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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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Please use this thread at your leisure to discuss random thoughts you might have that may not necessarily warrant their own threads.


File:Otis Safety Elevator.jpg (83.28 KB,450x545)

I was watching a video and it mentioned elevators going into freefall, like having the cable snap or something. I thought the whole entire selling point about the Otis Safety Elevator was that it ratcheted and would not fall if the cable broke. Was that original design not actually made into anything? Or are there new elevator types that don't have these safety features or something? Does it only happen when the elevator's safety mechanism to prevent it from falling breaks, if such a thing even exists? I'm really confused about this stuff even though it probably makes no difference whether I get the answer or not.


File:1547015834475.jpg (304.37 KB,1600x1200)

Is there anything Japanese birds can NOT do??


The most dangerous people in the world are the ones who are smart enough to identify problems, but dumb enough that their "solutions" just end up causing more problems.


Even more dangerous are the people who want to create a problem to sell the solution.


What's the worst is when the two groups meet.


I remember someone posting a while ago, probably more than a few months ago, maybe even a year ago, about some philosopher (?) who claimed that artists, authors, and creatives in general only make the world a worse place by bringing their depravity into the world leading to further decay. I really want to read more about this, but my searches keep getting stumped by the torrent of results about "torturing/suffering artists"...


File:1582716962424.jpg (50.77 KB,769x960)

admitting war crimes


Sound like just another variation of rejection of culture.


watched a video about "plant inefficiency" in regards to photosynthesis, basically talking about how sometimes plants bind to O2 instead of CO2, which causes them to need to use more energy to workably use that O2 for energy, but then went on to mention that it could be possible to genetically engineer plants to not do this. I think it would be an ironic end to humanity if we end up genetically modifying plants to use more CO2, only to induce global cooling and kill off a bunch of plant life, or some other similarly catastrophic event unfolds because of our meddling with biology.


hmm. someone pointed something out that I hadn't considered: older CRT displays with long persistence phosphors allowed for lower refresh rates (such as 50Hz) because the long image persistence reduced flicker, at the trade-off of ghosting. Albeit a different mechanism for why ghosting happens, I wonder if that's why LCDs have pretty much stuck to 60Hz, compared to 75Hz like with CRTs -- although "smeary" at lower refresh rates, maybe this disadvantage prevents flicker?


We just need to find the perfect balance between freezing the earth and melting it and we're good.


The baseline intelligence for humans is pretty low, relatively speaking. That's not to say the general masses are dumb, they're just not meant for our time.


Working is stressful.


heard there was some huge thing over the 18+ animation this character was in and checked it out and there was nothing at all to it that makes it better than any other western porn animation
it had nice music though


File:[HorribleSubs] Itai no wa ….jpg (210.22 KB,1280x720)

It was just a bunch of people otherwise ignorant of such things being exposed to it. It was TikTok or something. Most people never leave social media so everything surprises them. It's strange to think how isolated most people are, even as the internet balloons to billions of users.


love sageru but sometimes worry about people missing out on the nice conversations in there because they're sleeping or something


File:madoka room.jpg (133.83 KB,1000x677)

I think I learnt the true meaning of knowing yourself and feel much more self aware knowing what makes me act a certain way and how can I avoid it or motivate myself but I still have more to learn.
Also watched a lecture on YT about time and the guy said we need to be aware of the seasons like the Japanese and break out of our routines if we want to have more vivid memories instead of thinking that life just passes us by so I'm going to reorder my room similar to madoka on the weekend.


On slow boards you have more time to make less posts.


File:[HorribleSubs] Shoujo Shuu….jpg (132.38 KB,1920x1080)

On 4/qa/ I feel my posts ran stale because posting was all I did at one point. Never really did much else and so I didn't have much to say that was really interesting either. Feel like slower boards alleviate that stress of feeling like you have to post (especially when the board gets shit on if you don't) and allows people more time to invest in their hobbies to make more packed posts, at the cost of keeping people posting 24/7.


File:082e105e4424f795157fdcc56b….jpg (63.59 KB,700x700)

It's october and I'm already freezing my ass off.


File:1533846781033.jpg (1.02 MB,1064x1568)

Imageboards work better when they're people's primary place to talk about "things" and not elsewhere. Feeling like the board is the place you can talk with everyone is nicer since your discussion will probably reach more people even if not as fast. Also you can stave off disappointment that way if undesirables are lurking there. Sometimes, I think kissu could be way faster if everyone shared that mindset or had as little reservations towards the board as they do IRC.


>I think kissu could be way faster if everyone shared that mindset or had as little reservations towards the board as they do IRC.
Certainly it could, but I think a lot of people are very turned off by "chatroom generals", and would probably shun a "chatroom imageboard" too. Sure there's liveboards, but those are pretty different in how they work since posts sort of accumulate and grow.


File:1533316174783.jpg (2.88 MB,2220x2682)

Sure, you could levy that as a good criticism towards the idea, but from what I've seen on #qa a good chunk of the talk would do no worse as a thread than a discussion in the IRC. There's a lot less "i just pooped" and other stuff that tends to get thrown in a chatroom general thread and a bit more lengthy discussion that just is hidden from whoever's asleep and not on IRC.


True. I think the artificial qualifiers that "/qa/ is for series, /jp/ is stupid, and seasonal is for everything inbetween" just makes people less inclined to make the sorts of semi-serious posts that otherwise end up on #qa. A lot of the time I just post about things I'm doing and then people comment or ask about it. There's never really any one point where beforehand I could've thought, "this would make an interesting thread" because the very nature of it is that it's spontaneous and not always worth replying to.




I know a couple people on #qa refuse to use imageboards, while at least one just uses ota so it's not entirely missed kissu activity. It would be nice if they posted on kissu, but it's just the way it is.
Well, and Canada is dumb so any loli stuff has to happen there.


File:__furude_rika_higurashi_no….png (547.16 KB,800x785)

That actually used to be my mindset towards making threads on 4/qa/ and it worked to a similar effect. Occasionally my spontaneous thoughts would end up blowing up into a big thread I never thought possible out of something that just popped in my head by chance. This isn't to say there aren't some things that work better on IRC, but probably if people took that approach to putting spontaneous ideas on /jp/ as threads something similar could occur.


