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File:wallpaperflare.com_wallpap….jpg (376.93 KB,2165x1378)

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Zettai Ryouiki + Shorts blog for the Autumn months

This blog will end Thursday, Dec 21st.


please don't post photos of yourself


I wish


cute boy


File:101677154_p0.png (6.95 MB,3240x4050)

Here, an actual zettai ryouiki + shorts image.


cat's gotten good at attacking my sweatshirt sleeve





File:16955067862419212788552491….jpg (2.33 MB,2976x3968)

banned for writting the communist manifesto


that can of maple syrup does not belong near all them yummy vegges


asian food just doesn't work without a sort of brown sugar flavour


i like to get my brown sugar from caramelised brown onions


hate how frozen vegitables put so much water into my rice dishes.


ate graham crackies


do you cook the frozen veggers in any way or do you just....put them in


because ive tried boiling them beforehand for a short time but its not really worth it just makes them mushier


chuck em in. If you can boil of the water before hand that might be better prep


probably you could air fry them?


Maple syrup is the best. It goes with everything.


mmmmm air frying them ive already got an air fryer


Rice daisuki


want to shoot my toe off it hurts so much


think i saw something




File:6deb4a705d77770e3d84786a4d….png (5.11 MB,2048x2732)

saw alien


File:75e706480e5e92cbb2850abaf8….jpg (404.74 KB,1444x967)

saw saw


missed my first day of antibiotics for a foot treatment and now i'm experiencing extreme pain in that area worried it got infected and the pharmacy doesn't open for 2 more hours so i can't get my prescription immediately filled....


eating icecream and coffee before dinner while watching


3D woman jumpscare


Think I have a cavity but am gonna keep brushing my teeth in vain until my parents find out


I've had a cavity turn to filling turned to cracked molar and then into a recrown and finally into a root canal in about 5 years. Would not recommend.


File:c55e1f6f69e7c4ecaa10138669….png (Spoiler Image,619.17 KB,2919x5854)

Fat elves are sex.


File:IMG_20230925_153406.jpg (2.67 MB,3968x2976)

see the wind


After I showed interest in soccerdivegrassfootball my father bought me a bunch of Real Madrid gear. Comment, argie anon?


I hope the Detroit Lions make it to the Playoffs this year via the wild card.




File:[crossover][group][artist-….png (942.59 KB,900x1077)

No; andy


Learning to ride a bike, first time today, it hasnt been fun so far


i only care about our national team honestly


Kept trying. I made more progress but I cant balance my ass when going fast yet. I think its because I'm afraid of falling because I'm not wearing safety gear


File:main-qimg-0aba1613629f3c35….gif (3.98 MB,377x289)

it gets easier the more comfortable you get with going faster.
Because the rotation of the wheels take over on balance meaning you use less coordination.


The breakthrough for me was pushing off with both feet while sitting. Then I had a short time to get my feet on the pedals.


nice day today


how is your foot now




well i hope you were wearing a sock then


spermed again




Thinking about switching to a dumbphone


going to kill my whistling neighbor


I just got a promotion and now make 6 figures before taxes.
Hopefully one day I will get to die at my desk and be reincarnate into a fantasy world like all the other salarymen.




how much is the insurance you're selling


I’m a code monkey, so hopefully I get reincarnated in world where the magic is like writing simple scripts and I can be a magic script monkey.


Total War Medieval 2 was actually made in Australia.
Huh... I would not have thought that.


Congratulations, now you can buy a Victorian mansion full of maids.


Australia has created many great things, like Fox News and mining deregulation


File:C-1696003308552.png (19.98 KB,374x246)

look at all of this testing


Majsoul Friends Room 89272(4-Player East): https://mahjongsoul.game.yo-star.com/?room=89272


watching a story about a young man's struggle with ED. it's really emotional and touching and is making me cry bitch tears.


Been rewatching Rick and Morty. It's a fun show.


You know what, I think it's a fun show too.
I enjoy the later seasons more then the early seasons too.
And I liked the train episode.


i remember watching the first season back in the day and thinking it was ok. i think if i tried to watch it now, it'd probably get on my nerves, i've noticed that i don't really handle the crass/cynical/nihilistic humor in most american adult cartoons well as well as i used to


kinda liked it too
i watched the first season and a bit of the second


it's like all other Western series(other than Bojack). Starts off good for a few seasons, then the project creators get tired of their own joke and start to lose interest.


