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File:1479657298221.jpg (185.82 KB,823x646)


Please use this thread at your leisure to discuss random thoughts you might have that may not necessarily warrant their own threads.


File:Otis Safety Elevator.jpg (83.28 KB,450x545)

I was watching a video and it mentioned elevators going into freefall, like having the cable snap or something. I thought the whole entire selling point about the Otis Safety Elevator was that it ratcheted and would not fall if the cable broke. Was that original design not actually made into anything? Or are there new elevator types that don't have these safety features or something? Does it only happen when the elevator's safety mechanism to prevent it from falling breaks, if such a thing even exists? I'm really confused about this stuff even though it probably makes no difference whether I get the answer or not.


File:1547015834475.jpg (304.37 KB,1600x1200)

Is there anything Japanese birds can NOT do??


The most dangerous people in the world are the ones who are smart enough to identify problems, but dumb enough that their "solutions" just end up causing more problems.


Even more dangerous are the people who want to create a problem to sell the solution.


What's the worst is when the two groups meet.


I remember someone posting a while ago, probably more than a few months ago, maybe even a year ago, about some philosopher (?) who claimed that artists, authors, and creatives in general only make the world a worse place by bringing their depravity into the world leading to further decay. I really want to read more about this, but my searches keep getting stumped by the torrent of results about "torturing/suffering artists"...


File:1582716962424.jpg (50.77 KB,769x960)

admitting war crimes


Sound like just another variation of rejection of culture.


watched a video about "plant inefficiency" in regards to photosynthesis, basically talking about how sometimes plants bind to O2 instead of CO2, which causes them to need to use more energy to workably use that O2 for energy, but then went on to mention that it could be possible to genetically engineer plants to not do this. I think it would be an ironic end to humanity if we end up genetically modifying plants to use more CO2, only to induce global cooling and kill off a bunch of plant life, or some other similarly catastrophic event unfolds because of our meddling with biology.


hmm. someone pointed something out that I hadn't considered: older CRT displays with long persistence phosphors allowed for lower refresh rates (such as 50Hz) because the long image persistence reduced flicker, at the trade-off of ghosting. Albeit a different mechanism for why ghosting happens, I wonder if that's why LCDs have pretty much stuck to 60Hz, compared to 75Hz like with CRTs -- although "smeary" at lower refresh rates, maybe this disadvantage prevents flicker?


We just need to find the perfect balance between freezing the earth and melting it and we're good.


The baseline intelligence for humans is pretty low, relatively speaking. That's not to say the general masses are dumb, they're just not meant for our time.


Working is stressful.


heard there was some huge thing over the 18+ animation this character was in and checked it out and there was nothing at all to it that makes it better than any other western porn animation
it had nice music though


File:[HorribleSubs] Itai no wa ….jpg (210.22 KB,1280x720)

It was just a bunch of people otherwise ignorant of such things being exposed to it. It was TikTok or something. Most people never leave social media so everything surprises them. It's strange to think how isolated most people are, even as the internet balloons to billions of users.


love sageru but sometimes worry about people missing out on the nice conversations in there because they're sleeping or something


File:madoka room.jpg (133.83 KB,1000x677)

I think I learnt the true meaning of knowing yourself and feel much more self aware knowing what makes me act a certain way and how can I avoid it or motivate myself but I still have more to learn.
Also watched a lecture on YT about time and the guy said we need to be aware of the seasons like the Japanese and break out of our routines if we want to have more vivid memories instead of thinking that life just passes us by so I'm going to reorder my room similar to madoka on the weekend.


On slow boards you have more time to make less posts.


File:[HorribleSubs] Shoujo Shuu….jpg (132.38 KB,1920x1080)

On 4/qa/ I feel my posts ran stale because posting was all I did at one point. Never really did much else and so I didn't have much to say that was really interesting either. Feel like slower boards alleviate that stress of feeling like you have to post (especially when the board gets shit on if you don't) and allows people more time to invest in their hobbies to make more packed posts, at the cost of keeping people posting 24/7.


File:082e105e4424f795157fdcc56b….jpg (63.59 KB,700x700)

It's october and I'm already freezing my ass off.


File:1533846781033.jpg (1.02 MB,1064x1568)

Imageboards work better when they're people's primary place to talk about "things" and not elsewhere. Feeling like the board is the place you can talk with everyone is nicer since your discussion will probably reach more people even if not as fast. Also you can stave off disappointment that way if undesirables are lurking there. Sometimes, I think kissu could be way faster if everyone shared that mindset or had as little reservations towards the board as they do IRC.


>I think kissu could be way faster if everyone shared that mindset or had as little reservations towards the board as they do IRC.
Certainly it could, but I think a lot of people are very turned off by "chatroom generals", and would probably shun a "chatroom imageboard" too. Sure there's liveboards, but those are pretty different in how they work since posts sort of accumulate and grow.


File:1533316174783.jpg (2.88 MB,2220x2682)

Sure, you could levy that as a good criticism towards the idea, but from what I've seen on #qa a good chunk of the talk would do no worse as a thread than a discussion in the IRC. There's a lot less "i just pooped" and other stuff that tends to get thrown in a chatroom general thread and a bit more lengthy discussion that just is hidden from whoever's asleep and not on IRC.


True. I think the artificial qualifiers that "/qa/ is for series, /jp/ is stupid, and seasonal is for everything inbetween" just makes people less inclined to make the sorts of semi-serious posts that otherwise end up on #qa. A lot of the time I just post about things I'm doing and then people comment or ask about it. There's never really any one point where beforehand I could've thought, "this would make an interesting thread" because the very nature of it is that it's spontaneous and not always worth replying to.




I know a couple people on #qa refuse to use imageboards, while at least one just uses ota so it's not entirely missed kissu activity. It would be nice if they posted on kissu, but it's just the way it is.
Well, and Canada is dumb so any loli stuff has to happen there.


File:__furude_rika_higurashi_no….png (547.16 KB,800x785)

That actually used to be my mindset towards making threads on 4/qa/ and it worked to a similar effect. Occasionally my spontaneous thoughts would end up blowing up into a big thread I never thought possible out of something that just popped in my head by chance. This isn't to say there aren't some things that work better on IRC, but probably if people took that approach to putting spontaneous ideas on /jp/ as threads something similar could occur.


"shouganai" never really helps anything, I still stand by if kissu is too big to ignore they'll have to come around to post


Good, IRC posters should stay on IRC.


I've been doing simple things irl alone that feel productive and growing more tired of the social aspect of the internet. Imageboards are leisure websites like social media. People there care about celebrities or whatever and we discuss other trivial things like IRC vs IBs, you might say is different because there is no like/voting system but the social aspect remains in the form of the consensus, like how anons hate vtubers here. Now I'm more aversive about opening some websites because I don't enjoy them as much as I used to and find the discussions of no consequence to my life. I don't mean to be condescending, this is just how I feel, very distanced from it. And no, I don't watch vtubers, I find them trivial as well but the negativity around it is a bore.


The average grown person shouldn't eat more than six to eight teaspoons of sugar per day. Which means that if I put four teaspoons in the entire amount of coffeepots of a day, I already have used up half the allowed amount. But the real danger knows hiding itself well, by which I mean the sweeteners in various processed foods. I conclude, it's a luxury to drink a big(400ml) cup of tea with one or two teaspoons of sugar in it, it's always better to have a big bottle of water within reach.


too old and ambitious for imageboards


just realized that you can drag the sidebar open on youtube.

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