"shouganai" never really helps anything, I still stand by if kissu is too big to ignore they'll have to come around to post


Good, IRC posters should stay on IRC.


I've been doing simple things irl alone that feel productive and growing more tired of the social aspect of the internet. Imageboards are leisure websites like social media. People there care about celebrities or whatever and we discuss other trivial things like IRC vs IBs, you might say is different because there is no like/voting system but the social aspect remains in the form of the consensus, like how anons hate vtubers here. Now I'm more aversive about opening some websites because I don't enjoy them as much as I used to and find the discussions of no consequence to my life. I don't mean to be condescending, this is just how I feel, very distanced from it. And no, I don't watch vtubers, I find them trivial as well but the negativity around it is a bore.


The average grown person shouldn't eat more than six to eight teaspoons of sugar per day. Which means that if I put four teaspoons in the entire amount of coffeepots of a day, I already have used up half the allowed amount. But the real danger knows hiding itself well, by which I mean the sweeteners in various processed foods. I conclude, it's a luxury to drink a big(400ml) cup of tea with one or two teaspoons of sugar in it, it's always better to have a big bottle of water within reach.


too old and ambitious for imageboards


just realized that you can drag the sidebar open on youtube.


Nobody will care about this most likely. There is a thing called Buy now Pay Later, in the aftermath of Covid 19 it became really big in Australia. In march 2020 After pay, the largest of these companies had a share price of $12, it is now $126. They basically make money by paying for a good from a merchant for a costumer and passing a fee to the merchant for the privilege, so the customer gets a product right then but at the same cost, the BNPL company gets 2-7% of the cost for not doing much at all and it is the merchant that loses out. The Reserve Bank of Australia has wanted to regulate this for a while and today finally came out saying that merchants can push the cost on to the customer, making the customer pay the 2-7% fee which is probably fair but also eliminates a large part of the appeal to the customer meaning that this bubble might collapse. I never brought Afterpay but I do have $7000 in HUMM another BNPL company, so it is a concern for me particularly as it is Friday so I will not be able to gauge the reaction tomorrow. HUMM may fair better due to their business model but it is still a concern.


You don't need to HODL everything. Also if you have stop losses in you should be fine.


eh well for some reason every time i press submit it submits it but brings me to the homepage. newfag here if that weren't obvious lol. also are there tripcodes on here? i wanna put ##[my-password] but don't wanna accidentally leak it.


also - is there a way to have the thread automatically update?


>>>/test/ for testing. Put "noko" in the options field to stay in the same thread. Threads update automatically. If you think of anything else or have more questions, you can bug vermin by posting in >>>/b/8005


How is that any different from just using a credit card to buy something?




auto update is always on




hehe yey. it worked (:


Trips are present but culturally not really a thing we do very often. Same goes for names. You really don't want to use them unless it serves a practical purpose in the thread.

With that said, I'm not the kissu police. If you want to use a tripcode go for it. Just beware you might see a bit of friction from other users.


seems like such a chore to complain about tripcodes. They're not used much but if someone wants to post on an imageboard and relinquish their anonymity then that's their freedom


I get irrationally angry when people use tripcodes


then don't look *hmph*


I'm aware of this...

Because instead of going into debt to a credit card company you pay weekly instalments on a purchase that you get instantly, so you could get a $100 item in 4 $25 weekly payments. I think Afterpay does operate in the US as well and it was going to be acquired by a US company(pre RBA announcement, it could still happen though). This is an issue with Australian companies and inventions, whenever they do well they tend to leave.


The trick to credit cards is that you actually don't go into debt with them. They're a minigame of society in a way since you get good boy points if you do it correctly and pay in monthly installments that let you purchase more stuff or take out more loans.


not so much a minigame but actually another hoop of bullshit we must now jump through due to middlemen manging to shoehorn it in. We can't even opt-out of credit reporting it's rigged af.


i wish they'd stop pussyfooting around and just legalize marijuana already. it's a highly beneficial way to help chronic pain and many many other things.


every now and then someone says something like "when you die, your pets will eat your body" or something like that, typically making the point that "your pets don't care about you." but that's a pretty dumb conclusion. to be fair, humans, although most of us would prefer not to, do eat cats and dogs. it's not like its cannibalism. besides, if you were trapped in a room with say a dead pig, would you let it go to waste? beyond that, where else are they going to get food from anyways?

sloppy thinking.


Food for thought: as you read this, someone is arguing about politics in the comments section of a furry porn site


Food for thought: As you read this someone is having a delicious steak dinner or parfait at this very moment.


reddit is the facebook of forums.


I really love looking at film. Seeing the progression in film chemistry across the decades is really magical and gives each one a tangible aesthetic that's sort of lost with out sterilized digital cinematography, but I suppose that in and of itself is an identifiable aesthetic, and maybe very well be recognized in the future for that reason.


File:1543092895647.jpg (134.1 KB,1042x848)

Today I saw red when I realized that I had to explain what hydraulics means to some negro girl who has worked for my job for five months while I've been in the same career for years. We're paid the same and I'm on the same pay level as that. I nearly quit on the spot because I feel like I'm wasting my time. It's also made me seriously consider trade school. I don't want to waste my life barely making ends meet.


File:1516440377803.jpg (68.77 KB,600x538)

Take it to 4chan bub.


my thoughts are not worth sharing here


What do you even think about


File:principles.png (Spoiler Image,204.57 KB,315x447)

thoughts that would lead into an argument.


Was reading about the Thymus which apparently plays a pretty important role in the immune system, but starts atrophying after puberty and becomes replaced with fat. I wonder why no one has thought to do any research like, "Hmm... This thing helps with immune response. Maybe we should make some targeted drug to prevent it from disappearing with age, since maybe it'll keep people healthy longer?" Would make sense to me.


There's a lot of stuff to study and a specific topic may not be being looked into because it's really hard or someone hasn't thought about it. When it comes to slowing down ageing or keeping the body healthy in old age I'd imagine it comes down to the former with people really wanting to figure something out but they can't find anything that yields results.


File:654869.jpg (491.89 KB,1080x1920)

I find it fucking bizarre that people use cape comics to represent the American comic industry when comic strips have always been infinitely more successful and mainstream here.


