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File:Screenshot from 2023-11-14….png (102.35 KB,638x401)


I got a job fundraising for autism


Mostly just zoomed out while playing Civ V during the training call tehe


File:[SubsPlease] Hikikomari Ky….jpg (414.8 KB,1920x1080)

Does autism really need fundraising? It seems to be growing on its own pretty well


That's only because they keep expanding the definition in testing. People like Lionel Messi and Dan Aykroyd are considered autistic now


I think changing ass-burgers to autism was a good idea,


It's eventually gonna get to the point where anyone introverted with sensory issues is gonna get the ASD label


File:keys to successful calls.png (439.35 KB,1025x842)


please don't copy Bankmanfried



Its so they can go to summer camp


Yeah those are good terms to use
>"Ask" not "Axe"
Hehehehehe literal textbook metathesis
Keep the call moving and do not interrupt would seem to contradict each other at a glance but I suppose it's a matter of timing


Axe is one of my least-favorite words in the english language because of "cute" people try to be with


i think the advice is about getting the person to maintain similar behavior but do it less, that way it becomes more socially acceptable.


File:112268204_p0.jpg (2.15 MB,1799x2064)

Please give me your tax mo- I mean please donate I have autism.


It's weird to think that the Peter's Pence drive during the "get your tax deductible money sent out" season means the US inadvernently sends a lot of solid currency to the Vatican City


There are some people who just keep going forever, but most will regularly give you a turn. You can use that to cut their meandering thoughts short with a concise summary of what they're trying to say and forcibly move on to the next point. When you handle the same conversations over and over again you get a feel for how they're structured and can progress them faster. I tried speedrunning calls on a help desk and cut my average call time to under 5 minutes before I got in trouble for being too efficient and went back to letting people talk for as long as they wanted because I was paid by the hour.


customer service rather than customer help


Calling it customer service is misleading because it makes it sound like you're giving customers blowjobs when really you're just changing their passwords.


so many things not to say in response

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