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Right now I'm in the middle of workshoping an idea for a GATE knock off, but it's with a Warsaw pact country.
I also have a seven chapter WN being written up. It's about a couple of tabletop characters slice of life adventuring.
Hope everyone does okay.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (294.71 KB,1920x1080)



Now I'm making a world map, trying to do it paradox style/make it look like border gore hellscape.
I'll post the document with the map when I finish drawing Europe.


Hmmm, maps. Do you have any principles as to how to approach it or are you just doing it on the fly?


File:d80097b5ce011429bde3b626e9….png (Spoiler Image,136.04 KB,435x842)

I have three layers open, one that's the base map, one that's the political map of the modern world, and one that has the terrain/mountains/rivers that sort of shit.
Then I have three more layers, one is where I trace over the modern day borders, another where I put the numbers (I'm using a document to track the nations as they expand), and one layer that's blank at the moment but when I finish drawing Europe or get to like, turn whenever I get bored I'll post the results and the PDF file of it.


Border gore is real life; Azerbaijan/Armenia/Nagorno-Karabkh could totally be from any typical CK/EU run.


I agree but I like making my own border gore because it looks cool.
Borders should be haphazardly drawn on cool """alt""" history maps.


I think the matter of border gore depends heavily on the time period, there's a big difference between square lines and loose paint blotches, like English monks going around and asking each village what region they identified as living in and ending up with a mess of a border.
But I believe older boundaries tend much more towards the geographical with some main points, like this video on Chinese history explains. It's extremely good, I do recommend it.


The guy's other videos are also very good.


Well here's an example of my map game/risk game that I never played


Spitballing an idea here, might be a project soon.
Idea is this:
GATE but with a Warsaw pack nation (maybe North Korea or China?).
And it turns into a situation where the fantasy races learn how to repair and use the guns so it turns into a huge shitshow with factions with guns, vs magic and guns, vs like, magic user vs the North Korean army or whatever Warsaw pack country I pick.
I'm thinking it's like, imagine Soulstorm-type situation, and the story follows one factions rise to greatness and their encounters with the different factions. It wouldn't be the North Koreans or China because they're the invaders like demon lord shit.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (275.53 KB,1920x1080)



So in actuality its more like 6 chapters have been done, five chapters edited/slightly rewritten.
I'm on the seventh chapter but I lost motivation for it. I want to add like a new character to the story.
I haven't posted it to anywhere, but I just feel like I wanted to share it.


Good true image


Hey before anyone gets autistic and yells at me
Yes I know I'm using the term Warsaw Pact wrong.
It should be something else. I don't know the exact term.


Second world?


BRICS? In a modern sense


That would be the entire Communist Sphere, which is close because I might just have it be a collation of the Soviets, China, and North Korea (Who are the real bad guys.)
Okay so in this War Game that I have called Red Dragon, they're called, get this: Red Dragon


Did the sino-soviet split not happen in this world


We haven't gotten close to that yet, but I think for the story I think the sino-soviet split doesn't happen yet but its on the verge of happening.

But this is more of a focus on like, a fantasy race (I'm thinking Orcs because goddammit I like Orcs because I can relate to them.) manages to get arms first and then it turns into an arms race between a bunch of different factions.
See it should last me a while for content.


If I do a modern one I'll do BRICS.


File:a7cce33ec70bbef7b0f0c6e841….jpg (Spoiler Image,979.73 KB,893x1500)

Okay workshopping the idea for the bad-guys/Second World invaders.
¥ Soviets and China jointly invade fantasy world while America doesn't notice
That would push the story to the 1960s where relations were still somewhat good?
¥ North Korea and China
Which can be in any time period if I'm going to be honest.

Now for the good guys:
I like Orcs because I like brutes and I like tribal people. That being said, not like in the noble savage way, but in the human way. Anyways I think the protagonist should be an orc because I got inspired by that one xration doujin.
Like they get a head's start by stealing the firearms and learning how to make them. God damn I love Tolkien's orcs from LoTR, love Industrial Hell, very cool.


File:3b79bd6cf7e44f6e96df77e48e….jpg (1.23 MB,1738x2546)

Oh well hell, it looks like the Sino-Soviet split started in the 1960s, how about this: Soviets and the PLA work together after both sides discover a portal in the same area and they jointly invade.
Or I could just push it back to the 1959.
Neither here nor there, just musing


File:75579309708c062531f5fc2bfd….png (277.32 KB,1006x1423)

¥ Second world sends an army into a fantasy version of Earth, using the Earth as the basis of the map.
Okay so, I think for right now I want to have the Chinese and USSR (Russia) doing a joint operation and they end up going into the GATE sending two divisions, one Chinese, the other USSR (Russia).
But the joint operation ends up splitting up and turns into a civil war, the portal gets cut off and won't open for a while. So now the Russians and the Chinese (PLA) are fighting each other, getting their shit stolen by fantasy races, and the story follows the happenings that are going on, like a techno-thriller but kinda in a comedic tone.