Interesting observation. Slice of life comics are so diverse in their themes, but generally offer a critique of life. If someone is so simple minded to generalize an entire style of art then they will probably go for the things that stick in their simplistic minds rather than the ones that make them question their own worth.


It really bothers me whenever people talk about "renewable energy" or "clean power" and then never mention nuclear power.


Because you say "nuclear power" and all the idiots believe you're trying to build a nuclear bomb factory.


Nuclear fissure power depends on radioactive elements which isn't renewable. In fact, even less so than petroleum.
Nuclear fusion power isn't usable yet.


>Nuclear fissure power depends on radioactive elements which isn't renewable.
This is true, but it's disingenuous. In our lifetimes, the concern should not strictly be the renewability of energy sources, but their environmental impact. It's disingenuous in the same way that marketing natural gas or biofuels as "renewable" is disingenuous; they are technically renewable, but they don't really do anything to mitigate the issue that is carbon emissions. Nuclear power may not be renewable, but it's environmental impact is much, much more manageable since it's mainly relegated to spent nuclear fuel disposal.


Despite having virtually zero emissions and coal fired power plants killing more people through air pollution by several orders of magnitude nuclear power has been forever tainted in the public perception as dangerous and environmentally harmful due to chernobyl and fukushima, both completely avoidable disasters.

I think the entirety of EU is pulling out of nuclear power and it's only china that's actually building new reactors.

Breeder reactors are thing, I think they just aren't used very much because they're economically not viable while there's still easily available uranium around.


The US is still interested in building new reactors as well.



Mile island disaster.

Everywhere nuclear energy goes it leaves in it's wake a series of problems left from incompetent owners. It's the sort of energy that's too risky to be anything other than controlled by the highest office and most skilled individuals.


>Everywhere nuclear energy goes it leaves in it's wake a series of problems left from incompetent owners.
Forgive me for saying so, but this is an ignorant argument. We haven't banned air travel because unskilled 747 pilots could kill hundreds of passengers, we simply ensure that pilots are as skilled as possible and that the aircraft they fly are as a safe as possible too. There are hundreds of nuclear reactors currently in operation, with combined on-times of hundreds of years at this point. Nuclear reactors are very safe. Poor safety protocols leading to crises should not damn them from existing.


File:unnamed.jpg (126.12 KB,746x1024)

Not really worth it's own thread, but YouTube going to be as boring and unclear as ever. Removal of community ratings in favor of an unclear and unevaluated stream of content.


Very epic that because they removed the number of dislikes on comments a long time ago we can only see how many likes there are.


File:sciadv.abj5689-f1.jpg (1.54 MB,3000x2080)

Crab in amber


File:sciadv.abj5689-f2.jpg (2.53 MB,3000x3235)

Crab in amber


It's hard to believe it's 100 million years old. I can't wrap my head around that number.



I'm not keeping my hopes up.

The FCC also noted that it has been working to clean up the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to “ensure that funds go where they are needed and that winning bidders can meet the program’s technical, financial, and legal requirements.” As part of that clean-up process, the FCC has taken a number of actions, including:

    • Sending letters to 197 applicants concerning areas where there was evidence of existing service or questions of waste. Bidders have already chosen not to pursue support for almost 5,000 census blocks in response to the Commission’s letters.
    • Denying waivers for winning bidders that have not made appropriate efforts to secure state approvals or prosecute their applications. These bidders would have otherwise received more than $344 million.
    • Publishing a list of areas where providers have defaulted, thereby making those places available for other broadband funding opportunities.
    • Conducting an exhaustive technical, financial, and legal review of all winning bidders.

The "actions taken" represent matters of standard incompetence and corruption in the domain of ISPs in the US. Even if the FCC does its due diligence for once, it would not surprise me if the major ISPs still go into rural areas and force contracts that prohibit public community broadband and sign them to long-term deal with a single ISP, even in areas where they have no intention of bringing service, as that is how they already work.


Remember when HxH wanked the shit out of Go by making it so the AI stand-in character couldn't beat humanity's best?


File:HUNTER23_0135.jpg (227.19 KB,883x1400)


Every now and then I think about code optimization tips and then I think about modern programming standards and how the two conflict. For instance, it should be standard practice when writing AND statements to have the variable most likely to be false placed first so that only one check is done on for a fail condition rather than 2. Same applies for writing OR statements, that you should place the variable most likely to be true first, so that the second does not need to be checked. Among the textbooks I've read, I don't think a single one mentioned this, instead it got mentioned to me by an older industry veteran that that's how you should be structuring your IF statements. On the other hand, what has been mentioned to me quite often and that I've read in textbooks is that, "you shouldn't use 'magic numbers' instead you should always use functions to check the value of things." Well, in terms of optimization, if you're dealing with an array that's not getting any longer and won't have values added to it, then you're wasting CPU cycles calling a function to execute arbitrary code to check the length of said array when you could have instead simply put in "32" instead.

I think the saying, "you don't know what you don't know" applies here. Makes me wonder what other sort of tricks old timers treat as obvious that younger programmers never stop to think about.


seeding torrents is a better way to determine someone's moral character than the stupid shopping cart meme


I'm not particularly religious, but online atheists sure are annoying.


I think when it comes to code optimization it's just impossible for humans to reason it out from first principles because of how complicated everything is. Like your example about using a function instead of a magic number (or some inlined expression to calculate something), how do you know the compiler doesn't optimize the function call out? sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't but maybe there's another thing that benefits from it not being optimized out. So you really have no recourse but to measure your program if you want to know the real answer and for this reason I've given up on writing optimized code and instead worry about whether it makes sense to someone else reading it
What you say about the AND and OR statements is probably still good to do. The human has the context to know what's most likely going to be true or false and the computer might never have that context.


Where do you even find them? They barely exist anymore.


I don't like the way eop anglos speak the Japanese language. Every time I'm watching a video and they mention a name,game,song,etc., in Japanese I can't help but cringe. The way they pronounce the vocals sounds especially wrong.


The annoying thing about 4chan is that it's 99% horrible horrible crap that ruins my day, but the remaining 1% of good stuff can't really be found anywhere else, at least not with the same frequency.


4chan or not I don't think most opinions on the internet by randoms have any value.


