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I remember reading about this awhile ago I figured it would haven been forgotten about now. Hopefully they never show their greedy ugly faces in public again.


In more depressing news:

According to professors, students ever more commonly seem to fail to understand what a "folder" is, or how and where "files" go.


Yeah that reminds me of my parents


Your parents are Gen-z...?


was talking to a relative in high school recently. He have a PC and wanted to talk to me about stuff.
He didn't know what a forum was, which quite shocked me.


I don't think most people now days use forums unless they are techies or computer geeks. Forums are dying out...


It may surprise you, but some people have no idea how those work regardless of generation. I know my mother and grandmother are the same way and wouldn't know how to unzip a file if their life depended on it.


Their brains are young enough though that if you can just work on keeping them focused they can learn how to use it in a short amount of time.

People getting too used to tablet/touch interfaces is a larger issue I think though. My newphew is on them all the time and he has autism; rather than fine tuning his motor skills and muscle memory he's just passively getting blasted with nonsense little kid videos, and getting way to rigid comfortable with a format that may change by the time he's reaching adulthood.

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