File:b209292664ff47fa82a319f843….jpg (57.83 KB,960x960)

One final thing.
¥ Thinking about monster girls, maybe monster men too, but maybe those are more rare?
Or have mob races have both races?
Or have futanari?

¥ Who fucking cares
I do, these are important questions.


File:de245862bbab78cfe00e1f9646….jpg (574.99 KB,900x1200)

I think I'm going to go with futa and women for like most of the monster races.
But for like some of the mob races/humanoid races have like some men in there too.


File:e3aa8fdcbda7c4c590108967ff….jpg (Spoiler Image,881.06 KB,1329x1879)

I have two routes I can go:
One is just have it be the commanders are gender bent via magic fuckery the first day.
Or just have it be that in this time-line it just so happened that women were in charge of the military.
I think the latter would make me feel less gay, but the former sounds cooler.
Thoughts anyone?

Also I'll play her game soon to the person that said I needed to play her game.


File:82039d709001afce4f04ae8690….png (53.31 KB,500x500)

So right now I think I'm just going to go with making the commanders all end up turning gender bent.
Because that's what seems cool.


Are you writing anything yet or just planning still?


It's only been one days I haven't started writing the story proper yet.
It'll probably be a little bit until I get some prose written down.


File:dd0a5c5c5cfc18ea81535974a3….png (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB,1191x2180)

I have to start working creating the cast of characters.
Need to do some diversity shit. Have a bunch of different traits and emotions and shit.

So right now I'm leaning towards the Soviets and the Chinese discover a portal and end up sending a division to invade, but the portal closes after they send the joint division into the fantasy version of Earth.
Thinking that the first major arc is about the joint division conquering and setting up a forward operating base in what would be Mongolia. Like this would be the introduction arc; like maybe 5-6 chapters, maybe more? Spitballing here.


>diversity shit. Have a bunch of different traits and emotions and shit.

Do authors still use those random generators that were all the rage back in the early 2010s


File:cac0e9ab8fa918c374c74b6da5….jpg (Spoiler Image,427.72 KB,900x1273)

You know, I sometimes do that when I just want to hash out a quick character, then go into the what they look like.

Like right now I'm thinking about the three lead characters for the Soviets and PLA.
For the Soviets was planning on doing it by hair color at first to distinguish whose who.
For the PLA/China was going to do it based on bust size.

Barely any of this is set in stone.
Also I use:


File:2c5471512e3bbdfac6c72d8679….jpg (487.89 KB,711x1000)

I also like using
¥ http://www.chaoticshiny.com/
¥ https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/
is probably my second most used thing, because I cannot be asked to come up with names on the spot.


>For the PLA/China was going to do it based on bust size.
What? From A to BB? hehe


File:5ba4796281bcc188eb8a45704e….jpg (213.78 KB,866x1200)

In my head, thinking like having the Chinese commanders end up with like, one has a nice bust (maybe C cup?), one has a nice ass and small bust, and one that is more ditzy and has big tits.
But again I'm coming up with this on the spot.


File:3b5cfbadc64d891548ec7881fa….jpg (Spoiler Image,2.42 MB,2000x3000)

Oh and I also like using these guys:
¥ https://donjon.bin.sh/


Random proposal: you have a bunch of races that are single-sex, and the result of their offspring is determined by who was the dominant one during seggs. Battle of the pheromones.
>Have a bunch of different traits and emotions and shit.
To me the main question is always "for what purpose." Say, if someone's hot-headed, what consequences will that have? And then, what traits can you give to someone else so the two clash or get along or both, that sorta thing. What does it set up?


¥ Random proposal: you have a bunch of races that are single-sex, and the result of their offspring is determined by who was the dominant one during seggs. Battle of the pheromones.
Noted. Sounds like a great idea.
Also I think what you said is probably better then the way I do it, because right now it feels like I'm working outside in, instead of thinking of the plot first.


It doesn't have to be the plot per se, if you just want to have a bunch of people fucking around then question would be more what kind of moments does it set up, doesn't need to be a macro thing.
For example, the battle of the pheromones thing would mean that these monsters could be beating the crap out of each other while copulating, having a tossup, a fight. It's a realistic consequence of the rule given the creatures we're dealing with, and you can use that to justify some rather interesting moments.
Also, green is the one you use for literal textual quotes, yen for everything else.


Oh, and these sexy fights would actually be kinda irrelevant to the plot, that's my point.


File:5d4b268d3a237dda98b5afb836….jpg (792.3 KB,900x1200)

>be kinda irrelevant to the plot
Eh whatever, could just have it be a side-thing. Like a short sidechapter thing. Not filler, oh god no, don't want that, but a good side story thing.
Neither here nor there, I think it's a good idea though and I'll see what I can do to incorporate it into the story.


File:Cutebold_adventure_party.gif (48.86 KB,525x316)

You know I got a terrible great idea, thinking about just playing it as a war-game thing but in GURPS. I already have the ruleset set up. All I'd really need to do is poach the the stuff from War Game: Red Dragon and just play it in maptools.
So it'd be like, stealing from the PLA stuff; like their tanks and all that.
Like what I'd have to do is use the Mass Combat, adjust the stats for the units so it isn't just generics fighting each other, then go in and find the tactical war-game pyramid magazine, don't remember the issue.

