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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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Welcome to Autumn,

"The Autumn Sky and a Maiden's Heart"
"Falling Leaves of Maddness"
"Promise of the Wheat God"

This season, Autumn ends on Tuesday December 21
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she looks like she could use a hat


File:FA2xh4UVkAI9CdA.jpeg (400.65 KB,1788x2141)


File:[Over-Time] Star☆Twinkle P….jpg (165.06 KB,1280x720)

/aut/ will be closing soon
If you have anything to say in a thread here, do it in the next 12 or so hours

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If you think a video doesn't deserve its own thread, you can post it here
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Video about the size of Thylacines.



I love Michael from Vsauce.
Whatever I want to learn about he has a video on it. Such a great channel with such great videos. Sad that its dying.


nice christmas present
love jcs



I love how bored and confused many of the people in the audience look.

File:1479657298221.jpg (185.82 KB,823x646)

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Please use this thread at your leisure to discuss random thoughts you might have that may not necessarily warrant their own threads.
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File:hina2.jpg (167.55 KB,599x599)

Wait, are they selling nukige on Steam now? I thought sexual stuff was not allowed. Publishers had to censor VNs for the Steam release and now they allow porn on the platform.

I'm not complaining here, I just find it a little strange that Valve did a complete 180 on the matter.


They have been selling smut on steam for a while now, I think it's just underage appearing stuff that is not allowed.


Noticed recently that my cat sort of has eyelashes. It's hard to see from head-on, but it's noticeable looking from the side.


Just realized I've barely written a single thing in the last 6 or so months. Weird to think about writing being separate from typing despite the end result being somewhat the same, of course without the flair of personal style in calligraphy.


they even sell hgames on GOG now

File:e7939fbcd60ef194841310d624….png (2.24 MB,1600x1212)


I read some stories about mafias and gangs around the world and I think that the formation of them can point to the formation of human society.
They are usually born into poverty where the only way to survive is to by acting together to be powerful enough to make ends meet, relying on strength and violence. Those who are the strongest and cruelest are the key to this, so the weak rely on the strong to survive and are willing to obey the orders of them.
This results in a pyramid social structure with different levels of leaders and a culture of obeying the order of those who are higher up. The strongest aggregates the most wealth and become the king.
Maybe autocracy is part of the human nature.
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It's known that they were better fed on average but they had fewer resources outside of food as well, after all you cant have bronze artefacts if you can't work bronze. A lack of such artefacts and the prehistoric nature in general does make it harder to tell just how egalitarian or not they were but once we reach the age where they have those resources we reach the age where burial sites of important people with lots of them are found, indicating that they were not so egalitarian. But even so, even in non-metal working societies, there is almost always a chief or something similar, we see that in the anthropological record all the time. And yes war existed and it was far worse and far more brutal with cannibalism being the norm.

There are plenty of civilizations that have gone beyond the tribal age in tropical areas and plenty that have stayed in the tribal stage outside of it. I don't think it has that much to do with it and could even be argued against, an abundance of food generally pushes society forwards not backwards as people find it easier to do things other than search for it. Tropical tribes tend to be less well fed than our own prehistoric ancestors as well.


I think autocracy is an emergent feature of “the societal marketplace”.
Just as an example, consider how a primitive person would have to get their own food and protect their food and themselves. At some point a person is able to produce so much food that these two roles could be separated and one person would be able to collect enough food for themselves and for another person who is able to protect both persons. This is just basic trading between persons that are specialized. “Ruling” is also a good that is produced, so at some point people began trading their food for some person’s “ruling”.
There exist some markets, like those for utilities, that naturally form monopolies or oligopolies. In some combinations of societal size, complexity, and level of technology, I believe “ruling” is one of those monopolizing markets. As such you have autocracies form, from a “ruling” producer monopolizing the “ruling” market.


Autocracies as they exist now wouldn't have been possible in the early days. Back then, a leader would've had a pretty limited set of tools to enforce his authority (nothing even a fraction as powerful as modern weaponry existed until thousands of years later), and there would've been a much smaller gap between the haves and the have-nots. Who got into a position of power was mostly decided based on who people were willing to obey. If a ruler was unpopular enough, it would've been relatively easy for the pack to turn on him and make someone else their leader.


Looking in the opposite direction, it's a common trope that if humanity is to spread out amongst the stars, that feudalism might take hold once again due to the herculean task of a democracy existing with as long as it might take to travel from planet to planet. I think this sort of thought also is probably revealing; autocracy and democracy may be products of logistics and proximity. That is, feudal systems might be more prone to springing up when contact between other settlements isn't feasible. In this way, maybe it makes more sense for feudal systems to be a local phenomena and democracies a more "national" one. This makes a lot of sense to me because it gives some context into why someone might voluntarily become a serf; if you can already not practically leave, and being a freedman is of no benefit, then being tied to your land is of no real detriment since you would still be tied to the land had you been a freedman since the expense and uncertainty of travel would be unthinkable, especially when in those eras there was no standardization of language so you may very well not even be able to converse with people even a town over were you to abandon the place of your birth.


