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File:30473b1a23b143696615470316….png (8.88 MB,4961x3508)


It's happened again,
we stand in Autumn.
Keep an eye on the trees... they're suspicious...

This season, Fall ends on Wednesday, December 21
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File:FfsdRI0akAAN492.jpg (248.31 KB,1113x1376)

Autumn is full of nice, warm colors


i went for a walk today but it was very cold

File:7fe66938cef11cdbc34461b994….jpg (12.53 MB,4500x6000)

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Have you read any interesting articles lately? Anything news worthy you think kissu would want to know about?
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dumb argumentative shitposter


This is actually pretty old news it seems, but the capsule tower was demolished several months ago. It's somewhat of a shame considering how unique it was, but the video does a good job to highlight the issues regarding maintenance that plagued the building and ultimately led to its demolition.


I don't think the design philosophy works with sky scrapers but they mention that those pods were able to stand alone on the ground, that makes more sense. I can easily see that approach working in a stand alone setting. I would love to be able to buy a plot of land and place something like that on it, though that relies on it actually being cost competitive with other alternatives anyway. I have looked into prefabbed pod like structures before and they were more expensive than simply building a house.


>An experimental drug that removes a substance called amyloid from the brain appears to slow down Alzheimer's disease.

When I was watching BBC News while cooking I saw this and they were using words like "historical", but NPR seems much more subdued in its reporting which is probably for the best:


The Indian army is training birds to take down Chinese drones.


File:550d5e0b9e659242114310a7af….jpg (907.04 KB,2358x2123)


What's your favorite country in springland?
(Southern Hemisphere)
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I like Antarctica, but that's not a country. What's not to love about barren, frozen deserts and unique terrain?


You won't trick me, I am Australian.


House prices in New Zealand seem to be more effected by government policy and the demographics of the nation rather than a few rich people. The New Zealand government is strict on allowing new housing developments but also the North Island has 3.9 million people while the south Island has 1.2 Million people even though it's larger. So their might be places in the South Island that are cheaper to buy as well.


What are South Africans like? I get the impression that they are bogans but with more guns.


It really depends on ethnic group.

File:051b8eba97b1bb09e954e2c463….jpg (275.47 KB,800x800)


sense of time is completely busted... my body has no idea if it's 6AM or 4PM
this always happens in the early periods of winter late fall...
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Why? Is it really important if you don't have anything to do during daytime?


You should still have some kind of schedule so that you can be more healthy and have more energy and so you can better manage your life.


I've had schedules in the past and I still had no energy


My life is done for already. Nothing to manage.


Uh, you can still manage your body so you're healthy at the very least. Usually helps to improve your overall outlook on life.


Is it just me or does anyone else hate these upscales and recolorizations of old film? They're just so disgusting.


Yeah, that looks too weird to me. It's less distracting to have it full of noisy grain


I like them if they are done well but that one wasn't.


Colourisation is alright if it's done properly, but upscaling and the obsession with 60 fps ruins them.

File:Large Charge.mp4 (6.2 MB,1024x576)


i can hear it


I had to check that the music there wasn't in Zero Wing. It sounds so much like it.
Megadrive/Genesis had such a nice sound chip. I wish I played more of its games back in the day


File:Moon and Stars.mp4 (4.71 MB,540x720)

can you hear it


Welcome, Moon and Star.

File:r544xd copy.png (734.05 KB,849x809)

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If you think a video doesn't deserve its own thread, you can post it here
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I can't even...



I remember that.

Somehwat related, Tod's Workshop just did a relatively in-depth and accurate test on early plate armour against longbows.


Nice series



File:79498673_p0_master1200.jpg (888.15 KB,900x1200)


Mistaken for a girl. Ambivalent feelings.
Probably only because I was wearing a mask. Ambivalent feelings.
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It hides their masculine jawline and stubble.


File:110d96e8da457a1ab865e9cb95….jpg (1.01 MB,850x1226)

Wearing girls' clothing. Ambivalent feelings.
Going on dates with cute boys. Ambivalent feelings.


Confessing my feelings, ambivalent.


File:Feel Ambivalents.mp3 (3.85 MB,175x157)


I am ambivalent when people mistake me for a girl.
However, when they realize their mistake and apologize, I feel very awkward.

