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File:7dd6434d75acf5da09a93604d8….png (528.29 KB,935x1500)


Sometimes it feels like I'm the only person that enjoys thanksgiving. I can't be the only one, right?


File:91515301_p0.jpg (924.49 KB,1002x1705)

Sometimes family gatherings remind you more of what you've lost than what you still have.
But this everyone will enjoy the day on kissu


File:[Coalgirls]_Dantalian_no_S….jpg (111.4 KB,1280x720)

I get that. Though for me it's one Holiday where I meet up with the only side of the family that doesn't subtley judge me or force their societal expectations on me. Also all the food is really nice.


*the one Holiday


Yeah, the food is nice. Every year I say or think "That was so good, I should learn how to make it" and then suddenly a year has passed and I'm saying it again


I miss family gatherings even if they were all faking kindness while secretly hating each other. The facade was strong enough to make it enjoyable for a while. My mother cooking with firewood, my cousins who I rarely see, all the love from my grandparents... This doesn't exist anymore.


You could always ask people in the cooking thread how to make the Thanksgiving stuff.

Also I always feel a bit useless when it comes to Thanksgiving because everyone has their own special dish and I have nothing...


File:90843837_p0.jpg (440.21 KB,1438x1390)

Kongsgiving. How will you give your thanks to Sachiko?


File:DZwTM9uW0AUUiMb.png (337.89 KB,700x995)

A present


Well we don't have Thanksgiving where I live but I like turkey and it is rather uncommon and expensive here so it would be cool to have a day set aside for eating it, and I'd never complain about getting a holiday either.


File:1500746899343.gif (Spoiler Image,579.94 KB,800x1138)


File:5d2e64a8e7202920a6a0a77765….png (2.69 MB,2508x3541)

What's kissu's favorite Thanksgiving food? I really like sweet potatos


There's this sweet potato with coconut topping side dish that tastes like a desert yet we eat it with dinner.
It's pretty nice and sweet.


File:94371734_p0.jpg (374.61 KB,680x960)

When I was a kid it was the pies, but as I've grown older I've really switched to preferring that umami flavor so I like turkey and mashed potatoes, both with gravy, the most.
So much work involved with the turkey and gravy... it's a shame I can't have it more often.


File:985dc8d3a8704427c3f044ae30….jpg (1.26 MB,1041x1180)

Now for the important question: light meat or dark meat?


Always only ate white. The dark meat was too greasy and gross-looking to me by comparison, but my grandpa loved it


Dark meat is a lot more tender and if I'm just eating the turkey I'll pick dark. However for stuff like soup or sandwiches I'll go with the white meat.


File:31975f57050c2e20db6170bd14….jpg (195.24 KB,842x1429)

had some burokko burokko burokkori casserole for thanksgivesmas


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (138.16 KB,1280x720)


File:0382e2fcbb1e390acea9b44b3e….jpg (187.31 KB,1500x1209)

Is turkey supposed to be a little dry? I've had turkey a few times and although it was good it was a bit dry.


The light meat is generally dry-ish, after a bit (if it was cooked correctly). The dark meat is what you want if you're looking for something more juicy.


I think so, and that's why there's gravy for it


Better than Thanksgiving dinner is post-thanksgiving soup


I'm in a similar boat except I still love the pies.


I've been depressed since Thanksgiving. A day I'm surrounded by family is a month of mental breakdowns. Luckily for me I won't have to be around those demonic creatures for Christmas. The only thing making surgery sound good to me.


Do you mean medication?


No, I don't.


then are you implying you want a lobotomy?


I'm actually having surgery I have something wrong with me and have it already scheduled. I'll be in the hospital recovering during Christmas.


really like the pudgy turkeyhandle girl


still really like the pudgy turkeyhandle girl


Same, minus doctors


luv thankygive


How'd the surgery go

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