I don't think I have ever seen Feudalism in Sci-fi. It's common to have an empire but not Feudalism. That's fairly simple to see why they do it as well, if you want a faction to control large portions of the galaxy it kind of has to be an empire, either that or tied to a special ideology. Otherwise each planet would want to become independent and being a democracy you would not really be able to stop it.

File:__toyama_kasumi_bang_dream….jpg (2.1 MB,1621x2337)


Have you ever dealt with addictions? How did you get over it? Are you currently addicted to something?
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MMORPGs. I won't touch them now.


Things like jerking off too much or using the internet for too long aren't addictions so much as they are stigmatized bad habits. You're not addicted to the thing itself, you're addicted to the event that comes with it.


I don't agree with this reasoning. Were this really true then gambling would not be a problem, for example.


I've been reading a book about overcoming addiction, one of its advices is "Continue doing what is making you addicted as long as you haven't finished this book." So far I like this advice.


Let me put it this way; that sort of addiction comes from a lack of self-control and discipline. Something like cocaine is addictive: it goes into your brain and directly causes a physical dependency.

Gambling isn't that. Gambling is an abstract concept, not a physical thing. People with gambling addictions can theoretically quit whenever they want, they just choose not to because they lack the willpower. A coke addict, meanwhile, will get seriously ill because his brain needs the substance to function.

File:7fe66938cef11cdbc34461b994….jpg (12.53 MB,4500x6000)


Have you read any interesting articles lately? Anything news worthy you think kissu would want to know about?
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covid protectiona are such a mess. Government spent so much of everyone's time and money on preventions and as soon as restrictions are lifted double vaccinated gatherings show that it's still at its peak.


Getting infected really isn't that big of a deal if you're vaccinated since you're magnitudes less likely to have a severe case that requires hospitalization. Which was basically the point of vaccines in the first place... Don't know why people are expecting it to magically disappear just because people are 70% less likely or whatever to contract it. 30% are still getting it.


Might not be like it where you live but the government thinks that everyone has to be completely immune. This is partly due to public reception of the virus. This means it's possible that the definition of fully vaccinated goes up every time the public is in hysteria. Fully vaccinated individuals are currently the only ones allowed into public social spaces. Also governments are currently implementing more restrictions on public gatherings. Definition of being effectively masked for medical professionals in Ontario is changing from 1 cloth mask to 2 cloth masks or a medical mask.

Severe cases, death cases, vaccinations. None of it matters. Goverment wants 100% removal or for the public to stop caring about it(if 9/11 is any measure people won't)


One of the smart people said early on that we're only as strong as the weakest country since we're all connected now. Off the top of my head the three mutations I remember are from Brazil, India and most recently South Africa. People can minimize the damage outside those areas, but as long as there are poor countries where viruses have free rein it will keep mutating. I think the "hope" is that eventually there will be a relatively harmless variant that becomes dominant.


>I think the "hope" is that eventually there will be a relatively harmless variant that becomes dominant.
Isn't that pretty much already what omicron is? From what I've heard, it causes milder symptoms than the flu, but has the infectivity of a cold.




This guy really has a death wish... putting his life in the hands of Elon Musk...


Foregoing the usual, "Tesla 'autodriving' is bad, and doesn't work as well as the name implies," fanfare, I really don't understand why anyone would want one in the first place in regards to usability. There's so much on the books about not being able to look at a phone while driving, and yet Tesla gets away with hiding every single setting on a giant tablet? Call me crazy, but it seems a thousand times safer for someone to be distracted and at least be paying 50% attention on the road while fiddling for the thermostat controls as opposed to 0% attention and staring at a tablet menu to find the right setting.


The new Elden Scrolls is looking nice


Here's why you don't use Java
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He replicates an entire attack vector using minecraft to gain remote access into a machine. But by all means, read the comments for people calling it fake.

I'm sure one day you'll be able to click on the video and put aside your childish hatred of modern society to learn a little bit about how it works.


File:kagami.png (244.16 KB,800x781)

Maybe people should just try having faces I'm not repulsed by.


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (120.44 KB,1280x720)

I've watched a bit of it and it's good, yeah. I'm too dumb to understand what he's doing, but it's cool to see it documented like this. He's got 320k subs so I think he can manage without my thumbnail approval.
"Don't hate the player, hate the game", right? I hate the "game" of those stupid thumbnails...


Isn't that actually complementing him?


nerd thread

didn't read

File:Abyss.Watchers.full.213715….jpg (2.15 MB,3000x2000)


I've come to realize there's a void left in my head when YouTube doesn't provide me with good results for entertainment.

