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File:Bea_akuwaraia1[1].png (188.32 KB,496x480)


howe do i play umineko with the originel sprites + translation? i have tried downloading it 3 tiems and it either 1. didnt werk 2. wasnt translated 3. did not hav the old sprites


just get it on steam


i donte have enough storage space on my main drive to downlode any more games on steem


download it on a different drive then


I had a thread here where people talked about it >>646, but uhh...
There's the old Witch Hunt translation, and also a Umineko Project version with flashy VN engine stuff. There's an option to use the Witch Hunt translation instead of the "modern" one, which the Witch Hunt people were hired to do so I'm not sure what the difference is. I don't know what the Steam or Mangagamer versions are, either. Man, this is such a mess.
I keep procrastinating about reading it...


Oh wait, the fancy VN engine stuff is from the PS3 version and ported back over to PC, like rain animation and stuff. I guess it comes down to whether you want the original experience or an "improved" one. Again, I have no idea what the mangagamer and steam versions do.


the uminekoe project version has dis elaborate method to finde the password for the .zip filels
u hab to hav the PS3 game manuel and the PC version both instald


File:93752645_p2.png (1.96 MB,1696x2224)

I just bought the steam version and slapped on the 07th mod.
Did the same thing with Higurashi.


but the 07 mod does nod use the old sprites!


im jus gonna play wit the boring ps3 sprites......... i hoep it doesnt make me like the visuel novel less cuz i was very excited 2 reed it


it prompts you to choose which sprites you want to use, and there ARE the old sprites.


File:Kindle_2021-08-26_19-48-10.png (59.15 KB,458x139)

i suggest the original sprites because conveying the emotional tone of the text on your screen is what the sprites aim to do, and ryukishi did a better job of that than anyone that worked on the alchemist / pachinko sprites.

you can read the manga after for a more refined version of that understanding.

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