>the crass/cynical/nihilistic humor in most american adult cartoons
despite kinda liking r&m i didnt like that one whose name escapes me about puberty for this reason


was it Big Mouth?




Big mouth is gross.


why can't I hold all these non-blogs


love chocolate


suffered a near fatal heart attack after having a 12 hour paizuri marathon session with my wife's giant boobers


Orihime's new outfit is very sexually triggering and is ruining my porn quitting attempts


File:9a10393056.png (52.87 KB,1754x368)

YandareDev getting in trouble for relations with a 16yo


i just want to play a game with a yandere protag, bros...


Did one of those depression surveys for $15


After reading this I wanted to become a psychologist, but the sad thing is I doubt I'd even make a dent in the world consuming itself to death.


finished aho girl. really like how it ended in tardsex


I would marry yoshiko easily, but in MC's situation yoshie would be my real wife. I doubt she would notice


Spermed to komis mom


Spermed to nessa


I miss Galar...


i want to sperm but i'm busy catching up on anime


I saw the deleted post.


It was a dumb question.


back hurts from compensating from computer chair that's near breaking point
time to look at new ones


back horts


Accidentally slept for a bunch of hours.


File:R-1696434591162.jpg (4.39 MB,3072x4080)

even statues get their plaques stolen


be forgotten. ye built the foundation of a broken system


i don't think dante is to blame for this


watched mewklespermy


Started writing a C++ program on paper only to realize that what I was doing was far too complex to do without a text editor


File:f7d1fa8260.jpg (343.54 KB,2214x1275)

shoulda gotten a book


lots of rain
envious of people that live in places where it rains a lot (unless it's really humid like rain forest or something)


saw a really nice picture of yume's butt and it made me sperm


gonna cum


just blogspermed


having lots of paizuri paizuri thoughts


File:R-1696629741449.jpg (2.63 MB,3072x4080)



File:dadc9e5b714f40c30b97635d65….jpg (640.37 KB,1447x2047)

having some mfing tacos
It was really good.


read that as milfing tacos


ate a late birthday dinner at an nyc steakhouse
gotta say getting there we walked from the train station and i absolutely hated how filthy everything was not sure how people stand cities


steak and dinner/dessert was great though should've jusrmt taxi'd the entire thing




cold enough to cool my room enough by opening the window
ahh feels good


i have no idea how jjk is going to end...


Went for an unsupervised drive. Still learning, and it was very risky


Woke up early for my first deer hunt of the year but it was unsuccessful.
All I encountered was a very social chipmunk that hopped up real close.


grandma's google drive space is almost maxxed out because she had ~14gb of videos and images
which is mostly divided into videos of 15-10mb and an absolute pain in the ass to delete
because it's mostly from whatsapp but there's also her own videos she recorded so you can't erase them indiscriminately
at least i disabled WA's automatic video download option after trashing some 300 vids


Managed to fuck around with AI and get it to help me brainstorm stuff.
That's good you disabled WA's automatic video download.


grandma the aspiring archivist


crashed today


any second now I will get out of bed


my dear mum gave me handmade fudge waffles and some strawberry cake


got a nightguard recently and now im waking up feeling better wonder if my grinding was that big an issue


I live in Manchester, UK, and the constant grey skies and drizzle really fucks with you after a few years here.


Having a religious epiphany. Yes I believe in magic and yes I believe Santa Claus is real, he's a winter fae.


It was Buddhist related. I was inspired by the story of Kṣitigarbha. I wonder if I would annoy the local monks asking about it. I'm kind of paralyzed by fear when it comes to religion as I do not want to invalidate my ignorance of the true religion by accidentally studying it through curiousity and thus damning myself


File:7ee92507983a6aa7f9e48b3d6f….png (71.62 KB,244x241)

¥ hasn't even created his own syncretic religion of varying beliefs
Come on, make your own beliefs and steal from others.


That's how my belief is but I guess it would just be paganism with a veneer of science.


was mowing the lawn today and a lot of stuff came up and i ended up doing like half of it at night when the sun was down and my hands were freezing guess it really is getting cold


MS SQL Server is such an enigma. The more I learn about it the more I question every decision made. The dev team for this made a good database, but it behaves in ways that naturally cause problems, like how it can consume the entire RAM by default leaving nothing for the OS or how it emphasizes the benefits of stored procedures when it's preferable to handle them through application logic.
The bizarre world of Microsoft developer oriented products.


