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File:53238527_p0.png (911.59 KB,771x1000)


The Night of Frights approaches!


File:__flandre_scarlet_komeiji_….mp4 (784.15 KB,1000x700)


File:1697973614017869.gif (2.29 MB,502x400)

Thats funny


File:1698244020053629.jpg (169.3 KB,850x862)

What are you guys doing for halloween?


uh no idea hmmm


File:Undead.Unluck.S01E04.1080p….jpg (241.84 KB,1920x1080)

Absolutely nothing!


Going to stream some scary anine for /qa/!


Carving a pumpkin. Watching movies. Handing out candy. Maybe decorating for all-saints


sperming to some spooky boobers


i'll probably spend the entire day playing video games


update: i'll be waiting for the cable guy to change my modem


File:F9sxnxjaYAAxC0Q.jpg (399.35 KB,1212x1722)

Browse the interbutts!


File:F9sIusQbAAAvxKf.jpg (210.62 KB,1440x1080)


now this is meta


Today is also the first day of snow here so I don't know whether to look at pictures of anime girls in Halloween outfits or Santa outfits.


Look at both


File:F9xMBaKagAAEwg9.jpg (1.1 MB,1618x2048)



Made an Uboa jack-o-lantern this year. Wonder if anyone will catch the reference


File:113000771_p1.jpg (245.94 KB,1000x1414)

I think Yume Nikki got a minor resurgence, but statistically I'd say it's extremely unlikely


rabbit rabbit


File:20231031_194441.jpg (312.47 KB,1453x1868)

This is my first attempt at ever making a jack-o-lantern


Nice! Seems good. The only ones I ever cut were as a kid and we had these little stencil paper things to make preset faces. I guess it looked good, but in hindsight it would have been better if we did something creative


I have a funny ceramic jack-o-latern but I forgot to get it out this year... Maybe next year.


File:F9sxucUa0AAfbD9.jpg (304.47 KB,1142x1623)

The first half of November counts as Halloween right?


File:103916222_p0.jpg (638.8 KB,1772x1262)

Actually the hour after midnight on the 31st it switches right back to christmas, which is september-october 21st+november 1st-december 31st


STOP. September is Halloween's month. November I can live with being taken by Christmas. Thanksgiving wasn't that great anyways.

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