File:1559468031498.png (58.31 KB,318x470)

I don't like it when people say they "consume" anime/manga/games/movies etc. Those things are supposed to be entertainment, not just something you mindlessly consume as if your life depends on it or whatever.

"Unironic" is also a term I have grown to dislike. I have a hard time taking people seriously when they need to announce that they are being sincere and what they just said wasn't coated in multiple layers of irony and sarcasm.


that arc was about a character with magical powers and a strengthening contract to kill herself if she lost Vs. an amalgamation of the strongest creatures of humanity.

If anything it sounds like HxH was saying that the creatures who exist beyond what humanity is capable of will win. Yet in the end of the day the story was nothing like this since it was a romance.


File:cbaf3968a43b28a69ff931f82c….jpg (534.93 KB,1226x1360)

Just as I though COVID influence is mostly gone because outdoor activity completely recovered here, I'm finding that most countries in Asia and Oceania are sill closing their borders - even full vaccine and testing clearances don't help, and certainly didn't expect Australia and New Zealand being part of it.

What's more funny is Japan's entry ban list continued to only grow through 2021 to cover almost every countries in the world, but no countries other than some East Asia countries (read: those with similar race so Japanese don't consider them "gaijin") were ever removed, and these were already removed from the list in early 2020. It's totally accurate to describe it as gaijin ban and it's probably what they always wanted, and only got a chance to do so under the name of COVID.


Just look at the state of gaijin countries in comparison to them, they probably were only reinforced in their beliefs by COVID.


I also think that "ironic vs unironic" is just kind of a lousy way of thinking about things. When a lot of people say they like things ironically, what they really mean is that they like it for different reasons than the creator intended.

The example that always comes to mind for me is Yu-Gi-Oh GX, especially the crummy 4Kids dub. I think everything about that show is stupid nonsense, but that's why I like it so much. I like seeing this bonkers premise being executed in the weirdest way possible. I like this stupid world with stupid characters going on stupid adventures where they do stupid things. The key is that I'm never laughing at it though. It's less "this is an embarrassingly bad show", and more "this is really really funny". If it were 100% intentional I'd still enjoy it just as much as I do now.


I've always been confused by ironic being used like that. I think people should say 'insincere' or maybe 'superficial' instead, although your Yugioh example is probably best described as ironic... maybe? Man, it's confusing.

Japan handled it pretty poorly up until around the Olympics, but I think they've been doing pretty well since then. 3% vaccination rate before Olympics, 76% now.
Also, uhh... Asia is certainly not a big happy family- that's really, really, REALLY far from the truth.


>Asia is certainly not a big happy family
Nowhere did I imply that. But even though the East Asia countries argue with each other all day, these issues are mostly political, caused by WWII history or influences by USA, not cultural or in any other factors.


File:despair skelly.jpg (59.23 KB,222x476)

But I want to go there again and give them loads of money in exchange for godly food and various otaku-oriented merchandise. It's not my fault I'm a smelly gaijin. Eating out is too expensive here, and the only Japanese food I can get here are sushi and ramen - both extremely overrated dishes.


>caused by WWII history or influences by USA, not cultural or in any other factors.
Those are cultural though. Japan as we know it today is a product of the US going out of its way to make Japan more like itself and, more importantly, less like the Nazis and Soviets. I honestly suspect that's why Westerners like Japan so much: it's the least eastern eastern nation.


going to Japan to single-handedly fix their birth rate problem, wish me luck.


>more importantly, less like the Nazis and Soviets
These are political influences. It's the same as saying the main difference of China and Taiwan in early years is that one is more "Soviet" and another is not.

>I honestly suspect that's why Westerners like Japan so much: it's the least eastern eastern nation.
Maybe, but political factor is still the most important factor. Again, compare China and Taiwan, which westerners have polar opposite impressions. This is despite that Taiwasese cultural influence is much lower than Japan or South Korea, and I would say it's even less than China.


My point is that political and cultural are a lot more closely connected than you seem to think.


I want a fresh start at life but is that even possible in my mid 30s?


File:szs bd.png (2.41 MB,1261x1419)

A preview for the official English Zetsubou Sensei BD just came out, and the typesetting looks worse than in the fansubbed release.

I don't know which one has the most accurate translation, but I think I will stick with the fansubbed one since it looks way nicer.


I doubt the official translation of szs will somehow magically be the best translation when it's killed so many fansub groups that came before it in the process of trying to sub it.


File:[Doki] Magia Record - Maho….jpg (153.88 KB,1280x720)

I'm still weirded out and disappointed by how the modern internet audience discovers things.
When I was doing a search for 'kissu' on find.4chan I found this thread which was REALLY strange: https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/579214756/#579214756
No one talks about Moon Phase so it was really bizarre and confusing to me to see it on /v/ of all places.
Well, I was on youtube looking for that creditless Moon Phase OP and apparently pewdiepie mentioned it based on the comments.
It's just so... dumb. There's a whole internet world of things to explore, but things don't exist unless influencers tell people of them. Just as quickly as they learned of it they will quickly forget it as they're told of something new.
Maybe irony isn't the problem as much as it's people that don't want to get invested in anything because they don't find it as interesting as being shown new things (to them) rapidly, even if they'll never know anything about them.


Pewdiepie is on kissu?!
Yeah, new-gen kids are always looking for new stimuli; the latest meme, the latest influencer drama, etc. A hive mind of listening to what the person they follow say and forgetting it for the next thing they say. But I guess that's what kids usually do, listen to/follow someone on a higher social standing than them. Only becomes a problem when they take that mindset into early adulthood and possibly even into adulthood. Which most are, I think. Or maybe 99% of people online are just teens.


Really, really want to build a PC. I keep getting laptops and the trouble of not being able to upgrade is really starting to wear down on me. At the same time, I'm caught in a trap where I wonder "if I want to build a PC now, what if new hardware comes out" but also "hardware is too expensive, maybe I'll wait some more," and through all that waiting my laptop just keeps getting more and more outdated and outmoded by new hardware. Having the ability to upgrade GPU would be especially great, but with DDR5 coming out... Aaaaa... I'm never going to build a PC at this rate!!


IMO it's less of a gen z thing and more of a general norm thing, unfortunately.