File:C-1697082639219.png (64.48 KB,993x643)

Like, server just minding it's own business, caching every request directly into memory(or something) and then "shit! I'm out of memory, now I gotta get the OS to start thrashing to keep up with my demands!"


and like, apparently this was default behaviour until last decade... you have to schedule restarts so that the server will purge it's memory. I'm not even sure if my ssettings for max-memory will be respected.


File:C-1697139899098.png (3.82 KB,373x32)

ids happanang


some brie, artichokes and pickles to start off the long weekend
i love the feeling of brine hitting the back of my mouth so much


new computer chair finally came in
cat looked at big box and was shortly interested, but strangely seemed to reject it for some reason


pic of cat




I wish I wasnt so dang close with my parents so I could move away


Should I become an ascetic


he's already been posted and I don't have any recent ones (I don't have a smartphone so it's kind of really awkward)


made some soup for lunch. very happy soup season is back


Consult the Yi Ching for guidance.
Or take a night walk and seek out an owl for confirmation.


Got a bunch of lint out of my bellybutton


bought a new mouse and this time I bought one where the screws are NOT covered by the glued on glidy pads! and it came with extra switches yay


fell for todd's lies again


i wanna blog


oh no, it's happening again. I'm going to bed at sunrise and waking up at sunset.


gonna watch The Eotens Onslaught


been reading and studying a lot today and feel like there's a vein in my head that's about to burst from strain sigh


classic fansub


Somebody's was sawing something outside and it made its way into my dream as an opera singer.


my water jet flosser arrived broken but i got a amazon refund when i sent a pic of the broken water tank X)


been constipated all day...


today was quite a day for QA
>Considering we don't know what this even is I'm not sure it can be disabled.


my stupid teabags keep rupturing


The leaves add texture.


spent past 5 hours generating preview images for character loras for stable diffusion
many hours still to go


ate two days expired milk but it tasted ok


Not sure where you live, but in the US the 'best by' date is more of a "taste guarantee" thing and not an actual expiration date. I drink 'expired' milk now and then and as long as it's not weeks past or something you're fine


and yeah a lot of stuff is still good past the given date but milk in my experience does not last long beyond the date and ive had it go bad a day or two before the date even


File:1532481833093.jpg (49.02 KB,503x653)

I might have overdosed on cod coil.


File:autism.png (1.45 MB,1080x802)

ah yes autism


Oshimi is kinda godly. I soured on finding out more about his style due to the adaptation of Aku no Hana, but some of his works seem like some of the greatest psychological fiction that's around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAA1XtDOuH8 this person's summary and review piece on one of his works paints him in a pretty good light.


might invite my sister to the coze zone


what was the name of that touhou artist who drew the weird skulls


File:ba62376381836fb7f69c141776….png (903.03 KB,1080x1080)


Just booked my tickets to vegas next year to see the NRL


thank you friend


holy fffwak i bought what's basically dinner for four and they charged me only a third of the cost by mistake


watching soremachi
hotori's making my nutbladder ache


most shirt designs here are shoulderless


Rereading Berserk on a whim, goddamn is the Golden Age arc depressing.


I saw a cute girl with a Fire Emblem itabag waiting for the same train as me today and I regret not talking to her.


what fire emblems did it have on it


he extended the wire up on the terrace, connected to a different thingy, and replaced my modem with a new one, but it's still going down all the time and working at a tenth of the usual speed
it might be that the construction guys next door broke something, because other people in the building are getting outages too


loce fruit loops


if this thread is bumplocked does that mean i get to post kimo without worrying about it making a mark on the site at large



I shall begin my campaign to eliminate the https://www.almanac.com/pest/fungus-gnats inside my room


internet is still bork BUT they gave me 150 gigs of public wifi to compensate
thankfully it reaches my apartment


File:1522787788763.jpg (23.7 KB,438x438)

So...am I the only one unsure if those are girl thighs or boy thighs?


not just you
look at the first three posts on the previous page


passed out in my chair and then woke up with no idea what i was doing


File:R-1699285018278.jpg (312.39 KB,2465x1262)