Listen I'm going to blog to the fullest extent and godbless everyone.


File:1537488879097.jpg (586.71 KB,2149x3035)

Part 2:
I managed to find the issue for Pyramid, it was Issue 44.
It's really nice having all the GURPS books on hand. People don't like GURPS apparently, say its too obtuse, but what's so obtuse about rolling 3d6?


File:e8053f759ad14e0fda3f07196d….png (2.1 MB,1500x2201)

I managed to get a little bit of work done today, I got something down for what the MC should be.
I didn't wargame yet, was going to do that later on today.


File:1529499015681.jpg (102.76 KB,500x500)

I am coming to a realization that I am not a military historian kind of guy, but I do like writing absurd stuff happening.
That being said:
So since this is fiction I don't really need to worry about how accurate the deployment of the divisions should be. Right now I'm focused on the Chinese (I'm not doing North Korea, sorry.) army from the 1980s, which is interesting. I'm not a fan of them naming everything Type-[foo] for everything.


File:9a232e474e4a2724fda87aa2f4….jpg (592.46 KB,2475x3500)

Alright I opened the game and looked at the armory in the game.
Now I just have to do it again, but this time writing down what can be reasonably taken.
Like write down the name of the fire-team (for infantry)/tank/vehicle.)
Actually now that I think about it, I think I might go for the ambiguous 19XX so I can have stuff from the late 90s too.

So right now, the protagonist is a cunning mercenary/bandit (think your average Mount and Blade warband run) who happens upon a cache of firearms and ends up stealing it.


File:1550094349370.jpg (24.39 KB,480x480)

I also decided to make the soldiers into women because portal fuckery
That was actually a really easy decision


File:1548723195334.jpg (67.45 KB,500x375)

¥ Gameplan
Going to try and write the first chapter by monday.
It'll probably be in the ballpark of at least 2k words but that's just me trying to give myself a mental image of how long the chapter should be.


Actually yeah I got like a spitball question.

Big fan of the rule of three for at least the starting kind of story, thinking about having like, 3 commanders, have them be of different styles and rank.
I already got like the "blonde that's pretty ditzy." as a character.


File:EmyktKHWEAE0OG-.jpg (384.02 KB,1568x1751)

You know what, going to work from there.
I got like, two characters already, just need to start war-gaming and then everything will work out.


File:d9ab3fa4f1d1e25a6062bb8536….png (12.94 MB,2446x3764)

Today was not productive.
But I did manage to think for a moment and plan out where the story should take place.


File:c361bc1733d02ff048520f40c2….jpg (4.04 MB,5081x3600)

Anyways so trying to figure shit out.
If I'm understanding correctly a company is the smallest unit, made up of platoons, and those platoons are made up of sections, which those sections are made up of squads, and those squads usually have fire teams


File:d6850eea16e3dfbe2a7b2e54a7….png (Spoiler Image,3.3 MB,2100x2737)

Okay so for today:
¥ managed to get the Aircon out
¥ got a general idea where the Chinese and Russians are invading (which is like, in the Manchuria/Russian Far East/North Korea)
So for today, I just need to do is this
¥ divide up the elements/sub-units in the company that's being attacked
¥ figure out the general strength for the fantasy races

Main thing is going to be at the start, bandits find a cache of weapons and some leftover vehicles, and attack some blonde (because fuck you, portal shenanigans) Chinese cute woman PLA officer.
Now I am really goddamn high and I'm spitballing here for myself, thinking about like having I don't fucking know, make it a fanfiction and have some random fate character in it, because fuck it.
Probably won't do it but I'm thinking about it.


I think I said that wrong.
It's a cute blonde Chinese woman who is a PLA officer.
Don't mind me I am dumb as shit and I am thankful for technology to help me express myself better.


File:10-4-2023 [Month 1].png (208.97 KB,4974x2519)

This is like the roughest first-draft map that I have.
Right now I'm focusing on the China area, and the Soviets/PLA managed to capture the areas.
I kind of decided that there should be a Chinese cult kingdom called the White Lotus Nation of Man, might rename it but that's what I go so far.
And that little encircled pocket is where the starting group is at.


Okay fuck it, I'm just going to establish how many platoons are in this company, and go by squad/vehicle in said platoon.
There are ten platoons in the company (I just rolled it)
So if there are 10 platoons in this single company, let's assume there are 8 elements in each platoon.
So wouldn't that be 80 elements (squads, vehicles, motorized squads, etc) in said company total?

I don't know if the math adds up or not.


File:EobFdn6VgAAEY6C.png (Spoiler Image,577.66 KB,686x592)

I forgot to spoil the image.
It wasn't this image though.