You sound like you're in a better position than I am. I'm using a decade old PC waiting for parts to fail on me any day now. I guess I was lucky that I did build a rig that lasted this long though. Outlasted my other PC that was only 5 years old. The entire thing ended up frying from the MOBO, RAM, GPU, and CPU. The power supply is the only thing that ended up staying in tact that works. Which I plan on putting in my clunker if it shall fail before I can build something else.


What if DDR6 will be slated for release in a couple years by the time you manage to build your ideal PC?


What you can do is set a goal of what you want your new machine to be capable of, something that is measurable today, and build according to that.


Just realized the actual worst part about not being able to buy new GPUs: even if you manage to buy a "new" GPU, because you likely won't have gotten it from an actual retailer, you immediately void your warranty because there's not a shot in hell a scalper would have the courtesy to include the receipt...


I think a lot of problems with society come from the assumption that there's a 'correct' way for a person to be.


Doesn't make sense if you try to logic about it, but it seems like it.


I would actually argue the opposite, with the death of religion we have lost that and we have more societal issues now than ever before. Also, not only is there far less of an emphasis on 'correct' behaviour there is far more emphasis on letting people behave how they like even if that isn't a good way to behave. And there there is social media and pop culture that encourage even worse behaviour.


It's hard to imagine there being so many people just... alive, and on the internet and stuff. It seems so strange to consider that there are unique software projects out there run by only a single person or maybe a few that possibly hundreds of thousands rely upon, or even stranger when some piece of hardware or tool is made by a single person that was never created before and no one else is making a version. It's just... so strange that there can be so many people and yet certain things hinge on a dozen people max. Of course, it's even harder to comprehend the social aspect; that there are BILLIONS of people out there, and they all have had lives as filled and storied as your own despite never coming close to learning even a fraction of those stories for even a dozen people as well.

Some people's conclusion to situations like these is to cynically say, "Humans should have never advanced past tribal groups" or "Our brains were not meant for more than recognizing a few dozen people." But, I think these are wrong. If anything, the fact that monumental projects can hinge on just a few people who had a unique idea, more than anything to me, suggests that we really need all these people. Imagine how much slower things would progress if the world only had half the population. Would we have anywhere near the level of technological development? Forget technology, just in terms of knowledge, psychics and math throughout history was built on the backs of single individuals making monumental contributions to our understanding, and that pace of understanding has only accelerated with more eyes and minds contemplating the issues of our time.

The information age certainly has its problem, but what a time to be alive?


I don't believe that such a handful of people actually are so important, it may seem that way with somebody like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg creating a product that goes on to be used by billions of people but if Bill or Mark had not done it then somebody else would have, they were just first and managed to essentially monopolise the market.

Most people don't have filled and storied lives either, they went to Bali and got drunk or met a celebrity and that is it.

I don't think we actually would progress much slower with half the population. Most people don't actually contribute to anything other than propping up a bloated society. Sure there are probably more people in science now but how many of those people actually do anything important?

But even if we did progress at half the speed I think that would be a good thing, the problem we have is that we are progressing far too fast, creating far too many issues that we cannot address in time or at all, we are going so fast that by the time we notice something is an issue it's too late. Climate change is a perfect example of that. I think that savouring technology for twice as long would not be so bad either, that would reduce waste, make people more aware and in tune with the technology around them as it would not be changing so fast and give them more time to actually use it before moving on to something else.


That's an odd take for someone on an imageboard oriented around Japanese culture, considering Japan is way more secular than most western nations, and puts out tons of media that's decidedly un-christian in nature.


I would agree with the first part but strongly diasgaree with the second. They are less Christian but make up for it in collectivism, so instead of doing x because God says so they do X because society does and in general Japanese society is fairly conservative. Just look at the way Japan treats relationships compared to the way the west does. Japanese media(aside from porn obviously) really has sex scenes or even characters in a relationship unless they are longterm and married, western media has casual sex thrown willy nilly for no reason at all and even Childrens shows usually have relationships(not sexual obviously) between characters. Who is more Christian?


I meant rarely not really.


I said software... Think people like package maintainers or random software projects used in production machines.


I'm sure the same would apply.


The US obviously.

I think you missed the point of my post. I take issue with people who say we need religion to have values and function as a society, when that's demonstrably untrue. Having a strong set of morals does not nessesitate spirituality.

I also get annoyed when people apply the Western scale of conservative vs liberal values to cultures where it doesn't apply. Japan is a nation that values conformity to social norms, and while some of those norms allign with Western conservatism, just as many don't.


I find it funny that people get mad about photobashing. Older illustration traced over photos all the time. This isn't that much different.


Yet japan clearly is more aligned with Christian values and acts in a more Christian manner.

I never said we need Religion, as I said, Japan doesn't have it. But, it is also true that our downfall in morals has coincided with a death of religion, whereas Japanese society manages to instil morals itself western society only does the opposite so in lieu of religion we get what we are getting.

I would say far more of Japan's norms align with western conservatism than those that don't.


Asian cultures descended from China all have prostitution embeded into them somehow. The public face of the country is as you describe, but activity that undermines morals and red light districts are a regulated system of government and criminal cooperation.


Prostitution is illegal in Japan while being legal or accepted in many western countries. Not to mention the fact that half the women in the west may as well be prostitutes.


Japan is publicly conservative, but marred by vice in a countercultural reaction to the repressiveness of social conformation. To ignore or dismiss this two-sidedness of Japanese cultural and society is doing them a disservice by painting them in idyllic framing that does not reflect the nuance of reality.


You may as well be spouting that the world is flat, what you are saying is next to a conspiracy theory and could be argued of any land. Look at the statistics and you will see that in pretty much every metric what you are saying is not true. Is there an underground? Sure, but there is in literally every country.


The ban on sexual intercourse isn't a ban on sexual services. Do your own reading on Japanese law and don't frame it off of facebook memes


>what you are saying is next to a conspiracy theory
Excuse me? What else would you say of a country that has as conservative social values -- simply look to the vast disparity in gender equality, among other things -- and yet at the same moment fetishesizes cuckoldry and infidelity, brilliantly shows off "host culture", and is ostensibly a haven for sexual deviancy?