So actually, my internet issues seem to have been caused by the coaxial cable being full of water. It started foaming when the technician cut it open, as you can see in the remains it left. No clue how that happened.


middle mouse button has decided to die on me... time to get a new mouse


my computer which had an uptime of 90 days finally used up all of its 64 gb of ram just now and hard locked


i pooped


Had ear pain a week ago, but it went away after 2 days, but my hearing was messed up from that ear.
after a week I finally went to doctor and apparently I have an ear infection which is causing inflammation and blocking the ear canal or eardrum or something.
got antibiotics so it should be getting better
no idea how I'd get an infection since I don't go anywhere or do anything


playing the new incest game


got myself a mcmuffin


aggressively petting my cat's head and he's making a very happy face




I just finished my job for the year and now I can neet until spring.


hurt my cunny


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (179.58 KB,1280x720)


liquid cooled cabling!


yandex image search doesn't work anymore


i pooped again


kaminaki manga got dropped......


my vacuum's battery died ;_;


eating pho


sympathy cards in the mail for the vacuum battery


File:C-1700282043187.png (23.38 KB,535x91)

some papers are REALLY narrow in scope


FUCK, went to vote but arrived an hour after it ended
didn't come across any cats either so a complete waste of time


File:R-1700436921274.jpg (2.84 MB,4080x3072)

anonymous' dessicated weensticles


File:R-1700438509740.jpg (3.64 MB,4080x3072)



File:R-1700502703982.jpg (5.26 MB,4080x3072)



I really don't like the combination of those words and the introduction of the knife stab


rest in peace anonymous i loved him very much


i pooped


-6 deg blog


cleaned up the house a bit


and going to bed at a reasonable hour of 11 pm


getting out of bed at a reasonable hour of 11 pm


there is a rosemary bush on the way from the grocery store to my home and so i never need to buy the stuff again


Rosemary is nice, I can't remember what variety I bought but mine has been growing in a pot very well


tried some old headphones I had for years and they sound alot better than I remember hehe thats pretty cool


File:1697678634587.jpg (295.03 KB,1000x1412)

saw this cute OP pic from a moved+expired thread on here and reposting it because its cute


wanted to get my windows and ubuntu irc logs to merge because i keep manually editing and replacing them so i tried using my phone as an intermediary with syncthing before i figured out i could actually change the location of hexchat's logs to my extra drive but then i realized ubuntu and windows for some reason make folders and filenames with different names so none of it mattered...

then i turned to the other problem where trying to open a text file from said drive would always ask about executing it as a program and i read the way to disable it was to manually tick off the allow executing file as program option in its properties but it was grayed out because i didnt own the drive or something and to do so i had to edit some files and look up a bunch of stuff (last time i failed it didnt do anything) and i actually managed to enable the option but now it bounces and turn itself back on anyways and actually all i had to do was go to preferences < behavior and change ask each time into view executable text files when they are opened

on the one hand aaaaaaa but on the other at least that's done i guess did what i could


also went to the BANK at the time i was told it would open but it had been open for an hour already and there was a cue of like twenty people waited for an hour thought i was running out of time and left but actually wasnt so i ill have to go again this time ill schedule a whatchamacallit gonna snooze


ate spaghetti and chocolate yaaay


spermed to konoha's dorky armpits


kowai thunderstorm


ate some taco bell this morning, and now i can feel it still stirring within me as im continually burping it out and dying on the inside oh god why did i eat that



ate banana ysterday


i pooped


opened /ec/ and saw a boob




shab just bit me


i pooped again


broke the 30 day streak of being at home; I needed food


found a really nice piece of art on twitter that i want to share but i dont know where to post it


trips of what's it about also trips


its lewd. but very good lewd


there's /ec/ or /megu/ for that


its loli and has sex


/megu/, then
loli ero stopped being illegal a year ago


>loli ero stopped being illegal a year ago
really???????? i have so much art ive wanted to post that i never did


yeah dude check it out >>>/megu/


this is the best christmas ever


File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (873.38 KB,1024x576)


got more sleep the past couple days and feel better physically and emotionally, but wish I knew why caused me to really struggle to sleep the past 10 or so days
hope it's over with


Too many lavender flowers to earl grey leaves in my tea, tastes soapy.


buying a makeup brush was a great idea
not only can I apply ointment without getting my hands dirty, sometimes I can scratch the itch without putting the cream on the brush

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