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File:a36481c6966d9b52b3c2603b65….jpg (523.81 KB,1328x1774)


It's starting to get awfully cold out. Is Kissu staying warming? It feels like Winter is just around the corner.


it's starting to get awfully cold IN now that i've turned on the ac and i am thankful for it


its warm inside kuon


I wish Winter were just around the corner, but instead all I have to look forward to is three months of oppressive heat.


I hope we get snow this year.


got a couple inches of snow outside today. staying warn though with my hoodie and comfy pajamas.


its supposed to be thunderstorming this weekend but when i woke up it was sunny so i quickly did my grocery shopping even though i was tired. hoping for a good storm later gonna make a hot choco


wow, the qt on the left is SO COLDthat she has gym shorts AND tights under the skirt.

anyways, my room hovers around 65 degrees or 17-18C; I would prefer it to be a bit warmer but these old apartments with wood floors just feel cold. Cold makes for better, deeper sleep though, so I hear.

same, Winter without snow is just cold, no magic and wonder.



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