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File:7dd6434d75acf5da09a93604d8….png (528.29 KB,935x1500)


Sometimes it feels like I'm the only person that enjoys thanksgiving. I can't be the only one, right?


File:91515301_p0.jpg (924.49 KB,1002x1705)

Sometimes family gatherings remind you more of what you've lost than what you still have.
But this everyone will enjoy the day on kissu


File:[Coalgirls]_Dantalian_no_S….jpg (111.4 KB,1280x720)

I get that. Though for me it's one Holiday where I meet up with the only side of the family that doesn't subtley judge me or force their societal expectations on me. Also all the food is really nice.


*the one Holiday


Yeah, the food is nice. Every year I say or think "That was so good, I should learn how to make it" and then suddenly a year has passed and I'm saying it again


I miss family gatherings even if they were all faking kindness while secretly hating each other. The facade was strong enough to make it enjoyable for a while. My mother cooking with firewood, my cousins who I rarely see, all the love from my grandparents... This doesn't exist anymore.


You could always ask people in the cooking thread how to make the Thanksgiving stuff.

Also I always feel a bit useless when it comes to Thanksgiving because everyone has their own special dish and I have nothing...


File:90843837_p0.jpg (440.21 KB,1438x1390)

Kongsgiving. How will you give your thanks to Sachiko?


File:DZwTM9uW0AUUiMb.png (337.89 KB,700x995)

A present


Well we don't have Thanksgiving where I live but I like turkey and it is rather uncommon and expensive here so it would be cool to have a day set aside for eating it, and I'd never complain about getting a holiday either.


File:1500746899343.gif (Spoiler Image,579.94 KB,800x1138)


File:5d2e64a8e7202920a6a0a77765….png (2.69 MB,2508x3541)

What's kissu's favorite Thanksgiving food? I really like sweet potatos


There's this sweet potato with coconut topping side dish that tastes like a desert yet we eat it with dinner.
It's pretty nice and sweet.


File:94371734_p0.jpg (374.61 KB,680x960)

When I was a kid it was the pies, but as I've grown older I've really switched to preferring that umami flavor so I like turkey and mashed potatoes, both with gravy, the most.
So much work involved with the turkey and gravy... it's a shame I can't have it more often.


File:985dc8d3a8704427c3f044ae30….jpg (1.26 MB,1041x1180)

Now for the important question: light meat or dark meat?


Always only ate white. The dark meat was too greasy and gross-looking to me by comparison, but my grandpa loved it


Dark meat is a lot more tender and if I'm just eating the turkey I'll pick dark. However for stuff like soup or sandwiches I'll go with the white meat.


File:31975f57050c2e20db6170bd14….jpg (195.24 KB,842x1429)

had some burokko burokko burokkori casserole for thanksgivesmas


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (138.16 KB,1280x720)


File:0382e2fcbb1e390acea9b44b3e….jpg (187.31 KB,1500x1209)

Is turkey supposed to be a little dry? I've had turkey a few times and although it was good it was a bit dry.


The light meat is generally dry-ish, after a bit (if it was cooked correctly). The dark meat is what you want if you're looking for something more juicy.


I think so, and that's why there's gravy for it


Better than Thanksgiving dinner is post-thanksgiving soup


I'm in a similar boat except I still love the pies.

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