian's pre-compiled kernel to be just fine for playing video games over the years. I won't get into details about my own autism kernel config. But I will say kernel config never seemed to have much effect on games no matter how slim I made it or how much I compiled in. I mostly just got better boot times and better resource usage under certain advanced applications like a/v work.

The gaming situation is much like Windows world in Linux. The vast majority of games you're going to play are either going to be running through wine, proton (wine) with steam's 32-bit libs or via Windows VM. Hence why I keep that away from the rest of my system now.

I haven't attempted to game on a kernel tuned for real time in some time but from what I do remember it either did nothing or hurt my overall FPS. But not by much. Depended on what else I had running in the background.


I compile my own kernel with the Linux-tkg project (https://github.com/Frogging-Family/linux-tkg) but I've heard good things about zen and liquorix for games.


How does that automatically make me a NEET?


Nice I'll check it out then when I have time after the holidays. To be fair most of the games I do run aren't really that GPU intensive. I mostly play 2D stuff and fighting games. With the odd FPS thrown in. But most of this stuff is either locked at 60-144fps or runs at 300+fps on old hardware anyway. I haven't picked up an AAA game in a long time. Curious to see if this will work in the one MMO I still play (PSO2). Again not a very intensive game graphics wise.

All that said I still think learning Gentoo is worth it for someone that hasn't dipped their toes in the water beyond distros like Mint and Ubuntu. Since genkernel makes setting up and maintaining kernel configs easy. Oh and the ability to drop diff files straight into portage's directories and have them automatically picked up by ebuilds. Whenever I'm on Arch or another distro without portage I really miss all that stuff. Gentoo and Funtoo can use git instead of rsync these days. So you don't have to muck around with maintaining a bunch of crap by hand in your ~ anymore.


Moved to >>>/win/2364.

File:30473b1a23b143696615470316….png (8.88 MB,4961x3508)


It's happened again,
we stand in Autumn.
Keep an eye on the trees... they're suspicious...

This season, Fall ends on Wednesday, December 21
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That is a very weird insult to use.




I'm a pure maiden, and Elle is formally married to Tsubasa.


before that she was informally married


That just makes the things she does with all those oji-sans even sluttier.

File:IMG_20221217_184652124.jpg (1.81 MB,3264x2448)


It's not a place with heavy industry, from what I'm reading the river is mostly used for transport of raw materials, the products of agriculture, livestock, and logging.
Tigre specifically was a place for commerce and contraband, and at one point rich people set it up as a resort of sorts with heavy English influence (like that of the Rowing Club, that's its name in Spanish). Here's a pic of the Club de Regatas, for racing.
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File:IMG_20231217_114517047_MFN….jpg (5.65 MB,4080x3072)

thankfully we were fine it just muddied up the place


File:sofa.mp4 (1.63 MB,720x1280)

someone's sofa flew away and went viral


File:IMG_20231216_154012388_MFN….jpg (5.56 MB,4080x3072)

all in all it was very pretty and had an interesting feeling from the contrast of some spots being very well kept and cared for while other were ruined and abandoned


File:Akebi's Sailor Uniform - S….jpg (547.12 KB,1920x1080)

How susceptible is this place to flooding? The houses so close to the water level like >>3073 make me nervous, although the fencing there makes me think that some simple work was done there with new dirt. At least there's trees nearby to hold onto some of the soil.


File:IMG_20231216_134645323_MFN….jpg (3.7 MB,4080x3072)

I'm not sure, frankly. You can see the foundation is at least half a meter above ground, indeed sitting on top of soil that's already higher than the lower one on the left, and it has that red part on the bottom right that might just be grating of some sort, though I'm not sure how that would work either.
A good deal of houses more humble than that one sit at a lower elevation, and they seem to be doing fine. It's hard to tell, but I think that one's safe.

File:7fe66938cef11cdbc34461b994….jpg (12.53 MB,4500x6000)

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Have you read any interesting articles lately? Anything news worthy you think kissu would want to know about?
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I still remember that last one only because of this Scottish guy.


File:waterfox_UakoKBXqHK.png (1.69 MB,1200x900)

It took a month, but it finally erupted.


crashing would be certain death


Well I mean, it apready is in most cases.


with no survivors


My 'tuber essayist is better then yours
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File:1407803864784.png (131.87 KB,264x279)

Liquid Death, which is apparently the idea that if you put water in an energy drink can and give it energy drink marketing, you can sell it at energy drink prices. Turns out a lot of people, including my brother, are retarded enough to do exactly that. I was expecting there to be more to it than the epic joke of calling water something edgy, but no. This guy seems to think it's everything right with capitalism, though.


I weep knowing there are people like that. Atleast i only felt the retardation by proxy through your post.


K-mart still exists, I went there on Friday to get my Nephew a Christmas present.