File:R-1696739163275.png (646.4 KB,712x960)

Okay so I managed to be productive today and copied a bunch of Chinese units from Red Dragon for like, as a starting thing.
Now I'm in the middle of trying to do tactical warfare in GURPS.
So the Chinese major has in her command a mostly mechanized infantry company that's made up of 80 elements (squads and vehicles).
So it's 8 platoons made up of 10 elements each.
Now the main character has to fight his way through the platoons in order to beat the first "boss" if this was a video game, but it is not.


File:60e34b2b00d824799a70c23cf0….jpg (198.34 KB,454x800)

Okay so in today's calamity of thinking:
Deciding if I should go for one of four
¥ Futanari/women orcs that look similar (think like that one Chinese (I think?) [https://exhentai.org/g/1592759/b4a8c889b0/] artist cg series)
¥ Male orcs and petite orc women (think that one kawaisaw doujin)
¥ Male orcs and female orcs are just ugly
¥ generic hentai orcs
It matters to me dammit.


File:f102c3a6ec30669f71aebcf999….png (6.63 MB,1754x3117)

Ah well, forgot another one:
¥ males are super rare, female and futa are more common


File:Platoon Wars.png (94.59 KB,529x1020)

So this is like a battlemap, on the scale of a region/kingdom, the terrain is massively different from the one on Earth but it takes place on Earth, so let it just be an Author's fiat okay?
Anyways, now I just have to make the assets, which is just filling in a box with a color and putting the name of the nation on it.
¥ People's Liberation Army
in [BF605D]
¥ Orc tribes
in 7BAD39
Tomorrow I'll play the wargame, or today if I end up doing it.
I'll report back what happens.


are you gonna have orc rapers
I mean like >>>/ec/13354 >>>/ec/13386


File:1695024575221.jpg (Spoiler Image,278.35 KB,1536x2048)

You know what; Yes I am.
I have a I don't know, a thing for wanting to be a tribal strongman. Glad I can just write it out.
I'm glad people are actually reading my thread or at least going "Oh jesus what's this retard saying now."


File:c158dde8cb58bc2ce04cf77513….jpg (Spoiler Image,331.59 KB,1200x1403)

So like, this is the outline I got so far, but retold to /aut/
Starts with the MC getting kicked out of village for fucking a tanned warrior chick whose like the the village chieftain (maybe futa?) main bitch; so he goes out with his small gang, fights and kills some rival gang and ends up with a petite oni looking orc woman princess, little bit of curve don't get me wrong.
His group discovers a supply depot. Here's where we learn that a joint invasion of via not!Stargate by the Soviets and the PLA via a alt-1980s world. And the officers are now women. Because fuck you.
MC finds said supply depot in the orc tribal territory, he sends his b-team in and they get slaughtered. Thus learning it is well-defended. But after waiting a couple of days, he decides to start a wild fire in the hills and cause them to investigate. It works, they investigate and the MC and his A-team squad end up acquiring firearms. And because they are aware of gunpowder weapons, they know how to shoot and they fit in their hands. They loot the supply depot, take a Tank Destroyer [PTZ-89] and using machine guns they kill a the PLA squads. MC discovers where the PLA officer is at, fucks her, takes her part of his small little traveling harem. [You know I should just like, leave them in different locations, or I don't know.]
Oh so at that supply depot there happens to be a dirty-bomb/little Nuke with the looted weapons. Why? Ancient orc temple needs to be destroyed according to the PLA, by the most violent means, thank you Mao
So the PLA are tracking it, and the main arc's enemy is this ditzy blonde, maybe slightly gyaruish, splitting hairs here PLA major, nice tits. She learns of the attack, sends a commando squad to retake the nuke.
So MC arrives as luck would have it at the rival village of the MC. Where the rival guy from earlier was from. MC wants to recruit from them. Village leader, big orc dude, goes "hah fuck off loser." MC and village leader have an alleged fight to the death, with the MC almost about to lose when the PLA commando show up. MC, heavily wounded, kills the PLA commandos with his squad. Most of his squad, his friends, are dead. The village elder allows him to recruit from the village, and now he got like an entire platoon (4 squads) worth of soldiers. The PLA commando woman leader person yeah, slim, cute, tells the MC about the nuke. He doesn't really know or care. He also fucks her.
Now there ends up being a short montage here, going through and recruiting from the different variant of orcs (mostly fat orcs though). Now he has at least ten squads, which is like two platoons? Which is like the bare minimum for it to be a company.
During this time he's been training these orcs and looting supply depots for more supplies. He has now gained a lot of ammo and firearms and he learns that the PLA is about to invade.

So now I have to start war-gaming and hopefully the orcs will win and defeat the communists with their own weapons.


Ohhhh, the MC is an orc? I thought it'd be the other way around since GATE was the inspiration. Interesting.


File:c68677815bcdf022864cd6ca9d….jpg (735.45 KB,2350x3450)

See I fucking love the concept of like some really kuso mob race getting advanced weapons dropped on them.
Plus I think orcs are really neat. Like them because I like being able to self-insert as a tribal barbarians like the people who lived in Northern Europe. That's really faggy of me to say that but it's true.

