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File:The.Good.the.Bad.and.the.U….jpg (219.15 KB,1920x816)


Has kissu laid eyes upon media from the forbidden third dimension recently?


I think the last live action movie I watched was Blade Runner 2049 in the theater. That was what, 3 years ago? I do enjoy them a lot, though, or at least used to.


File:MV5BMTc5OTk4MTM3M15BMl5Ban….jpg (3.13 MB,1382x2048)

It's hard for me to start new things, especially movies because you should watch it all at once. The last thing I watched was Edge of Tomorrow which is the Hollywood adaptation of a LN.
It was a good typical Hollywood action movie, sort of a sci-fi version of Groundhog Day.


Last movie I watched was Starship Troopers I feel that if I didn't read up on the movie the satire would have for sure gone over my head outside of a few key moments.


Really? I felt it was pretty on the nose about it. Although I guess it did go over people's heads when it came out as well...


It was on the nose because the director is a fucking hack who hated Heinlein book (which is about a military dictatorship where everyone and those who do serve are able to vote) was 'fascism'


Calling the director who made Total Recall, Robocop and Starship Troopers, "a fucking hack," is laughable. Besides, the entire raison d'etre for the movie is to demonstrate the fundamental contradiction between a fascist reality and the way fascism portrays itself. Above all, Starship Troopers is not trying to say "this is what fascism looks like," it's instead saying, "this is how fascism sees itself." To that end, Starship Troopers understands itself as being the type of media a fascist society would create through overt symbolism: veneration of "service," rejection of participatory democracy, total demonization -- and literal dehumanization -- of the "other," and societal ideation of "total war." In this way, Starship Troopers can only be understood as a satire in a context in which the viewer disagrees with the tenants a fascist society would idolize, because the movie makes no attempt to actually challenge fascist ideology and symbolism itself.


I think you missed the point where bastardizing someone's work because you didn't like what they were saying is unprofessional and what a hack does.
He only made two good movies (Robocop and Starship Troopers[yes it's a good movie but fuck him for being an unprofessional faggot who spits on Heinlen ideals]) and is a total hack outside of that.


File:bb7ebbbabf7da73abbaa72fba1….jpg (367.7 KB,1444x2591)

Sounds like projection... Call it a spinoff if it hurts your feelings so much to consider it an adaptation.


Well that's what it is, it's fanfic-tier revisionism and it's an absolute tragedy that people refuse to read the original source material. Oh and it's not fascism, it's a military republic.


I not once said it the film was fascist. I said it was emblematic thereof. Have you really never heard of Der Totale Kreig? From your positioning, you could easily not call the Japanese regime throughout the 1930s and 40s "fascist," because it was more similar to a military junta. Same for Brazil, or Greece, or Chile. The real world simply does not comport with fantastical depictions of what one would hope to be.


>From your positioning, you could easily not call the Japanese regime throughout the 1930s and 40s "fascist," because it was more similar to a military junta. Same for Brazil, or Greece, or Chile.
You would be correct because Japan was a Military Dictatorship/Military Junta.
Il Duce and Der Fuerher got their power legally (illegally techincally but through the system) through appointment through the king or being elected in.
But that's neither here nor there, the point that was totally bastardize in the movie is that anyone can serve and if you fight for the republic you have a right to vote in said republic. It's no difference (no there's a big difference) then the way the Roman Republic was.


>the point that was totally bastardize in the movie is that anyone can serve and if you fight for the republic you have a right to vote in said republic.
That's pretty clearly demonstrated in the movie. A very clear attempt was made at describing this dynamic in the first act of the movie when Rico was going through school and made it clear to his parents that he wanted to become a citizen. Likewise, there were several scenes dedicated to broadly describing their system of governance through the newscasts when showing the succession of one Sky Marshal after one stepped down.


Right. What I'm saying is that I don't understand why the fucking pea-brain director thinks that's a bad thing and assumed that's fascist. That's why I think he's a hack.


oh flip oh flip im about to pissssssssssssssssssssssss


Watched The Boys S2, it was pretty good. Tensions didn't really run as high in the first season, but it felt like everything in it was leading to the third season which probably will live up to the first. Guess since they didn't need to worry about if the second season would be the end with how successful the first season was, so they've probably got a good bit in store for the 3rd.


