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R:9 / I:0 (sticky)
Welcome to the new When They /cry/ board! You can post Higurashi content without worrying about spoiling things. This board won't be showing up on /all/ or the front page. You can post about Umineko and Ciconia, too, but you should use spoiler options on those for the time being. This is something we can figure out together.
A custom CSS is in the works, so you might see changes to the visuals now and again.
R:2 / I:2
Lambda on the front page!
R:2 / I:2
Before the board is gone let us remember all the good times we had with Sotsu.
R:0 / I:0
My wives and their friend Shion.
R:5 / I:4
Furude Rika will never be balli-
R:2 / I:1
So Kissu, what do you think's in the box?
R:3 / I:3
Today is Satoko's birthday. Happy Birthday, Satoko!
R:19 / I:7
when are we getting phase 2
R:1 / I:1
R:3 / I:3
R:2 / I:0
R:1 / I:0
What would happen if you tried to kissu a L5 Rena?

Just curious, I don't think that batshit insane Rena is cute or anything silly like that.
R:6 / I:1
Being Satoko is suffering.
R:1 / I:0
*glomps you*
*shreds your guts*
*eats you whole*
R:3 / I:2
Hanyuu the yokai of boundaries, from the hit doujin series Touhou Project™
R:7 / I:3
What do you think the December announcement will be? I'm guessing another anime since there's already a gacha. Maybe it'll be another 2 seasons of murdering again, but with a different character. Shion destroys reality because she doesn't like her hair ribbon?
R:11 / I:2
howe do i play umineko with the originel sprites + translation? i have tried downloading it 3 tiems and it either 1. didnt werk 2. wasnt translated 3. did not hav the old sprites
R:9 / I:5
2 new higurashi chapters by R07, takes place after 35 years, apparently leaked from a magazine, (official announcement soon?)
R:3 / I:2
R:4 / I:4
Cute. She should have been a loli from the beginning, if you ask me.
R:1 / I:0

Hi wtc bros

R:7 / I:5
R:9 / I:8
R:17 / I:12
Hi /cry/! What are your guys opinions on Dlanor! I think she's super cute!
R:8 / I:3
First person to get the rare Hanyuu name gets 5 kissu bucks (no cash value)
R:4 / I:3
I want a romantic/dating VN where I can hang out with Hanyuu and marry her!
R:5 / I:4

Erikantrice is the theory that explain all umineko with 3 points:

1)same culprits for every game Kanon and George
2)ep5 and ep6 is explained with Erika=Kanon the detective fantasy of Yasu
3)Ikuko is Yasu all umineko is the magic version of her trying to make battler remember

R:3 / I:2
Ryukishi interview about Gou/Sotsu
R:14 / I:5
what was gou/sotsu even for?
the ending didn't feel like anything substantial
my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
R:11 / I:7
R:20 / I:14
Satoko doing her civic duty to reform former criminals!
R:0 / I:0
C-C-C-C-C-CROSS COUNTER?????!??!?!!?
R:6 / I:3
What the fuck dudes, I've been a bit busy recently and only just got around to watching Sotsu 14, this was some seriously epic shit. I never would have imagined that Higurashi meets DBZ was something I needed in my life. Also, habitual reminder that it's all Rika's fault.
R:3 / I:2
Just a friendly reminder: FUCK SATOKO
R:4 / I:2
R:2 / I:0
Will Rika defeat Satoko or will she face defeat at the hands of her new nemesis? Find out on the next exciting episode of Gousotsu Z!
R:6 / I:5
happy wife, happy life
R:9 / I:6
I was so excited for new Higurashi last year and it's been nothing but dissapointment. Total garbage.
R:18 / I:6
what the FUCK
Were the theories about Satoko being Lambda correct the whole time, are you fucking kidding me?
R:19 / I:8
R:2 / I:2
It's all connected
R:0 / I:0
lol noob
R:4 / I:3
If Satoko is so bad and hated why does she take up half the catalog?
R:2 / I:1
Pixiv had a Higurashi art contest

As is usually the case with art contests, I liked the stuff that didn't win more than the stuff that did.
R:2 / I:2
What was she thinking of to fake her blush?
R:11 / I:3
time to pay, anon. for lewding my precious Rika.
R:13 / I:7
R:57 / I:24
Now the first arc is over, I think it's time for a Higurashi discussion and theorycrafting thread. Obviously contains spoilers for the entire series, I will be using spoiler tags but some things might slip by, so hide the thread if you care about that.

First, the struggle with Rena - I am inclined to believe that Keiichi hallucinated the whole thing. Needless to say, the scene itself is pretty ridiculous, what with Keiichi being repeatedly stabbed in the chest but still somehow managing to muster up the strength to bludgeon Rena with the clock several times. Later when we see him in the hospital, it's confirmed that he is a late stage HS patient, and his wounds don't match the state he was in when he lost consciousness - only his left cheek was grazed, and he had no neck injuries. Except for Ooishi confirming that something went down at his house on that night, none of the other characters allude to what really happened (understandable since Keiichi has just woken up from a coma.) Also, what happened to the neck collar? He's not wearing it anymore when Mion visits.

