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What's your favorite country in springland?
(Southern Hemisphere)


File:ZZC 1538 Mil NZ t.jpg (320.26 KB,2150x3035)

New Zealand. It seems to have the best temperature and environment and nicest people, well they certainly can't be worse than Australians.


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That's not a country, stupid. It's a continent. I bet you think Africa is real.


I have an admiration of Indonesia.
I know next to nothing about the Hispanophone world but South American netizens are usually pleasant with a good sense of humour.


Australians are decent enough if they're not teying to be funny.


"Teying" being the key word here


Always wanted to go to Chile, so those I guess.


File:1594850975718.png (136.87 KB,504x504)

bestest flag on earth


File:[Pizza] Do it Yourself!! -….jpg (400.52 KB,1920x1080)

I can't really rank them since I've never been to any of them and there's very few of them I have any information about. I'd have to rely on stuff like HDI and that's not particularly interesting and isn't necessarily related to what you like or the culture and friendliness of people. I would probably have to rank the environments of them. Australia and NZ have some very unique wildlife, and NZ in particular has some truly beautiful areas that are famously used in movies like LotR. It seems like NZ Is being set up as the wealthy's global shelter which would make it one of the safest places in the world. From what I've read the common people are paying for this, though, with radically increasing prices.
The nature of South America is truly beautiful and possibly the world's best. Everyone knows the amazon, but it's also cool how Chile extends so far south that it becomes tundra. The architecture and culture of some of the ancient people's in these areas is really interesting, too. There are some very challenging places to live as a human there, but they managed to create settlements and thrive. Speaking of thriving, the equatorial region is supposed to be the healthiest for people. As uncomfortable as it can be if you're not used to it, humidity and sunlight are quite important. I remember reading an article years ago of Europeans heading to SEA for "sun therapy" and since then I've heard Florida mentioned in a similar way. This is something that the region could bank on in the future I think, but you need to maintain the environment and avoid the pollution heavy industrialization.
Africa? I know very little. The part of it that is south of the equator is mostly spared from the unrelenting march of desertification, though, for the time being, so it's got that going for it. I think it's cool that there's so many different tribes with their own traditions, although it can cause a bumpy ride in the age of nations as Africa's northern section teaches us.
The various islands in the pacific islands have the most fat people in the world by percentage, something I must commend as an American.

Uhh, what else. Antarctica is cool, I guess.


I like Antarctica, but that's not a country. What's not to love about barren, frozen deserts and unique terrain?


You won't trick me, I am Australian.


House prices in New Zealand seem to be more effected by government policy and the demographics of the nation rather than a few rich people. The New Zealand government is strict on allowing new housing developments but also the North Island has 3.9 million people while the south Island has 1.2 Million people even though it's larger. So their might be places in the South Island that are cheaper to buy as well.


What are South Africans like? I get the impression that they are bogans but with more guns.


It really depends on ethnic group.

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