Like I think the concept spurred from North Korea invades fantasy Earth, and the fallout that causes because lol North Korea.
And then it turned into "Why not just have the Chinese and Russia do it."
And then I was like, wow, I want to make this porn too.

You know another idea I have is the Qarmatians getting AK-47s and establishing their weird Islamic sect thing harder. Sacking Mecca and all that.


>Plus I think orcs are really neat. Like them because I like being able to self-insert as a tribal barbarians like the people who lived in Northern Europe.
I honestly think that if you made this comparison in the text, it'd be absolutely hilarious. Could either be the narration saying it or a human complaining about the orcs' resemblance to those "ruinous Germans" or what have you. Maybe mention the Japs too.


File:c65eb7195c10c1eb360fd4515b….png (1.86 MB,924x1400)

I will put that in the outline somewhere that like a People Liberation Army officer, probably the main arc villain compare them to Tibetans or... Yeah the Japanese barbarians or something. Or Mongolians. The Chinese will always be angry at the Mongolians no joke.
Okay so the Chinese and the Soviets (Russians) are trying to reconquer all their home territory and trying to force communism on these "fantasy" races.
Honestly I thought GATE was a really funny concept, like I know the guy wrote it seriously and he's a nationalist or some shit (that's what the last conversation I had about GATE was bitched at me said) and I was like, you know, why not be like Kafka or Camus and go "Hey you know what, it's absurd, in the reader head, this is a wank fest but damn it's funny to read. Why get mad."


File:14b45c9bdc910b49a229a338d6….png (1.11 MB,850x1274)

So in today's adventure:
¥ Job interview at good will
¥ Make little boxes (probably 150 pxl by 150)
¥ Start doing tactical wargame shit


File:shameimaru_aya_touhou_draw….jpg (984.48 KB,1166x1120)

So everything went well at goodwill
Don't laugh.
I'm just relaxing now.
Sorry I haven't made any real written progress like prose wise.


File:bbe8fa1d7d93be63dc6e6c0b2c….png (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB,2113x2988)

Okay so I got the first-act outlined!
This is the first draft version, hasn't been edited yet.

Chapter 1: It begins with the MC (an orc) fucking a tanned human girl/chieftain's main bitch. He gets banished along with his small group of twenty men. After he gets kicked out, a rival orc from a different village shows up while they are wandering in the first couple of hours. MC fights the other orc, and takes the orc's concubine, a virgin orc princess with little horns, petite, nice curves. MC is wounded in the fight.

Chapter 2: Him and his small gang find the supply-depot outpost inside the territory. He sends his B-team in and they get massacred by the heavy machine guns. Here we learn that the Chinese and Russians from a different dimension have invaded here and are trying to spread communism (of a different blend depending on the area.). MC learns that the place is heavily defended and by the end of the chapter he goes "I got an idea."

Chapter 3: He sets aflame the hills and nearby forest, and while the PLA squads go out and investigate, his group sneaks in and they wipe out the PLA squads when they return. PLA officer of said squad is discovered. MC fucks her. MC takes enough firearms to arm a bunch of men and a tank destroyer, and heads out. Also finds a WMD but he is unaware of what it does.

Chapter 4: [1 Scene] Introduce the PLA ditzy blonde bimbo main villainess. She learns about the attack and sends a commando squad after the MC.[/1 Scene] [1 Scene] The PLA officer tries to tell the MC about the nuke, he doesn't care. She's going "You should really return it." The warband set off to a nearby village, the village the happens to be the rival's village. This village has fat but strong orcs. MC goes "I want to recruit from here." Chieftain laughs, challenges the MC to a duel to the death after he insults him, and they fight. But the MC is about to be defeated when the PLA commandos arrive. [/1 Scene]

Chapter 5: Heavily wounded from the fight with the chieftain, he fights the PLA commandos with the ZT whatever designation. Kills the commandos no problem. He's a natural at shooting. Still heavily wounded, he then turns to the orc chieftain and the chieftain allows him to recruit. MC gang is dead, but he recruits fresh soldiers. He also rapes/fucks the PLA commando woman, who tells him about the WMD.

Chapter 6: Now with about 5 squads of Orc Infantry and the one tank destroyer, it becomes a sort of montage where in each paragrapth it describes the raids on the supply depots and the recruitment of different orc tribes and their varities. By the end they end up with enough arms to have 20 elements/squads of infantry, but no vehicles sans the Tank Destroyer. Chapter ends when they end up seeing the massive mechanized infantry squads and tanks.

Chapter 7: MC makes a tactical desision and decides to retreat into the grasslands/hill area and recruit more soldiers. While that is going on, the PLA commanding officer of the detachment company ends up building a small fortress/fortification and has her platoons spread out. MC recruits more soldiers. He learns from the PLA commando that there's probably going to be the main fleet of vehicles at the fortress.