What the actual fuck happened to Tomitake, Takano and Irie? Takano shows up for only a few seconds, Tomitake shows up briefly but behaves the same as in Onikakushi, and since Keiichi doesn't go talk to them during the festival we don't see any more of them, and Irie doesn't show up at all and his clinic is being "remodeled". I think the most likely scenario is that Takano died for real (since the fake body wasn't found in the mountains and she is considered "missing") and the project was canceled, hence the "remodeling", but then I have no idea how she died. Since Tomitake's body wasn't found either, it's also possible that he wasn't injected with the HS pathogen.

Speaking of Takano, from the circumstances surrounding Rika's death we know it wasn't her who did it this time. I believe Satoko had a HS episode and Rika was forced to kill her, and then committed suicide by stabbing her own neck as seen in Meakashi.
R:8 / I:4
were you expecting some nice girl? too bad. it's just me, Satoko. sorry.
R:5 / I:2
Would you forgive Satoko if she allowed you to freely use her massive boobs?
R:22 / I:14
If this arc doesn't heavily deviate from the original I'm personally going to go to Japan and beat the shit out of R07.
R:0 / I:0
happy kakera happy life
R:4 / I:0
you just got
R:2 / I:2
Shhh. Be very quiet. The witch is sleeping.
R:8 / I:6
This SMUG BITCH is playing with your heartstrings. And basically, you're fucking stupid.
R:3 / I:0

"Higurashi Sotsu OP2" Lyrics

My witch is golden dreamer
Of magical gore bits
Nothing is on the creature
For Maria in September

Witch is golden dreamer
It's magical Gohda chef
I'm gonna piss in fire
For magical breeding power

In the brewing party
Saw every everything
There he comes, breaking the darkness
George in grief

Yo, Master crazy
Saw every everything
In a way, I'm feeling
My broken artichoke
R:15 / I:10
Give up kissu, Special Agent Satoko's got you cornered now!
R:3 / I:2
How many Satokos do you think you could take in a fight? No traps or other trickery, just body against body.
I think I could take at least a dozen.
R:1 / I:1
moshi moshi
R:4 / I:2
Takano-san and Satoko are crying. Which one would you try to calm?
R:1 / I:1
R:2 / I:0
Where does she even conceal the gun at? She wears a skirt with tights. Tokarevs are kind of heavy too; all steel construction.
R:7 / I:2
what does type-moon have to do with higurashi?
R:1 / I:1
What the hell, she strangled her to death at school in broad daylight with other kids running around a few meters away from them and carried her body around.
R:2 / I:1
Don't you worry your pretty little head. I'll help you get through that bathtub drain. Nipaa~
R:4 / I:2
Just remember, the only reason Rika lost is because they had to split her vote between TWO top 10 winners.
R:7 / I:5
Mion is a girl!
R:14 / I:9
R:2 / I:1
Remember to clean your room and put your futon away, or Satoko-chan will scold you.
R:5 / I:3
R:1 / I:1
R:0 / I:0
hat silhouette which
Began to grow distant
Will never turn back again

Even if the long night were to end,
The errors and the sins
Won't fade away—now or ever

With the setting sun,
The darkness creeps in closer
Dyeing all that is pure with black

The more I wonder, I ask—
Why did you test me with pain?

All I ever wanted
Was just one single thing—
Just that smile

All those days of making mistakes
Again and again—
We could take them apart
And put them back together in place

Even if you lose your way,
I'll set off to come see you
So come, wipe away all those
Heartbreaking tears

Before we even realized,
We had long forgotten
That tender voice of yours—
So let us search for it

