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File:R-1700643996086.webp (84.87 KB,1200x900)


Can't believe I'm drinking water wrong. My water doesn't have minerals, so what?


mmm, bottled tap water


My tap water smells like a YMCA pool.


Tap water here is quite hard (full of minerals like lime) so I have to buy distilled if I use a humidifier or similar stuff because otherwise everything in the room gets a layer of deposits. It changes how you do laundry and dishes, too, but I guess it's more nutritious to drink so maybe it's better this way


Funny how that all is. Maybe it just needs to be boiled. Then again I wouldn't really trust health laws


The hard water deposits in my glassware are driving me to insanity. Im looking into reverse osmosis


Don't drink distilled water. You need the minerals in water, or you can develop mineral deficiencies.


water update: I learned walmart also sells jugs of spring water


File:berkey-usa-berkey-by-nmcl-….jpg (447.67 KB,1500x1500)

I've got a water purifier at home, you should look into one.


walmart's filtered water tastes better than their spring water


File:[Anime-Anarchy]_Sadamitsu_….jpg (70.62 KB,640x480)

Distilled sounds funky so I won't drink it

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