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File:79498673_p0_master1200.jpg (888.15 KB,900x1200)


Mistaken for a girl. Ambivalent feelings.
Probably only because I was wearing a mask. Ambivalent feelings.




File:79713506_p2.png (886.58 KB,1094x1532)

Cute, cute, cute!


File:62237989_p9.png (415.78 KB,800x700)

To be mistaken for a girl doesn't necessarily mean to be mistaken for a cute girl. Still, that's the least of the problems.


Cut your hair hippy.




Happened to me too when I went to vote, but that wasn't the first time...


some girl with a notebook called out to me on the street and she wanted to interview me about the government or something but she said i had to be 25+ years old. I told her I was only 22, she looked disappointed.


File:d845298b6b4920c605e18c5c7….jpeg (220.19 KB,625x1000)

Wonder what it is about masks that can make feminine boys easily mistakable for girls


It hides their masculine jawline and stubble.


File:110d96e8da457a1ab865e9cb95….jpg (1.01 MB,850x1226)

Wearing girls' clothing. Ambivalent feelings.
Going on dates with cute boys. Ambivalent feelings.


Confessing my feelings, ambivalent.


File:Feel Ambivalents.mp3 (3.85 MB,175x157)


I am ambivalent when people mistake me for a girl.
However, when they realize their mistake and apologize, I feel very awkward.

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