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File:waterfox_mPj84AquyI.png (31.51 KB,621x434)


This "youtube video game essay generator" is pretty hilarious. I continue to be amazed at how these random generators that are basically madlibs continue to entertain me so much.


File:waterfox_wGy0N5lWWj.png (14.44 KB,614x112)

It does poke fun at political/social stuff, but I think it does it in such an absurd way that it's completely innocuous


File:waterfox_bVKA2vgQBT.png (15.45 KB,624x122)

Oh, and I realize now the site didn't mention youtube at all. Oops.
I need to stop now or I'll take this thread to bump limit by myself because I can't stop laughing.


File:firefox_1gJ0ysn1KN.png (20.25 KB,872x133)

Feels like a 12 hour youtube video I'd watch while gaming. Funny how inconsequential the name of the game makes it sound.


File:snoopy.png (14.02 KB,917x115)

heh what


>the site didn't mention youtube at all
It's in the page title.


File:Untitled.png (29.26 KB,762x279)

Even has PC-98 games in the database.


>Oscura: Second Shadow is actually worse than you remember
write me an article journalists, this is quality click bait


>How Nemesis the Warlock Changed My Perspective on Corporatism

He sounds like a reasonable fellow.


File:waterfox_iS6wfoHj1c.png (16.11 KB,635x129)

more shameless kobito-bashing from the media


File:Capture.PNG.png (29.6 KB,788x295)

I got a lot of these mention autism, or maybe I'm just getting that a lot.




What pop'n music Best Hits Teaches You About Misandry


How Toaru Majutsu no Index Changed How We Think About Eurocentrism


File:waterfox_mkRL6Ed18Y.png (16.02 KB,623x111)



Similar brought me here to tell you all that this link is dead


Oh, that's a bummer. It was really funny, and ever since I messed with that site I noticed how often youtubers and even article writers use the same phrases


I dont know if they're being taught this in school or if they're just copying each other

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