If only we could bring ourselves
To take each other's hands again;
One more time—
Let's make a promise to each other
R:14 / I:10
do you love rena?
R:5 / I:2
Is there a worse type of world than one where Rena snaps? She's easily the most dangerous since she's pretty capable of hiding her intentions until the very last moment, and unlike the rest (save Takano) she thoroughly plans out her actions to make sure they succeed.
R:4 / I:0
Satoko & Rika forever.
R:9 / I:3
I think this all but confirms that the "random" L5 outbreaks in the other arcs weren't nearly as dictated by chance as one may have thought.
R:5 / I:1
I can't believe she was taken from us.
Please come back...
R:1 / I:0
Was this always the scenery?
R:0 / I:0
feelio when you're best friend traps you in a time loop to be tortured to death over and over
R:4 / I:0
Yuri connoisseurs, we won.
R:2 / I:0
Getting flashbacks to EP8 from this...
R:1 / I:1
The perspective on this still messes with me.
R:17 / I:6
I need to hurry up and read Umineko before the next Higurashi anime, but uhh... I can't remember what is what. Does this look right? PC remaster port? Huh? Rondo Episode 6 is in beta? What?
R:3 / I:2
R:2 / I:1
Are you (re)reading Umineko in preparation for Sotsu in 1(ONE!) week?
R:6 / I:0
stream up
R:7 / I:1
I think we can all agree that there's no way in HELL Gou actually ends (no next season) next episode. So when do you think S2 is scheduled for
R:0 / I:0
New trailer.
R:1 / I:0
I love my wife Hanyuu!
R:3 / I:0
Domo Domo
R:2 / I:0
Was it all just a ploy to make me play a gacha?
I feel used..
R:5 / I:1
R:10 / I:3
The ride has just begun.
R:14 / I:6
R:14 / I:4
Behold the the majestic Witch of Theatergoing, Drama and Spectating Featherine Augustus Aurora
R:2 / I:1
¥kills herself every time she draws a wrong card
R:17 / I:6
R:1 / I:0
Something I've been meaning to ask for weeks but always forget. Can anyone explain how Rika and Satoko's abilities are able to manifest concurrently? Up until now only Rika was looping, and my personal interpretation was that each fragment exists as a possible reality, but is only actually set into motion when Rika (or her consciousness, rather) enters it, since she is not shown to be able to live through multiple fragments at the same time. Now that Satoko has become a looper, how do her powers affect Rika and vice-versa? It seems at this point in time Satoko is more powerful and so I assume she would take precedence, but then what happens when Satoko resets while Rika is still alive, like the finger snapping thing in this episode?
R:0 / I:0
I think that this describes Rika and Satoko's relationship very well.
R:4 / I:2
I wonder...
R:7 / I:1
gou spoiler dont click
R:3 / I:1
I think Rena did it better.
R:18 / I:5
So do we all agree that it's Rika's fault for being a shitty friend?
R:13 / I:2
R:5 / I:2
explain this to me, if this were Hanyuu then why would she be portrayed in a somewhat menacing manner in the OP? If the series assumes you know it's a sequel then there's no reason as to why it would expect you to think that Hanyuu is in anyway evil. So therefore this has to be Featherine
R:11 / I:2
It was actually Ciconia phase 2 all along
R:4 / I:1

seriously though it's really bad in this
R:1 / I:0
R:2 / I:0
She did nothing wrong.
R:6 / I:2
I've come to the realization that Gou can be enjoyed 100% without having any knowledge of Umineko. While a bunch of it could be seen as Umineko fanservice that's more enjoyable after having read it, it's not at all a required reading to understand Gou. At most it gives context to hints that were scattered out throughout bonus scenes in Umineko that gave reference to Bern's backstory and the Higurashi connection.

Also it may even be better for those without having experienced Umineko as based off of context clues in it, one could infer that Rika is forced to kill Satoko
R:7 / I:2
R:13 / I:4

R:4 / I:0
Okay, uhh... so it's been a couple episodes now and I have to ask: Why or how did Rika completely seem to forget that Satoko pulled this? Is it just implied Satoko has superior powers?
R:2 / I:2
Reaction image
R:1 / I:1
Has /cry/ noticed how much Satoko is starting to resemble Lambda's design in the post-kai arc?
R:3 / I:2
what an IDIOT
R:0 / I:0
R:5 / I:2
Was this scene really necessary?
R:1 / I:0
Do you like M. Zakky, /cry/?
R:38 / I:9
So this was Satoko bonking K1, right? The rest is an hallucination. Wouldn't make any sense otherwise.
R:8 / I:6
R:9 / I:7
How's R07 going to outdo this cut? I think this may be the pinnacle of the series right here.
R:2 / I:1
Will Rika ever find her way back to the Deen shard?
R:4 / I:0
R:0 / I:0
So about that censorship...
R:2 / I:1
Rika has seen some shit
R:2 / I:1
Is it just me, or does this BGM here sound... different?
R:10 / I:4
Is Mion retarded? Why didn't she shoot Ooishii?
R:8 / I:7

R:5 / I:2
So I heard you wanted to have some fun with Sextoko
R:4 / I:0
R:1 / I:0
R:3 / I:2
merry christmas, /cry/
R:8 / I:2
R:2 / I:0
R:13 / I:5
I WILL shoot somebody if this is just a repeat of Minagoroshi at this point.
R:2 / I:0
It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.
R:5 / I:0
R:0 / I:0
R:5 / I:2
So now it's gone from proceeding along the lines of Tatagoroshi to Minagoroshi...
R:4 / I:1
Why is she so useless?
R:0 / I:0
Miko moe!
R:4 / I:1
>you can only hear Rena proclaim her love to Keiichi by playing fucking pachinko
>meanwhile MionxKeiichi (the absolute most plebian shit pairing) gets a rabu rabu OVA

R:0 / I:0
R:1 / I:1
R:0 / I:0
Battler takes it up the ass lol
R:3 / I:1
thinking about broccoli

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