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File:69844d63d4d1668c3b5cdb9271….png (362.05 KB,900x1273)


I live in the Western Hemisphere. So keep that in mind, I put aside US$1.5K for a vacation and Myanmar was one of my favorite budget destinations. This is off the table, for obvious reasons. Do you have any recommendations for vacays around that price point? Im thinking Devon, England next summer.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (210.72 KB,1920x1080)

I have absolutely no idea. Traveling around the world fills me with anxiety, personally. I guess it would depend upon what you're interested in and such, as I would personally want to explore cool nature spots.


File:proxy-image.webp (21.7 KB,500x375)

Ecotourism's a big interest of mine, too


File:Forest Wall.jpg (475.03 KB,1076x1420)

Myanmar would be incredibly beautiful if they just buried the powerlines


>Traveling around the world fills me with anxiety

Also, why?


File:27501930_p0.jpg (952.27 KB,627x909)

Not him, but I always fear I'll put a target on myself not knowing the local customs and end up in a news report about dead tourists. Not to mention planes are the scariest form of travel out there. I'd love to go out and explore the beautiful scenery and foods and such, but probably the only place in the world where I feel like I'd feel as safe, if not safer, than home would be Japan. Everywhere else I feel like I'd have to constantly watch my back and sides like I've done whenever I visit a big city.

Aside from that, though. Geographically Thailand's right next to Myanmar, so maybe it'd be a nice alternative? Assuming you don't get put on a federal list for traveling there.


In addition to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand are very safe for visitors. Because of "face" you're actually less likely to be a victim of a crime than if you're a local. The worst that will happen is a pickpocketing.


The people in Thailand are kind of cold and the visible animal abuse there is why I don't really like it


I was looking at Bhutan but its surprisingly pricey


personally i'm afraid of being killed or kidnapped while abroad


Taking Kissu on vacation to Papua New Guinea


File:112760395_p0.png (139.19 KB,500x500)

The food culture in poorer countries looks interesting but I don't want to travel that far just to eat exotic food.

Also no frens.


>Also no frens.
This will be a settled issue once the /qa/ mansion is built and then /qa/ can go on group vacations.


File:_TheeLorSue-h.jpg (1.18 MB,1920x1196)

Well, I mean, going to the grocery store or otherwise being in public fills me with anxiety. Being in a new place with complete strangers who likely don't speak my language is terrifying. Nature is calming and rejuvenating, however.

I've wanted to visit Thailand ever since I visited my uncle's house when I was a kid and saw a large picture book on his coffee table that was centered on incredible pictures of its nature. Thailand is really on a whole other level for such a small country. (random google result although these pics were definitely 'enhanced': https://au.hotels.com/go/thailand/thailand-breathtaking-natural-sights )
Extremely beautiful, but unfortunately Thailand hasn't been the most stable and leaving populated tourist-y areas is not a good idea. Rain forests themselves aren't exactly friendly to humans, either.


i hate traveling because they always grope and paw at my big foreigner butt


I want to go to the Philippines and see a crucifixion.


disney world


File:1561769422372.jpg (115.33 KB,681x384)

Can I grope your big butt instead?


instead of what




File:d84ad1da073fb265c22dd53270….jpg (876.11 KB,1637x1158)



File:[crossover][group][artist-….jpg (525.7 KB,2149x3035)

Go to Detroit.
I'm not joking.


File:a8657289fcfd1f76155caf5ca8….jpg (182.01 KB,671x960)

Oh lawd look at dat booty!


koruri ate the budget....


Do not sexualize koruru




gonna admit
i've spilled my seed to the 'ruri more than a few times


Was looking at a summer trip to NW Territory, Canada. Holy cow, Canada is expensive! How do you guys do it up there


Any of you gone to Nippon post-covid? Can you still do a couple of weeks there for about $2k all-in? What's the process like for entering the country now? Do I have to show proof of vax?

Ideally, I'd like to spend like $6k all-in and come home with a big haul of stuff. But I mainly plan on going mostly to visit some temples and the national parks. I only plan on spending maybe three days in Tokyo all together. Tokyo doesn't even interest me that much because I've heard how bad Akiba has gotten lately. I'm mainly going to say I went there.

There used to be some good anon guides for planning this trip but they haven't been updated in years. Considering the cost of food in my country doubled in the last year or two I'm expecting a trip to the other side of the world has as well.


File:96dba6911b65fb1d2b0c7b3ed1….jpg (213.22 KB,642x642)

>I've heard how bad Akiba has gotten lately
The smaller backstreets are still good from what I've heard.


File:Screenshot from 2023-11-20….png (40.58 KB,1043x433)

>Can you still do a couple of weeks there for about $2k all-in?
If you stick to budget accommodations, fly there during the off-season and take advantage of discounts like the JR Pass.
>Do I have to show proof of vax?
It doesn't seem like it anymore.


They massively increased the price of the JR Pass, it's not worth it anymore unless you're taking nonstop shinkansen trips. https://www.jrailpass.com/blog/japan-rail-pass-prices-increase


>Do I have to show proof of vax?
>It doesn't seem like it anymore.
NTA. Looks like I might actually be able to go somewhere now. I hadn't even personally thought about doing any kind of travel since 2020 and all of that needed to be done in order to board a plane.

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