I know, I have heard of those soap services but again. It's actually not as common and accepted by society as you assume and again, prostitution itself is not legal while again, it is in many western nations. I think if anybody is framing their views from facebook memes it would be you.


It doesn't fetishise cuckoldry and infideletry... Did you get that from Facebook memes too?


File:587.png (126.12 KB,398x685)


>Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg
Those are some bad examples to use since those guys weren't creators in a way we would know them. Bill was an outright business monster and that's why he has 20 years of legacy-building philanthropy so history will possibly forgive him. (hopefully it doesn't)
Obviously Zuck is a monster today and I don't think anyone regards him as a genius or creator as much as someone that stumbled into something.
I think he was more referring to the actual designers and programmers that create things we all rely on just for the internet or software to function- the nameless people writing code and understanding technology in a way that's far beyond us.


File:dependency.png (52.62 KB,385x489)

>the actual designers and programmers that create things we all rely on just for the internet or software to function- the nameless people writing code and understanding technology in a way that's far beyond us.
makes me think about that xkcd about imagemagick


>I would say far more of Japan's norms align with western conservatism than those that don't.
Maybe. But the ones that don't are pretty important.


Like what?


Their views on masculinity for one. What's considered manly here is literally thought of as gay there.


It's not that important and even then it's not even that much different than what we used to have anyway. In many ways it's like England after or even before the war. The body building culture in it's current from is fairly new I would say, early on it was a thing done by circus performers, then it becomes part of a dedicated niche and now it has become fairly mainstream but that is also made further complicated by the reasons that it has become so popular and valued by modern western men.

I'm not even sure I would call the admiration of that kind of physique a conservative value anyway. I would hardly say that English bankers of the early 20th century were or were not conservative because they did or did not follow it. Sure it ties in to the modern conservative demographic which is often made of working class men but that in itself isn't actually conservative in many ways, they don't actually conserve much really, for example they are still part of that casual sex culture as well as having many other characteristics that are unconservative in a literal sense, in many ways that is exemplified by the Trump movement, it's not really conservative so much as populist, I'm not American and I don't want to get involved in this and I don't mean this as an attack but the trump movement is more akin to a fascist movement than a conservative one and fascism and conservatism are actually hugely different.


This is one of the dumbest posts I've read in a while. As expected of people who derail threads into politics faggotry.



Japan is a pagan society. They only occasionally borrow some elements of European Christian aesthetics. I think this historical lack of Christian values might protect the Japanese and neighboring cultures since they have nothing similar to negate. Instead, morality is not absolute and is based mostly on the nature of a relationship between individuals. Wrongthinking was begot by the intolerance of early Christian sects of local traditions and customs.


Using Japanese in such a context just makes you appear pretentious but then I guess I should not expect more form somebody who makes such an asinine attack, if you lack an argument at least be gracious in defeat.


You would first need to present an argument yourself for me to address, which you have failed to do. で、できる?


They aren't a pagan society, they are an atheist society if anything.

As I have said, they have Christian values and more of them than we d at this point. Whether they are all 100% derived from the west and Christianity itself is a bit of another matter. For example the point I mention about shunning casual sex has kind of been in Japanese society for a while in a way. I am not sure what Buddhism actually says about the matter, I know Shinto has festivals and such that venerate sexual themes although that actually doesn't imply they accepted it either but I do no that there was a strong emphasis Samurai and the nobility separating daughters and wives form any male contact which would imply that at least for the upper echelons it was not accepted.

Japanese morality is far more absolute than ours at this point, the west has quite a free attitude to it where as Japanese society will punish wrong doers severely, not just Idols being made to shave their heads and make public apologies for being seen going into love hotels but numerous singers and the like have had contracts revoked because of certain illegal actives that not only would the west not bat an eyelid at but that singers in the west would proudly sing about and boost about in their songs.


I made an argument, evidently you simply lack the ability to comprehend it and you certainly lack the ability to make even a half decent rebuttal. Hence why you have resorted to the desperate and pretentious acts you have.


You simply have no idea what you're talking about, probably because you have no access to primary sources. Prostitution and pornography are rampant and widely accepted in Japan. Go read up on the Tobita Shinchi Restaurant Association for just one example of the idiotic "loopholes" they use, and that are convincing enough for the Japanese authorities. I'm sure there's at least a handful of English sites talking about it that even you can read.


As you clearly show having access to hand-picked primary sources is worse than having none, for somebody who pretends to speak Japanese your ignorance is astounding. Though things like this are becoming more and more common in these times, people claim to have knowledge of a field yet their knowledge is twisted by their own views and ideology to such a degree that they cannot see the forest for the trees, if anything their 'primary sources' are worse than having none at all.

You cherry pick things like soap parlours and this Tobita Shinchi Restaurant and uphold these as the very model of Japanese morality. They are clearly extremities and far form a basis for any kind of understanding on Japan as a whole, as I said, every country has an underground but not only that every country has creepy old men and every country has services to cater to them, even Saudi Arabia is bound to have them, even Afghanistan does just look at their Buccha boys. The fact that Buccha boys exist is far from proof that Afghanistan is a nation of gays and the gay capital of the world but if I were to apply your logic to it then that is just the conclusion that one would arrive too.


You aren't seeing any trees, much less forests. You're seeing pictures of blades of grass from behind a screen. Japan is a country that has ads for matching apps in trains. JAV actresses make guest appearances on variety shows and popular YouTube channels. Walk around any entertainment district past 10PM and there will be no shortage of guys dressed in suits inviting you to strip clubs, massage parlors and other seedy establishments, oftentimes being quite direct about it. Tobita Shinchi just has the highest concentration of prostitutes per square meter, there are places like that in every major city, such as Yoshiwara in Tokyo and Susukino in Sapporo. Tobita Shinchi is also notable for having organizational ties with a former mayor of Osaka, I guess. And I never mentioned soaplands, my first post in this conversation was >>1075, so you don't even know my views, you can only speculate based on your own views. Or, you know, just pretend everyone who disagrees with you is the same person.


Explicit belief in deities isn't necessary as paganism sets orthopraxy before orthodoxy. Regular participation in Shinto practices already counts as a pagan worship. According to official statistics and a few other researches, most Japanese do exactly that.

