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Just recently by pure accident I found out that it's possible to see the shadow of the veins on your retina.

If you want to try this yourself you can follow the instructions here:

Alternatively, you can try the same way I did it:
Stare at your blank TV
With your arm fully extended, move your arm about a foot from center and hold a light source (I used my phone) and point it in the same direction as your eye is looking (towards your eye)
You can move your arm around in a circular fashion to see different regions within your eye

As mentioned in the article above, you can even use this method to identify blind spots such as the optic disk which is where the veins come into the eye from. I suppose if you have any retinal degeneration you could also identify that.


Ah, yeah, I had a science teacher in school that did this and it was really cool. You ever see those squiggly lines that appear when you clench your eyes tight? When I'm bored sitting somewhere outside and I need to pass the time I try to find those repeatedly.
Life is pretty exciting


knew a dude who was terrified because he figured out how to see floaters


I hate floaters. A couple years ago I developed them spontaneously and it freaked me out into thinking my vision would suddenly start degenerating. I would see them really frequently too, especially when outdoors or in brightly lit environments. Nowadays they don't don't bother me as much and I pay almost no attention to them, but I would prefer not having them...


>optic disk which is where the veins
It's actually the optical nerve..

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