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Welcome to the new When They /cry/ board! You can post Higurashi content without worrying about spoiling things. This board won't be showing up on /all/ or the front page. You can post about Umineko and Ciconia, too, but you should use spoiler options on those for the time being. This is something we can figure out together.
A custom CSS is in the works, so you might see changes to the visuals now and again.


is this board temporary? can we have the higurashi names again just for this board?


is this thing on


Temporary to the extent that it'll last as long as people are posting on it. I don't see any reason for it to disappear before the Answer arc completes at the end of the Spring season.
Yeah, names can come back and we can add some more since we don't need to worry about spoiler stuff


tmp tmp


names modified a bit


Please do not misuse spoilers.


Happy birthday to /cry/!


The thought didn't even dawn on me


Board locked until new developments

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