Chatper 8: There's a massive cut, and it starts off with the MC going "We managed to acquire some of their mechanized vehicles." Then we go back to explain what happens. MC learned, via the PLA commando, who has these devices, a Fulton device, that takes it to his moving warcamp. It goes into detail as it goes on record, and basically just tell the reader "Yeah he stole about 25 PLA Armored Personal Carriers." and now the people are armored and they have RPGs as well.
Chapter 9: MC decides they need to start setting soldiers up in the area and try to force encounters with the PLA. They are heavily outgunned, but they are planning on doing guerrilla style hit and run attacks. Now that they are mechnaized, they can move around faster. Might be a "MC explains his plan situation."

End of the first act.

So I've been somewhat productive. Going to probably have these chapters be short. Like 1,000 words (that's like a page and a half(?)).


Wow, I had the impression the Chinese were the protagonists


Nah fuck that, as I said earlier they're akin to like the Demon Lord/otherworld invaders that heroes need to defeat and drive back.


The Chinese and the Soviets I mean
I mean it's more like a grey-on-black fight if you wanna talk about morality.


I am going to war game but right now I'm exploring the idea if the MC loses the battle.


File:5fd942a1a354ad2b0a23c82236….png (1.19 MB,1761x2419)

You know how I was talking a bunch of big shit about the People's Liberation Army and how the orcs are going to win?
Yeah, the orcs lost in the war-game I was playing.

So what happened was that the orcs got slapped hard by artillery and tanks that the PLA had, and the MC was unprepared for it. Now he's forced on the back-foot while his homeland gets annexed and the communists probably will steal all the grain and force the orcs (the many variants of them) to live in state housing projects in the fortress city that was built instead of their homeland.
I wrote last night just in case this happened that he ends up Hasidic High Elf mountainous country that is also fighting (and losing) to the PLA, but I'm not sure now.


File:dc1e339d9949060abde59a94cc….jpg (642.27 KB,2440x3800)

So in tonight adventure, going to make a new Ywriter7 project for the story and start writing prose.

So the title for at least this story is something along the lines of:
Thus The Second World Invaded Fantasy Earth (Working title)
If anyone has any, I mean, any suggestions I will take it and will credit your post number.


I dont know if you're going for general isekai fiction or war fantasy hentai ala taimaninin


File:70dccdc041a5bc29fbb909ace2….jpg (3.03 MB,1914x2560)

War Fantasy Hentai like Kuroinu-like elements with isekai elements (but it isn't the main point).
Think like, native guy responding to "Demons" invading his homeland at first and his boner for revenge.
Like think if it was GATE told from the fantasy native perspective, and instead of Japan, it's the Soviets and the Chinese.
It's a working title we don't gotta worry about it.

Sorry I'm writing a confusing mess.


File:29fb6c0788e966f6ebc3ab2fee….jpg (6.92 MB,2456x3472)

Debating if I should outline the entire first arc/story (which is made up of like, want to say 5 acts) or if I should just start writing it. I'm already on act 3, but the story is nowhere close to being wrapped up.
The chapters are going to be relatively short, like maybe 1k words max if that?


File:26f687f689d1494142a74555b3….png (4.45 MB,2761x4013)

I have made the decision to just outline all five acts and then write them all.
The chapters are going to be short, and that is okay. I want it to read fast and loose.


I'm probably going to have to rework the outline, merge chapters together so it's more workable.
I'm on act 4 of 5, but I'll rework it and then start writing.


File:1598513051791.jpg (Spoiler Image,203.86 KB,800x1200)





File:35cba5f6d4209581fb098dcef3….jpg (Spoiler Image,3.09 MB,2442x3232)

Yeah it's a gross name but the art looks nice.
Love tailpussy stuff, very eroi.


that nero needs more muscle


That's Mordred though, but yeah she should have little bit more muscles.


flippin saberface


File:8c0c9d61c3fddc0c9f45e5f2ab….jpg (359.26 KB,1448x2048)

I still need to read Fate/Stay Night.


File:1675773782182-1.png (412.05 KB,800x650)

Thinking about by the time I finish the first draft of the outline, going to have to go back and merge stuff together so it isn't like 40 chapters of 500-1k words each. It'd be more like, 20ish chapters that are 1-2k each. Ball-parking it here. Lots of stuff happening though.


File:9e339301f3b421e8545f4541ba….jpg (539.71 KB,800x1267)

Okay so now I have managed to rewrite the first two acts and condensed them into 10 chapters instead of 20.
I didn't like what I was writing for the third act, which feels like it was just a waste of time, so I'm going to redo it from scratch.
Probably going to have something written up by next Monday hopefully.


Get the illya bad end and leave it at that


Happy you're making progress


File:3854468aab699ca9ed110af023….png (2.99 MB,995x1617)

Thanks friend.


File:eb020b465d786d577ce01416fa….jpg (1017.24 KB,1215x1761)

I have made very little progress as of right now (no real prose, stuck on chapter 13 of the edited outline), but I did buy my mom some Mums today while I was out and about.
It was nice, I got her white mums because she asked.