I seem to have forgotten how to find things that interest me by myself without an AI feeding me results. You think this is a problem?
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relying entirely on others to entertain you is surely not healthy nor sustainable. Then having issues even finding entertainment made by others yourself is certainly a big bad.


Anime industry status: Destroyed


Yeah, I hate not having something to play on a second screen, even when I'm not giving it much attention. I think it's a habit I've picked up about a year ago, but it's hard to give up.

Ehh, everyone is like this apart from some hermits living isolated somewhere. We're all on the internet, aren't we?


>relying entirely on others to entertain you is surely not healthy nor sustainable
You do know what media is, right? We've been relying on others for entertainment since the dawn of civilization.


After some determination, I've determined that YouTube is more likely to give you good results if you stay logged in and let it track you to an extent, sadly. Thought you could get around tainted recs by refreshing your history and cookies but then it just recommends you dumb norm crap or weird kids crap. I have to assume the algorithm just doesn't want to give up any interesting results by default.

File:Untitled16.png (750.85 KB,1432x1351)


Hmmm, very interesting. There was some Youtube Channel(Common Sense Skeptic I think), that was debunking Starship and Starlink, pointing out how ludicrous Starship is and how it's mission to Mars would never work for many reasons and in another video talking about how Starlink is a debacle that is actually losing Space X money and doens't offer a better service than what is already available. This email kind of confirms both, Starship was never meant to go to Mars, he just said that to hype up idiots, it's meant to send these satilites to space in a manner that is actually viable and cost effective because as it is they are going to go bust.


Couldn't Elon personally fund those rockets himself?


This explains the problems in it's design as well, I said a while ago that I thought it was going to tear itself apart as it's just too bulky and cheap. I think that is the point, the idea of it being reused is hogwash, he is mass producing grain silos to send satellite swarms into space.


No. His wealth is tied up in shares. He did sell some of them not long ago but if he sells too many it will crash the share price. He already has a lot of his shares in Tesla used up as collateral for loans anyway, that's a large part of the reason these projects are happening in the first place. Investors are throwing money into a bubble and he is capitalising on it by using his bloated shares to back loans to fund them. As he already has a large part of it backing loans he might not be able to use more and if he sells too much and lowers the share price it might cause the bubble to pop and the loans that he has taken out would then be backed by nothing and he would be in monumental debt.


America is just a bunch of guys trying to scam each other, and the richest people are just running the best scams.

File:1538598879005.jpg (36.85 KB,500x574)


please look at this and tell me what you think about it
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looks nice and soft and I want to touch it and tickle it and annoy the cat with it until it gets annoyed and runs away


the hi five cat


looks like an animal


qt toe beans i wanna touch em


smelly cat feets

File:IMG951852.jpg (48.92 KB,960x746)



File:5ebf6b67af77098b18ef6502e1….png (263.3 KB,560x896)

What if you write the 2 in the swirly way? Checkmate nerds.


File:93619780_p0.png (1.02 MB,868x1228)

The number of people interested in this must number in the dozens!


The '1' on the left is written wrong and it is pissing me off. When compared against an 8-display, it is right-centred, whereas the 1 on the right is left-centred, yet the indent in the middle where the central stroke of the 8 would go is still facing towards the right.


how auspicious it must mean good things for Kissu!


That's just an implementation detail about the digit display and doesn't detract from the fact about the date at all.

File:The.Good.the.Bad.and.the.U….jpg (219.15 KB,1920x816)


Has kissu laid eyes upon media from the forbidden third dimension recently?
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Finished up with DUNC and I can see why many people aren't really talking about it. Hard to say much about a film that's pretty good all around. Nothing to really poke flaws at, and it did a good job at adapting the book even if it didn't also adapt each and every internal monologue. Only thing I'd say I think could've been presented better was the omnipresent feeling of Bene Gesserit that was littered throughout the book. Also these special effects were great.


Been watching Mr.Robot lately, almost at the end of season 2. Pretty nice show.


I checked out the live action to Cowboy Bebop. As I've seen posted elsewhere online it feels like a CW show with a higher budget I guess closer to the series Titans in it's own way.


Watching the Dexter reboot every Sunday.
It gives me the same feeling as when I was watching the Higurashi reboot because I used to watch the original series as a teen.


I also have been watching Dexter. Hard to believe Dexter first came out in 2006. Feels like a completely different time.

File:7dd6434d75acf5da09a93604d8….png (528.29 KB,935x1500)


Sometimes it feels like I'm the only person that enjoys thanksgiving. I can't be the only one, right?
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Do you mean medication?


No, I don't.


then are you implying you want a lobotomy?


I'm actually having surgery I have something wrong with me and have it already scheduled. I'll be in the hospital recovering during Christmas.


really like the pudgy turkeyhandle girl

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