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If you think a video doesn't deserve its own thread, you can post it here


There's this weird fluid physics add-on thingie for blender, although its interesting on its own I'm kind of interested in the text-to-speech part of the video. At parts it sounds pretty good, but then it sounds really artificial. I wonder how it can sound almost convincing at times...





10 mins on 4/qa/ vs 10 mins on kissu



it would be nice if neural regeneration allows for bettered comprehension and learning skills. being able to learn a language like a child can would be nice.


I know the cool kids of the internet hate GDQ these days and I can understand part of that, but man this really warmed my heart. This is from the one of January of this year and the commentator (not the runner) has a rather bad case of stuttering. But, he's in front of tens of thousands of people (online) live and he did it. Not only that, but you can see his friend the runner nodding and giving him as much time as he wants and then gibing some follow-ups. That's real friendship, on the internet.
Strangely enough, someone else gave a very similar comment on youtube which is really surprising since I expect the absolute worst from the place.
If the timer thing doesn't work for you, it's at 13:42.



Interesting semi-debate. Should users have access to certain different ways of consuming a piece of media, and is there a "correct way" to do so?




hooray new video


my favorite outtakes


I'm surprised with how semi-frequent fighting game stuff has been posted lately, no one has posted this yet.


Hah! A speedrun of Ring Fit Adventure. This is a good preview for me. I think I definitely want it when I get a Switch



I wonder what Kissu thinks of this video.


File:ZZC 1196 E.png (2.22 MB,2200x2000)

It's flawed in multiple ways.

He says that while Japan does spend a reasonably large amount on defence much of that is on maintenance and then goes on a tangent about earthquakes(which actually isn't related to the budget of the military as much as one would assume or certainly as much as he does). Most nations are in a similar situation, modern military equipment costs a lot to maintain and constantly requires it, I remember reading a few years ago about how at any given time less than half the German sub force and less than half the German heavy air transport were actually operational as they either were in the process of being repaired or needed to be repaired. All advanced militaries suffer this and in Japans case it is probably likely to be a bit worse simply because they place a much larger emphasis on their navy comparative to their army than many other nations do and ships are expensive and need constant maintenance, it's long been held that in order to have one aircraft carrier you actually need three, because only a third will actually be operational at a given time.

Likewise, the industry just fine too. He mentions that the companies make less as a percentage than others do from military contracts and yes of course a lack of foreign buyers contribute but so does the simple fact that that is the way Japan is, it's made up of huge corporations that don't specialise on defence but still have a hand in it. However, Japan still actually has a defence industry which is more than can be said for a great many other nations and due to the size of their economy and manufacturing base it can easily and rapidly expand in the event of a war.

The demographic crisis is not well gone into either. He mentions that Japan started ageing before China but fails to mention that China is actually ahead of them now and ageing faster than they are, and that is by Chinese statistics which have a great many problems, the real situation is very likely to be far worse for them. He says the Japanese army is small and too old with an average age of 35, too many chiefs and not enough Indians he says, that is exactly how you want a pre war army, it's how Prussia bounced back after their defeat by the French and how Germany did so after WW1. If you have a limit on the size of your army, whether that be due to budget or the demands of a victorious nation, it is beneficial to build up an experienced core as that can serve as the nucleus of an expansion of the army if war ever does occur. But it's a moot point because war will not be fought in such huge numbers anyway, particularly not for Japan who is a naval power.

Finally he says the Japanese lack experience as well. So does everybody. Policing operations against goat herders are not experience.

In addition he leaves out a major point to all of this in that as I mentioned, Japan is a naval power. The Chinese navy is the largest in terms of numbers but it's a coastal navy with very few ships that can operated away from the coast and those that can are nothing to write home about, there blue water navy is far weaker than that of Japan(not to mention the US of course). The Chinese are an export economy and also rely heavily on energy imports that pretty much all come in through the Indian ocean while for their weak blue water navy to actually leave Chinese waters and get to that Indian ocean to protect the energy imports that their nation relies on to actually function they have to get past Japan, Taiwain, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India and as I said, their navy is weaker. If they ever got into a war with Japan, just Japan alone, they can kiss their energy imports and their export based economy good bye.


They are not actually a pacifist nation. The fiction that they are is only skin deep and the world knows this, China knows this. You don't build up such a large ocean going navy or an indigenous defence industry in the first place if you are pacifists, you don't build up force projection assets like aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships if you are pacifists. Remember there are 4 foreign military bases in Djibouti and one of them is Japanese, you do not do this if you are pacifists. The Japanese navy is also quite active in external waters, the Japanese know what they are doing and know who their neighbours are and how they should prepare and they have plans and assets based on that.


Thank you for your reply, Anonymous. I knew a lot of the facts you mentioned piece by piece, but I hadn't put them all together as well as you did here. The video struck me as a very surface-level analysis without much backing in real understanding of geopolitics, particularly that of Japanese force-projection and maritime experience. Not to mention the complete and utter omission that the United States 7th Naval Fleet is based out of Yokosuka... Much worse is that they didn't mention the fact that the United States and Japan are in a long-standing mutual defense treaty where the US has committed to defending Japan from invasion, which in and of itself takes a massive financial burden in defense spending off of the Japanese...

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