File:a47029c9bf5bb49dab31fff9bc….png (1.47 MB,1417x1322)

From my experience with writing over the years, the only way you'll actually get things on paper is if you set out a time every day to write something (can be anything). And most importantly, you need to actually allow yourself to write to begin with. If you're too harsh with your writing you won't even get a single paragraph done, the advice is to literally just write and then come back to what you've written on future sessions so that you don't start with a blank page every time. Always remember you can't make a book out of ideas alone.


File:fd92ac3df72e7a209385677a58….jpg (Spoiler Image,5.11 MB,2994x2978)

Oh and today, I'm having a burger on the grill with mozzarella cheese.
>time every day to write something (can be anything).
I usually do it at 10PM to 2AM.


File:8d962d42a2a76ae0c001758e89….png (1.16 MB,1500x1500)

Okay so gameplan for monday:
¥ Write the first chapter
¥ Edit it via an AI thing for grammar.
¥ Post it
Don't know how I'll post it, maybe one of the ghostbin knockoffs but I want to have the paste last.
Could, big could here, post it as a google doc but I'll have to make a burner google account bleh.


Just dont overly force yourself during the scheduled windows, good way to burn yourself out


That's very true. The last thing I was writing, I was at 6 chapters totally completed, and then I got burned out by the seventh chapter.


File:20b8edb518e7f68451e2bf904f….jpg (Spoiler Image,264.81 KB,800x1450)

I managed to be productive today though, I think the story is going to end up being a little bit longer but tomorrow I'm going to write prose for sure.


File:464008227d07ba12832515a544….png (1.14 MB,971x1200)

I did jackshit today, damn.


Breaks are important


please bump responsibly


File:a317a8a6974058d694881edc9d….gif (82.72 KB,494x543)

It was very important bump, addressing that I did nothing today, and I had a cute image of Marisa to show off.


i don't know the bump rules or etiquette please tell me them so i do not make a fool of myself here any longer


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (358.91 KB,1920x1080)

I just mean someone bumping a thread to say that they have nothing to say is kind of weird. It's not a big deal, just kind of ehhhh. I'm not a blog guy, though, so maybe I just don't understand


Cute mob girl


The only truly rude thing is on-topic saging. If you refrain from that, you're better than 90% of kissu.


File:7ee841049cec35f2d70765a364….jpg (435.54 KB,1461x2048)

On-topic saging usually means the topic isn't directly related to the OP conversation.

Anyways so I have to war game something out, a big ass battle in like China about to happen, MC leading his massive ass army that he acquired throughout the story, vs some general


File:DT22_en_hhhMUmtipx.jpg (420.85 KB,2561x1440)

>On-topic saging usually means the topic isn't directly related to the OP conversation.
That's just ordinary saging and that's okay.
>Anyways so I have to war game something out, a big ass battle in like China about to happen, MC leading his massive ass army that he acquired throughout the story, vs some general
What if they had to fight Nekone's ass


what about off topic bumping


File:805d12a28a1d5e06fd572d53aa….png (5.99 MB,2803x3103)

That's a big ass.
That's just rude.


>What if they had to fight Nekone's ass
Nekone's fat butt could be the battlefield.


I mean I could import the image into maptool and use that as the battlefield, I don't know how I'll make it work for the story though.


the battle for hometown


File:b38776cd8ab80d954a4c77de08….jpg (Spoiler Image,281.39 KB,727x1200)

I keep getting sinus headaches, haven't done anything productive...
It's more like a migraine too.


File:f891cfad8f054ec6db2b790773….png (Spoiler Image,6.94 MB,3010x4415)

So I'm almost done with the outline, the battle should be great.


File:53da9c7d7d616332a0a3036deb….jpg (Spoiler Image,303.09 KB,1200x1700)

Okay so right now I'm split between having the battle be "abstracted" which is just the polite way of saying I don't want to do a tactical battle and probably just use the Mass Combat rules from GURPS, or just doing it via tactical combat.
You know I could just do what Tolkien did (God damn LoTR is a boring read; Hobbit was much better.) and have two books inside it.


File:210d5f6802a3a0eb3cccf01f37….jpg (8.2 MB,4961x7016)

I abstracted the battle, the MC wins and after that, he manages to reclaim his homeland and the former territory of an ally he just fucked over near the end.
Now that the outline is pretty much over, I should start writing.
Will probably do that tonight because that's usually when I get into the zone of writing.


File:1605893908420.jpg (Spoiler Image,177.49 KB,1371x1431)

Slowly making progress on writing. Head's been hurting real bad so I don't really want to write..


>Head's been hurting real bad
That just means you're making progress


File:bf914ff9db382be225e8b4cabd….jpg (110.49 KB,720x900)

Well that's good at least. Head is throbbing though, sucks but whatever, going to take some Acetaminophen and maybe an aspirin


File:a1e2d5840f90200b2903c5afb3….jpg (4.38 MB,2508x3541)

Important update
Took some Aspirin.
Re-learned that alt key on firefox opens the menu bar thing (which is neat).