I just watched The Boys season 2. It was a massive disappointment with all the cuck shit and the whole thing turned into another FUCK NAZIS show. I don't see myself watching the 3rd season.


To be fair, the fuck Nazis part wasn't really a product of the times and part of the original comic Stormfront was a Nazi himself. The "cuck shit" however felt pretty unnecessary, and I was glad once it left the show.


File:ss.jpg (189.95 KB,1920x1080)


Please don't use dumb made-up words like "cuck", thank you.


Hard not to when the show itself literally uses the word....


Be the bigger man. And cut it out with the ellipsis.


Cool OP pic. By mere coincidence the only western thing I keep watching are westerns. Lee Van Cleef is cool, the Sabata movies made me able to clear his sheet in my mind as someone who is only an antagonist.


File:f8ed6cwmdbqwnrqoihf6fhbmdy….jpg (308.68 KB,1000x1500)

Luc Besson is my favorite creator of three dimensional anime.


Gonna watch this


I watched Africa Addio.


Finished up with DUNC and I can see why many people aren't really talking about it. Hard to say much about a film that's pretty good all around. Nothing to really poke flaws at, and it did a good job at adapting the book even if it didn't also adapt each and every internal monologue. Only thing I'd say I think could've been presented better was the omnipresent feeling of Bene Gesserit that was littered throughout the book. Also these special effects were great.


Been watching Mr.Robot lately, almost at the end of season 2. Pretty nice show.


I checked out the live action to Cowboy Bebop. As I've seen posted elsewhere online it feels like a CW show with a higher budget I guess closer to the series Titans in it's own way.


Watching the Dexter reboot every Sunday.
It gives me the same feeling as when I was watching the Higurashi reboot because I used to watch the original series as a teen.


I also have been watching Dexter. Hard to believe Dexter first came out in 2006. Feels like a completely different time.


File:The.Cabinet.Of.Dr..Caligar….jpg (168.69 KB,1424x1072)

The pipes in this that are supposed to sound moody sound like runescape music and that kind of ruins the effect


File:The.Cabinet.Of.Dr..Caligar….jpg (264.09 KB,1424x1072)

This was pretty good though


File:The.Cabinet.Of.Dr..Caligar….jpg (233.34 KB,1424x1072)


I thought the point of starship troopers was yes it's a dreary military society but the only alternative is to get torn apart by literal bugmen. The early to mid 20th century when it was written wasn't the different truth be told


In the movie, the reason for the invasion is colonialism and the bug attacks are all from the bugs defending their home planet. The reason for the invasion being some vague asteroid attack that the government blames on the bugs, but there's no real proof of it.


File:download.jpg (77.47 KB,1000x1502)

This feels like a 3D version of a typical japanese romance anime, wow


I know I shouldn't expect much from 3d but why do they even bother making historical dramas that aren't just using the setting but supposed to depict real events and then not follow those events? Just make it full fiction for goodness sake


I watched Heartbeat the other day and it got me wondering if it could work as an anime if it was set in rural Japan instead of the UK.


Been watching this Chinese opera play. The singing can be a little grating at times and the story feels a bit repetitive, but the costumes are pretty cool. I like the ornamental metal thingies on the officials hats.

I learned about it a while ago from Tom and Jerry of all things...


chinese rap sure is something


I think I'm going to get hearing damage, but it'll be worth it...


File:Bao Zheng.png (1.41 MB,1440x1080)


Good quote.


File:Blow.Out.1981.1080p.BluRay….jpg (112.54 KB,1920x800)

Watched "Blow Out" (1981). Quite a great thriller centered about an accident that slowly unravels into a conspiracy. Kept an intimidating presence throughout, and I enjoyed the protagonist's character arc.

Especially the final scene, where the events of the film have led to Jack becoming a broken husk of his former self. His reignited yearning for justice is quashed by the same tragedy which took him out to begin with occurring to someone he grew close to.


Seeing this on CCTV was a bit of a surprise, it seems like the commies can never decide if they're cool with dynastic stuff or not


I've never seen traditional japanese opera, but both Koreans and Chinese tend to categorize caterwauling as "folksy" or "traditional" and its odd.
Im sure they see Middle English and Early Modern English in a poor light as well


I think it's a pick and chose thing. All art has to be approved either way


It could be that you have to be able to understand Chinese to get it, it might be that the way the language sounds 'caterwauling' makes it easier to understand or something like that.

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