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File:lunareclipse-nov2021.mp4 (869.95 KB,760x380)


Eclipse season starting again! Next one is a partial lunar eclipse on November 19.


Furu Furu Moon!


File:8c54b28c8a48f6e81b527d37a8….jpg (137.8 KB,1325x1907)

Can't wait to stare directly at it and go blind.


File:IMG_4502.jpg (128.22 KB,750x938)


I wonder what the difference between exact full moon and peak eclipse is.




I look out my window and see... a bunch of clouds with a small patch illuminated I guess....


File:Untitled-1.png (56.22 KB,900x900)

Looks like this to me right now. It's really bright so there's a two-stage halo effect


File:Screenshot_20211119-031201….jpg (111.13 KB,992x843)



Found stream

Full moon vs moon at its most red?


I was thinking that those would depend on the alignment between the earth, moon, and sun in the same way, but on thinking about it more closely, the redness should depend on the sun-earth-moon angle while the fullness should depend on the sun-moon-earth angle.


File:solar-2021dec-anim3d-360.mp4 (800.89 KB,640x360)

Solar eclipse will follow on December 4, but damn, that's an inconvenient location. Maybe a some of the southerners here will be able to see it partial, though.


File:index-600.png (100.99 KB,1200x1256)

Solar eclipse on Saturday for Western hemisphere! Remember to not look directly at the sun!


Hey I live in the total zone!


Lucky Tasmania


It was cloudy and I saw nothing


I slept through it, but it was supposed to be cloudy and I was only in the 3rd best zone anyway


I forgot about it completely and my blinds are closed so I didn't even notice it becoming darker outside orz

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