File:a36481c6966d9b52b3c2603b65….jpg (523.81 KB,1328x1774)


It's starting to get awfully cold out. Is Kissu staying warming? It feels like Winter is just around the corner.
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I hope we get snow this year.


got a couple inches of snow outside today. staying warn though with my hoodie and comfy pajamas.


its supposed to be thunderstorming this weekend but when i woke up it was sunny so i quickly did my grocery shopping even though i was tired. hoping for a good storm later gonna make a hot choco


wow, the qt on the left is SO COLDthat she has gym shorts AND tights under the skirt.

anyways, my room hovers around 65 degrees or 17-18C; I would prefer it to be a bit warmer but these old apartments with wood floors just feel cold. Cold makes for better, deeper sleep though, so I hear.

same, Winter without snow is just cold, no magic and wonder.



File:istockphoto-182160027-612x….jpg (31.43 KB,612x546)


Seasons are dumb and stupid


I like them. Thread nullified.


I agree! It's freaking 2022 already. We need controlled weather in a space station habitat. But instead we just have a bunch of retards in positions of power who's pissing all of that potential away.


It'll never happen because of the intense opposition to it.


You could just get an air conditioner...


It wouldn't be fun without seasons.

File:The.Good.the.Bad.and.the.U….jpg (219.15 KB,1920x816)


Has kissu laid eyes upon media from the forbidden third dimension recently?
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I watched Heartbeat the other day and it got me wondering if it could work as an anime if it was set in rural Japan instead of the UK.


Been watching this Chinese opera play. The singing can be a little grating at times and the story feels a bit repetitive, but the costumes are pretty cool. I like the ornamental metal thingies on the officials hats.

I learned about it a while ago from Tom and Jerry of all things...


chinese rap sure is something


I think I'm going to get hearing damage, but it'll be worth it...


File:Bao Zheng.png (1.41 MB,1440x1080)


Good quote.

File:1479657298221.jpg (185.82 KB,823x646)

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Please use this thread at your leisure to discuss random thoughts you might have that may not necessarily warrant their own threads.
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File:EKDPkgmUEAEbnpY.jpg (50.39 KB,621x407)

I find a bit hard to believe that people in the 60's and 70's actually liked eating aspic. I just tried some and it wasn't very good.


Im too autistic to do this.
I pronounced "monde" like mon-dehh like japanese or spanish


File:1566840242538.png (53.47 KB,230x200)

November is the worst month. Everything is so dark and depressing, I hate it.


On the bright side you get longer dark hours to sleep, and you really appreciate the warmth of your bed.


Noticed today that I've polished the spacebar in one spot from pressing it. Funny that that happens, but I wish the surfaces were more durable.

File:1576041474054.png (935.4 KB,900x874)


yep, nothing like grilling in the autumn season
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i exploded inside ur mum last nite, fgt


Did you die?


I will one day cease to drink these things.
And the coffee doubleshots.


he can't reply to your post because he is dead
truly a sad day


He's grilling cans of sugar free energy-drink with the angels now.

File:fda9ae3df82e1ffa76b07d315a….png (2.41 MB,1756x1239)


Do you consider yourself a water drinker?
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I don't think that's good for your kidneys. I think drinking more than recommended puts additional stress on them.


3 liters isn't nearly a dangerous amount depending on your physical activities and how actually hot it is where you live.


File:calvin-water.jpg (202.52 KB,900x640)



File:hinata spring water yns.mp4 (1.23 MB,1280x720)


chocolate makes me thirsty

File:__aki_shizuha_touhou_drawn….png (3.62 MB,1852x2208)


Something I've always wondered... why is it that autumn air smells "crisp" and clean? The first cold day of the season is here so I have my window open and it smells so nice, but is it even related to smell? It doesn't smell like this in winter


File:ddd6086c9738101d6ff849ecc0….png (2.27 MB,1450x2300)

It's the smell of decay.


I was thinking that it might be that, maybe something trees release as part of the de-leafing process? But, decay is usually a smell we find extremely repulsive


Maybe it's connected to heating? Here the air in the winter often smells smokey because some houses are still heated by burning wood (or garbage).


File:[SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 1….jpg (293.94 KB,1280x720)

Well, I decided to look it up finally.

-Summer is more humid which allows odor to travel and linger better which means a lot of smells combine which becomes a basic indistinguishable smell

-In autumn as trees and plants go dormant the sugars and other components in leaves break down and gas is released

-Both of things together mean that in the dry air of autumn we can smell that gas from the plants in isolation

An article also mentioned that we pay more attention to it because of memories we've associated with it earlier in our lives, but I was more concerned with its direct cause.

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