Calling some Japanese values Christian is misnomering because those values are commonly found in a lot of non-Christian/Western societies. This is something Christians adopted, not vice versa. Moreover, Christian values imply moral obligation not even to a complete stranger, but your enemy as well. No such thing exists in the Japanese conscience. Suicide is not seen as something utterly bad even today, too. Pursuing sexual pleasures in wedlock isn't seen as bad whereas Christians condemn it.

Acting incorrectly will readily get you cancelled. This is the problem of different systems of values. First of all, Japanese idols can't be equated with Western singers. Secondly, idols have special relationship with their fanbase, and because of this they might have more obligations to them; singers are judged by universal standards, which can be applied to anyone.


Japan has adds for alot of things and often these adds cause controversy and get taken down, like the add for blood donations that was taken down because the girl had breast that were too large so it was said to be too sexualised or the Idol Master girl that was adverting a shopping centre that was removed because of the way her skirt sat too closely to her legs thus revealing the shape of them, you single out the one add while ignoring all the others that have been taken down. Variety shows and Youtube channels are click baity garbage and it would not surprise me if they did such a thing, but inviting doesn't mean endorsing and even then there are a large variety of YouTube channels catering to all kinds of people so even if one did endorse them it's no reflection on Japanese society as whole particularly considering the nature of Youtube channels. I've never denied such shady establishments existed but it's not a reflection on Japan as a whole, maybe walk down your own entertainment district sometime and see what's their. Their aren't just prostitutes in every major city in Japan their are prostitutes in every major city, the difference is that in many western nations that is perfectly legal, hell in my own nation(Australia) it's legal in every state only brothels are not legal in my particular state but then the police don't actually enforce that unless the community makes them or it's tied to something else they are trying to get too. Forgive me if I mistook you for him but you are equally as ignorant and regarding the same topic too so such a mistake was only natural.

They don't participate in them because they actually follow the religion any more than the modern west all celebrate Christmas because they are devout Christians. It's not religion but tradition and superstition.

True that's what I mentioned. Christian values cover many things I am not saying they accept all of them(Christians themselves didn't half the time). Christianity does not condemn sexual pleasure in wedlock and Christian society as a whole didn't(the belief of Medieval times was that a woman had to feel pleasure to conceive anyway, though I don;t think this stems from Christianity). Anyway, from the bible Proverbs Proverbs 5:18-19

>May your fountain be blessed,and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.
>A loving doe, a graceful deer—may her breasts satisfy you always,may you ever be intoxicated with her love.

True it will get you cancelled but that's based in politics more than morality. Idols are more of an exception but it does happen to regular singers as well, Masahiko Kondo not an idol at all and not even a woman but a man was dropped by his label after admitting to an affair and this does not even mention all the singers who were punished for scandals involving substances, often substances that are even legal in some western nations and states. The west does not care anywhere near as much and is more likely to punish you for political faux pas than moral ones.


File:[Jarzka] Saki 10 - Beginne….jpg (72.76 KB,853x480)

Ah, yes. The ad with the anime character that people talked about on English social media. And that other ad with another anime character that people also talked about on English social media. I see you are also an expert on the Japanese advertising industry.

>Variety shows and Youtube channels are click baity garbage
Yeah, Japanese people are really into that stuff sadly.

>but then the police don't actually enforce that
Seems we are finally getting somewhere!


Well it's seems they don't just talk about whatever cherry picked things you mentioned then doesn't it? Pity you seem to have ignored it when browsing whatever English social media site it is you are getting your information from.

Kind of, many Japanese people see it as garbage and it's part of the reason Youtube is becoming so popular there.

It seems not as I was talking about the west sadly, but then as I have said, I never claimed that such things don't happen in Japan they happen everywhere.


File:1549359744656.jpg (156.47 KB,579x543)


What if I told you that I have actually been to Japan and seen everything I mentioned in previous posts with my own two eyes?



This is the thread for ideas that don't necessarily warrant their own thread. You've made more than enough posts showing your continued interest that I have no idea why you have not done so - that is, making a thread on Japan's moral whatever-the-heck.


I don't just mean the physical aspect of it. The literally gay part was mostly a joke.

The West, especially America, values the strong, gruff, stoic man. Men aren't supposed to get too emotional here, lest they be seen as crybabies. And we make very firm, often arbitrary distinctions between masculine and feminine and mature and immature interests. Japan, meanwhile, is a lot more accepting of what we would consider "immature" or "effeminate" men. A man can like cute things there without fear of mockery. And the Japanese emphasis on politeness ends up discouraging a lot of the gruffness that we like here.

Also, conservatism is relative. Chrisanity is considered conservative because it was the default in Western culture for the last ~2000 years or so, but Western culture as a whole is far older. When Christianity first hit the scene, it was highly radical. It only became conservative once we were sufficiently removed from a culture where it didn't exist.




here are my thoughts


I read someone talking about photo editing of WW2-era photos done back then and he called it photoshopped. As in, "Germans photshopped the image of Churchill" and it really irked me. Yeah, brand/products can become synonymous with an object or action, but it really felt wrong to use that for something that happened long before it existed. It probably took a lot more effort to do it back then, too.


What if I told you that such anecdotes don't actually constitute an argument nor even go against what I have repeatability stated this whole time which is that I don't actually argue against such things existing? I say again, every country has an underground.

That's nothing to do with conservatism really and as you say that is specifically more American(and Australian too). There are many reasons for that but it's tied into the culture of these nations themselves, Australia is a convict nation and venerates working class ideas and ethics. They are both also colonies which breed that culture of the frontier, that culture that you have to be able to fix your own car and build your own house to be a man. In many other western countries that isn't a thing so much.

True conservatism is relative and it's shifting to something that isn't actually conservative. 2000 years is a very long time. More than enough time to create a distinct civilization by itself which is what happened. Though funnily enough Greece and Rome actually share the values I mention as well. In Athens for example, if a woman slept with a man out of wedlock whether that be an affair or not being married at all she would lose her citizenship. So the conservatism I mention is not just the conservation of Christian morals but Greco-Roman ones too.


File:1576547728757.png (234.4 KB,424x598)


Wow, Rude.