File:6771a4aa3cd0698ec98241d49b….png (170.29 KB,228x460)

Very important update
Beat a game of Civ V via domination victory and I defeated Japan, Caesar Legion (modded in), Incas, another indian (feather) civilization (modded in), and Brazil.
Beat the shit out Brazil with artillery fire and sending infantry to attack.


Warmongering is the worst way to win at Civ V. science is mad OP


Why is that, for both things.
I like doing war gaming and conquering lands. Ended up getting very wealthy and went communist so I could buy stuff.
Plus it took me 9 hours and it was the quickest way for me to beat the game.


Civ V is just eh for wargaming because that's not its main focus and the AI is bad at compared to IV. Which is also not great because of the unlimited unit stacks. What you're looking for is WH40K Gladius, Warlock, Age of Wonders III. Everyone raves about sins of a solar empire but thats 4x mixed with RTS.
Civ's a fun relax and zone out game but for wargaming it's ridiculous that a small tall civ like ethiopia can shit out a fighting force that can rival a massive wide one like China or the US


Ideology also doesnt get enough use. Order civs should not have to use gold on tile improvements, but maybe nerf trade routes


Age of Wonders III is not very good, IV is much better.
Though as somebody that grew up with AOW 1 I am still disappointed with how the franchise went. But I think if IV was a new franchise it would be okay whereas III is just bad.


I meant to type II


Ahh, that makes sense.


Okay, I spent 9 hours from ancient to the end game (modern era), the game was threatening me and telling me "lol Brazil is going to bitch slap you with a cultural victory if you don't attack."
So I had to attack, as Belka, from Ace Combat, didn't even get to use a lot of planes ironically enough.
But yeah it was a 9 hour game and I didn't feel like dragging it out even longer.
I also managed to booty blast most of the congress situation because I was so rich I ended up buying alliances with city-states so I can pass my legislation.


File:05ada8830273cfbfa27d5ef0d6….jpg (Spoiler Image,213.52 KB,850x1207)

Tomorrow I'm going to play another game of Civ V and hopefully go for a diplomacy victory.
And maybe booty blast some civs too

In other news, made zero progress on writing. Fucking sucks.


you're making no progress because you're playing video games when it gets hard. Also stop blogging.


Blogging is good, but after a bloody war it was confined to the blog thread >>1904
Well I mean, blogging responsibly is good. If you want to focus on writing then blogging may not be good.


File:43ae072755253af8a64a16eb00….jpg (92.45 KB,640x498)

Rare picture of alternate dimension Andy


File:cd0fadbddb6c9fc9785ac438c3….png (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB,1003x1392)

Well no, I just don't want to write at the moment.
Like the Civ V game two days ago fucked my sleep up yesterday so now that its today I will probably not write but maybe write I don't know, I got everything set up to start.


You're civving too hard


crying that miura will never get to experience U149


File:1697710171521.png (1.65 MB,1600x1600)

Alternate dimension Andy sounds like an asshole, I don't like that guy, thinks he's hot shit when he isn't. Probably doesn't even what a 4chan is.
In other, other news, I still have a sinus headache or some shit, it's not a sinus infection yet, God bless, but it's really fucking with me and the lights are so bright oy gevalt.
Anyways, there's going to be something written soon(TM). Just have to 1) be in the right mood to write smut, and 2)get over this nasty shit.


Addendum: when I said nasty shit I mean the sinus stuff.
Thank you all for reading my blog!


File:[SubsPlease] 16bit Sensati….jpg (319.84 KB,1920x1080)

but your non-writing blog should be in the blog thread...


File:5d88532eb76975eea54cc22211….jpg (239.33 KB,600x800)

Ah but don't you see, all of these things are related to my writing though.
Just take it easy.


Okay so I got inspired by recent events and started working on the story. Only a little bit of words have been written but any progress is good progress. It’s hard to write smut sometimes, I have to get into the right mindset and mood for it. Which sucks but whatever.
Got another story idea, it’s basically about a group of three civilizations that are allied with each other, so it’s like 9 civilizations on three different teams wanting to vie for the world.


File:D8XDIlxUEAAE-PG.jpg_large.jpg (Spoiler Image,152.7 KB,1000x1431)

I have managed to slowly make progress on my writing!
Also been gaming. It's really comfortable.


File:ec29be85ac8f3443dbd2275ed1….png (2.06 MB,1350x1800)

Not so important update, wrote some words in a text document.


Just have a document for your other ideas and write them there. Dont get distracted by it!


missing 4/qa/ and going down memory lane


Everyone misses it


the missers


Okay so the gameplan for today:
¥ write
That is all.


write the official vern x berz slashfic


poor berz, always getting mixed up with the bern


Okay so state of affairs time:
I have not written in a while.


Workshopping another idea, basically the gist is that MC-kun wants to be the emperor of the sub-continent and he has to fight six radically different nations.
Yeah I know it has the "stink" of Mount and Blade Warband but it's a good concept.


Actually I got a question, does anyone actually care that things end up being derivative?


If its derivative ENOUGH


Don't do a heuristic on me, I'm not good with those.

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