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File:1632490853081.png (2.88 MB,1424x1024)


2 new higurashi chapters by R07, takes place after 35 years, apparently leaked from a magazine, (official announcement soon?)


File:1632459494169.png (1.29 MB,636x899)

and we also have a new manga by tomato (both story and art) that is supposed to be answers for gou


File:Kindle_2021-08-26_19-51-40.png (22.84 KB,247x72)

Natsumi Kei as the mangaka for Oniokoshi makes me cautiously optimistic. Her chapters were by far the best realized in the Umineko manga. Hope this means she's passionate about the plotline behind Oniokoshi as well.


Oh no, Keiichi is gay!
This is interesting, but it's new teenaged characters instead of our friends making it to old age? I'm more curious about their lives in 35 years.. oh wait I guess that's closer to today in reality, huh. Oh no, smartphones and stuff!


I wonder if this'll be for explaining the actions of Sotsu


higurashi jun is supposed to give answers for gou from tomato, it starts next week i think


File:punching satoko's kid.jpg (366.7 KB,891x1280)

I like Rena's kid, he punches Satoko's kid in the face and faces no repercussions at all. What a wonderful son Rena has had.


File:1610843556716.jpg (201.98 KB,1514x2048)

>Satoko's kid
Who's the dad?


Some random member of the Kimiyoshi family, apparently. She runs a souvenir store.


File:crazy cult murders.png (1.8 MB,2160x1536)

I wonder if these cult members have their own version of Hinamizawa Syndrome that makes them go insane and kill people with their own queen carrier and everything.




By the way was this just the tie-in manga for the gacha?

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