This reminds me of that one image that got thrown around on 4chan about a guy questioning why someone is condemning "degenerates" when girls with giant cocks and other similar stuff are just a simple click away in a different thread. Imageboards are a strange place to talk about purity when they're dens of joyful hedonism.


Not really and funnily enough that ties into porn in the east vs west as well. Even Japanese porn is more morally pure. While this does not go for all Doujins considering that there is such a variety of them catering to variety of wants a common theme is that they tend to avoid casual sex in the way the does not. Most Doujins try to portray the girl as purely as possible and funnily enough your girls with penises are examples of that, it's a way of having a girl have sex with a man without a girl actually having sex with a man. It's also part of the reason incest is so common in doujins, in a way incest is the purest form of love.


Then why the FUCK are there so many NTR doujins?


File:1490231963246.jpg (9.44 KB,138x92)


vtubers are good people and NOT a curse upon the world


As I said there is a variety of everything, But I seem to recall that percentage wise there are not actually that many. I'm not sure if it was here or on a /jp/ spinoff but somebody was complaining about just that as well as Ryona and something else and how much there was so somebody else did the numbers and looked at a doujin site to see just how many there were compared to other genres and found that this was overblown.


File:akari DIES.png (663.9 KB,2048x1448)


It's amazing (and unfortunate) that the conversation went on that long.

Can you just shut up already?


It's very strange, and slightly depressing, to ponder the rate of infrastructural progress that took place during the 20th century and the relative complete lack thereof during the now 21st.

It also makes me contemplate the efficacy of our economic system. I don't think it could be argued to the contrary that the loss of passenger rail, or intercity tram networks, were advantageous or socially beneficial other than the economic advantage it posed to automobile companies and then airlines. So, the bankruptcies of the various rail companies and their discontinuing of passenger rail services because of the inherent lack of profit motive (in fact, passenger rail services being very costly, and not just unprofitable) makes me think that the need for a profit motive in the first place is detrimental to society in certain industries and sectors. Medicines and healthcare is another example where privatization seems especially harmful to society.


File:3ddd5d046deca5d37d051be528….png (1.18 MB,1400x1986)

There seems to be some rumors saying that Creative Assembly is planning on making a new historical Total War game. And while many of the series' "tue" fans are starting to get hyped, I doubt CA will be able to live up their expectations, seeing how the battles in the post-Shogun 2 titles are much more focused on stats rather than tactics.


I've been doing some Perl programming recently, and it lives up to its reputation. It's super powerful, but every time you do literally anything in it it feels like you're doing something wrong.


I heard they might be making a new engine too which could change things, I think a large part of the problem was the Engine although Shogun 2 was done on that engine. I'm not getting my hopes up but it can't be any worse than Warhammer or Three Kingdoms.


File:1627105608095.jpg (204.17 KB,674x504)

>I think a large part of the problem was the Engine although Shogun 2 was done on that engine.
In my opinion, Shogun 2 has the best battle gameplay in the whole series, so I don't think the engine is the reason why the newer games are so stat-focused.

Agh how I hate seeing my favourite game franchise getting dumbed down like this. And I can't blame the Warhammer fags for this either because they started doing this crap all the way back with Rome 2.


>Warhammer fags
Is it just me, or has Kissu been cruder as of late?


It's just you.


the nature of blogs turns man into the uncouth


"fag" may not be a common word on kissu, but I have trouble finding any problems with it on imageboards since it's been a term of endearment for so long. /tg/ called themselves neckbeards for a decade before popular culture decided it should be used as an insult


Maybe but I think the Warscape engine focuses on individual entities and that plays into that it worked in Shogun 2 and failed in Rome 2. Japanese warfare was more focused around the kind of singular fighting that the engine provided with the exception being Ashigaru pikes but even then they still don't use shields and you only have to worry about thrusting. The factions in Rome 2 generally relied heavily on close shield based formations and the engines just doesn't do that well.

They didn't even bother attempting to make formations in Warhammer.

It's hard to say, I think it's just much bigger than other imageboards of it's kind so you get more varied posters and many of those retain that kind of 4chanism. But it's not new, you see it regularly enough.


File:4BDA1C9E-F7B3-4DD5-A44E-3F….jpg (54.12 KB,670x670)

>the nature of blogs turns man into the uncouth


I don't take issue with the word itself, it's more the people it's become associated with.


I think I see what you mean.


It might be an unpopular opinion, but for me, the web was at its peek in the late 2000s/early 2010s.

The late 90s/early 2000s were cool too, but a lot of the content made back then was kind of garbage. It's easy to forget now, but back then the general expectation was that stuff made for the web was automatically worse than "real" media being made by professionals for TV and print and the like. By the late 2000s, you still had a lot of that web 1.0 sensibility, but standards started to get higher. New people were coming in fast, increasing competition, and the guys who were already there were experienced enough that they were getting to the point that they could rival and in many cases surpass professionals.


Late 2000s/early 2010s was when Homestuck was being drawn so maybe you have a point


Every now and then I look at light bending around a hot surface, like off the edge of a car, or on hot concrete, and it always makes me wonder: why hasn't there been some sort of design to make something invisible by creating some sort of heated surface to bend the light around it?


feel like AI coming up with mathematical and scientific conclusions is like aristotle coming up with the four elements theory




chicken butt


I love paizuri.


It's so warm......only a week and a half til christmas and it feels like spring.


I hate how the best porn artists often have the worst fetishes. There is one manga artist who has this retro-ish style and it made the girls look incredibly hot, but all his works are about pretty girls getting boned by scrawny old men.


sounds like an ntr artist. girls can't resist the dick of 50+ year old dudes.


File:hina2.jpg (167.55 KB,599x599)

Wait, are they selling nukige on Steam now? I thought sexual stuff was not allowed. Publishers had to censor VNs for the Steam release and now they allow porn on the platform.

I'm not complaining here, I just find it a little strange that Valve did a complete 180 on the matter.


They have been selling smut on steam for a while now, I think it's just underage appearing stuff that is not allowed.


Noticed recently that my cat sort of has eyelashes. It's hard to see from head-on, but it's noticeable looking from the side.


Just realized I've barely written a single thing in the last 6 or so months. Weird to think about writing being separate from typing despite the end result being somewhat the same, of course without the flair of personal style in calligraphy.


they even sell hgames on GOG now

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