The worst one I've seen posted here was called the "10 stages of math" and it was just basic arithmetic


Coming across this thread made me remember all of the times during the holiday seasons I'd go to K-Mart. Was the only place in my area to get an Icee besides the movie theater. I also used to get Pokemon and Yugioh cards there. First place I got a Fossil and Jungle box set as well as Starter Deck Yugi and Kaiba when Yugioh first came out. Last time I went into a K-Mart they were getting ready to close and I was standing in the electronics while they found a bunch of original PlayStation games stuck and I ended up getting sealed copies of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IX all for $10 a piece since they had $9.99 stickers still on them. The building has just been sitting and rotting ever since covered in graffiti and broken windows from the homeless. Probably would find some needles if I walked around it.


Fire safety before affordability
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Makes sense, but this would be pretty low on the affordability of housing thing. Landlords aren't going to pass on the saving from this to their tenants, but they would potentially double their own income. People buying up the places and leaving them empty as an investment and extremely high levels of immigration mean that landlords get to set their prices unless there's laws to restrict them. The video guy is in Vancouver, so if you wanted to fix the housing prices there you'd have to undo the population explosion.


New buildings cost more than old ones? Who would have thought.


Actually, come to think of it the US has old buildings like that anyway.


Outside of very large cities and historical towns, most buildings are from like the 70s


Yes but it still has them.

File:VID_20231128_085411.webm (4.65 MB,1280x720)


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That doesn't make any sense...


poor bird


it's probably dead from hypothermia now
you could have saved it op


birds don't die of hypothermia


well, not all of them... but the ones that don't migrate are good at dealing with low temperatures

File:r544xd copy.png (734.05 KB,849x809)

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If you think a video doesn't deserve its own thread, you can post it here
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the qajoers


boson dynamics




This guy's channel seems pretty important

File:0u6wm5f054tb1.webp (32.42 KB,960x632)


YouTube is once again trying to implement a policy against ad-blockers. Do you think they will really follow through with it, or will the backlash be too great and they back off quietly?
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AI has already crippled the WWW. It'll just be the social media protocol by then


they brought it back... got a screen just yesterday


Strange. I wonder if they've given up on sending such things to my accounts because there is no phone number associated with them. I asked a few people using the same ISP as me and they've all reported that they're getting them to.


Would be helpful to state which Browser/Adblocker/Filters you have that gets it detected. Most likely it's just your filters falling out of date at times, but again, avoid using a browser built by an ad company.
I have never seen this and I use Adblock on Firefox.


No I mean I don't get them at all despite letting ad blocking plug-ins go out of date. For what it's worth I'm accessing youtube from a wide variety of browsers and different computers. I mainly use Firefox+noscript+ublock though. I'm also not seeing it logged into chrome or edge from both Linux and Windows computers on my LAN. It's like my IP address or accounts are excluded from any such warnings.

They've been hitting my old accounts hard lately though. I've lost access to 5 this last year because they demand a phone number now. At one point I had 40+ gmail accounts most going all the way back to the days when it was invite only. A few more years and I doubt I'll be able to use gmail at all.


Valve made a documentary about HL1 for the 25th anniversary.
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mm, tried to use the console to initiate a vote for a map change and accidentally crashed 404'd the server doing so
we can still continue if you want, but not sure if maybe we should try and set up a different time and maybe plugins so that all of kissu can play


Thought you might have gotten bored of killing me and shut it down. It is pretty late, so probably best to try again later this week when there are more noobs to prey on friends to play with.


File:yukari gman.jpg (448.45 KB,1652x1560)

love half-life
I don't even know how much time I spent playing mods


Very interesting how some low ranked Combine soldiers—the ones who still retain some of their humanity—feel remorse upon death.


File:1524426877289.jpg (33.39 KB,604x340)

Bleh, time stamp doesn't work.

File:R-1702181466012.jpg (92.58 KB,1200x1263)


It weirds me the hell out seeing people my age or older involved in chantard culture. I stopped finding that kind of thing funny by my early 20s, and I always think of it as teen humor. When non-teens use it it just seems so... immature? to me. Like, you're in your 30s dude. Talking in a combination of edgy memes and racial slurs isn't cute anymore; it's just fucking sad.
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gonna buy this domain, looks solid.




Thread's closed due to AIDS




I miss ಠ_ಠ


You lathe you lose

File:R-1700643996086.webp (84.87 KB,1200x900)


Can't believe I'm drinking water wrong. My water doesn't have minerals, so what?
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Don't drink distilled water. You need the minerals in water, or you can develop mineral deficiencies.


water update: I learned walmart also sells jugs of spring water


File:berkey-usa-berkey-by-nmcl-….jpg (447.67 KB,1500x1500)

I've got a water purifier at home, you should look into one.


walmart's filtered water tastes better than their spring water


File:[Anime-Anarchy]_Sadamitsu_….jpg (70.62 KB,640x480)

Distilled sounds funky so I won't drink it


potardto frogger
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It's not like they're the top of the food chain. They're just smarter than and bigger than bugs.


Yeah, I just have to stop to marvel at it once in a while. Life is fragile and yet resilient at the same time and these dumb blobs with stubby legs are good at their niche.


I'd poke it but nothing more


it looks way less tarded in its habitat


compare that to this one where it doesn't even eat the worm/larva in front of it, just sits there
maybe it's because the guy dug them up during daytime

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